STID Tidbits (T-65 Days): Pine Leads Trek Orchestra + 11PM Fan Sneaks + Pegg’s London Premiere Invite + Poster Fake

There are a few bits of news related Star Trek Into Darkness so TrekMovie presents our first "Tidbits" article as we countdown to the next movie*. Today we have a pic of Chris Pine leading the Star Trek orchestra, news on new ‘Fan Sneak’ showtimes, a chance to win a trip to the London premiere and a poster that is faking out the Internet.   



Chris Pine helps wrap Into Darkness score recording

Over last week Michael Giachino tweeted photos and updates from the recording of the score for Star Trek Into Darkness. And over the weekend the composer announced that he had wrapped up recording and had moved on to mixing the music. He also sent out the below image of the new Capt. Kirk leading the orchestra on the last day of recording.


11:00 PM showtimes added for May 15 Fan Sneaks

A month ago we reported that Paramount had set up special advance "Fan Sneak" IMAX 3D showings of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 15th at 8:00PM. Due to high demand they have now added 11:00 PM showings on May 15th. You can access these through your Star Trek App or via

11 PM ‘fan sneak’ showings added for May 15

Pegg gives UK fans chance to go to premiere

Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg’ is giving fans in the UK a chance to win a trip to the London Star Trek premiere and to "meet the crew of the Enterprise." In order to win you need to donate or raise 50 for the Comic Relief charity. One of the people who join Pegg’s Red Nose Day club will win the prize. You need to be 18 years old and a resident of the UK to join in. More info at Pegg’s Red Nose Day page

Simon Pegg could be taking you to the London Star Trek Into Darkness premiere – and it’s all for a good cause

Fake poster fools Internet

One last bit of news is related to how a number of websites (including MTV, Slashfilm, FirstShowing, TrekToday, and many others) have reported the poster below to be a  brand new release from Paramount for Star Trek Into Darkness

New Star Trek Into Darkness poster?

This poster has actually been floating around the web since December and when it first popped up TrekMovie’s resident expert Senator Vreenak weighed in…

It turns out that the poster was an impressive piece of fan art created by a user on TrekBBS. It was never intended to be a hoax, but it sure did fool a lot of folks on the interwebs.

* Trek STID Tidbits Countdown is to the 12:00 AM on the morning of May 17th, the official North America release date.

That’s it for now…but stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the latest on Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Oh, Senator Vreenak, how I wish you were incorrect about that poster!

James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK

Long time no see, Vreenak …

Josh C.

I WISH that was a poster. It’s pretty cool looking

Fascinating how technology now allows fans to create better movie posters than the studio’s marketing department…

Dee - lvs moon surface

“That’s it for now…but stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the latest on Star Trek Into Darkness.”


……………..Sorry if I’m being ironic!… ;-) :-)

Dang! This is what I get for my zip code at Fandango:
Sorry, this movie is not scheduled to play in or near the location you have selected.



I have got a question. Does anyone know what you have to do to attend a movie premiere? I am living in Germany and will probably be in Berlin when the movie premiers on april, 29th.

Is there any chance for common people to get into the cinema?

Thanks for answering


Josh C.

@John Gill – same here. Nearest IMAX near me right now is about a 2 1/2 hour drive away (though we WILL be getting one….sometime)


Now I wish I lived in London. Supporting a charity with a chance to meet the new crew of the Enterprise – how cool is that?


3. Josh C –

Agreed. Simple, striking, and pertinent to what one can expect to see in the movie.


Hahaha. I was sort of fooled by the poster, too. Impressive piece of art to say the least! Picked up an IMAX ticket for 5/15 yesterday. Woot!

Josh C.

@10 MattyTrek – and shocking. The Enterprise in water? Makes me want to go see what that’s all about


Very cool “Enterprise in water” poster – going where no Enterprise has gone before!
Am Liking this…


Oh and who is that lovely man conducting an orchestra? I keeed…:)


I have discovered three (and counting) movie theaters near me that do not show up in the app OR on Fandango.
I called the theaters and they all sent me links on their websites. Check your local IMAX theaters’ websites and if it doesn’t show call them anyway.
So happy when I discovered I had my pick of seats because no one could find the tickets. I’m telling all of you after I bought my tickets.

Mad Mann

65 days? Oh, I want to watch it now!


Will someone please introduce the kid to a razor….


Enterprise in the water is still irritating. Sorry.


… and unnecessary.

Rhett Coates

#18. Phil – “Enterprise in the water is still irritating…”

Yeah, and if you saw the 9-minute featurette of this film at the beginning of THE HOBBIT this past Dec., you’re not alone: witness Scotty’s line to Kirk complaining about salt water eating at the hull when the vessel was hidden beneath the sea on that alien planet…. Phil, you’re not alone – Scotty’s WITH YOU on that one, LOL!

(Scotty — read: the film’s writers, or at least one of them. Eh, Roberto Orci?)


Speaking of the enterprise in the water … I wonder if we will get a glimpse of the JJ verse’ s version of the ship steering wheel from Star Trek 5? Ahoy matey’s … There be whales ahead! Arrrgggghhh.


In case of “underwater-Enterprise”: Maybe the movie-makers were inspired by this video: Very cool!


Irritating? No way. I love the notion of the Enterprise not only being to traverse of the oceans of space, but also (in a limited capacity, it appears) oceans of water.


It is not only the Pine who needs to be given a razor but also an Urban. Check out the latest picture of “Bones” on the other thread.


Iceberg, dead ahead!! Young Kirk and Carol on the bow of the ship, screaming “i’m king of the …universe’?? Maybe James Cameron could direct the next one?

Of course, this means Kirk dies in the end.


@ 7 Stephan: I was at the German premiere of Star Trek Generations back in 1995. Back then everyone could buy tickets. They didn’t even cost much more than a normal show. You just had to be there early one morning a few weeks before because they sold out quickly. Afterwards, I heard that people were trying to buy tickets in front of the theatre right before the show, and I could have sold mine and maybe made a few hundred bucks. I don’t know if you need to have connections now to get a ticket. You could try mailing Paramount Germany. Or maybe just contact the cinema (most likely CINESTAR at Potsdamer Platz) and ask them if there’s any way to buy a ticket.


I guess the E houses an emergncy Solar Sail and Nautical Sail as well.

I hold out hope that somehow the REAL Constitution Class E is in this movie – somewhere.


@7 Stephen, I was at the ST London premiere. I found out which charity was benefitting from the premiere and rang them to see if they had tickets on sale. They did and I bought 5 of them. They were £75 each but it was SO worth it. I got to meet JJ, Chris, Zachary and Zoe, getting autographs from all of them, to say nothing of the buzz of seeing the film about 2 weeks before general release. So, don’t give up. Keep an eye out online for premiere details and dates and good luck. I hope to be there again, if possible :)


17 and 24 You guys need to be introduced to a mirror so that you can worry about yourselves and not what others look like. Sometimes guys just dont want to shave so leave them alone.


Hey, I am not the one who seeks to put a razor to Chris Pine’s fine manly stubble. I was just pointing out that Karl Urban is also sporting similar manly stubble.

There’s a rumour that the unshaven manly look will still be the fashion among young men, with manly *summer fashion to complement…:)

*Northern hemisphere summer.

Dee - lvs moon surface

#30. Keachick

Yes, but he shaved the beard a bit after the Oscars and photoshoot!

;-) :-)


I suspect that when the science guys do their ‘accuracy in film’ review, Enterprise underwater will end up a massive fail. Can’t be any worse then Indy riding the nuke blast wave in the fridge, I suppose….other then I can’t bring myself to watch that film again, too….

Trek Fan

32. Phil

I suspect that when the science guys do their ‘accuracy in film’ review… they will find that there is no such thing as the Enterprise and something of that shape could never exist in space… or the fact that there is no such thing as warp drive.

Dude, IT’S A MOVIE! A science FICTION movie.


@33. Well, generally I’ve yet to read something where a lab coat guy is whining about FTL travel, they generally are looking at the basic stuff. Something like the producers acknowledging bouyancy. We know FTL is fake, but don’t make what you are doing look like magic. We are being told that Enterprise was underwater to hide from the locals, yet bringing a ship twice the size of an aircraft carrier into the atmosphere would cause it to glow white hot as it steaked through the atmosphere at high speed. Crap like that makes no sense at all….

Here, read this.

Bob Tompkins

Regarding the fan made poster, it’s interesting, but am I the only one who has noticed that the Enterprise seems to be missing the saucer section when it is surfacing?


Best estimates on the Russian meteor are 50 feet in diameter, and 10,000 tones. Our fake Enterprise is over 2000 feet long, and north of 200,000 tons.

Yep, just a movie…in full agreement. Let’s never have the science fiction vs. science fantasy disscussion again…


@35. Nah, I saw that too.

Theatre_Historian Levi

Star Trek premieres are always alot of fun, I have had the pleasure of working the premieres for Nemesis and Trek 09 at the GraumansChinese,and they were both very cool.

Especially loved the Delta sheild shaped press line for 09, anyone who happened to be flying overhead and happened to look down would have saw this huge Delta sheild in the middle of our courtyard and partially in the middle of Hollywood blvd.

Who ever wins that ticket to the London premiere will definately have a fun experience I am sure.

Trek Fan

36. Phil

It’s called science FICTION for a reason… not science fact. I could case less if some scientist says it’s impossible to the Enterprise to go underwater. It isn’t real! They can have their little discussions about what is wrong about Star Trek all they want – at the end of the day, it means absolutely nothing because nothing in the movie is real! JJ isn’t making a documentary on the moon landing where you HAVE TO get everything right… because it is real and not fiction. So really, who cares. Don’t take it seriously. It’s only a movie. Just like TOS was just a TV show. When I watched Spock’s Brain, I knew it wasn’t possible to have that happen. When I saw the the Enterprise “sling shot” around the sun… I knew it wasn’t possible. I didn’t need to have a scientist tell me all the things wrong with it.

Red Dead Ryan

Okay, I wasn’t going to post on this thread until I read a some posts by some “Einsteins” and “rocket scientists” bemoaning seeing the Enterprise going underwater. C’mon, already! The hull would be able to withstand the pressures of water, as its obviously built to take a lot of punishment travelling at warp speed, escaping from black holes, etc.

Thrusters, artificial gravity, structural integrity fields, and inertia dampers make the Enterprise capable of underwater travel.


Trek Fan

34. Phil

Who’s to say that the planet isn’t mostly covered in water and there is only one landmass. The Enterprise entering the atmosphere at a point where the people on the landmass wouldn’t see it IS possible in that situation. No? There ya go… more conjecture.


40. All the issues have been explained previously, you have chosen to ignore them. So, no, it wouldn’t. Case closed.

41. An object that size reentering the atmosphere is releasing megatons of energy, and cracking sonic boom heard across your continent. So, no, probably not. Case closed, part II…

Hey, we all will just suspend disbelief for a while and enjoy the movie. But if you are going to defend an ability of man or machine that’s presented on screen, at least have a bit more plausible of an arguement then ‘cus I said so’…..

Buzz Cagney

But she hasn’t been rust protected, RDR. Better hope that was fresh water.

Buzz Cagney

Look at that, Chris Pine pretending he’s directing that orchestra in much the same way he’s pretending to be Captain Kirk. :-/


Trek Fan I agree with your post to a degree,
I do want to point out, that Star Trek has influenced a lot of real world technology over the years. So perhaps rephrase the statement nothing in it is real.

But on a whole I do agree with you that its silly to argue whether the ship could go in water or not.
And like you said suspension of believe is the important thing, viewers should just sit back and enjoy the ride :)


40 exactlly and if it can survive the pressure and pull of being at the edge of a black hole for a few mins with out being crushed (yes it was damaged but certainly not beyond repair) then I think it can handle being on the Ocean floor for 24 hours.


@ DIGINON & Sagart:

thanks for your advice. I will keep my eyes open.

Mad Mann

Well I think it’s awesome that Chris Pine is enjoying his work in Star Trek so much that he visited the scoring sessions. He didn’t have to do that, it wasn’t a PR stunt, and if it wasn’t for Giacchino Instagram, we would never know about it. Nicely done, Pine.

BTW: I also rock the scruffy, “unshaven” look. Leave the dude alone.


@42. Phil – March 12, 2013 – “An object that size reentering the atmosphere is releasing megatons of energy, and cracking sonic boom heard across your continent. So, no, probably not. Case closed, part II…”

You’re making the baseless assumption that the Enterprise would’ve entered the atmosphere like a contemporary spacecraft or meteor; i.e. barrel in at orbital speeds.

Given that we’ve seen it has the ability to hover on its thrusters, and that it has impulse engines that can accelerate it to a large fraction of the speed of light in seconds (& so decelerate it to the same degree); it’s likely that they would’ve simply brought the ship to a complete halt while in orbit & then slowly lowered it down through the atmosphere at “only” a few hundred kilometres per hour, slowing to one or two meters per second to slip into the water.

Ahh Chris directing the orchestra… *sigh* What a great idea! Brings out my inner Pine Nut lol :P