Look Inside Upcoming ‘How To Speak Klingon’ Audio Phrasebook

Chronicle Books has a fun Star Trek book coming out in May titled "How To Speak Klingon – Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler." The full-color hardcover includes a sound module to help you learn some essential Klingon. And today they provided us with a couple sample spreads from the book. Check it out below.    



A look inside "How To Speak Klingon"

Today CBS and Chronicle Books revealed details for their upcoming book "How To Speak Klingon – Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler," written by Ben Grossblatt with illustrations by Alex Fine.

Here is the official blurb:

Avoid dishonor and intergalactic incident with How to Speak Klingon, an indispensable audio phrasebook for mastering the harsh, guttural language of Klingon. Under license by CBS Consumer Products this amusing and enlightening primer on ill-tempered and proud Klingon culture uses a built-in sound module to teach readers an array of crucial compliments (“You bludgeon divinely.”), toasts (“Today is a good day to die”) and insults (“Your mother has a smooth forehead”), as well as phrases used commonly in intergalactic travel (“Passport? My fist is my passport!”), theatergoing (“Two for Romulan and Juliet”) and more. A Klingon Pronunciation key helps users master the nuances of this challenging but rewarding language.

Illustrated scenarios set the scene and offer additional useful phrases, making How to Speak Klingon an essential guide for any Star Trek® fan.

The full-cover hardcover Klingon book has 24 board pages  and a built-in sound module with 10 unique sounds. Below are a couple of sample spreads from the book.

"How To Speak Klingon – Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler" arrives May 1st and retails for $16.95. Amazon has pre-orders discounted to $9.21.

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No cookie for you…

Although Klingon is very cool, I always wanted to learn Vulcan or Vulcanian. When STAR TREK first arrived on the scene back in 1966 anything and everything Vulcan was all the rage including the language and then it all disappeared. Then STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE arrived and the first Klingon words were heard on screen and is still going today. I bought the first cassette tapes but just couldn’t get into the language.

Okay, how do you say “get a life!” in Klingon?


yIyInchoH! — “Commence living!”

A waste…in any language!


“…Intergalactic Traveler.”

Shouldn’t it be “Intragalactic” ??

7 – Actually the common phrase is innergalatic.


Learns Klingon;

Remains a virgin….

I have the original Klingon dictionary by Marc Okrand, but this looks cool. I might get just for fun.

And I do have a life. A Klingon Life!

The Klingons of the Original Series were the best!
They turned them into a fucking running gag!
I hope the Klingons in Star Trek into Darkness will be like the originals.

Warning – Klingon has been known to have a direct effect on the area of the brain known as “Shatners’ Bassoon”.

#10 So mistaken.

…and that’s a christmas stocking filler taken care of…

9: Innergalactic? Huh? What’s that?

And yes, #7 Steve J., I agree it should be intragalactic since in the Star Trek world they stay within our galaxy. But “intergalactic” sounds cooler. Just ask The Beastie Boys.

#10 Ummm.. NO.

Kronos? Kronos? Qu’Onos surely?

Well, interstellar would be equally correct.

@11. Mad Mann “I have the original Klingon dictionary by Marc Okrand”

The *origina*l original? The small paperback with the blue tone cover?


In TrekBBS, someone said he read two pages of comic countdown to darkness issue # 3.
I do not know if it’s true, but he says…

April takes over Kirk’s Enterprise using the sleeper program he inserted in the old Enterprise. He is in a proxy war with the Klingons, who are Supplying the opposite side with weapons. Last frame has April saying “It’s good to be back in the chair!”.

@21i have the iTunes iBooks version and I can CONFIRM that spoiler is true. Additionally for another Spoiler
That Bajoran Mudd woman IS Harry Mudd’s daughter, as a line from her confirms.

@7 – If you’re the Kelvans…intergalactic : )

It seems to me that “intergalactic” has often mistakenly been used in sci-fi movies and TV shows when “intragalactic” or “interstellar” would have been correct. Didn’t one of the Klingons (the Ambassador?) in Star Trek III or IV call Kirk an “intergalactic” terrorist or something similar?

I just cringe a little every time I hear “intergalactic,” as I know it’s not the right word…It just kind of cheapens the movie, TV show or product being described. However, it’s not as bad as eBay sellers’ inappropriate use of “vintage” in item descriptions…Ugghh!!

@24 I just always take it that we’ve been to the clouds of Magellan…. LMC and SMC, which makes things a bit more “intergalactic”. Inter and intra come from the same Indo-European root though, Latin really wasn’t as precise as we are today (or as Latin later became) with things like interstate and intrastate. We could always split the difference and say “infragalactic”?