Bad Robot FX App Announces Upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness Content + Paramount App Delivering More Rare Trek Photos

Last night Star Trek Into Darkness stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana hosted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Annual Technical Awards Presentation at the Beverly Hills Hotel. See below for pictures of the Trek couple at the event. .  



Bad Robot FX App Promises Upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness update

Last January we reported on the new Action Movie FX app from JJ Abrams Bad Robot. The app allows you to add cool FX to movies you shoot with your iOS devices (unfortunately not available on Android or other devices). Today the app was updated to Version 2.2 which included a new splash screen. And if you look closely you can see a Star Trek easter egg…take a look at the building on the right.

Spot the "1701" on new ActionMovie FX app splash screen?

When you click on the "1701" on the building on the right you get a new screen announcing a future update for Star Trek Into Darkness. The FX app includes a number of different FX pack modules and it looks like there will be four different effects modules for Star Trek.

Star Trek Into Darkness is coming to the Action Movie FX app

You can download the free app at iTunes. TrekMovie will do an update when the Star Trek Into Darkness content is added to the app.

Rare photos in Star Trek App

Speaking of apps, the new official Paramount Star Trek app has been updated (hopefully resolving bugs for a number of users). Lately they are doing a number of missions to seek out rare Star Trek photos. Today’s mission sends users to to scan a photo from Star Trek IV.

Today’s Star Trek app photo mission

When you complete that mission your app unlocks the rare photo below.

Unlocked Star Trek IV photo

 More info and download links at



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Just looks better and better

Nice, but I got android!!!

Won’t run on my Android tablet. Sad, really.

The app is in the Google Play store, but the scan missions don’t work for a lot of Android handsets.

You know what’s funny? You can actually scan the photos ON THIS VERY PAGE, to do the missions. Hilarious

Finally! The latest update did something right and the app finally works on my phone. So far.

the numbers are so small on the app splash screen, if I hadn”t read this article, I would have completely missed it. Thanks!

Super cool. As soon as the movie is played in full I will go off the Trek Grid so I do not get too spoiled. I want some mystery when I go on May 15!

@5 Thanks for the tip. Now I am Lieutenant Jr. Grade

Yup, scanning still broken on my Nexus.

While I have learned to gps-fool the maps missions, photo scanning is still not working on my Galaxy S Blaze (Android 4.0.4). Several updates later that function has not been restored. I know this is not a forum to complain about an app that has no connection to, but it is sad that several of us are being left out of the fun….

Can some one put up a link to the android app. I was serching it in the play store and couldn’t find it.

I’ve had the Action Movie FX app ever since I saw JJ talk about on the Conan show. It’s one of the best apps ever! I am constantly blowing people up!

I’m stoked for the Star Trek version…

Will we encounter the Cardassians earlier in the Abramsverse?

hey, how do you gps fool the app and scanning hit or miss but mostly a miss on my GS3

“(unfortunately not available on Android or other devices)”

SIGH. You know, sooner or later these companies need to realize there are more smart phones on the market besides iPhone. I’d rather not give my hard-earned money to someone who gives me very little choice in service providers and is notorious for its factories’ human rights abuses.

Anyone else getting sick and tired of everything in new big Hollywood action/sci-fi movies being either orange and blue, or monochrome?

Into Darkness really seems to be going overboard with it. Even the apps can’t escape it.

^ – ^ Lt. Commander 10/250.

I haven’t been able to play on my own (Windows) phone, but this evening while we were rewatching ST2009 I worked through all the missions on my mother’s Rugby Pro. Everything worked pretty well (I had to reboot the phone a couple times when it got stuck on the photo capture missions).

I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

(And if they ever ask how I got to all those locations in the span of an hour, I’ll just bat my eyelashes in complete innocence and say I used a Super Special Transporter a la Scotty! XD)

Catch Me If U Can – and turn on “allow mock GPS locations” in the settings. A little cumbersome, but it has worked every time.

do u think they will add Star Wars now ?