Orci & Kurtzman Cast John Cho For Guest Spot In ‘Sleepy Hollow’ + Sell Sci-Fi Project To Universal

Karl Urban isn’t the only new Star Trek star who has nabbed an acting gig from a Trek producer this pilot season. Now news comes that John Cho has been cast in a guest role for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s Sleepy Hollow Fox pilot. Bob and Alex have also sold a new sci-fi movie project to Universal. Details on all that below.  


Orci & Kurtzman cast John Cho For ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Pilot

John Cho, Star Trek’s new Mr. Sulu, has been cast for a guest spot in the Fox drama pilot Sleepy Hollow from Star Trek writer/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The Hollywood Reporter gives the details…

Sleepy Hollow is a modern-day supernatural thriller based on the legend starring British actor Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane. Cho will play Officer Andy Dunn, a likable police officer in Sleepy Hollow who has Detective Abbie Archer’s (Shame’s Nicole Beharie) back and is seemingly compassionate and helpful. However, there is more to him than meets the eye.

Orci and Kurtzman are writing the pilot episode and will executive produce. Heather Kadin is an executive producer and Phil Iscove is a writer and producer. The pilot is being directed by Len Wiseman.

Cho is currently part of the cast of the Matthew Perry-led NBC sitcom Go On (Tuesdays at 9PM) which has decent ratings and a reasonable chance of being picked up for a second season.

John Cho with Matthew Perry in next week’s episode of "Go On" – Cho just cast to guest star in Orci & Kurtzman’s "Sleepy Hollow" pilot

In other Orci and Kurtzman news, Deadline reported this week that the pair have sold a sci-fi thriller project to Universal. The script is being written by Steven Karczynski.

By the way, Cho isn’t the only Sulu that Orci and Kurtzman have recently tapped for one of their shows. Original Star Trek’s George Takei was cast as Uncle Choi for an episode of Hawaii Five-O which aired in December. 

George Takei with Daniel Dae Kim on the set of "Hawaii Five-0" – another show produced by Orci & Kurtzman


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Great for John Cho

Sheesh, do we really need ANOTHER Sleepy Hollow. This is like making me watch more Wolverine and Spiderman movies…enough already!

Well what’s the peculiar K/O Paper Products twist going to be for Sleepy Hollow?

Big fan of that Cho guy. Would be swell to see him play a bit of a villain, if that’s what this is (or isn’t?).

Wow, George looks kind of sexy in that shot. ?.

@3. It is set in the 21st century.

@5. Like that is going to be believable.

Well. More of the Same Retread!. But. Good to see Cho doing some T.V Acting.

Do you know what would be so great. A New Show that is not based on anything already have been out there and done. Fresh and new and really fantastic.
Na. It could never happen. Lol.


Maybe in the Alternate Mirror Universe, Mike. Maybe in the Alternate Mirror Universe…..

Love hearing about the new K/O projects particularly the science fiction project. Continued success my friends! And I’m really hoping the Orson Scott Card “controversy” does not negatively affect Enders Game. When I read the book years ago I was fairly blown away by it. I did not see that ending coming. I more often than not figure those things out, honestly. But not this time. A testament to the quality of Card’s writing.

But Bob Orci!!

Why oh why oh why, with all the many and varied projects you guys have in the works, is a new Star Trek television show not one of them? It can’t be fear of being seen as ‘one trick ponies’ because it’s obvious you’re not. And I can’t believe you don’t want to be TOO associated win Trek. So please sir tell me, tell U,S that a new Trek show is in development, hopefully for the 50th anniversary. By you guys preferably, but by someone…ANYone! This has to be true. Logic would seem to dictate that it is. If not, why?

That should have been “too associated*with* Trek…

@Emperor Mike & R D Ryan-
I’d like that but honestly I don’t see it being ok’d as a series. But I’d like that. Mirror, Mirror is my favorite TOS ep. And I loved DS9’s mirror eps.

@6. Well it seems to work just fine for Grimm, Sherlock, and Once Upon a Time, so I doubt that will have any negative effect, regardless though I am just passing on what I read in other articles about this upcoming show.

5. totally random – March 15, 2013

Yeah I know it’s set in the present. That’s not what I mean.

Sleepy Hollow was a short story, it sounds like they’re simply using the framework to create their own stories (after all, Ichabod and the Headless Horseman could hardly fill out an entire season of shows).

@13, Ok, that was just the only thing I had heard about it that would qualify as a “twist” to me.

15. totally random – March 15, 2013

Bob and Alex have a point of view, so I’m interested to know how that POV is going to be integrated into this old story.

I wouldn’t normally think Bob and Alex and Sleepy Hollow in the same sentence, so that they are doing it intrigues me.

If anyone ELSE was doing Sleepy Hollow I probably wouldn’t care, but that THEY are doing it makes me sit up straight.

I’m interested.

Dafaah? Whatevs…..

Are these guys working their way through an alphabetical list or something? Still, money for old rope is still legal currency I guess so lucky them.

Sounds a little like they are on the Once Upon a Time bandwagon!
But, that might be a good thing!

George was great as Uncle Choi on H50!

2 MJ

So true. This is just like every other Sleepy Hollow that takes place modern day.

10. Ok! Just for u, we will give some thought to what a show might be!

Or like every other fairy tale/classic character etc. show that takes place in modern day?

Modern day, huh?

So will it be the Headless Biker? The Headless Hell Rider of the Fully Charged Segway? I know! The Headless Frenchman in Bicycle Shorts? Oh, that is frightening….

Still, money for old rope is still legal currency I guess so lucky them.

I think a headless taxi driver would be cool.

I don’t see how a new Star Trek television show could lose with Bob Alex and Damon on board… not to say not but I really mean it. Please make it so!

$&! Voice to text…. should read “not just saying that.”

22. boborci-
Thank you.
As I’ve said a cupplafew times now, it’s hard to believe TINTS (The Inevitable New Trek Show) is not already in the works, even if it’s only in an early, early development stage. It would be insane for that to not be the case. But to paraphrase something that someone said or wrote somewhere – To not be insane in this crazy world would truly be madness!.

Oh well, fingers crossed for lots of great new Trek, besides and beyond STID, in the not too distant future.

And speaking of SIDT, only a little less than nine weeks to go! As I said before I’m saying again, a major theme is going to be FAMILY (and various iterations thereof)!

Again, thanks Bob.

There’s definitely a trend with fairy tale TV shows, none of which I watch, but apparently which some people do.

I’m curious about how they envision the series so I will watch it so long as it appears on a channel that I get or will get in the future.

An update of the Rip Van Winkle story might be a good series to do. It has a good potential SF angle, social commentary angle, and how the hell do I get back home from the future? angle.

What’s cool about Rip Van Winkle is that it presents a what-if situation that’s fun to imagine happening to yourself. I think every person can immediately identify with becoming wildly lost, in this case in a different place AND time.

It must speak to some childhood fear we all probably have.

SyFy has actually put out some decent shows. Right now I’m enjoying Warehouse 13, and I loved Eureka. I loved the characters in that show. It was like Star Trek or Firefly in that it created a family of characters who were all great together and whom you would love to know in real life. And I got so absorbed with Jack and Allison finally finding each other. Every time I thought the writers were going to screw that relationship up I started to worry as if two real people who deserved to be together were not going to be that way! So it really worked on me.

And Jack as “the strong force” that holds it all together was a beautiful sentiment to end the series on.

Damn Comcast for cancelling that show.

Yeah dm, great shows, Warehouse 13 and Eureka. I’m still smarting from the cancellation of Alphas, a show I particularly liked. Hey, that’s one I’d really like to see Kickstarted!


Haven’t seen Alphas yet, but thanks for the heads up. I catch everything on Netflix. Which only had up to season 4 on Eureka. But by the time 4 was over I was so involved that I bought 5 on Amazon instant video.

I’ll keep an eye out for Alphas, but uh, did they give it/are they giving it a proper ending? Or cancelling in the middle with no neat finish?

If they just cut it off with no proper ending I may not watch it because that is frustrating after you invest yourself in the story and then get abandoned.


SyFy also does some online series, which is cool. I like their thinking. SyFy is my favorite network.

@ 34. dmduncan – March 16, 2013

“SyFy also does some online series, which is cool. I like their thinking. SyFy is my favorite network.”

Didn’t know that, any good ones ?


Mercury Men is REALLY cool.

They have a couple others which look interesting but that I haven’t seen yet. I plan on watching Nuclear Family tonight sometime.

I actually am a fan of Face-Off on Syfy.and its web version of Redemption. Great practical effects make up and it has an old school feel tto it.
Reminds me of being a kid and reading FM and reading of Wally Westmore, Don Poat et. All.

Stick with one show: ‘Game of Thrones.’ All others, “No soup for you!”

I am chomping for March 31st.

#38. Agreed. I can’t wait!

well alternate earths already done by orcis fringe series…awesome show that not nearly enuf viewers watched….a comment about that i made in my letter to tv guide about fringe that was quoted last month..hope mr orci saw it….even as great of a show as fringe had trouble attracting viewers…would a new trek series fare better….not sure…would past shows hurt or help ratings….depends on what alex n bob do huh….continued best of luck sir n congrats on newest projects…us trek scifi fans will always suppirt you bob…

Bob Orci – I see that you guys are going to be filming here in my town of Salisbury this week – I assume you’ll be on set? If so, welcome to Salisbury! We hope the show will be a success and you guys will be back often!

33. dmduncan
“I’ll keep an eye out for Alphas, but uh, did they give it/are they giving it a proper ending? Or cancelling in the middle with no neat finish?”

Alas, cancelled with no neat finish. And too bad too. It was what the show ‘Heroes’ should have been.

40. Jim Nightshade –
“…orcis fringe series…awesome show that not nearly enuf viewers watched…”

So true, Jim. Loved that show. I WILL purchase the entire series for my collection when I get my tax refund.

“….even as great of a show as fringe had trouble attracting viewers…would a new trek series fare better….”

Something to consider certainly. And probably the primary answer to the question I asked Bob. Creators and studios MUST consider costs and ratings which are things that are all too easy for someone like me to put further down the list of my considerations. But I HAVE to believe that with the name recognition of the Star Trek brand coupled with interesting and intriguing storytelling, success would be the result. When Enterprise, under Manny Coto, started delivering great stories (and more importantly, great Trek) ratings began to increase in response. The popularity of TNG can be matched AND exceeded IMHO.

“trek scifi fans will always support you bob…”

Yes. We. Will.

41 DM

thank u kindly!

Nuclear family was so so. Still I do like SyFy’s thinking, and looks like they have an interesting new SF show coming up called Defiance that also ties into a video game.

If you guys haven’t seen season 5 of Eureka, you should check it out. The ending, Just Another Day, was a great way to tie up a long running series.

Jack’s “this is what I do” moment really choked me up, but you have to catch the story from the beginning to get the full impact of that moment because it took five years of memorable stuff to get you there.

Jack’s conclusion, after he comes out of the wormhole, is something most of us can probably relate to. I hope when I am at that point in my own story I can say the same thing about my life that he did about his, there in that odd little town of Eureka.

60 days to the BIG DAY ! Well, at least for us in North America.

Bob, any update on your current & future projects ?

You know I think that last episode of Eureka made me realize that. We’re not here in this realm to do a frakin job. We’re here to live a story, and maybe that’s why stories and story-telling are so hugely important. When they are really good, we can sort of give feedback to ourselves through them that lets us make adjustments in the stories of our own lives.

@dmduncan, I watched maybe two or three episodes of Eureka but after reading your comment, I will probably start watching the show from the beginning.

God know that there are not that many good genre shows these days on the air. Still waiting for the next Lost or BSG series to come out & engage us in the same way these two shows did.

AP: You say in regard to Daniel Dae Kim: “Cho isn’t the only Sulu that Orci and Kurtzman have recently tapped for one of their shows.” I know many of us know Kim was up for the role… but where was Kim also a Sulu? Did I miss something?

Bob: Two months to go on STID! Would it be fair to ask in the same way we did before ST2009, if there were any particular Trek (or other) books which would be a good re-read before the movie? You gave us good advice on the couple Trek novels the last go around…. gave us a good sense of George Kirk (even though he had quite a different ‘ending’ in the Nero-verse… you were true to the novel’s characterization of him.)

Syfy: Well, I never got into Alphas… but considering they continue to air the downright bizarre Lost Girl… the moral of the story seems to be that if you want a show to run longer… get a Canadian channel to underwrite it. Maybe the Canadians would go for a new Star Trek series, set in the TMP to TWOK equivalent era, with Michael Weatherly in the lead as and older Kirk. Then you could have Daniel Dae as an older Sulu.

47. Ahmed – March 17, 2013

If you invest yourself to start from the beginning, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the end. For me personally, it was an end that was worth getting to.

A series is like a big book. It took me a while to fall in love with the family of characters, but once I did I really wanted to know what was going to happen to them as if they were all my friends. Especially Jack and Allison whose relationship began to propel me further and further into the series.

I really can’t stand it when the network cancels a good show in the middle of the story and don’t give the people who DID invest in it the respect of a proper finale.

That’s lame. Disrespectful. I don’t care if it isn’t making you all the money you’d hoped for. Cut to the chase if you must, but at least TRY to finish it properly.

They did it right for Eureka. When the time comes, I hope they do the same for Warehouse 13.

Most think of Karl Urban as more famous as Caesar from Xena, not the unnecessary unwanted star trek rehash, I sure wish they had left the original trek alone and made a creative new trek!!!