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Spock #22 IDW Publishing’s June 2013 solicits are here, along with news for fans of digital comics, and a trade paperback collection of IDW’s Star Trek ongoing series was just released. TrekMovie has the latest Star Trek comics news for you after the break.

Coming June 2013 from IDW Publishing

Star Trek #22
Mike Johnson (w) • Erfan Fajar (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c)
The fallout from this summer’s blockbuster movie STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS continues here, in the fan-favorite ongoing series overseen by TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci! Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise face a dire new threat rising in the wake of the movie’s momentous events!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 6/12/13

Variant Covers:
   • Variant Tim Bradstreet sketch cover!
   • Order 20 copies, get one free variant Photo Cover!

Star Trek #22, cover art by Tim Bradstreet

Cover art by Tim Bradstreet, colors by Grant Goleash

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes
Chris Roberson (w) • Jeffrey Moy (a) • Phil Jimenez (c)
IDW Publishing and DC Comics are proud to present the greatest tale of the 23rd century! Or is that the 31st century? Eisner-nominated writer Chris Roberson and Star Trek and Legionnaires veteran artist Jeffrey Moy collaborate to bring you the most bizarre partnership of any century! The crew of the Starship: Enterprise and the Legion of Super-Heroes come face to face as they deal with a changed history and timeline that neither knows the cause of. Traveling to the past and the future to find answers, both teams must work together to set things right.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 156 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-660-5
Expected in-store date: 6/12/13

This collection was previously reprinted in hardcover.

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes Trade Paperback, cover art by Phil Jimenez

Cover art by Phil Jimenez

IDW will publish weekly in Apple’s iBookstore!

Last week IDW Publishing announced that they will begin publishing single issues in Apple’s iBookstore ( on a weekly basis. See the press release from IDW Publishing. By the way, IDW will be offering a new season of The X-Files this summer. If you’re an X-Phile, it’s been some time since we had an ongoing X-Files comic book series. See The X-Files Comics Checklist for what’s been published in the past.

IDW at iBookstore

IDW at iBookstore

Released last week by IDW Publishing (in case you missed it!)

Star Trek, Volume 4
Mike Johnson (w) • Stephen Molnar (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c)
The countdown to the Star Trek movie sequel continues here! In The Redshirt’s Tale, experience life on the Enterprise through a redshirt’s eyes! Also, find out how Scotty and his alien sidekick Keenser first meet. Plus, an all-new re-imagining of the classic Mirror Universe story!
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-590-5

Collects four issues, #13-16, of the ongoing series.

Star Trek, Vol. 4, cover art by Tim Bradstreet

Cover art by Tim Bradstreet

And stay tuned…

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 is coming next week. Stay tuned for TrekMovie’s review and preview. This issue may have been prematurely released in some markets, maybe in digital format. If you’ve seen it, let me know in the comments.

Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.

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I guess iTunes messed up Wednesday and released countdown to darkness #3 a week early. They quickly took it back down but a few were able to purchase and read before the rest of us.

So does it mean anything that the image of the E on the cover doesn’t look all that different than the JJverse one that has caused such an uproar.

Trek through a Red Shirts eyes….Enterprise Medical Log Stardate 2345.65. Time of death 22:40 hours, cause of death, poor choice of clothing color….

I’ve read it. The usual. Klinglons seem to be the true villains there, but Robert April is totally insane. Lot’s of talking on this one, It seems to take a long more to read than the others. But I liked. Mudd is actually daughter MUDD. :)

So… can we assume that, since Spock is on the cover for #22, that means he isn’t killed off in STID? And since Kirk is also explicitly mentioned in the solicit, that he isn’t killed off either? I know the cover for #21 features ‘the seven’, but I wasn’t prepared to get my hopes up at that point that it meant they all survive STID. Of course, I hope they all survive. I wonder whether these will be original stories, or whether some/all of them will be reimagining of TOS. The solicits obviously can’t give anything away storywise without being a bit of a spoiler for STID.

You can see the first 3 pages of CTD on iTunes now, doesn’t give much away though!

Let me know if you guys have any particular questions. I didn’t want to give too much spoilers.

So in Robert April we have a guy with a noble cause, with which the audience would sympathise (saving an entire race) who has reason to hate Starfleet (& specifically Kirk & Spock) for allowing the genocide to happen in the name of the ‘Prime Directive’, he also hates the Klingons for arming the other side & causing the genocide in the first place.

Sounds like a good reason to terrorise London & Starfleet & then go to Kronos to start a war with the Klingons! Admittedly that would be quite difficult for a man in his 70’s, but if he found out about a secret ‘Section 31’ program to use banned ‘Augmentation’ technology & used it to ‘regenerate’ himself, then it might be possible!

@4. TyrusX

Awww – does that mean Harry’s not married to Stella in this universe? I’m bitterly disappointed…

4. So, do you think April’s in this movie?

Was there some twist — like the guys April says are bad weren’t really bad? Although, he did have video evidence…

Yeah. I’m totally cool with these comics being spoiled. The movies, no. But the comics, I’m personally okay with finding out before reading. It’s a comic. It takes 2 minutes to read, anyway. But I understand that others wouldn’t want to be spoiled…

5 “So… can we assume that, since Spock is on the cover for #22, that means he isn’t killed off in STID? And since Kirk is also explicitly mentioned in the solicit, that he isn’t killed off either? I know the cover for #21 features ‘the seven’, but I wasn’t prepared to get my hopes up at that point that it meant they all survive STID.”

What? Are you saying that all those comics take place after STID? I don’t think that’s the case at all.

2. “So does it mean anything that the image of the E on the cover doesn’t look all that different than the JJverse one that has caused such an uproar.”

I’m willing to be that the E is not destroyed in this film. She just comes very, very close.

please dont post spoilers. We adhere to the IDW embargoes which is why Mark’s review will be up on Tuesday. That will include preview pages.

@11. Jack

On the IDW Star Trek Ongoing website, the solicitation for #21 states “The hit ongoing STAR TREK series picks up right where this year’s blockbuster sequel STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS leaves off! Don’t miss the all-new adventures of the crew as they go boldly into the unknown, in a story overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!”

14. Sorry, I misunderstood. You’re right — and it says the same thing above.
I guess it comes out in June, so that makes sense.

I’m anxious to see the #trek issue next week. Wonder if April has a son?? There could be 2 Aprils…. Crazy old one dies, son goes off seeking vengence…


The impression I got was that Robert April went crazy down there. Since Anthony asked I will not post any more spoilers. But I have to say that I can’t see much connection to what we got from the trailers other than the fact that we have Klingons on the (very) background and the surname Marcus being thrown around on the second volume. No references to any John Harrison at all…

@10. Jack, “4. So, do you think April’s in this movie?” Here’s what I think — because STID opens mid-mission on Nibiru, my feeling is the mission where he meets April is long over and put to bed. The fourth comic will tell us for sure, but it seems to me it can end only one of a couple of ways, and have Kirk on to his new mission. 1) April is killed … Kirk learns Prime Directive should be taken with a grain of salt, which influences his decision in Nibiru. 2) Depsite April being insane, Kirk leaves him alone to continue to fight his battle against the Klingons, and learns about the PD, etc. wouldn’t be the first time (shades of Space Seed). If the second instance, Kirk as well as Spock would have to lie about discovering April and his PD violation, or else Starfleet would hightail it out there and put a stop to it. We already know Spock is not the lying type. Therefore, the most logical solution is that April is killed, Starfleet is informed and they get involved anyway. Perhaps it’s what happens after Starfleet gets involved, and that’s where Harrison comes into play. Alternately, Starfleet could be told about April by Kirk and Spock and they get involved with April alive, sending Kirk onto the Nibiru mission. However, that means April then has to do whatever he’s going to do to de-age himself, which begs the question — why hasn’t he already… Read more »

@16 Giez,
” son goes off seeking vengence…”

I’m still counting on Orci telling the truth about Harrison being from Canon. Since he said Weller plays a new character and indeed he does, the April cannot have a son who is canon, since being Carol Marcus father doesnt make him canon. But it’s a good thought.

I honestly can’t wait to see the connection to canon. This really has me excited … As long as its not a de-agged April or Khan!

Theatre Historian_Levi

Fingers crossed that we will see some Klingons in the final trailer coming at the end of the month.

@18 CC

Maybe that’s where Mudd comes into play, she sells him de-aging formula/device. God if that’s what they end up doing I will be physically sick. But one side effect will be: No Khan.

Not necessarily, maybe the de-aging/augmentation involves the DNA of a certain genetically engineered super tyrant found aboard the Botany Bay (hence the cryo pod scene) & said DNA gradually takes over Harrison/April.

@21 Killamarshtrek,

Way to put me off my breakfast …

While there may be a Khanection, what I meant was April won’t be Khan, or an augment from Botany Bay, nor is the movie likely to deal with them in any way — seems like they have more than enough to deal with just explaining Harrison, especially if he turns out to be April, now they have to explain who Khan is in order to explain how April gets de-aged. That’s a lot of ‘splanin’.

Who knows, maybe the big guy in the pod scene is Mudd himself who discovered the Botany Bay and is manufacturing the super juice to pedal to the would be Lance Armstrongs of the 23rd century. But again, this plays more as a cliff hanger to a third film, and gives Harrison no motivation in this film. In fact once you extract Khan’s essence, by this theory you kinda don’t need Khan anymore since anybody who takes it turns into Khan — in which case no cliffhanger, but surprise reveal and one mainly for the fans which doesn’t do much for the general audience.

So if I have to accept a de-aged April and watch a rip-off of the worst TNG episode ever, I’m comforted by the fact Khan won’t likely be an integral part of it.

#11: Yes, issue #22 takes place after STID.

The guys who believe in de-aging April are the same who defended with passion Gary Michell. It’s Kahn or something related, folks.

There is a possibility they introduce the Cumberbatch character in the final issue of the comic without directly saying who he is .
Just be prepared for that .

Just like to say, I advocate the de-aged April theory (or a younger relative) but I’ve never advocated or defended anything about Gary Mitchell.

By the way, has anyone noticed how similar this CTD story is to TOS episodes ‘A Private Little War’ and ‘Bread and Circus’?

Well they aren’t saying much about the aftermath, understandably but if I had to guess, I guess at some kind of Klingon problem.

ummm… Here’s a wild guess: what if John Harrison is actually that kid child Kirk passed by in the 2009 film while driving the Corvette? The kids name was Johnny… true, it was said that kid was his brother… so what? That would actually make more sense… a man waging war against Starfleet to protest his brother’s being stripped of command due to violating a policy (The Prime Directive) that’s frequently used to justify genocide. Hence Cumberbatch’s line in the trailer: ‘Is there anything you would not do for family’ and the ‘I am better. At what? At everything.’ exchange between Kirk and Harrison in the brig in the trailer, too. Harrison attacks Starfleet to defend his brother, then tries to tear down Kirk’s world out of jealousy from Kirk having saved Earth and The Federation from from Nero, when Kirk decides to hunt Harrison down for attacking Starfleet. True, the Ongoing series already dealt with Kirks brother, but whether those comics are NuCanon or not is iffy at best.

@26 AND The Omega Glory, too.

My copy of Ongoing Volume #4 arrived today, in fact. I particularly enjoyed the when Keenser met Scotty segment, although it seems to show a bit of divergence with TOS – I don’t remember Doohan’s Scotty being overly loquacious?

On a related note, will the rest of the pre-STID Ongoing comics (and the Countdown to Darkness comics) have their collected volume releases before the new film comes out? I would like to be all up-to-date before stepping into the cinema! :)

@24. Luciano,
“The guys who believe in de-aging April are the same who defended with passion Gary Michell. It’s Kahn or something related, folks.”

Well I defended Mitchell, and frankly based on the convoluted machinations they’d have to go through to make him Khan, or Khan related, he still could be Mitchell. Not that I think that’s most likely. But at the end of the day, you have to explain why all this fixation on April and Marcus, and you have to explain them in the movie no matter what, since the obviously set up and are integral to what appears to be the primary message of the film which is he Prime Directive. What then does khan have to do with the prime directive, besides require a lengthy explanation of his own?

Robert April is most probably not going to regenerate. But he certainly has links to John Harrison. My guess would be that John Harrison is someone from the other/older Enterprise, the one we know nothing about. That would explain how he will attack so many ships too. Maybe that Enterprise is still operational and was rescued by him. So far this comic book has so little in common with the movies other than Marcus that makes me wary.

@30 Slornie:

The Countdown to Darkness trade paperback is scheduled for publication late April, before the movie comes out, but Star Trek ongoing Vol 5, collecting issues #17-20, is scheduled for July release.


True – forgot that one!

I think one thing is abundantly clear: Cumberbatch is NOT playing Khan, Gary or Garth. There’s no chance of that.

@ 25

We introduce the Cumberbatch character in the final issue of the comic, and we directly say who he is.


@ 30

As Mark (@ 33) said, the Countdown To Darkness TPB will be available in stores and online before the movie hits screens. The first post-movie issue will be available a couple of weeks after the movie premieres.

A huge THANK YOU to you and everyone supporting the comics. They don’t exist without you.


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