Video of the Day: Kirk and Spock Get Irish

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day when we all celebrate our inner Irish. And so our video feature for the day is a clip from the 2009 Star Trek movie blooper reel featuring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto performing a scene Irishly (is that a word?). Regardless, watch it below.  


Chris O’Pine and Zachary McQuinto in Star Trek 2009

Top of the Mornin’ to Kirk and Spock.

Bonus Video: Julian Bashir and Miles O’Brien sing ‘Jeruselem’

Any discussion of Star Trek and the Irish (and drinking) should also include this clasic moment between Miles O’Brien singing (drunkenly) with his pal Julian.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from

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I always thought they were being Scottish there. Oh well, I still claim to have an excellent eye for accents.

Ok, Quinto sounds Irish, but Pine sounds German!

Hoity toy!

Well, I’m writing this in Ireland, the land of my birth, and I appreciate the sentiment.

However, if you hadn’t said Pine and Quinto were attempting an Irish accent I’d never have identified it. Truly ghastly.

Also, not to quibble, but ‘Jerusalem’ is the unofficial anthem of England. Perhaps Miles singing The Minstrel Boy would have been more appropriate?

Thanks, anyhow, and La Feile Padraig maith (that’s happy St Paddy’s Day in Irish) to all of you.


Yep. Quinto Irish and Pine German. It’s SOOO a German attempt to.

Just brilliant stuff. Makes me laugh every time :-D

Zachary Quinto’s mother is Irish and his father Italian. He was born into an Italian/Irish Catholic family. This may be why Quinto’s accent may come across as more genuinely Irish. I don’t know if Chris Pine has any Irish ancestry, however I do believe there is some Welsh in there somewhere.

#6 – ‘More genuinely Irish’? Not unless your only experience of hearing an Irish accent is Lucky Charms commercials. Seriously, it was dire.

And I don’t know why you mention a Welsh background. It has anything to do with Irish.

I’m Scottish! Does that count? LoL!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Chief, that drink is not green. :-) Synthehol is for wimps!

@ 8

Yes, it does count. Last year at my Irish pub, we had guys dressed in kilts. And um, you ‘re not supposed to wear underwear. That led to some drunken lasses to pull up the guys’ skirts. Thankfully for one guy, he had nothing to be embarrassed about and really had some bragging rights.

We are celebrating with Romulan Ale.

Yes it is blue but being Irish descent myself, I will not drink anything that is made green with food coloring… unless it is a Borg Sphere drink like we used to drink at Quarks Bar.

@10. BB! You live!
Not sure why the no-undies rule. Could it be that there were no undies in the 16th century? Probably invented by Prince Albert, much of Scottish culture was!

On a topical note, Spock can’t have Guinness! They put fish in it!

#8 – close, but no cigar. I’m sure you’d agree we come from separate countries and though to outsiders our accents may sound roughly similar, they are not the same.

And #10 – kilt-wearing is Scots, not Irish. For shame, laddie, not knowing that!

Well, some people do think that Quinto sounds Irish and Pine not at all in the gag reel. I was merely giving a possible reason why Pine might not sound so “Irish”, ie as far as I know, he appears not to have Irish in his ancestry, whereas Quinto does.

Personally I find it difficult to tell the difference between a Scotts and Irish accent. They sound similar to me. I have not seen any Lucky Charm commercials.

I live in NZ. Many people from the UK (ie England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) settled here. My parents’ families were such people.

@ 14. Classy M.

Basement B. knows Kilts are Scottish, I promise he does, he was referring to my kin celebrating St. Patrick’s day in an Irish Pub.

@ 14

You’re right that kilts are mostly associated with Scots but there is a linkage with Celtic heritage and the Irish. Link. But what do I know? I’m a Chinese American who has a midwestern accent, and if really drunk I sound like a hillbilly. The point is I found out the hard way that you don’t wear underwear with kilts.

Mr Spockchick said ‘you don’t really appreciate quite how much splashback of pee you get in a urinal until you have worn a kilt without underpants.’

All together.. eeeeeeeewwww

#16 – Happy to share the day with all the Celts, Spockchick. And to be fair, we did ‘borrow’ (ie, steal) the kilt in the 1900s as part of our nationalism.

#15 – Keachick, I know where you’re coming from and I can understand why an accent may sound right to ears unfamiliar with the authentic version. But I’m sure you wouldn’t be impressed if I told you I thought a really bad Kiwi accent sounded spot on, given that I’ve little familiarity with how it ought to sound (other than Peter Jackson interviews!)

#17 – Oh, BB, there’s no hard way to find out the truth about kilts. Hmm, I may want to rephrase that…

“in the event that i do not return please tell lieutenant uhura that…. i love her….. vageeeeen”

;) XD

@19. Classy M.
Handshake for the Celts! Slainte mhath! (can’t do the accent thingys here)

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone.

#22 Guth raibh maith again, a Spockchick.

Moran taing!

Sorry folks, I don’t mean to over-post here, but in the very early days of the internet I joined a (Scottish) Gaelic Usenet newsgroup board, some of us will remember them. The moderator often had to step in because the discussion ALWAYS descended into ‘Klingon is a form of Scottish/Irish Gaelic.’ Poor lady would be shooing the pro-Klingon language Trekkers away. Trek really does infiltrate all types of life :-)

Zachary has actually spent some time here in Ireland. He studied in University College Galway, if memory serves. He told me so at a con a couple of years ago. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Emerald Isle :)

Sorry to go off-topic for a moment, but I wondered if anyone else had heard the rumour that Pine and Cumberbatch were going to be in Moscow on April 25th? The Russians were going into overdrive on twitter about it last night but I couldn’t track a source of the story.

I’m of Irish/Italian descent. Does that mean I am related to Zach? ;-)

I can’t do a good Irish accent, even by having 50% of the required genes.

Interesting to see that many here are discussing kilts. But I hate to “skirt” around the issue, but this thread is actually about an Irish holiday!


Well I’m also Irish (Belfast, born and bred) and I still can’t watch that video without cringing! I don’t know what it is, I just can’t stand hearing non-Irish people trying to do the accent. It’s just bad. Now, Quinto was doing a not-so-bad southern Irish accent, and yes, Pine was speaking in what is more than likely a German accent.

It’s bad enough when people try and emulate the southern Irish accent, but when they try and emulate the Northern Irish accent (like mine), then it’s terrifyingly bad! I’ve never heard a single non-native actor get it right.


Time to enjoy some good single-malt and some Clancy Brothers : )

I was merely suggesting a (remote) possibility, folks… OK, to Irish ears, Quinto did not sound very good and I doubt that Pine’s “German” sounds that great to a German’s ear either. Accents/dialects are *funny* things.

How do we know that Quinto and Pine were actually trying to speak “Irish” anyway? I am not sure if the actors knew or were even too bothered about which accent they were trying to do anyway…it was a GAG REEL…:)!

Perhaps the only genuine Irish accent to be heard in any Star Trek is from Engineer O’Brien (in TNG and DS9). The actor, Colm Meaney, was born in Dublin, Ireland on 30 May 1953, grew up in Ireland and worked on the Irish stage during during the 1970’s.

Kirk and Spock for the CARDS to win it all! Punch it. :P Oh, and yeah I’m Irish. *blows kisses*

I’ll take you home again, Kathleen
Across the ocean wild and wide
To where your heart has ever been
Since you were first my bonnie bride.

A little background to St Patricks Day –

Perhaps that green tunic that TOS Kirk wore sometimes were a homage to his Irish ancestry…:)

irish star trek fan here (Dublin) , i think its time we have another Irish star trek convention, its been far foo long !

“England’s green and pleasant land!”

By all means, yes, what better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with the national anthem of England!

No Irish person could possibly take offense!

“Jerusalem,” indeed.

I think pine’s just attempting a I-haven’t-prepared-an-accent general ‘foreign’ accent — a little swedish chef combined with yanosh from ghostbusters 2, apu from Simpsons and seinfeld’s all-my-accents-sound-the-same accent… with a bit of drunk thrown in for good measure.

Dear Trekkies:

Do your research, please, and find out that ZQ spent some youthful years living in Southern Ireland, and Pine was just aping an Arnold-ish accent for the blooper. It’s all on the frigging DVD, for crying out loud.

Happy St. Patrick’s day, my fellow obsessed ones! Two more months!

As much as I love Deep Space Nine, I cannot, for the life of me, place the episode.


Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

@41. Sisko

According to Memory Alpha, the Episode is Explorers from DS9 Season 3. That’s the episode with Sisko and his son on the Bajoran sailship.

For Better or Verse St. Patrick’s Day has gone global. Even in China there are celebrations. Over here in the Caribbean they recognise it with the usual parties and yet another reason (as though they require one) for consuming more alcohol. So to all the Irish fans I hope it does not offend too much when all those newbies (some who couldn’t find Ireland on a map) go on about St. Patty’s (see you at the Krusty Krab) or is it St. Paddy’s Day. Most of them are drunk anyways and don’t mean to disrespct.

The power of global marketing is so strong that people here only hear about Ireland on this day. I hope that the said marketing can help Star Trek Into Darkness at the global boxoffice! If I were them I will set a target of 300m in the USA (in line with H Potter & Twilight) and 400m for the rest of the world. The latter target even though not so high will be the bigger challenge. Note that “Life of Pi” is at 480m in the foreign markets and “Casino Royale, Fast 5 and MI4” made over 400m foreign.

Always thought that blooper sounded really german-accent-like (myself being from Austria), but well, what can I say? :D

I imagine that dyeing one’s beer green is in itself an offense to anyone really from Ireland.

Ná bí amhrasach faoi cé comh maith nó dona a bhí an fístéip. Ní raibh ann ach beagánín magadh agus craic. Caitheamh Aimsire Náisiúnta na h-Eireann, nósfaidh mé libh!

Take that Google translator!!!!


As an Englishman I take the compliment, but the thread author really needs to get an education!!!!!!!!!!

@43 ObsessiveStarTrekFan:

Thank you!

Now that I’m done re-reading about that episode on Memory Alpha… Need to watch more DS9. It’s been far too long. Love that show. Best Star Trek Spin-Off EVER.

There used to be a raucous St. Patrick’s Day parade down Novy Arbat Street in Moscow (when there was a large Irish expat community in the late 1990s), but it was canceled. Give the Russians a parade and no open container laws, surround them with like-minded Irishmen, and, well, it’s a recipe for alcoholic disaster.