Video Details Different Gorn In Star Trek Game + 19 New Screenshots

The new Star Trek video game is due out in about a month and today Namco and Paramount released the second of their behind the scenes videos on the making of the game – this time focusing on the villains – The Gorn. We also have a bunch of new images from the game. Get into the Gorn below.  


Gorn to be Wild in new Star Trek Video Game

On April 23rd Paramount releases its new Star Trek video game set in the new movie universe, with a brand new story that takes place between the two JJ Abrams movies. In the co-op game (for XBox 360, PS3 and PC) you play as Kirk or Spock and work together to help the the colony of New Vulcan as it deals with a serious lizard problem.

The new video from Paramount and Namco/Bandai delves into the variety of Gorn you will go up against in the new Star Trek game. Executive Producer Brian Miller explains that they have expanded the notion of the Gorn – with Kirk and Spock facing fifteen different types of Gorn (both male and female) in the game. Check it out below.

There are more exclusive details on the new Gorn in the Star Trek video game in Paramount’s Star Trek app for ioS and Android. The second "Gorn Day" update has just been posted giving details on the different types of Gorn. 

More Gorn in Star Trek app

19 new screenshots

They have also released a bunch of new screenshots from the app – many of which give a closer look at the Gorn. Check them all out below with the official descriptions (click to enlarge).



Enterprise and Rip

Enterprise in Space

Fighting Gorn


Gorn Attack

Gorn Attacking Planet

Gorn Brute

Gorn Ship


Kirk and Drone

Kirk and Spock

Kirk and Spock Exlosion

Kirk and Tricorder

Kirk Battleing Gorn

Kirk in Lair

Kirk Tunnel

Kirk With Tricorder

Star Trek game just 5 weeks away

The new Star Trek game arrives on April 23rd for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC download. Learn more about pre-ordering by visiting

Star Trek game coming April 23rd

GameStop announced this week that members of their PowerUp Rewards program who pre-order the game will receive an exclusive KRE-O mini build of the USS Enterprise and a collectible poster.

GameStop offering KRE-O bonus for pre-orders


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Why can’t any of the Gorn “re-imaginings” get the insectoid silver eyes right? This is what makes the Gorn look alien opposed to just being a glorified Earth reptile.

1 – Why can’t gamers get Star Trek right? Seeking out strange new worlds and new civilizations… is not the same thing as hauling oversized NRA-tumescence-inducing firearms to distant places so you can blow away the natives… and that is what makes Trek different.

^this guy gets it. The Gorn in Enterprise was cool and all but without the silver eyes they’re just CGI dinosaurs running around

They should have used the Gorn update from the Enterprise episode with the Mirror Universe it was amazing. This looks like crap. I am a fan of the game but why are they not at least having one that looks remotely like the original in the 19 subspecies????

Lamefaces will be slapped… in the face. (SLAP!)


Raptors with guns.


There are no Gorn in that video. This is incompetent work on the game designers’ part.

Looks great, can’t wait for a great cinematic gaming experience!

Starfleet -vs- The Lost World


Maybe we have different definitions of awesome, but that’s not what I’d call the Gorn in Enterprise. Cartoony is more like it.

“1 – Why can’t gamers get Star Trek right? Seeking out strange new worlds and new civilizations… :

Oh yes, the high energy that gamers across the world will feel when the spend hours and hours… *gulp* signing peace treaties and.. um… getting other civilizations to join the federation. You’ll get 10,000 Bonus points if you get them to allow their people to share medical knowledge with you. Tell… your… friends.


LOL. Exactly. Noone wants to play that game.

15 types of Gorn and none look like the Gorn from TOS?

No thanks.


The TNG graphic novel “The Gorn Crisis” did update them nicely without losing what made them cool to begin with. Would have made one heck of a movie!

So what special attack move does Kirk use on the female Gorns? ;)

Looks damn good to me. The Gorn mothership is called MAGIC CARPET RIDE. ;-/

4. Aaron – Say what you will but that Gorn on Star Trek Enterprise looked awful.

Has anyone else noticed the deflector on the enterprise is again bronze?

Sorry Bob Orci,

But your Gorns just look dumbass.

Yeah, I agree the Gorn in this game look really lame. They don’t even look like Gorn. They just look so generic.

I prefer the Gorn from “The Original Series” as well as “Enterprise”.

Why did they change the part in Chris Pine’s hair in the new film? Now it’s on the right side…it used to be on the left side! Maybe this is a mirror universe. But a glaring continuity error anyway!

So for some reason we blame Bob Orci…..

The Gorn from Enterprise just had that SyFy monster of the week look. The problem with the overuse of CGI is the artists seems to want to make them tough enough to be scary, but beatable at the same time. Haven’t seen the game yet, but I’m not sure they hit the mark….

Seems to me that TOS Gorn could have been cleaned up a bit, instead of making them into T. Rex…

2 CmdrR


Don’t really too much about this game since there is no PC version…

I am really looking forward to this game, yes, even the part where I run around shooting and kicking ass as Kirk or Spock. It’s a game for f…. sake! Action-Adventure, you know, an adventure with action.

It’s like the movies: You need to appeal to a lot of people, not just the die-hard trekkie crowd, especially with a long development cicle like this. And who wants to buy a game where you will sign treatys, hold up the prime directive, look whats inside strange nebulae every now and then and teach alien women how to make love? Well, the last one…. maybe…. :-)

I’m also not complaining about the look of the gorn. They may seem generic but the only canon appearances of them where a shitty rubber suit and a not so good looking CGI version. Hey, maybe they throw in some TOS-Gorn as an easter egg.

Also, the TOS-Gorn was really slow. Can you imagine that in a game? The suspense is killing me…..

#10 and #11
You have a very narrow view of the infinite possibilities of the Star Trek universe if you can only see a choice between either boring chatter and killing aliens.

#25 Calastir,

Agreed; they could have had some search and rescue, some solve-the-science-to-save a civilian/crew member, and many other plot points.

Maybe those will be there …

One can only hope. So far I’m not too motivated; I’m not much for shooter games.

There IS a version for PC, I thought. Is it coming out later?

There is a PC version, this article is incorrect in not mentioning that. Google “Star Trek 2013 game PC” and all will be revealed…

No wonder the Gorn Brute is so mad

He has an overcooked salmon on his tongue

Developers, please take note:

No silver eyes + no spinal ridges + no leopard skin outfit = No Gorn.

These are generic lizard people which I don’t want to see I my Star Trek.

I’m just not enamored with the overall graphics, from what I’ve seen in the pics and trailers. The more I see of this game, the less I’m interested. I sure hope they release a demo so I can evaluate it. Otherwise, I’ll just pass and not gamble my quatloos on it.

It’s easier for me to rationalise TOS Gorn as just another variation of Gorn.

The metallic multi-faceted eyes could be contact lenses or something they wear for a purpose.

Their new storyline (I heard about) about having come from another galaxy, through a wormhole bothers me more for some reason…

Oh my god, you guys complaining about “oh, there’s 15 different kinds of gorn, wtf” or “They don’t look like the original gorn”, you guys know absolutely nothing about reptiles do you?

For ever species of reptile, there’s several, if not a dozen sub-species, all with different sizes, colors, markings.

My Girlfriend raises several reptiles (Bearded Dragon, Merauke Blue Tongue Skink, and three leopard Geckos).

It is quite possible for Species to have different sub-species. My GF’s three Geckos, while being the same species, have very different markings, making one of them worth hundreds of dollars more then the others.

You guys are just blinded by Nostalgia, because quite frankly, the Gorn from TOS was a corny and poor quality guy in a rubber suit, even for 1960’s standards. it is no where near worthy of the revered status that you guys are giving it.

I just wish they covered their groins with something. Who wants to see the Gorn-ads?

Like yourself, this new design completely misses the point. This is not a question about reality or biological probability, it’s a matter of taste.

A lot of us fans simply love the TOS Gorn with his alien insectoid silver eyes and slow movement.

The Gorn became popular for that reason, and I for one would like to see them return in that form.


That would be assuming the people producing this content actually cared about the content they were selling.

Star Trek fans are nothing more than a giant purse for these companies and we seem to suck up every crappy game they put out.

Star Trek as we knew it, doesn’t exist. Star Trek going into the future will continue to lack vision and thought.

@36 Navy:

I’m a big Star Trek fan and yet I’ve only ever bought two Trek games in my life, both used. Speak for yourself.

I’ll buy this game if I think it’s worth it. IF not, I won’t. As of right now, I am not going to get it, but things may change. The last game I bought for myself was Arkham City (amazing game!), but I don’t buy just anything.

“Kirk and Spock Exlosion”
“Kirk Battleing Gorn”

Some really bad proofreading there on someone’s part…

Apologies, you are correct.

However, ST on PC is not just a download, please see following link trek

I’m sure the same is true for the US market as well.

It would be nice if the Gorn looked like the Gorn instead of every reptile on Earth.

Why bother even calling these Gorn? Clearly they aren’t… This is why the trek franchise needs strict control over gaming and other content i.e. (shudders) Star Wars. — just as long as the person controlling the content isn’t brannon braga. Perish the thought!

Star Trek: Jurassic Park

On another note, Countdown to Darkness 3 is now avalible.

They had to remove the laughability of the original. Are you also hoping the new Godzilla is a man in a terrible suit?


“A lot of us fans simply love the TOS Gorn with his alien insectoid silver eyes and slow movement.

The Gorn became popular for that reason, and I for one would like to see them return in that form.”

I’d argue that the idea of a reptilian species is what made the Gorn popular (not too mention the fact that they only appeared once), not their comically slow movement. There’s a reason why that fight scene in Arena is so frequently used as a punchline.

I would say that it was the basic design of the TOS Gorn that made it so popular and famous. Heck, George Lucas ripped it off for his bounty hunter Bossk.

No one is suggesting that the designers put in a Gorn who is slow moving.

No, what we’re saying is that the TOS Gorn is iconic, and that a faster, more nimble version would be cool.

What we have seen in this game so far looks like leftover concepts from “Jurassic Park”.


“Arena” is considered one of the best ever episodes. The Gorn might be painfully slow in that episode, but the alien itself is seen as iconic.

#45: Huh? Bossk and the Gorn look nothing alike. I think it’s a huge stretch to say Lucas ripped off the Gorn with Bossk. (Plus, Lucas didn’t design Bossk, in any case.)

Please keep talking about how these Gorn look stupid as compared to the TOS Gorn costume which is widely mocked these days more than it is appreciated.

The fight scene in Arena is truly iconic but not for the reasons Trek fans seem to think it is. It is essentially the Spock’s Brain: of fight scenes.

I agree: this is not a Gorn =(

whatcha’ expect from JJ-verse… (eyesroll)

BUT, I actually like the KRE-O mini (TOS!) USS Enterprise! =)

I don’t anyone ever imagined the Gorn as a blood thirsty, galaxy conquering race in the original series, or any other series for that matter. I mean, after “The Arena” the Federation continued to have a presence on Cestus III, the planet that the Gorn claimed was theres. I think it’s safe to assume that the Federation and the Gorn were able to talk things over.

But this? I don’t know. This is looking too much like a “Humans vs. Aliens” kind of game where anything that doesn’t resemble a human is an enemy. I’m so tired of that trope.

In STO, they offer the insectoid eyes as special vision shades…