First Page Of Countdown To Darkness #4 Revealed

The “Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness” comic book prequel to the Star Trek Into Darkness has fans analyzing every word and page for clues to the new movie. Issue 3 came out today (see TrekMovie review & preview). Issue 4 is due out in April, but the first page has been revealed online. Check it out below.  


1 Page of Countdown To Darkness #4

The following 1-page preview of the fourth and final issue of "Star Trek Countdown to Darkness" posted on the Facebook page for German comics house Cross Cult. The preview doesn’t include any of the dialog bubbles so you will just have to guess

Page 1 of Star Trek Countdown To Darkness #3

The final issue of Countdown is due out in April, as is the trade paperback collection, which you can pre-order on Amazon.


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Cool Kilingons

More and more and more I am beginning to agree with all those that have been saying the Cumberbatch will be playing a deaged, augmented Robert April.

Or maybe he will be playing John Harrison April, his son.

Damn, he kind of looks like Robert April indeed:

Still thinking that this is not the case.

My biggest issue with the de-aged April thing is that it seems so…unnecessary.

His son, I could see.

Perhaps even a Klingon clone of him meant to be a Klingon agent (who perhaps went rouge?) I could see.

But if they wanted April as the villain, why not just have…April?

They said it was a “canon” Star Trek character that they do not say it was a Original Series Star Trek character. What are the possibilities that it could be be someone that is a villain either from Enterprise or The Next Generation or even Deep Space 9 because of muds daughter being Bajoran and if you remember the bar scene from ST09 lieut. Uhura ordered a Cardassian drink????


Nolan North is everybody.

When I was reading the 3rd countdown comic, I was thinking to myself how much John Harrison looks like a younger Robert April. I especially can see it in this pic with the blue eyes and hair combed back:

Even looks like his hair might have some gray streaks there…or it could just be the lighting. I really don’t know. It’s all speculation at this point. I’m just ready for the movie to come out.

Not so giant floating head….

#2 and #3

Or maybe he’s just playing John Harrison.


Must be a bunch of Lost fans trying to make things more complicated.



Earlier on, I got pulled into thinking he may be Khan, but this character just may be John Harrison.

I’m pretty psyched about the movie, and looking forward to checking it out on IMAX. That will be an additional treat!

Enough with the de-aging bulls**t…..

Klingon: “Clearly, this April is starting to get a-head.”

These aren’t long comics, so… either the story wraps up and thematically fits into STID, or, there’s a big “To Be Continued…”

9. Like a young April? How. In that he has hair and eyes?

Uh shit. Now it makes sense.

Robert April is the “RED MATTER” of this film.

We will see these “Countdown to Darkness” stories represented in a quick and confusing flashback in the middle of the movie.

@ 15

Or both!

18. Hmmm. ;)

Just finished reading #3, and after seeing that first page, I still can’t see how this ties into the movie, aside from there being Klingons in both. I guess they’re trying to go in the complete opposite direction of the last Countdown series, where you didn’t get to know the villain Nero well unless you read the comics since all Nero’s backstory was glossed over in a mindmeld flashback. This series is determined to have as little to do with the movie until possibly the final pages of the final issue.

Oh wow… did I ever miss this?



*LOL* You know, that would be REALLY COOL if he was. He’s a canon character. It would explain the Klingon connection.He’s ALREADY established as a secret agent in human form, which is why John Harrison isn’t John Harrison. It would explain his strength and fighting ability. It would explain just about everything.

How come Klingons don’t show their faces in the JJverse? Did Nero’s incursion into the timeline make them shy?

It is obvious Harrison is an ancestor of Khan and works for Section 31 … The Botany Bay was discovered and star fleet decided to kill the surviving augments.

Harrisons revenge is to cripple star fleet and start a war with the klingons…


Give the new trailer, I’m pretty sure kirk is unable to avoid the genocide of the people Robert April is trying to protect. Maybe the Klingon will destroy everyone there, and this guy wants to call attention on how the prime directive is not RIGHT. The federation should have done something.

@16 I’m not saying he’s a dead ringer for him, but I can see it in that photo particularly.

@23 Moputo Jones

Maybe this is their way of dealing with the forehead ridge debacle? Klingons without ridges should exist in this universe. Perhaps Klingons without ridges wear the mask, sort of the way a bald man wears a hat to cover it up.

#24: “…Harrison is an ancestor of Khan…”

I think you mean that he’s a “DESCENDANT” of Khan.

Up until Enterprise messed with canon it was explained by Gene that the TOS Klingons look the way they do because of the budget limitations and that it was only during the TNG that he got the chance to do them right and finally settle on what works best.

In other words, when you watch TOS you’re supposed to imagine TNG Klingons and roll with it.
TOS Klingons were not the finalized stage, TNG ones are.

@ 22: As we already figured out: The “top agent” who blew up London was not Cumberbatch`s character…

@ 29: I really doubt that Roddenberry would have liked the “space vikings” the klingons became in the 90´s… but who knows.

And this klingon forehead discussion has always made me mad – Especially considering the fact that the Romulans in ENT, TNG, DS9 and VOY had a weird forehead but the ones in TOS (and especially Star Trek VI) had normal ones. But no one ever discusses about this “mystery”…

@29: Couldn’t you say that it was DS9 that messed with canon first? After all, in the episode “Trials and Tibbleations” the difference with the Klingons was discussed. Bashir suggested maybe a virus was responsible and I believe Odo or O’Brian suggested maybe genetic engineering was responsible and then Worf said Klingons do not talk about it. But it was DS9 where the difference was first mentioned.

It wasn’t canonized, just mentioned tho. A couple of characters speculating = actually going on to show it and dissect it in detail.

@ 30. Superquerulant

What I mean to say is that Klingons just happen to be one of the things that Gene did not create overnight and settle for it but had a changing opinion thorough time.

Just like Spock in the pilot episode is a completely different character to TOS Spock and his race is not the TOS kind of Vulcan but they decided to use scenes from the pilot and canonize it anyway. Or the way Nimoy explains it took episodes for him to settle on playing Spock a certain way so we get the a thing like Uhura making a scene in the rec room in charlie x that he says Spock would not have tolerated had the episode happened later when his character was more done.


And that’s where it should have been left. The DS9 reference was a fun, knowing wink at the difference. There was no need to go any farther.

So it seems possible that April’s still in touch with Marcus — and this is pointing to some of the fishy goings on we’ve seen in earlier comics? Like the new E’s computer ‘just happened’ to also have April’s override code… and the Enterprise “just happened” to run into April. And they “just happened” to not bother checking for explosives after tower… oops.

ST: Enterprise solved it all just fine, made a rational, logical story, which fit everything together. Give Manny Coto credit where credit is due.

33. Agreed.

The tease can be a lot more satisfying than the explanation. It’s why I never liked most Stephen King books — the set up and suspense were amazing, and then the reveal/over-explanation was disappointing.

35. But why does everything have to so neatly fit together? It certainly doesn’t in reality.

“And that son, is how the Klingon’s lost their ridges. Now go to sleep.”

@ 33

Despite what Gene intended, I like what DS9 and later Enterprise came up with for the Klingon explanation about the whole forehead/ridge thing.

The winking speculation in “T&T” is fine, but you’re missing the point that DS9 messed it even MORE when they brought in Kang, Kor & Koloth WITH the ridges. Up to that episode one could pass over the difference, but that one forced an explanation- whether it was Rodenberry’s “They were always that way”, an aging effect, the one that I suggested at the time that you were seeing the REAL Klingons, or some other.

The code number for April’s program that was installed in Enterprise’s computer involves the number 31.
Section 31 will be a big part of Into Darkness, suspecting April is an agent of the selfsame organization…

I’m 100% convinced that John Harrison is Khan! This is StarTrek 2 It has Dr. Marcus in it and a very angry manipulative villain with super powers…

There is no reason why Khan needs to be in this film just because Dr Carol Marcus is in the film. In the prime universe, James Kirk and Carol Marcus meet and even have a baby together long before Khan is even discovered by Kirk and the Enterprise. Baby David has grown up and still Carol Marcus does not know who Khan is…

Previews of the first three pages (with text, but low resolution) are available via iTunes: (click on “Sida 1” and “Sidor 2-3”)