New Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer To Debut Online At Midnight + Check Out 2 New Stills

TrekMovie first broke the news that a new longer Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was coming with G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which opens next week. We have now been informed that this new international trailer will be released early – specifically midnight tonight. Paramount has also provided us with a couple of new Into Darkness images. Check it all out below.  


International Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Coming Midnight Tonight

Paramount’s international arm has decided to release their new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness a week before it will be seen with screenings of G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The new trailer will debut online at Apple Trailers tonight at midnight (or 12:01 AM Thursday March 21st – Pacific Daylight Time). Like with the ‘announcement trailer‘ which was released in early December, there will be many localized versions of this new trailer (UK, Germany, Russia, etc).

The new trailer is expected to be around 2 minutes and 20 seconds long and you will be able to see at as soon as it goes live. Shortly after the release TrekMovie will also have our usual shot-by-shot analysis. Until then, Paramount has provided a couple of preview images (below). These images will also be made available via the new Star Trek app.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

The new trailer coming at midnight is being described as the "international trailer" and will be attached to international screenings of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which opens worldwide next week. However, being that there doesn’t appear to be a new domestic version of this trailer, screenings of the G.I. Joe movie in the US and Canada will likely include the recently released ‘alternative teaser’ which premiered with Oz The Great and Powerful (see that below). This means that a "theatrical trailer" is still to come for domestic theaters (likely sometime in April). It isn’t known how closely that domestic trailer will resemble the international trailer which will be released tonight.  

Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Teaser #2

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