New ‘Legacy of Romulus’ Expansion Coming To Star Trek Online May 21 – Watch Trailer + Screenshots

Today Perfect World and Cryptic announced a major expansion to Star Trek Online, the massive multiplayer game set in Star Trek’s 25th century. In May they will launch "Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus" – a new expansion that adds the Romulans as a third playable faction for the game. More info, screenshots and a trailer below.  


Legacy of Romulus Coming To Star Trek Online May 21

Since Star Trek Online was launched in February of 2010 people have been asking if they will be adding a new faction. And the developers of STO have hinted for a long time that they hoped to add the Romulans as the first playable faction in addition to the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The first clues this was coming came in November with the Season 7 release titled "New Romulus" with a storyline about refugees from Romulus (which was destroyed by the Hobus super nova in Star Trek 2009) starting a new colony. And today Perfect World announced the first major expansion of the game: Legacy of Romulus.

Empress Sela in "Legacy of Romulus"

Here is the Story of "Legacy of Romulus"

Romulus and Remus are gone. You are one of the survivors, struggling to survive in the aftermath of unspeakable destruction. These are dark and dangerous times for your people, as the Tal Shiar crack down on any dissent and mysterious beings unleash terror throughout the far-flung colony worlds.  You will be the one to reshape an empire. Gather allies, go undercover and find the proof that will rally your people to revolt. Together, you will rise up against an oppressive regime and demand freedom. You will fight for your people.

You are the Legacy of Romulus.

And the first trailer for the expansion..

Here are some of the key new features of the game:

  • Plays can now play as Romulans or Remans in a new Romulan faction (you can start as Romulan and level your captain from 1 to level 50)
  • All Romulan captains get Warbird ships
  • Denise Crosby Returns as Empress Sela
  • New Improved Trait Unlocks
  • New improved User Interface

The new expansion of the game does not change anything about pricing. Star Trek Online will continue to be free-to-play, with players able to purchase ships, costumes and other special items. More info about the expansion pack can be found at the official site.

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New Romulus is already a big hit and being able to play as a Romulun has everyone buzzing.

err..Romulan (wish there was a way to edit comments)

Romulus and Romus is not destroyed by Nero. They were destroyed by expanding star.

Blah, can’t choose the “new” Romulan brow ridge from ST09? Disappointing. :(

5. Jovius the Romulan

The Cryptic character creation UI is extremely flexible. I’m confident you’ll be able to customize brow ridges a variety of ways.

#4 Yes you can. Character creation for the new faction won’t be released until May 21st. Basing any decisions (or criticisms) on the current system now is pointless.

I’ll be adding 4 new character slots in May ;) 1 Klingon Tac, and a full set of romulan characters. So looking forward to getting a Warbird.


So for free players, what happens? Do you get 1 Fed, 1 Klingon, 1 Romulan? What’s the requirement?

Would love to play this, if I had the time!

New baby=no sleep=no playtime for me.

Very cool news. It’s a very good sign to see that Cryptic is doing regular updates for this game. Expanding, adding new content, more for players to play!

Wish they’d port this game for my Mac! They said they would, eventually. Just hurry up and take my money already!!!

So even though the Klingon faction is still woefully underdeveloped, they’re going to add a third faction? Must be Cryptic’s way of saying the KDF is as done as it’s ever gonna get.

I wonder how they’ll use this new expansion as a way to nickel and dime the playerbase even more than they already do.

old trek? ……..boring.

Dang I wish I could play this game. I might buy a cheap PC just to play it. I’d love to play as Klingons or Romulans.

3 years and still going strong. Nice to see a successful Trek game again! @13 Mad Mann, buy a good grafix card, you won’t be sorry! Beautiful views in that game if you take the time to enjoy.

They have finally fleshed out the first 20 levels of Klingon play, and added the full romulan faction. Most exciting news I’ve seen in the game since3 I started.

That’s got the a lot of players coming back and excited. The game hasn’t been this full since Christmas (although spring break is in full form).

WHOA, you can play as TOS Romulans?!?!? With TOS Romulan Birds of Prey?!?!?!? Sign ME up!!!!

@11 I don’t get how they are nickle and diming us. You can play the game start to finish with out paying a cent.

STO is no where near the level of nickle and diming as SWTOR is.

Players can obtain any item in STO without spending a penny simply by earning dilithium and energy credits and working the in-game exchanges smartly.

Anthony/ Could you please amend the article to include the information about the KDF (Klingons) being able to start from level 1? PerfectWorld Entertainment (Cryptic Studios) may have short-shrifted players/fans by not making a bigger splash about that, but it’s HUGE to Star Trek Online.

It’s mentioned within the Romulan webpage on PerfectWorld’s site.

With the Klingons appearing in “Star Trek Into Darkness”, I think it’s even more important this gets mentions. Give some Klingon love, please! Qapla!

I’ll believe it when i see it.

Can you play this on a Mac yet? (Without a Windows or other PC platform converter?)

No official mac version or linux – BUT there is a very active forum on how to get it to work.

@14: Thanks for the tip. I’m really interested in playing as these Romulans, they look mad cool.

STO expansion. The game is not perfect by any means. I find that it is largely very fun. I’m excited for the expansion. Also, great timing to release the expansion around the same time the new movie comes out. Great stuff. I may actually invest in the lifetime paid account. I can honestly say I love STO, despite its many imperfections.

I might go back and play a bit now that they have a new faction, but the game really needs a major revamp to recapture my interest. As it stands, it’s just a grindfest. And PvP has been broken for so so long.

about time! been waiting years to play as a Romulan! Its gonna be awesome…

what i have to do or what i need to be romulan ?

Maybe I’m just being pedantic, but shouldn’t the factions be listed as


Mac users… try this:

It works surprisingly well!

Tip: Do not download the .exe installer from the download page on STO. You must get the complete installer via torrent download (the torrent file is available on the same download page). All other instructions are in the link up top.

Tip2: If you have two monitors start the game with only one monitor the first time, switch to windowed mode in the upper right-hand corner, exit the game, hook up the second monitor, start the game again. Now you can maximize the window by dragging on one monitor (works nearly without a hitch on Mac Mini i5!)

I’ve been a lifetime subscriber since the first Lifetime Sub sale about 2 years ago and I havent looked back yet. This game gets better and better all the time

I even enjoy playing as my Orion, despite the limitations of the Klingons

As soon as May 21st comes I’m waving goodbye to my social life, and saying Jolan Tru to my Romulan bretherin :p

May Khannot come soon enough.

I really wish my allegiance to canon wasn’t ripped apart this way. I personally consider the Destiny Trilogy and the Typhon Pact stuff to be canon just because its so wonderfully rendered, but aspects of this game are really great too. Really wished the game developers had maybe sought out a partnership with PocketBooks or something to make a more cohesive universe. We got alternate timelines splitting all over the place in our Trek today.

@ 27. jm

You will be able to create a Romulan character/avatar immediately upon release of the game expansion in May.

@ 32. DUNN

Canon and soft-canon issues are a tricky thing when there is as much lore as there is with Trek. Even Anthony had an alternate universe brain belch with the above article by initially reporting that it was Nero who destroyed Romulas.

The best advice I have heard recently regarding all of the various features and continuities of the plethera of Trek stories available is: ENJOY!

I had tried the game a long time back and felt it was complicated and confusing. Have they fleshed it out any better since then? I’m anxious for more Trek in my life but I’m not sure how interested I am in jumping back into this.

I’ve played STO for three years now, and I have to say that I am bored with it. I’ve spent too long just grinding for gear. The last month or so I gave it up completely after I hit 1000 day veteran.

Whether or not I dip back into it now depends on how much story content the update brings. I don’t fancy grinding my manin character and then a Romulan through tedious repeatable missions.

34 – Honestly, the complexity of the space combat mechanics is hands down the best thing about the game, although they are not explained (at all). You have to learn how to play from forum posts. You can get through the single player missions without really knowing anything (the pre endgame PVE is ridiculously easy), but once you hit level cap you have to do a lot of research and grind for the appropriate gear.

35 – I’m pretty bored of it too. I’ve played for over a year. I enjoyed the story missions more than anything else, so I’ll probably go back for the Romulan storyline, but other than that… meh. Repeatable missions are ok the first hundred times you play them. PVP is completely broken by the pay to win business model. The foundry missions are actually amazingly well written, but the game engine limits them to basically combat and very simple dialogue puzzles. The grind never ends, although I guess that’s the point.

STO is decent for a combat MMO, but it’s nothing special. It continues to exist solely on the strength of the license. Sadly Star Trek: 25th Anniversary or Judgement Rites are still infinitely better games that actually feel like Star Trek.

STO is a good game, not a great game, but it’s worth checking out for Star Trek fans.

I play it for a while, get bored, and then revisit it every few months. The new Romulan faction has definitely increased my interest though. I can’t wait to try it out.

Ahojte mam jeden dotaz,určitě by to velmi zajímalo mnoho hráčů kreří neumějí anglicky.Jaak se odemkne možnost hrát za ty Romulany?.co musíme udělat nemo čeho dosáhnout ve hře aby se nám to zpístupnilo? Děkuji za odpověd.

@ 32
STO plays 40 years after Nemesis, i did not read any Titan Books but i doubt Riker was Captain of the Titan for 40 years. So how exactly does that screw with your perception of canon?

Oh, how I used to love this game. Honestly, I only gave up on it because the new solo player material became so sparse, and the multi-player culture got so mean-spirited. Even in the so-called “cooperative” levels.