Trailer Easter Eggs Lead To New Star Trek Into Darkness International Poster Artwork [UPDATE 2]

UPDATED: Once again the sneaky folks at Bad Robot and Paramount hid a web address in a trailer. Actually they hid a number of different URLs in the different localized versions, leading to six localized versions of a new international poster artwork. Check out all the variants below       


New Posters for Star Trek Into Darkness

Hidden URL Easter eggs in each of the new Star Trek Into Darkness international trailers leads to different bonus artwork. Note: According to Paramount these images are not the official international "one-sheet" posters. Those have yet to be revealed (as has the Domestic one-sheet). These are being described as "special pieces of artwork revealed through the trailer launch."

New poster artwork (UK  version)

New poster artwork (Australian version)

New poster artwork (Brazil version)

New poster artwork (Mexican version)

New poster artwork (Russian version)

New poster artwork (German version)

Hidden URLs lead to posters

Each of the trailers has a hidden URL that leads to a different poster, with the exception of the UK and Australian trailers which are exactly the same. It was hidden in in a very interesting shot. If you averted your eyes from Alice Eve you would spot the URL:

How could you miss that?

UPDATE: The UK hidden URL is:

UPDATE: How could you miss that?

The Brazilian hidden URL is: 

Hidden URL for Brazil poster

The Mexican hidden URL is:

Hidden URL for Brazil poster

The Russian hidden URL was tricky but it works out to be

Hidden URL for Russian poster

The German hidden URL was even trickier due to different options for the characters but it is

Hidden URL for German poster


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Okay, were you tipped off? Or did you just happen to be capturing Carol Marcus in her underwear? ;)

lol that is brilliant!

What a stupid poster.

LOL @ that URL and its placing.

Kinda bummed these posters, and the trailers in general, seem to be showing as little of space as possible. Hope the full movie makes me feel like this actually takes place in the Trek universe, not just ‘generic future Earth’.

Stupid poster, stupid trailer, stupid Abrams’s odd job. Mockery of REAL Star Trek. I don’t wanna see this bullshit at all.

I love the poster, very cool.

5. Wow. They should hire you to write the ad copy.

It is a stupid poster BUT that trailer just screams epic, big, must-see and that is great!!!

o/~ Chaaaaaarlie’s Angels…

No McXoy. Again.

@ 9. Forrest Leeson
Bwahahahah! Very funny.

But, Alice in her underwear? Really? Every freakin new woman has to appear in her undies? Really? And where is McCoy?

“I love the poster, very cool.”

I agree.

Once again Bones is relegated to N04 behind behind Uhura.
How annoying. This Uhura has nothing to offer over the quite brilliant Karl Urban’s ‘Bone’s yet they keep pushing her up the pecking order. grrrr

#12 that is because a thresome between 3 men is not as marketable as 2 guys and one girl. Sex sells.

Well… not just mexican… latinamerica also

Is this Star Trek SKYFALL? Seems to be a Bond Movie…

It’s likely Uhura is more prominent in STID so there is more of a gender balance for the principal characters, and to demonstrate strong(er) female lead characters than was possible in TOS, and who are present to do more than just look pretty. Girls need kick-ass female role models too.

I’m hoping STID actually pulls it off with Uhura. I personally don’t believe that strong female characters are necessarily diminished by a romantic connection – although I know there are a number of other female posters who would disagree. While I agree that we don’t want to send the message to our daughters that they don’t count for anything unless they have a man in their life, I personally am appalled by the notion that we would want to send the message that they are failing to fulfil their potential if they do have a man in their life. Family and career should not be an either/or situation for either gender.

As for McCoy: I’m confident we’ll still see a lot of him in the movie. He’s too good a character to waste.

Poor Leonard McCoy… This universe does not honor you well in the old Star Trek “trifecta”.

Instead of it being about loyality and friendship and how both sides of the human emotional element helped make Kirk who he was by balancing the “Bones” of humanity with the “truths” of logic, now it is about a hot ethnic Chick and the 2 space dudes who just want to jump her “bones”.
Guess that is 21st Century PC diversity.

well, guess it is still Logically Human..

i prefer this font

Where is Bones? Who is that scary woman on behind? Oh, I almost forgot that this ugly creature is “Uhura” now. And she is now substitute for McCoy. I don’t buy this shit.

JJ is bipolar.

He makes Uhura the 3rd main character at the expense of Bones because he feels that a woman should be able to roll with the guys then he turns around and makes another woman nearly go naked.

JJ is both helping and hurting the image of women.

I applaud him for making Uhura a strong female heroine, however I am scared of what he has done to Carol.

Carol doesn’t even look like a classic beauty in her panties…she looks a litte trashy.

McCoy didn’t get a lot of love in the TOS movie posters either; for instance, in STTMP it was Kirk, Spock and Ilia. IIRC, McCoy didn’t make a TOS movie poster until ST VI.

What the hell is up with uhura’s face?

I have seen zoe saldana in person and she looks nothing like that female on the poster.

That is one bad photoshopped poster.


Meh, Uhura in place of McCoy. Fail.

Sorry, but there was a reason Bones was the third man. Logic, emotion and Kirk being the blend of the two. The dynamic doesn’t work with Uhura. It’s just T & A with her now.

Same for Carol Marcus it seems. I wonder if the casting director saw Alice Eve’s boobs out in Crossing Over before he settle on her…..

Okay poster. TERRIBLE Star Trek movie poster! Yeah, replacing McCoy with Uhura in the troika doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to some others. I do see it as a calculated move to broaden appeal though. Adding in one stroke a woman and a person of color. Urban/McCoy is great but if this will add to the success of the film, it’s a good move.

Gee, can we have some more guns on the poster? Star Trek is definitely all about guns. (Can you detect my sarcasm?).

I hate to beat the dead “where the hell is McCoy” horse, since we’ve been doing it since 2009, but… oh, wait, we’ve been doing it since 2009! Shouldn’t that tell you something, marketing people? I know those three are on there because they’re the ones who dress like that and go on the adventure to get Harrison, but what are the odds the next one will be the exact same way? Pretty good, I’d say.

And I don’t see it as Uhura replacing anybody. Uhura was elevated in role, so don’t demote her. But you can fit four heroes on a poster. You can fit *seven* heroes on a poster if you take the Cumberbatch out.

Once again somebody please tell JJ that the TOS trinity is Kirk, Spock, McCoy NOT Uhura, Kirk &Spock. That poster says Uhura is getting way too much screen time over Bones & Scotty.

The method is use for evaluating a move poster is to ask the question “would I put this on my wall?” For this poster, the answer is no. Not because i think it is a poor Trek poster, but because i think it is a poor poster for any movie. It is far too generic, – yes, I understand why they’ve gone down that road – and looks poorly put together (it looks like a bad photoshop composition). I prefer the first poster by far.

On the subject of McCoy, I hate to see him pushed out of he picture too: and not just because Bones has always been my favourite character. He is part of what made TOS what it was. The triad defined the series. I hope Scotty gets better treatment too. I hate to confess this, but Uhura never interested me much, and this new, generic action chick, Uhura interests me even less.

Alice Eve looks so fit and sexy! Wow! I’m not a pig by any means and would obviously treat her like a person if I ever met her, but since all I have are photos I will just say:


And to the haters… I grew up with Sir Patrick Stewart in TNG and absorbed most of my life in Star Trek, nitpicking every episode that was inconsistent with others, etc. Grow up! The cerebral Star Trek we had as kids is gone, so what? This new version is entertaining and fun for the whole family to watch. If they completely dumb down the stories told in future Star Trek movies then yeah, sure, I’d be a little upset. But Star Trek Into Darkness looks like it’s going to have a compelling story to tell.

I’ll give it a shot.

I;d have been happier just with Cumberbatch on the poster. Looks like the management of the other actors insisted they were on the poster and it makes it look silly.

Damn, I would have NEVER caught that ip addy in the pic with Carol Marus!!


They should have hidden one on the smiley guy in the original and ‘big game’ teasers.

If I recall, McCoy was omitted from all but one of the TOS movies as well:

– TMP: Kirk, Spock and Ilia
– TWOK: Kirk, Spock, Saavik and Khan
– ST III: Spock only
– ST IV: Kirk and Spock
– ST V: Kirk and Spock
– ST VI: Kirk, Spock and McCoy FINALLY


I hate these posters! They are so generic, and in no way capture the essence of Trek. Now, let me clarify that I am looking forward to the movie, but from everything I have seen so far, it just feels void of all the things that made Trek Trek. Where is the exploration? Why are we being earthbound? When did Trek become an action franchise?

@23./ 36 – actually Bones made it on to the posters for III and IV

TMP = kirk spock Ilia

TWOK – Kirk Spock Savvik (& Khan)

TSFS – Crystal Spock Skull (teaser poster?) and also – Big Painted Spock Head with small Kirk, Bones, Savvik, Sulu, Chekov figures

TVH – Kirk & Spock heads but also bones and the rest surrounding them

TFF – Kirk and Spock heads

TUC – Kirk Spock Bones (in ‘beaming’ light)

I’m sick of this “Uhura is replacing McCoy” uhura bashing fest here. Chill out guys and let’s be a tad realistic.
After Spock, McCoy had always been my favorite character but seriously guys.. trio? what trio? what you talking about? where and when? surely not in the old movies.
Uhura is replacing no one here because even in the old star trek poor McCoy had always been put aside for a Kirk/Spock DUO. The triad you’re talking about is an illusion, a generic idea that was never fully developed on screen. It’s largely recognized that the story had always been the Kirk/Spock story with McCoy quest starring along with other characters, funny no one cared about him then but people bitch about it now that Uhura is in some promotional stuff.
This sounds to me as the usual “eww a girl is getting in the way of K/S. that must be a male only club please” disguised as concerns for McCoy’s character.

#36- Thank you.

If anyone has replaced Bones on the posters, it’s Cumberbatch…

But I guess that’s “acceptable”…


thats interesting especially when you look at the Trek II poster

its not a million miles away from it – similar sepia colour. armed Kirk/Spock/female/main Villain (only the heroes are more prominent than the villain this time),

furthur evidence that STID is a veiled reboot of Khan? (the other evidence being the lost Botany Bay teaser at the end of ST09, the latino actors considered before BC, the constant Khan rumours, BCs vaguely Khan like jacket, Carol Marcus)

This isn’t just about Bones being left out of the poster – it’s about who replaces him.

The times he wasn’t there it was because the main new character + Kirk/Spock were the focal point of the movie.
If there was any place for a third TOS character it was him – being the one of 3 main TOS characters.

This time he is replaced by a background character with no connections to the plot or any relevance to TOS or Star Trek.

This is making it canon that, just like in Abrams09, he is demoted and removed from the big 3, will have no screen time and no character development, while a background character is made central despite no relevance to either plot or ST in general instead of him.

@23./ 36 – actually Bones made it on to the posters for III and IV

Not in the original one sheets.

True, in later posters he was added. Same may happen with current film.



It’s been a brainless action movie franchise since Abrams’ first Star Wars—I mean— Trek movie in 2009

It’s finally hitting everybody. Finally.

Gene Roddenberry had a dream that was Star Trek. This is not it.

This. Is. Not. It.

@20. Hell yes.


Feel what you may about Star Trek V… but the campfire scene with Kirk Spock and McCoy is one of the all time best character moments of the friendship of those characters.

Star Trek II the director’s cut had a great scene of scene of McCoy and Spock arguing about the theological and galactic ramifications of the Genesis device.

Trek III brought their friendship closer in a touching scene of McCoy talking to Spock about how much he would miss if he lost him again.

And TMP had a great scene of Kirk Spock and McCoy arguing, and definitely brings viewers back to the TOS episodes. “WOULD YOU PLEASE…sit…. DOWN.”

The moments are there. A lot of moments. I suggest you watch the movies.

Except obviously Uhura has a place in the plot. She’s on an away mission to capture Harrison just like Kirk and Spock.

We all know why Nichelle’s Uhura was a background character in TOS (racism). I hope you don’t wish for us to go back that mess. Her “irrelevance” as you say was DIRECTLY tied to the fact that she was a black woman and the writers had zero qualms about cutting her lines and reducing her screen time. So, please stop.

It IS CANON. It’s been canon since 2009. Get over it already. And Bones hasn’t been “demoted”. He’s still a doctor, right? He’s still Jim’s main confidant, right? He’s still on the bridge, right?

@ 48. Rebecca74

Yeah, yeah, yeah….. like Nichelle claimd she was also supposed to be the Vulcan first officer but they cast Nimoy instead because of racism. Or the time she claimed Uhura was a “fourth” officer instead a junior one and there was a whole episode that was solely dedicated to her becoming the “forth” officer was scrapped because of racism. And other similar “Uhura is actually the main character but racism forced Gene into making Kirk the main character” claims.

But Gene totally wanted that, except he never told it to anybody but her – in private, and all of the things he did say and are recorded as his words during his interviews – that contradict all of her claims about Uhura, were just him pretending.

He actually didn’t really think any of what he said about the characters or the plot but everything she wanted. It’s just that he never told anybody. But her. In strict confidence. Completely contradictory to everything he did say in public, actual script, what the writers said etc.

This new gritty crime drama looks like it’s going to be interesting.

…..wait, this is Star Trek?!