UPDATED: New ‘Into Darkness’ Rumor Revealed To Be Hoax (To Prove A Point)

While Alice Eve in the new trailer has grabbed a lot of attention – the biggest topic of discussion around Star Trek Into Darkness is Benedict Cumberbatch’s character John Harrison. And today the website Pop Culture Zoo says they have the real spoilers about Harrison’s true identity and more? TrekMovie has checked on their findings. Get the full Rumor Control below.  [UPDATE: PCZ admits it was hoax]

UPDATE:  Pop Culture Zoo Reveals Hoax

After TrekMovie debunked this latest rumor Joseph Dilworth of Pop Culture Zoo posted an update admitting the whole thing was "one big hoax." Dilworth admits he and a friend "conspired together to create a plausible rumor with the sole intent of seeing how far it would go." The reasoning stems from frustration the conflation of what are rumors and known facts about the movie.

It is a fair point. TrekMovie has always gone out of the way to differentiate what has been revealed officially or has been stated on the record as opposed to any reporting coming from our own sources. Those reports are always cited as officially rumor and Paramount does not comment on rumors. However, I have seen TrekMovie reports (and others) cited as confirmed facts on other sites and in other media.

However, I’m not sure this kind of rumor as performance art helps make their point. Pointing out fact from the officially unconfirmed seems straightforward enough. 


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John Harrison is Harry Mudd’s Android Son?

The website Pop Culture Zoo says they have "Exclusive Major Spoilers" for Star Trek Into Darkness, specifically on the biggest question of them all: Is Benedict Cumberbatch just John Harrison or does he have another true ID? According to Pop Culture Zoo’s "trusted source" the John Harrison’s true identity isn’t one that has been speculated before. It is actually Harry Mudd’s son. Part of the ‘proof’ is in the name Harrison ("Harry’s son"). And it gets better. Here are some of the spoilery details…

[Harrison]’s also an android, from the planet of androids that Mudd found in the Original Series episode “I, Mudd” (further linking the reboot universe to the original timeline)–he’s the new Norman.

 Harry Mudd is John Harrison’s dad?

Their report also picks up on TrekMovie’s reporting aboutof Joseph Gatt’s character being named "GATT 2000," and how he has some kind of cybernetic feature on his head. Now Pop Culture Zoo says GATT is the "#2,000 in the GATT android series." The source also claims the famed cryogenic chambers from the teaser trailer are actually "android creation machines."

 So Harrison is the new Norman android (top) and the tubes (bottom) make more Androids?

One of the elements that ties this together is the new "Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness" prequel comic series. It has been revealed in that series that Harry Mudd has a daughter, who is just as roguish as her dad. Harrison has not appeared in the comics, nor have they referred to him or to another Mudd sibling, so that is all on Pop Culture Zoo’s source.

 Mudd’s daughter is in the new Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness comics


Sorry, Not True

So is this real? Well just in case TrekMovie checked with our trusted sources and the verdict is: "Not True, but pretty funny."  I think perhaps someone is having a laugh with Pop Culture Zoo. I hope it wasn’t a TrekMovie.com reader that ‘sourced’ this, although in the discussion thread for the latest issue of Countdown there was a lot of speculation about "Harry’s son" = Harrison.

Of course we also checked with Vreenak and he was unequivocal. 


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