Shot-by-Shot Analysis Of Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer [UPDATED]

The new international teaser trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness are now online. There is much to digest with this big new trailer. And once again TrekMovie takes a deep dive with a shot-by-shot look at the trailer and at the subtle differences between the different versions . Find out what is inside the trailers below, but beware of Spoilers.


Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailers Analysis

This new trailer is heavy on the action, which makes sense for something aimed at audiences outside the USA where Star Trek often under-performs (especially non-English speaking countries). But there is still lots of Star Trek goodness to analyze, so lets take a deep dive. NOTE: This shot-by-shot analysis uses the Australian version of the new international trailer as a base case. There are a few differences with some of he other versions and that is noted at the end of the article. As this is the fourth trailer, the analysis will show just new shots that haven’t been seen in any trailer or commercial.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in Enterprise Brig  – where he gives his now famous dialog…


Harrison: You think your world is safe. It is an illusion. Enjoy these final moments of peace.

Starfleet HQ

Meeting at Starfleet HQ (note Chris Pine as Kirk is center frame at far end seated next to Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike)

Peter Weller as Admiral Marcus talking at Starfleet meeting


Adm. Marcus: By now all of you heard what happened in London. The man who did it is one of our top agents (could be speaking about Harrison or about the "Father" seen dropping his ring in the December teaser trailer)

Harrison dispatches some guy (wearing different style uniform) with punch – note Kirk and Simon Pegg as Scotty are behind Harrison

Title card

Harrison looks out over Qo’noS


Harrison: Your commanders have committed a crime I cannot forgive…None of you are safe…have I got your attention now?

Kirk & Pike, Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Marcus notice ship outside window

Kirk screams warning as ship begins to fire

Harrison’s little ship fires on meeting

Officer gets injured in Starfleet attack

Kirk rushes to aid of female officer

Harrison begins beaming out of his little ship while Kirk watches

Title card

Kirk speaking to someone (could be Marcus or at the meeting)


Kirk: This could just be the beginning

Kirk in shuttle bay on Earth


Kirk: I request permission to go after him

Adm. Marcus: Starfleet is not about vendetta Kirk.

Kirk: Maybe it should be

Shuttle heads from Earth to Enterprise docked at Starbase

Kirk speaks to Marcus

Title card

Kirk talks to McCoy (Karl Urban) in Earth shuttle hanger


McCoy: Jim, you are actually going after this guy are you?

Kirk talks to Spock on Enterprise


Kirk: I have no idea what I am supposed to do. I only know what I can do.

Kirk saunters into bridge of USS Enterprise

Enterprise at warp

Kirk and Harrison have a little chat


Kirk: I watched you murder innocent men and women. I will make you answer for what you did.

Harrison speaks ominously


Harrison: You have no idea what you have done.

Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) watches McCoy scan Harrison

Dr. Marcus looks concerned as Kirk eats some floor

More ominous chatter from Harrison


Harrison: I will walk over your cold corpses.

Spock and Harrison fight on floating platform in San Francisco

Kirk (and possibly Harrison) space jump from Enterprise to another ship

Kirk gets an eyeful of Dr. Marcus

Title card

Uhura (Zoe Saldana) talks to Kirk on board civilian shuttle


Uhura: We are outgunned…outnumbered

Explosion on Federation ship (not the Enterprise)

Harrison under guard of some red shirts (Uhura, Kirk and Spock following so presumably this follows capture on Qo’noS)

Title card

Kirk at controls of civilian ship


Kirk: So we come out shooting

Spock and two crewman exit (guns ready) ship on Qo’noS

Harrison jumps from one platform to another

Enterprise severely damaged and falling towards Earth

Federation ship (not USS Enterprise) falls towards Alcatraz

Federation ship destroys Alcatraz prison

Saucer of Federation ship plows into San Francisco

Minor differences with other versions [UPDATED]

There are some minor differences between the different localized versions. The biggest difference is the location of Easter Egg poster links (see article on new International posters). Mostly the minor differences show things that had been seen in previous trailers, but there are a few new bits (below).

UPDATE: Harrison Reveals himself on Qo’noS (UK trailer)

Spock looking down during his San Francisco fight with Harrison (German trailer)

Uhura looks really sad (Mexican trailer)

Kirk fights Harrison Qo’noS (Russian trailer)

More ‘shot by shot’ analysis

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Fantastic Best Trailer yet.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Wow! This is going to be epic in 3D Imax. Love the shot of Enterprise at Spacedock. Looking forward to this now. A lot!

Could the small ship be the Captain’s yacht?

annnd #2 says it all. Earth. Oh, And Quo’nos! DON’T FORGET THAT.

Woah Anthony, you’re like a Ninja with this. I love it!

Your commanders have committed a crime I cannot forgive…

Wow. Totally different take on the film.
Good to see Weller.

The lights/table are quite like the war room in Dr. Strangelove…

I’m pretty certain that they fixed the UK flags to be the right way up this time.

No Khan then? What about the shot with those cryotubes in the first teaser?

I guess that means Alcatraz is cancelled for good. ;)

The Russian one shows Chekov…

Adm. Marcus: Jim, you are actually going after this guy are you? it was bones who said this line. and it was you’re not actually not you are actually

No Chekhov or Scotty speaking in this one.
Only one line from Sulu. A lot of Kirk, and a teeny bit of Spock, McCoy and Uhura speaking and 1 line from Sulu.

Good trailer!

#2 Plus Nibiru and Quo’nos!!!

Oops. Maybe they all show Chekov. I didn’t notice in the others.

That female officer looks like Robin Scherbatsky aka Maria Hill aka Cobie Smulders.

Magnifique trailer.

@ Bryan Burk, Alex Kurtzman, DamOn, Roberto Orci, Mr. Abrams

I very much liked this international trailer. It was exciting.

P.S. : Black underwear? Timeless.


I’ll go with Harrison being April’s son. Probably Robert April dies in the fourth issue of the comics and his son Harrison (who is currently serving as an agent in Starfleet/Section 31) comes to know about his father being alive all these years and how he was helping an endangered race achieve freedom. Harrison holds Starfleet responsible for his father’s death. He then attacks Starfleet and conspires with the Klingons to complete his father’s mission.

@ 10. there should not be any national states at this time in the future.
And the UK-Flags at this time can not look like the present ones.
2024 is the unification of ireland (TNG: “The High Ground), so the flag should loose the St Patrick’s Cross.

The shot of Carol Marcus, Red Shirt with gun & Bones scanning Harrison (Under titled “Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) watches McCoy scan Harrison”)

Looking at Carol Marcus’s Face, looks likes she’s totally pissed at what Harrison must have done, (i.e. Maybe killing her father at Starfleet HQ) & the “Missing Man” fly-by/ Folding of Banner, could be for Admiral Marcus.

I can’t wait for this movie, Seven long weeks to go……

National states could be akin to what the United States are today. All 50 states each have their own flag.

As for St. Patrick’s Cross, it would presumably be lost with the unification of Ireland. With that being said, post WWIII, we don’t know what would become of England or Ireland. Picard, with a British accent, identifies as being French. When he goes home in the Season 4 episode “Family,” he says he’s in France.

I don’t think national identies need to go away because the manner of governance has changed. Even then, while Earth could operate as a one world government, that doesn’t mean it has to be a federal system. One could argue that a one world government could be confederal in nature, while unifying military and monetary systems. You leave the “bigger picture” stuff to the World government, while everything else stays with individual countries participating.

In an opitimistic future world that Star Trek is, though not very realistic, there is no reason why that couldn’t work if in a post-WWIII scenario, everyone is kumbaya and not like we are today.

A hero will rise? I thought Kirk was already a hero. Didn’t he just save Earth 4 months ago (in-universe time)?

i wonder if Admiral Marcus would be the equivalent of a Five Star General due to him have 5 of those gold rank thingys. (technical term eludes me)

Hmmm, it loks very pretty ‘n all but hardly appears much new on show here.
I remain to be convinced. It looks like every other action-adventure from the last few years.
If its surpasses Skyfalls box-office i’ll eat my hat.

Dr Marcus is certainly gonna look good in 3D, even if it is the ‘converted’ type.

That shot of her sure made up for her dodgy scream in the previous trailer.

Did anybody notice the name of the shuttlecraft in the BG when Bones is speaking with Kirk in the hangar? It’s called “Takay”. I know it’s spelled differently, but maybe it’s a small nod to George Takei?

I am officially excited. Nothing like an inside job! And section 31 DEFINITELY deserves more attention / stories.
Luther Sloan ftw!!!

I think its a good trailer, but at the same time, Im kind of concerned that the emphasis seems to be much in the villain… What I loved about the first film was the crew, and in this trailers we have seen so little of anybody except for Kirk and Spock… I want my Star Trek full of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura and Chekov… The bad guy is secondary for me…

Apart from that I wish there were more than humans in that Starfleet meetings, same in the first film, no aliens in the top brass?
Anthony… you seem pretty sure that it is not the Enterprise the ship which crashes in San Francisco, but this trailer seems to suggest pretty much that… You know something we dont?


Marcus survives the attack because Kirk is asking to go after Harrison. Marcus says it’s not a vendetta or something like that.

As for the guy Harrison is dispatching with Kirk and Scotty in the background, it’s Sulu. I freeze framed it in the trailer.

And the guy space jumping with Kirk looks clearly like Spock with his big nose. I can’t see it being Harrison.


It’s so completely obvious that it isn’t the Enterprise crashing into San Francisco Bay. The nacelles are rectangular in shape (much like the refit and Enterprise-A), they’re too far apart and the ship is far too small-looking to be the Enterprise. Remember, the JJ-Enterprise was made to be just a little bigger than a Galaxy-Class starship. Strange I know, but true.

AP you did not mention that Kirk, Spock & Uhura are in the background of the shot with Harrison guarded by the Redshirts. Also iy is obvious that the same trio are coming out guns ready on Quonos Spock is in front, Uhura is behind Spock and Kirk is last out the door. That order is Kinda strange in a way. You would expect Kirk to exit the civillian ship first.

BTW Best Trailer Ever. Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!

#32 I thought that was Pike saying it?

but either way, It still looks like Carol’s really pissed at something.

(she has that look of…What? you’re going out with your Buddies to the bar again,…or… what do you mean you are going to Vegas for the weekend with the guys…lol!!!)

Well, there’s no photos to give any indication that Pike is not alive, so I remain hopeful that he’ll be OK. Don’t have Quicktime, so can’t see the trailers.

I see there is someone else posting at trekmovie as Janice. Just wanted to say it’s not me. Pike/ Briuce Greenwood is all I ever post about.

The shots we’ve seen of Carol M so far sure aren’t making her seem terribly smart. JJ not like AE or something?

The biggest problem I have with this new trailer is the title card for: “A Hero Will Rise” REALLY?? REALLY?? *sigh*

I am totally watching this in IMAX 3-D in Las Vegas! I’ve got the time off work to watch this and everything!

Looks great only just over 7 weeks to go for me now as I live in UK but still think there is a lot of movie they are holding back & we have not seen some key scenes/locations which is why not much Chekov/Scotty to date. Its probably unlikely there will be much new footage shown before release now. International box office is key here if it fails to make more outside US expect a much smaller scale ST13 as the last one only made $140m outside U.S Star trek thanks to the berman years is not seen as much more than TV series level bargain sci-fi sadly apart from in UK & Germany where there are still plenty of fans!!

Thank you, Anthony for putting so much effort into bringing this to us. It is appreciated.

26. Joe

I think it’s more likely 5 ‘stars’ means Admiral. Kirk has 4 ‘stars’ for captain, and Spock has 3 ‘stars’ for commander. That’s my interpretation anyway.

@ Paul

As this movie is in 3D, it probably will make more. Even people who prefer watching a movie in 2D may watch it in 3D, which costs more, because their local cinema doesn’t show it in 2D.

Wow trailer looks great. Heres my theory, after the nero incursion star fleet decide to restart genetic augmentation to create an elite force of agents. Harrison being one discovers that the klingons have found an earth cryoship.  he believes starfleet should rescue these people when they refuse he goes apeshit and decides to punish star fleet and then go and rescue them himselves. I think at the end of the movie it will be revealed that this ship is you know whos, and that harrison knew all along whom he was trying to rescue and awaken.

Notice how much older Kirk and McCoy look in the shuttle hanger. Interesting…

Uhura crying?!?! :(

The quote “One of our top agents” seems likely to rule out both Khan and the Captain Robert April of Countdown.

June can’t come soon enough.