Celebrate William Shatner’s Birthday With Free Hulu Star Trek Streaming + More Shatnerific Tributes

Today is an important day – it is William Shatner’s birthday. Star Trek’s original Kirk is now 82. TrekMovie wants to wish our Captain a very happy birthday. Others are also acknowledging this important day including Hulu and some Star Trek luminaries. More below 


Celebrate The Birth of Our Captain w/ Free streaming and comics

There are many ways to celebrate the birth of William Shatner. One way is to spend the day talking like William Shatner. The folks at Hulu think a good way is to watch Star Trek so they have made every single episode of the entire franchise available to stream free (usually all but the first seasons are available only to paying Hulu Plus subscribers). The free offer runs until March 31st, so it also runs through Leonard Nimoy’s birthday (on the 26th). You can start on the Hulu Star Trek franchise page

Hulu has also created some special themed episode ‘picks’ pages: Kirk Outsmarts Computers, When Monsters Attack, Alternate Realms, Q: Trek’s Favorite Troublemaker, Meet the Borg, and The Holodeck Isn’t Always Fun and Games.

Celebrate Shatner/Nimoy birthday week with free Hulu Streaming

And speaking of free stuff, the people at Bluewater Productions are making Shatner’s TekWar Chronicles Issue #0 available for free download at iTunes.

And finally the StarTrek.com store has a special Shatner sale going on with 20% off until Monday (use code "SHATNER")

Trek Stars Celebrate Shatner’s Birthday

Many of Star Trek’s luminaries turned to Twitter to Mr. Shatner’s Birthday.

Shatner himself has thanked his fans for all their birthday wishes

More Shatner Celebrations

Here are a collection of other celebrations of Shatner’s Birthday.

Finally here is a very nice video created by our own John Tenuto with 82 photos of Shatner.



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Thank you, John Tenuto.

I have never seen some of the early photos of William Shatner. What a good looking dude. Oh my, my, my….very nice!

Happy birthday, William Shatner. Thanks a million for being “my captain”. You are one very cool dude. Take care now!

The episodes of TOS on Hulu are the remastered ones!

Happy Bday to Mr. Shatner!!!

;-) :-)

Happy Birthday Bill! =D

The REAL Captain Kirk!


Brent Spiner is a silly fellow.

(For those unaware, Spiner is a Texan, not a Canadian)

Happy Birthday to Mr. Shatner :)

I met William Shatner at Calgary Expo two years ago & he was really great & funny.

@John Tenuto, wow, that was amazing video, thanks a lot for making it.

The Shat is where it’s at.

Happy Birthday, Captain!

Happy birthday sir!!
May you have many more!

Happy Birthday , Cap’n Kirk !

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner. From The Twilight Zone to Captain Kirk to T.J. Hooker to Airplane 2 to Rescue 911 to Tek War to Denny Crane to Sh!t My Dad Says Thank You for the many hours of enjoyment and entertainment you have brought to my life. Live Long and Prosper.

Leonard Nimoy didn’t tweet his birthday wishes this year. Did he call his long time friend? Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!

Happy birthday, Mr. Shatner!

Your energy and dedication to entertainment continues to be an inspiration.


The man is a legend. Still working hard and entertaining his fans long after many would have retired.

Happy birthday @WilliamShatner

Wow, that’s quite a collection of photos!

Mr. Shatner has obviously enjoyed a very interesting life!

Happy birthday, Bill!

One year ago tonight I was front row (in the orchestra pit actually – best seats I’ve ever had for a show) at Shatner’s one man show in Dallas. They brought out a cake for him at the end and we all sang him Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday!

There are so many reasons for the success and longevity of Star Trek that it’s been said that doctoral theses have been written on the Star Trek phenomenon. That being said, I honestly believe that we would not be together here on this website today had it not been for William Shatner.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!

@10 — Don’t forget Barbary Coast — all too short, but I loved it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAT!! May you have many many more!!!

Happy Birthday, Bill! You amazing man, you! Thank you for the years and years of adventure, laughter and tears. I am in awe of your energy, my good sir!

Amazing collection, thank you! Such a great way to honor our dear Captain! :)

Way to go, Mr. Shatner!! Keep on Trekkin’!!

Oh, and to the editors of this site… since you guys like to keep up to date with online videos and stuff, you might be interested in this “TOS Edition” of one of the “Into Darkness” trailers that’s picking up momentum online. http://youtu.be/QWELq3wVWvs

Sir, Captain Kirk is a true legend.

You, Mr. Shatner, are merely awesome… which ain’t bad.

Happy Birthday, Bill! MANY more.

This man should be in a new Star Trek film!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner!

Full speed ahead!

Happy Birthday Bill, surely the best of times!

Happy birthday, sir…

When I look at the very young photos of Mr. Shatner I see a resemblance to Chris Pine. Both handsome young men who play an iconic captain!

Lol. Gotta love Brent!

Happy Birthday to our Sci – fi legend!!

@16 ” That being said, I honestly believe that we would not be together here on this website today had it not been for William Shatner.”

A bold statement, and I’ve said that very thing many times. I think he set the emotional tone of the show.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner! Thanks for all the entertainment! Capt. Kirk always has been and always will be a hero to me.

28. Absolutely true. I wish a certain George understood that.

Denny Crane!


Thy name is Shatner.

Happy Birthday Shat! Same age as my Dad!

O Captain, MY Captain!!! 82 with no end in sight!!!…I will be awesome seeing him to celebrates TREKS big 50!.. Every year he gets a year older and keeps getting better and better!!!
From the stage to Brothers to Twilight Zone dR kILDAIRE to Barbary Coast, thAT SPIDER MOVIE, Hooker, Rescue 911 Tek War ,Denny Crane, Priceline, Raw Nerve and even that horrible shat my father says! This man is truly a legend…the ENTERTAINER!!

Happy Birthday, Mr Shatner. And many, many more to come too.

Mr.Shatner you are and will always be….my Captain. Happy birthday Sir.

Happy Birthday to the one, the original, James T. Kirk. Captain of the star-ship Enterprise NCC 1701. If I could only give you a bottle of Romulan Ale to share…. Cheers!

Ever see Dr. Who “Time Crash” ? If only we could have that…a blue ray extra would be nice.

Great video, what a treat!

The only Capt. Kirk, in my book.


Happy Birthday to Mr. Shatner!!! 82 years young and still going strong. I’ve been a fan since 1966. I’m all for one more Trek movie appearance by the original Captain Kirk!

Happy Birthday, Bill! What an amazing life and journey, exemplified by “Risk Is Our Business”. Never took it easy or played it safe, and you continue to blaze new paths. Giant heart, large kidney stones, determination, humor, reflection, charity, pizazz, incredible shatness….

You are the key component in Star Trek’s DNA.

May you live to be 120 and proudly wear your TWOK uniform on that happy day!

Hulu has the HD remastered versions of TNG seasons 1 and 2.

Oh Captain my Captain!

Oh Captain my Captain!

The best of all wishes to you, Sir. William Shatner.
Not the next generation….THE ONLY GENERATION..
A living legend!
Thank you for sharing.

That AFI clip, of Shatner singing to George Lucas, is an absolute classic. From the bewildered looks on Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, to Shatner’s “I can do Star Wars!”, to his knocking the song out of the park — it’s impossible to have a bad day after watching that one.

I’m so glad I crashed an Awards ceremony last year to meet the good Captain.