UPDATED: Star Trek App Delivers Interesting New ‘Into Darkness’ Image + 2 New Images From Empire Mag

Paramount’s Star Trek app has delivered a new exclusive photo from Star Trek Into Darkness. The new image is revealed if you complete a mission scanning the new cast photo cover of Empire Magazine. Check it out below. Warning for Possible spoilers. UPDATE: 2 new images from Empire Mag added.


UPDATE: New Images From Empire

Empire Magazine has shared two new exclusive Star Trek Into Darknesss images from their new JJ Abrams May Issue. Here they are…

Kirk, Spock and Uhura on Qo’noS (click to enlarge)

Uhura holding a Klingon disruptor (click to enlarge)


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New Into Darkness Image From Star Trek App

The new image features Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Dr. McCoy(Karl Urban) and Kirk (Chris Pine). They are all looking up as something is being lowered down.

New Star Trek Into Darkness image delivered by Star Trek app (click to enlarge)

The thing being lowered down has some markings, including "MC-9321" and "PHOT1093" along with a "NO STEP" warning. It is possible this is a Photon torpedo.

Detail on new image

UPDATE: And on the side can barely make out "CVN-65" which happens to be the designation for the US Navy’s USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, which was recently inactivated.

CVN-65 – aka real "USS Enterprise"

If it is a photon torpedo, it is possible that it has something to do with Eve’s Dr. Marcus. In an interview last year Eve revealed that her character was a ‘weapons expert.’ Of course in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Dr. Carol Marcus was a scientist who developed the "Genesis Device" which was able to terraform planets. In Star Trek III, Klingon commander Kruge referred to the Genesis Device as the "Genesis Torpedo."

Genesis device in Star Trek II


For more on the new app visit StarTrekMovie.com/app.

Thanks to Twitter fans and readers for spotting the CVN

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