Brannon Braga Suggests Netflix Could Bring Star Trek Enterprise Back For Season 5

Star Trek: Enterprise went off the air after four seasons in 2005, despite a fan campaign to save the series. But that may not be the end of the story. In a new interview Enterprise co-creator and exec. producer Brannon Braga opines that good performance on Netflix could lead to a new season. More details below.


Braga Suggests Netflix Bring Enterprise Back

The folks at TrekCore have an interview with Star Trek: TNG, Voyager and Enterprise writer/producer Brannon Braga, conducted at last year’s Star Trek London con. One of the most interesting bits of the lengthy interview was regarding the fan fundraising effort for a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise – which he dismissed as implausible – but he then suggested that the show could have a future, if it performed well on Netflix…

The best possible thing the fans could do is, if they want to see another season of Enterprise, is watch it on Netflix…My neighbor produces Arrested Development, and they’re making a new season of Arrested Development. I recall him telling me that it’s because for that show, they know they’re gonna get… they have data! They know a certain number of people are going to watch that show. I’ve heard rumors in town that the CBS show Jericho might get another season, because the numbers on Netflix are big! Watch Enterprise!

Much more from the Braga interview at TrekCore: Part 1 and Part2.

You can also watch the two-part interview below.


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