New Image Shows JJ Abrams On Different Bridge + Analysis Of The Other ‘Into Darkness’ Ship

More images from the recent Empire magazine cover story on Star Trek Into Darkness have emerged. Mostly they are things variations of things seen before but there is one image of director JJ Abrams with a clear view of the bridge on a ship different than the USS Enterprise. TrekMovie takes a closer look at that image and goes back to analyze other images that appear to be (or could be) from the same setting. Beware of potential spoilers.


JJ On The Bridge

In the various trailers that have been released before there have been a number of glimpses of the exterior and interior of a ship that is not the USS Enterprise. The new issue of Empire has a shot of director JJ Abrams giving us a better look at the bridge of a ship that isn’t on USS Enterprise, but appears to be a Federation-style design.

Abrams on the other bridge
(caption calls it the "Apple Store-style bridge")

We have seen this bridge before

This isn’t the first time we have seen this darker-designed interior, just the first time it was clear we were looking at a different bridge. The following screencaps featuring John Harrison, Kirk and Dr. Marcus (from previous trailers) also appear to be on that same bridge.

Is that the bridge of the space jump ship?

The trailers have also shown us shots of Kirk and another person doing a ‘space jump’ between the USS Enterprise and another Federation-style ship. Although the trailers have not given a good look at this ship it clearly has a somewhat different design than the Enterprise.


This exterior detail of an explosion is also clearly not from the USS Enterprise, and so it too could also be this other ship.

Same as San Francisco crashing ship?

TrekMovie has already identified that the ship shown crashing into San Francisco is not the USS Enterprise. This may be the same ship with the above bridge.

This shot of Harrison may also be from his vantage point on the crashed ship

Maybe these too?

These images (from international trailer and a publicity shot of Simon Pegg) also show what appears to be a non-USS Enterprise ship and so could be the same ship as the above bridge.

And finally this now famous shot of what appears to be cryo-tubes may also be from the different ship, although the back wall appears to be stone design (implying it may actually be not on a ship at all).

Crew villains?

One more interesting detail comes from the recent international trailer and links back to a story by TrekMovie’s John Tenuto from February – who noted that the Hasbro KRE-O Into Darkness toyline featured what were described as "villain" and "specialists" figures in a different kind of uniform. And if you look closely at the bad guy John Harrison is punching above, his uniform seems to match the toy. And when you look closer you will see that the weave of the uniform is NOT the Starfleet emblem but just a generic weave.

Have we seen the ‘specialist villains’?

And when you look behind JJ Abrams you can see guys wearing the same uniforms on the new bridge.

Spot the new uniformed-guys behind JJ

So while this ship has Federation-style designs, the crew isn’t wearing the same kind of Starfleet uniforms as the crew of the USS Enterprise.


More new images

Below are more Star Trek Into Darkness images from the new issue of Empire magazine (via CBM).


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