New Image Shows JJ Abrams On Different Bridge + Analysis Of The Other ‘Into Darkness’ Ship

More images from the recent Empire magazine cover story on Star Trek Into Darkness have emerged. Mostly they are things variations of things seen before but there is one image of director JJ Abrams with a clear view of the bridge on a ship different than the USS Enterprise. TrekMovie takes a closer look at that image and goes back to analyze other images that appear to be (or could be) from the same setting. Beware of potential spoilers.


JJ On The Bridge

In the various trailers that have been released before there have been a number of glimpses of the exterior and interior of a ship that is not the USS Enterprise. The new issue of Empire has a shot of director JJ Abrams giving us a better look at the bridge of a ship that isn’t on USS Enterprise, but appears to be a Federation-style design.

Abrams on the other bridge
(caption calls it the "Apple Store-style bridge")

We have seen this bridge before

This isn’t the first time we have seen this darker-designed interior, just the first time it was clear we were looking at a different bridge. The following screencaps featuring John Harrison, Kirk and Dr. Marcus (from previous trailers) also appear to be on that same bridge.

Is that the bridge of the space jump ship?

The trailers have also shown us shots of Kirk and another person doing a ‘space jump’ between the USS Enterprise and another Federation-style ship. Although the trailers have not given a good look at this ship it clearly has a somewhat different design than the Enterprise.


This exterior detail of an explosion is also clearly not from the USS Enterprise, and so it too could also be this other ship.

Same as San Francisco crashing ship?

TrekMovie has already identified that the ship shown crashing into San Francisco is not the USS Enterprise. This may be the same ship with the above bridge.

This shot of Harrison may also be from his vantage point on the crashed ship

Maybe these too?

These images (from international trailer and a publicity shot of Simon Pegg) also show what appears to be a non-USS Enterprise ship and so could be the same ship as the above bridge.

And finally this now famous shot of what appears to be cryo-tubes may also be from the different ship, although the back wall appears to be stone design (implying it may actually be not on a ship at all).

Crew villains?

One more interesting detail comes from the recent international trailer and links back to a story by TrekMovie’s John Tenuto from February – who noted that the Hasbro KRE-O Into Darkness toyline featured what were described as "villain" and "specialists" figures in a different kind of uniform. And if you look closely at the bad guy John Harrison is punching above, his uniform seems to match the toy. And when you look closer you will see that the weave of the uniform is NOT the Starfleet emblem but just a generic weave.

Have we seen the ‘specialist villains’?

And when you look behind JJ Abrams you can see guys wearing the same uniforms on the new bridge.

Spot the new uniformed-guys behind JJ

So while this ship has Federation-style designs, the crew isn’t wearing the same kind of Starfleet uniforms as the crew of the USS Enterprise.


More new images

Below are more Star Trek Into Darkness images from the new issue of Empire magazine (via CBM).


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Interesting, does Harrison take over this ship or is he the assigned captain? So many questions! Maybe space seed happens to this ship?

So it seems that Checkov is under cover, first?

My theory: Cumberbatch is April and this ship is his Enterprise, which he salvaged from mothball out of pride and uses as his base of operations.
In the end, using an older ship will be his doom.

It is all looking great to me.

I cannot wait until May 9.

Forgot to mention, it would fit perfectly with the Countdown to Darkness comics. At least for now.

The other bridge looks a lot like the Kelvin’s bridge, but maybe upgraded a little bit. Still it seems to imply a slightly older ship.

Some kind of upgraded older ship for merchant marine kind of duty? Hence the different uniforms that aren’t Starfleet.


Science vessel (seems unlikely)
Training vessel (seems more likely, esp. If its a decommissioned prior enterprise)
Intelligence ship? (Just guessing from the top agent line)

I can’t even begin to guess the plot of this movie but I sure am excited! Is the entire crew of this other ship renegade former Starfleet officers? Mercenaries? Random scientific vessel that Harrison hijacks for some reason? And is it something that Kirk does to make it crash? Harrison does say, ” You have no idea what you’ve done.” Maybe he didn’t intend for it to crash because of reasons.

Reliant. Wouldn’t that be fitting.

Guess: April fools?

I’m telling you, Harrison is one of Khan’s crew. Spock Prime told Starfleet where to find the Botany Bay,. They woke them up a few at a time and used the augments as super soldiers. The movie will end with Khan waking up. Blah…

What is the hanging Kirk wearing? It does not look like a Starfleet uniform. He appears to be wearing a red and grey/black? jersey with grey pants. The outfit looks quite good actually.

Just had a weird thought – Marquis?

I have to say that these bridges look a little metallic and sterile; do not project an affirmation of life feel about them.

Woah. Now I think Carol Marcus is the one doing the space-jump with Kirk! That would be incredible.

Why is John Harrison punching a bad guy?! Why?!

Well, aside from lens flares JJ obviously love plaid shirts.

A “specialist” is a term for a non-commissioned officer. If there are “specialists” on the bridge of the non-Enterprise, then it suggests to me a band of renegades have done mutiny. Carol Marcus may be a commissioned officer on this ship. If her relationship with Kirk began between ST09 and STID, then you could see her being used as a lure for Kirk.

I reckon this is an older ship too, even though it looks like the movie refit era ships, and has a much more attractive and proportional silhouette than the Enterprise.

Maybe it’s the Abrams’ version of the Excelsior


“Why is John Harrison punching a bad guy?! Why?!”

I have a feeling that in that particular scene, Harrison is leading the way to somewhere in that ‘other’ ship to help Scotty and Kirk get out of there. If examine the international trailer more, you’ll see that Kirk has a gun in that scene yet he just watched Harrison punch the lights out that specialist villains. Ergo, Scotty and Kirk aren’t chasing Harrison; they’re following him.

That specialist John punches looks kinda thin to be a specialist, I mean looks like anyone can kick his ass lol

John Harrison: My coffee is cold, I will walk over you cold corpses!
Skinny Specialist: owwwww

Spock lives!

If there was a problum with Harrison maybe starfleet had everything under controle or managable. And Kirk in his youthfull enthusiasim and inexperience did a space jump over to the other ship and made a complicated barely controled situation even worse by being the confident guy on the spot that has to take action. Making a bad situation worse, (yes you got the bad guy but by showing a little restraint could have avoided the ship crashing into the planet etc) getting himself reprimanded for it (by Pike)

And his actions put him out of the running to capture harrison (not enough self controle from kirk to be trusted with the job). So maybe we are going to get Kirk and crew stealing the Enterprise (yay) with the crew being wary of kirks exuberant behaviour but they give him the benifit of their trust to go indipendant after harrison. Because Kirk knows he has relly FU and needs to do this for himself and his crew.

So as Zaphod said 10 out of 10 for style but minus several million for good thinking.

Maybe with the Enterprise beinge so new and further advanced technologicly due to Nero. The bridge of other starfleet ships while still top of the range look a little dated compared to the Enterprise bridge.

My personal theory (and sorry for my bad English by the way): The whole thing with the “Submarine-Enterprise” from the beginning of the movie is only there to explain the outcome of the final battle between the Enterprise and this “battle cruiser”.

Means basically: Kirk`s crew knows what they have to do with the ship when they are entering the atmosphere of a planet – “Marcus`crew” doesn`t!

You know, it’d be funny if Scotty joked about painting the Enterprise yellow ;-)

Just another bridge that ignores the canon. (after Kelvin and Abramsprise)

22 I dont read the comics and if I miss a week or two I dont read all the comments in this forum. I don’t get why he would paint it yellow. I hope its not to obvious.

‘TIME to…bring back… Kirk Prime.’

It was not Nero who brought new technology to this timeline. It’s Spock Prime who violates the temporal directive

25 Optimus prime that transformes into the enterprise from STTMP.

I have a Feeling you will see a TWOK Battle with this new ship, i post it before but i would expect that the Enterprise will get a surprise attack from this ship, just saying because Kirk did mention in TWOK when they first meet up with the Reliant that this situation was particular and went to Yellow Alert, also when you look at the damage of the Enterprise in the Trailer , she was hit pretty hard on the right side of the ship, so is J.J trying to over top TWOK ?.

What if the ship is an advanced classified Section 31 vessel.

LOVE the design and style of the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies,

Could be April’s Enterprise?

(Also RE: The Wrath of Khan, In my books, JJ Abrams already topped it with his 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek: First Contact tops them both)

@#24: Read #21 and put that ‘Submarine-Enterprise’ on yellow alert ;-)

It looks like Chekov’s communicator’s delta lights up. I don ‘t that from the last film. New communicator?? New toys?? Yay!

Now THAT’S a bridge.
Looks like Eaves or Sternbach may be back on the case. Good, if so.

Marquis? Who or what is that? But if you mean a Maquis…LOL!….then I hope you’re wrong. They were boring.

In the background of JJ on that bridge,are those new or old uniforms?


Looks better than the Enterprise bridge… and I also like the design of second ship more than the Enterprise.

Looks like a Deltan on this new bridge.

yellow submarine Eureka! the hat goes on your head, I get it now I was so dumb as a monkey I tried to wear a hat on my butt. That 20 minuts I spent trying to make a connection between submarine alarm sysems and Star Trek while interesting was quite pointless. If your ever on a submarine the alarm handle is a yellow oval and is for a general alarm one turn of the handle causes the alarm to sound. 14 gongs is a typical length for the alarm. There is also Green,Red,Orange,Blue and Pink. The blue one (missle jettison alarm) is similar to the red alert sound from the original star trek.

Yesss sir!

Maybe the JJ version of the Excelsior?

It has what looks like blue impulse engines, similar to the NX-01, so the older ship theory seems likely.

Has anyone thought that one of the specialists is Carol Marcus? One of the toys is blonde.

Based on what’s been said in Countdown, I’m thinking this is Robert April’s Enterprise that was “lost”. John Harrison is definitely not April (who he is, is anyone’s guess)

Somehow Harrison takes control of this Enterprise to do his bidding.

Again, given what’s happened in Countdown, it seems like a possible scenario. Regardless, I’m excited to see additional ships, since outside of the new E and the Kelvin, ST09 was a little bereft of starship action (other than seeing the destroyed hulls and some ships jumping into warp).

Harrison is probably Khan, and the ship is probably Reliant.

… so excited for this movie it’s not even funny. Every time I learn more I’m excited at the possibilities. I’m trying to keep myself away from major spoilers, but then again the last movie wasn’t really ruined by me reading everything here.

Perhaps this is a mere science vessel, explaining the differing uniforms? Then again, the Kelvin was supposed to be the same and

Wait a second…

What if this is the U.S.S. Constitution? In the alternate reality, the Enterprise is still referred to as a Constitution-class starship, rather than being an original design as some people thought. It’s entirely possible that the ship we’re seeing here has the same design but with older technology and components (different nacelle and saucer shape, etc.), whereas the Enterprise was given more time to gestate and incorporate the newest technologies to combat the theoretical Romulan threat (which Starfleet was probably fearing for the better part of 25 years).

This is not a ‘state of the art’ ship but the Enterprise prior to Kirk’s. Dare I say, it looks better in almost every respect.

@26: Both vessels bring 24th century technology into this alternate universe so that would have impacted things. Bonus: Romulan AND Federation technology! Possible downside: The Klingons had over 20 years to study it. Dumb plot hole as a result of encountering Nero’s ship: After 20 years the Klingons wouldn’t have stripped this ship of every last weapon, mined it’s computers for Romulan technology and never would have discovered that this ship was from an alternate universe?

This could be very obvious: they simply are drawing Robert April in teh comic to NOT look like Cumberbatch. Perhaps this is April’s return and that could be his old Enterprise (though they said decommissioned in the comics, but hey…).

The show won’t drop until next week with Issue 4, but Nero appeared in every prequel comic and this mini series supposedly has yet to introduce Harrison. Is Harrison April?

#12 Keachick

I think he’s just wearing the full back attire & the “Red” that you see is just lighting, because if you look at the other guy hanging, he has the same red cast upon his attire also.

Those uni’s definately show that this is an organized group they are fighting. Old Enterprise or ther decomm ship my guess…

Isn’t Harrison punching one though??

The mystery ship looks like Aprils Enterprise in the darkness comics


Dude, this has been covered before. The ship was made using borg nanotechnology. Every time something was removed of the ship, it would be useless and the ship would build another one.