UPDATE: Watch New Star Trek Into Darkness US & UK TV Spots

UPDATE 2: During Sunday night’s season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Paramount ran a special sneak peek for Star Trek Into Darkness. There was one quick new shot. Also this weekend the first ad for the movie aired in the UK. Watch both both the US sneak peek and the UK commercial below


UPDATE 2: Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Sneak Peek aired during Walking Dead

During the season finale of The Walking Dead Paramount aired a sneak peek of Star Trek Into Darkness. It is now available online. Watch it below.

The 60 second promo was comprised mostly from previously released trailers, but there was one new shot featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison saying "I will have my vengeance."

One new “Into Darkness” shot seen in US sneak peek during “The Walking Dead”

NOTE: in the first released trailer there was voice-over of Cumberbatch saying "I have returned to have my vengeance." It is possible that "I will have my vengeance" is a different take of the same scene or he talks about his vengeance at least twice in the movie.

…Also watch first UK Into Darkness commercial

The following commercial was the first to run in the UK. The 60 second spot is almost identical to the sneak peek aired during The Walking Dead but has some differences (and doesn’t have the new shot of Cumberbatch).


original article

Tune into Walking Dead for some Star Trek

Today both the official Bad Robot twitter and Damon Lindelof have hinted to tune into the season finale of AMC’s Walking Dead for something related to Star Trek Into Darkness.

It could be a commercial for the film or possibly a clip. The first commercial for Into Darkness aired during the Super Bowl in February and TrekMovie has already reported that the TV campaign was expected to start in April so perhaps it is starting March 31st.

The Walking Dead finale airs at 9PM tonight on AMC.


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First commercial was aired Saturday night on UK tv channel ITV 1, pretty good clip it was.

Great, I can’t wait to watch the walking Dead finale AND Star Trek promo tonight.

#1. Yup. Guess it’s only news if it happens in ‘MURICA!

maybe they have hidden sone easter eggs? LOL

Or if there’s any new footage,which there was NONE of in the UK thing.

Hope this thing tonight is true,but I believe nothing till Tuesday,lol!


or just an innocent early april fools gag

Just watched it! :]

It was just one of the teasers already shown. Nothing special.

Yup, previously seen footage. Nothing special for us who have seen everything but great for marketing to the general population.

7 more weeks….. uuuuuuugh

I did not see anything different.

Oh…and I want to know how previously seen footage is cool stuff? Unless Lindelof was speaking to non core fans who have not seen every trailer like us, then yea, its some pretty cool stuff. I thought maybe a quick behind the scenes, some words from JJ, Orci, Kurtz, and Lind….. nooooope

@11. Commodore Adams

Perhaps Lindelof definition of “cool stuff” is something that we already seen just once !!!

It was disappointing & I think that Lindelof shouldn’t have made that claim.

Marketing is important. Let’s have some more, please ;-)

Huh? The date!

The date is the 9th May 2013 – In the UK we put the day first like if your writing the date. It makes more sense that way as that is how you would write it as I did.

If your point wasn’t the format of the date but the fact it is a week before the US then your right, they changed the date for Europe last week.

@15: Actually, I was a bit confused about the comments date here ;-) being still March 31, 2013.

I am so stoked! I cannot wait to see this movie!

It’s not out a week before in the UK,when did six days become a week? lol! And it’s still March 31st in the US,for another hour if you’re on the East coast.


I saw the UK ad as it was broadcast on Saturday night and your video doesn’t include the talking heads (JJ, Pine, Quinto) who briefly disscussed the film. I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it.

In the still from the new shot in the US TV spot, is Harrison on the bridge of the mystery starship in STID? It’s out of focus…but is that a NX-01 style bridge set?

20. I freeze framed it on a 42″ and I couldn’t tell. Could be that, could be a bay…

Well we know that Cumberbatch is standing on the bridge of a starship while saying those lines. Check out the link, scanned images of STID. They can be viewed in full resolution. The pic with JJ standing on the bridge.


The bridge set JJ is standing on looks much more sleek than the new Enterprise bridge. The new E bridge had too much white, it was far too bright for my tastes.

Looks like we will see some epic starfleet vs starfleet ship battle sequence!

Like the reliant vs enterprise in twok

LOL @ that headshot of Harrison! It just seems so awkward. Hehe.

Has anyone seen this already?


Wow…it’s actually the same movie: same setting, same set-up, same story… just a different century…

And it was boring! Hopefully this one ain’t THAT boring!


Spent the weekend at my mother’s for the holiday so I missed this article on Trekmovie and was pleasantly surprised to see the trailer during “Walking Dead” (still a little bit traumatized by that finale).

Looks good. Still very excited to see the movie.

I was reminded of an interview with Bruce Greenwood … he made a joke about maybe they have filmed several different trailers … I’m thinking now about the different lines of Harrison, about “vengeance”!

Anyone think that cut on Kirk’s cheek looks like a Star Trek emblem?

How is actually said in the movie … the vengeance, that Harrison wants!

;-) :-)

Ha! Pike does say “pain in the ass”!

#29. Nicholas Alexander Filip

yes … but was it on purpose? or coincidence?… ;-) :-)

It’s funny how often times the trailers will have different takes if not different dialog than what is in the final cut of the respective film. For example, I prefered Pike’s more serious tone in the trailers for STXI over his lines in the movies in the scene when they were at the bar. In the film, he semi-laughs when he says, “You know I couldn’t believe it when the bartender told me who you are.” In the trailer he sounds almost digusted with the way Jim is living his life. Also, in the film Pike says almost flatly, “You know your father was Captain of a Starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives. Including your mother’s and yours. I dare you to do better.” In the trailer he exudes a bit more emotion and leaves out “your mother’s and,” and it is much more impactful for me.

The whole “we’re not gonna fit” thing has me worried