March 2013

Burk: Anyone Can Jump In To ‘Into Darkness’ + Cumberbatch Talks Star Trek Anticipation

Star Trek Into Darkness producer Bryan Burk took his traveling international promotional tour to Australia over the weekend. Speaking at the event Burk talked about how the movie works for all audiences and he also contrasted the Star Trek and Star Wars universes (now that Bad Robot is involved with both). We also have some new comments from Benedict Cumberbatch.  

Great Links: Spock Advice For 60s Troubled Teen + Uhura v Slave Leia + Google Making Trek Real + more

TrekMovie’s column looking at Star Trek in the zeitgeist has returned. This week’s Great Links has Leonard Nimoy offering Spock-ish advice to a "teenage outcast in 1968, Google inspired by Star Trek (again), The Big Bang Theory getting early Trek toys, Uhura taking on Slave Leia, Star Trek fighting for Best Sci-Fi TV show, and more. Check it all out below.  

Orci & Kurtzman Cast John Cho For Guest Spot In ‘Sleepy Hollow’ + Sell Sci-Fi Project To Universal

Karl Urban isn’t the only new Star Trek star who has nabbed an acting gig from a Trek producer this pilot season. Now news comes that John Cho has been cast in a guest role for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s Sleepy Hollow Fox pilot. Bob and Alex have also sold a new sci-fi movie project to Universal. Details on all that below.  

Bryan Singer: Directing Star Trek Could Be ‘Great Experience’

With JJ Abrams set to direct the next Star Wars movie, it now seems possible (perhaps probable) that a new director will be brought in to direct the follow-up film to Star Trek Into Darkness. One director who appears to be open to the idea of jumping into Trek is Byran Singer. More on that below, plus Entertainment Weekly offers suggestions for Trek’s next helmer.  

Malachi Throne Dies At Age 84

Veteran character actor Malachi Throne’s death was announced on March 14, 2013. Throne was well-known to Star Trek fans for his role as Commodore Mendez in the two-part episode “The Menagerie,” but he had more connections to Trek and other high-profile genre productions over the course of his lengthy career.  

Listen: Mayor Cory Booker v John Hodgman Star Trek Trivia Battle

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a well-known political figure and like President Obama, he is also a Star Trek fan. Earlier this week the mayor called in to a New Jersey public radio station to show support during a pledge drive and during his call he was pitted against noted nerd John Hodgman in a Star Trek trivia contest. Listen to that below plus see how the Daily Show and Colbert Report responded to Obama’s "Jedi Mind Meld" statement.  

JJ Abrams Casts Karl Urban In Futuristic Cop Show ‘Human’ + UPDATE: Billingsley Cast In ‘Intelligence’ Pilot

JJ Abrams is making another sci-fi TV show and he is bringing one of his Star Trek stars on board. Today it was announced that Karl Urban will be starring in Abrams show Human on Fox. More details below. Plus there is news on Benedict Cumberbatch’s future with Sherlock. [UPDATE: Enterprise star John john Billingsley cast in CBS drama.] 

STID Tidbits (T-65 Days): Pine Leads Trek Orchestra + 11PM Fan Sneaks + Pegg’s London Premiere Invite + Poster Fake

There are a few bits of news related Star Trek Into Darkness so TrekMovie presents our first "Tidbits" article as we countdown to the next movie*. Today we have a pic of Chris Pine leading the Star Trek orchestra, news on new ‘Fan Sneak’ showtimes, a chance to win a trip to the London premiere and a poster that is faking out the Internet.   

Bryan Burk Hints Next Star Trek Movie Could Arrive In 2016 – In Time For 50th Anniversary

One of the big questions for Trekkies is how long will we have to wait for the next movie following Star Trek Into Darkness? According to producer Bryan Burk, it may not be four years (like the wait since 2009’s Star Trek). He is now hinting the next Trek could be out in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016.

Watch: LeVar Burton & Patrick Stewart Kiss + More From Star Trek: TNG Reunion in Toronto

Last night Star Trek: The Next Generation stars Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden reunited on stage at Toronto Comic-Con. Highlights of the event can be seen online including Stewart and Burton kissing and Frakes and Stewart trading impressions of each other’s TNG characters. Watch the highlights below.  

Watch: New Alternate Teaser Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness

As TrekMovie first reported, Paramount released a new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend, attached to showings of Oz The Great and Powerful. This new trailer is now (unofficially) available online. This ‘kids-friendly’ trailer has about a minute of actual film footage and about 50% is new. You can it below. Of course it contains some spoilers.      

Exclusive: Star Trek Into Darkness Alternate Teaser With Oz This Weekend + Theatrical Trailer With GI Joe 2

TrekMovie has exclusive breaking Star Trek Into Darkness trailer news. In fact we have news on two different trailers for the upcoming movie. This weekend a new alternative "kids friendly" trailer will be shown with Oz The Great and Powerful. And the bigger news is that another trailer is coming with the new GI Joe movie in a few weeks. More details below     

Star Trek Into Darkness Opening Week Earlier in UK , Germany, Australia & Other Countries + North America Date Unchanged

Paramount has been shuffling their international Star Trek Into Darkness schedule around and now a number of territories will be getting the film a week before the official North American opening on May 17, 2013. Official openings will begin as early as May 9th in a number of countries including Germany. Full details below. [UPDATED: Fixed date for UK & Ireland]