April 2013

New Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Poster + Mazda Poster [UPDATED]

There is yet another poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (actually two). First up today Bad Robot revealed the official Into Darkness IMAX poster. Also the official Star Trek app is sending fans to Mazda dealers to scan a picture of their new cross-promotional poster and we have a shot of that too. [UPDATE: Hi-res version of IMAX poster added]

Watch: Into Darkness Celebs Say Hi To TrekMovie Readers At Berlin Premiere

At the Berlin Star Trek Into Darkness premiere the celebrities spent most of their time taking pictures, being interviewed for the live webcast and talking to the big national TV press. But a few took a moment to stop by TrekMovie.com’s spot to just say before being whisked away by the PR people. See the video below for JJ and stars sending a greeting to TrekMovie readers.

Watch: Recordings Of Berlin Into Darkness Livestream Interviews + Press Conference Video & Pix [UPDATED]

Yesterday was the big Berlin premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness and for the event Paramount Germany broadcast live interviews with the cast and crew (which we had here at TrekMovie). Recordings of the interview clips are now available and you can watch those below along with a report and pix from yesterday’s press conference. 

Watch: 4th Star Trek Into Darkness Clip + Scotty Character Profile + ‘2nd Look’ Featurette

Tuesday morning brings a few new Star Trek Into Darkness clips to share. First up is a new clip featuring Kirk’s first meeting with Alice Eve’s character. And there is a new character profile, this time with Scotty (featuring new footage). Finally a new behind the scenes featurette. See it all below but beware of spoilers.

IMAX Giving Away Into Darkness Limited Poster + Charity Auction For VIP Passes To Hollywood Premiere [UPDATED]

There are a couple of new Star Trek Into Darkness tidbits to report. First up IMAX has revealed an new limited-edition print that will be given away at Fan Sneaks. You can check that out below. Plus Paramount and Bad Robot are holding a charity auction for VIP passes to the Hollywood premiere (including meeting cast/crew and after-party).  

Watch: JJ Abrams & Into Darkness Cast Australia Junket Vids + Bizarre German Interview + Paris ‘Master Class’

As part of the world tour promoting Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams and various members of his cast are doing interviews at junkets and other events. Today we have a small collection of some of these to get a taste, including a very bizarre one from Germany and an hour long "Master Class" with JJ Abrams from France. (NOTE: some minor spoilers discussed in interviews)

Excerpts From First Overseas Reviews Of Star Trek Into Darkness

The Star Trek Into Darkness movie opens on May 17th in North America (and May 9th in the UK, Australia, German and some other countries). The film has had two gala premiere so far and a handful of reviews have come out of Australia. There aren’t enough reviews yet to form a consensus, but we have compiled some spoiler-free comments from the early reviews below.

Into Darkness Dom. Character Posters For Marcus, Sulu and McCoy + UK Launches ‘Search For Scotty’ Contest

Paramount has provided us with high resolution versions of three new Star Trek Into Darkness domestic character posters, for Carol Marcus, Dr. McCoy and Sulu posters. Plus over in the UK, they are doing a special ‘The Search For Scotty’ contest to find 10 hidden Scotty posters around the UK – and if you find one you may get to the May 2 London premiere.

Photos From Moscow Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

The Thursday night Moscow gala premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness came on a rainy night so unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity for the stars to linger on the red carpet (and chat with TrekMovie’s Russian correspondent). However, we do have a lot of official photos from the premiere (inside and outside the theater) and from a Moscow photo call. Check them out below.

Variety: Into Darkness Tracking For $85M Open + Budget Revealed + Film Gets PG-13 Rating

The producers of Star Trek Into Darkness always say it is a bigger movie (and that means budget too). So it is good news that today it is being reported the film is set for a franchise record-breaking opening weekend. Details on that below plus the movie has officially got its expected PG-13 rating, find out what the MPAA parental guidance says too.       

New Kirk Character Featurette Video + Big Star Trek Into Darkness Murals In NYC & LA

Paramount has released the first Star Trek Into Darkness "Character Profile" featurette focusing on Kirk. The video has movie clips and some behind the scenes footage along with comments from director JJ Abrams and actor Chris Pine. Watch it below (minor spoilers). We also have photos of big outdoor marketing in LA and NYC and a new Acer spot.

Watch: Latin America Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot Features Scotty, Keenser & more

Another international promotion for Star Trek Into Darkness shows some glimpses of new stuff from the movie. This time it is a new TV commercial from Latin America, which shows us a creature from the movie along with Scotty and Keenzer getting their drink on. Watch it below with TrekMovie’s screencaps and analysis (minor spoilers).

AreYouThe1701.com Viral Site Asks Fans To Submit Star Trek-inspired Pix & Vids To Be ‘Chosen’

Back in December Paramount hid a url to the website areyouthe1701.com in the first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Since that time the site has been quiet until just moments ago it revamped with a request for fans to send in images and clips, promising a chance to be "one of the chosen few." More details below.      

JJ Abrams: Directing 3rd Star Trek A ‘Possibility’ + Talks Shatner ‘Compliment’

According to JJ Abrams, there is still a chance he could return to the director’s chair for a third Star Trek movie (even though he is set to direct the next Star Wars movie). This revelation and more comes from a new lengthy Playboy interview with Abrams. JJ also points to a young director he has his eye on and talks a bit about William Shatner too. Excerpts below.     

Alice Eve Talks Into Darkness, Bibi Besch, William Shatner, Gene Roddenberry & More

Star Trek Into Darkness re-introduces the character Dr. Carol Marcus, and in a new interview actress Alice Eve talks about how the original Marcus (Bibi Besch) influenced her performance. Eve also shows off her Star Trek knowledge talking about Shatner, Roddenberry’s vision and how the show had good advice for young men. All that and more from Eve below.     

John Harrison Has A Video Message For Mr. Spock + Scotty Int’l Poster + UK Premiere Contest

This morning brings a couple new new updates from the international marketing of Star Trek Into Darkness. The second ‘message from John Harrison’ viral video has been released in the UK – this time JH analyzes Mr. Spock. Also Scotty now has an international poster (in German). Check those out below. There is also a UK contest to win glamorous trip the the London red carpet premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness.       

Watch: New Japanese Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer + Shot-By-Shot Analysis + New Warp Effect

A new Japanese trailer has been released for Star Trek Into Darkness – where the films opens in August. The new trailer is different than the other international promos and contains a number of new shots. Watch it below along with TrekMovie’s patented shot-by-shot analysis – but beware of spoilers.        

Interviews: Chris Pine, Karl Urban & JJ Abrams Talk To TrekMovie At Sydney Premiere

At the Sydney premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness TrekMovie had a team on the red carpet who were able to nab some exclusive interviews with actors Chris Pine and Karl Urban as well as director JJ Abrams. Abrams talked a little Star Wars & Trek, Chris talked about Kirk’s arc and Karl talked about nerding out and more. Watch the video and read excerpts below.