Star Trek/Star Wars Gags Abound On April Fool’s Day 2013

It’s April Fool’s Day and so people and sites across the interweb are having some fun, and there are a few cases where Star Trek is part of the gag. And this year it seems JJ Abrams cross-franchise work has inspired a lot of Star Wars/Star Trek gags. See below for a roundup of the Star Trek April Fool’s Day pranks 


The big news in the the geek world is director JJ Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII right after he wraps up on Star Trek Into Darkness. This actual crossover from franchises has inspired a number of Trek/Wars pranks for April Fool’s Day.

Shatner and Takei to play Jedi?

First up both William Shatner and George Takei appear to have come up with the same idea. Both posted ‘news’ stories about how they had been cast in Episode VII. Shatner’s story noted he would be playing "a mysterious Jedi with a connection to the Carrie Fisher character Princess Leia.". While Takei’s Facebook post said he would be playing "Master Ceti Maru, a member of the Jedi Council."

Reddit Swaps Trek/Wars + New Trek/Wars Wiki

The folks at Reddit also had some Star Trek and Star Wars fun, by swapping the respective pages for Star Trek and Star Wars. leads to the Star Trek page and leads to the Star Wars page. There is also a lot of crossover content on the two pages

Another online destination has combined forces. This time Wookipedia (the online Star Wars wiki) relaunched today as "Memory Aurek," a new combined Star Trek/Star Wars encyclopedia.

And finally, the people at Gamma Squad also had some Trek/Wars fun, reporting the news that J.J. Abrams was working on a crossover animated series for both franchises. 

More Trek April fools gags

There were some April Fool’s gags for Star Trek that actually had nothing to do with Star Wars. Here are some highlights.

If you see more Trek gags, send them in to

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Fun, but the Trej/Wars joke is getting old already, and the new films aren’t even out yet!

I think the big E could take the Star Destroyer.

#2 C’mon, the Defiant could take out the Star Destroyer.

Dear Promethius, Paramount Pictures, CBS Inc. and Bad Robot Productions,

Your insight about what makes Star Trek: The Original Series…STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES! is pretty much bang on.

The beauty, fascination, and what we may encounter or find in the vastness of space (which can also be really scary) is something later Star Trek incarnations got way too comfortable with.

It needs the TOS ‘swashbuckling’ back for sure!!!

It needs the input and ongoing involvement also of the likes of Mr. William Shatner, Mr. Leonard Nimoy, Mr. George Takei,
Miss Nichelle Nichols, Mr. Walter Koenig….

…also the spirit and wonder of our ‘absent friends’ Mr. DeForest Kelley, Mr. James Doohan, Gene Roddenberry Sr. and Majel Barrett, Gene Coon, Alexander Courage, and the rest…

You haven’t forgot that Captains Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer and others are part of the ‘Star Trek Legacy’, too…
why do you spite the ones who ‘started it all’?

People like Dorothy Fontana, David Gerrold, Garth and Judith Reeves-Stevens carry the torch so well…

JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Alice Eve, Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller and the rest… you’re all very smart, good looking, respectful men and women… I’m sure you all know this….

I know it must be extremely taxing and not very wise to include ‘everyone’ in the roughly 2 hours of the new movie…

‘The Human Adventure Is Just Re-beginning… ‘


P.S. Dear Mr. JJ Abrams,

You’re doing a wonderful job with the rebooting of this Franchise. You are a very smart, talented, and gifted man.
You’ll do an even better job with Star Wars!

Please STOP with the clever, coy deceptions about William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy or appearances (or lack of) by previous cast
as Captain James T. Kirk Prime, Mr. Spock Prime, Nyota Uhura Prime, Hikaru Sulu Prime, Pavel Chekov Prime, ect.

Please stop over guessing the fans and ‘dumbing down’ your info about this film for the ignorant ‘Multi-Plex Hordes’. George Lucas
knew to ‘let it slip out’ that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and hopefully other Star Wars Alumni will be appearing and or involved in Disney’s next Star Wars movie…hopefully the whole Trilogy.

Star Trek Into Darkness should feature William Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk alive and well ready to aid the ‘new cast’ to save the Universe once again. IMHO, NOT including him in Star Trek (2009) was a big part of why classic Star Trek fans were very moved, but also IMHO were turned off.

Don’t be afraid to use the ‘Classic’ Star Trek Music, SFX, Props, Models, Costumes and Themes instead of making your crew ‘earn their stripes’!

Bring out those stunning and beautiful USS Enterprise and Klingon models from mothballs and storage, and LESS lens flares, deception, April Fool’s jokes, and CGI, please. Those ‘gags’ you use are no longer going over well, I believe…

The new players featuring the original characters do not need any ‘protection’ now from being ‘overshadowed’ by our icons.

Mr. JJ Abrams and hard working crew… you are all talented and wonderful! Don’t you at least agree or think however that quite logically, it is now time to: BRING BACK KIRK PRIME?

My Sincere Heartfelt Best,

A Gene Roddenberry ‘Classic Star Trek’ Fan :-)

Very funny, especially the Shat and Takei ones. George looks pretty darn good in Jedi attire and Shat could portray an evil opponent of Princess Leia!

I for one would enjoy it ….

Trekmate posted a story where Cumberbatch accidentally tweeted he was Charlie-X.

#4: Um……………. what? That was incomprehensible.

Here’s the problem with this stuff – the first time, it’s fun, funny, or both. Now that it’s expected, it’s neither. Or just parody.

Hmm. Takei as a Jedi master. Hmm. He could use a Light Saber and a Phaser. For his Best trick. As he is fighting he could wave his hand and be beamed on board the Enterprise.

I am really happy that William Shatner and George Takei have been able to make a successful crossover in becoming valued cast members within the Star Wars franchise. Episode VII might actually become a movie worth seeing…hmmm.

The Horta sounds good as well. It is good that she is being kept busy and obviously it appears that her many offspring are thriving. Why didn’t the interviewer ask about her offspring? All mums want people to ask after their children, especially the Horta, since she was killing people in order to protect her precious offspring. Probably a male interviewer…oh dear…;)

#9 – Excellent. Our knowledge of many earth people’s origins of culture and language expands all the time…

If what they say is true, I’m wondering who Shatner’s roll will be.
Uncle? Grandfather? someone else related to the people who raised Leia?

It would be *interesting and cool if it were true about William Shatner having a role in the new Star Wars film. However, I see that this site still reads April 1, so I guess we won’t know until April 2 or beyond…

BTW, it is now April 2, 10.44am where I am, but when I come here, I end up going back in time, so whatever I write may be in a April 1st mode…;)

I love Star Track!

Ya know, the one with Dr. Spock!

Love those April Fools jokes. Yet, we must not confuse the CBS-owned “Star Trek” with the Disney/Lucasflim-owned “Star Wars.” Also, we must not confuse the fictional Commander/Captain/Ambassador Spock with the late Doctor Benjamin Spock.

I’m missing “Fraggle Rock ” as a featured page on memory-alpha…

@2: oh well, considering the Defiant is a battleship, I think it’s safe to say that she might have even less dificulty in taking out a Star Destroyer (think of it: Technically speaking the alternative Big E from “Yesterday’s Enterprise” was more or less the same ship as the prime Enterprise, but she had a hard time withstanding the attacks of three Klingon Birds of Prey. I doubt the Defiant would’ve had any problems with that, looking at how easily she took out a Bird of Prey in “The Way of the Warrior”)

Episode 7: The Star Wars Trek: Return of the Redshirts

Trek (2016): Star Trek Wars


George Takei forgot to say “OH MY!”

#2, 18.

The Defiant is also smaller, thus a smaller target than the Enterprise D.

The Defiant would be able to fly above, around and below the Destroyer a lot easier than the E-D.

The Star Destroyers, to me, were not really all that intimidating. Yeah, they had a lot of size and firepower, but the Millenium Falcon was able to easily outrun them, and land on its hull to escape detection. And even when the Star Destroyers fired on the Falcon, Han Solo’s ship didn’t suffer that much damage. The Star Destroyers were more clumsy than terrifying.

The two Death Stars were much more devastating and fearsome.

@22. Conversely, the Falcon sit of the bow and fire point blank into a Star Destroyer all day long and not penetrate the armor…in theory. Of course the Empires starships all suffered from Stormtrooper Syndrome, too. Blasting away at an opponent and never hitting it. Apparently when the Empire signed the contract to build these things, fire control computers were optional equipment the Empire didn’t think it needed….

The Empire doesn’t consider a small fighter to be any threat, otherwise they’d have a tighter defense. :)

Actually, the Death Stars were not that scary, either. Crappy fire control, and glaring design flaws that small, lightly armed spacecraft could exploit. Get to them before they get to you, and you will be fine. They were involved in two engagements, and went 0-2.

The Death Stars had the capacity to destroy entire planets, as shown in “A New Hope”.

What did them in was Imperial incompetence/overconfidence.

On the other hand, one of the actors ( I forget who) who played a doomed Imperial officer suggested that the “incompetence” was actually a form of sabotage, as a secret tactic to “help” the Rebel Alliance.

hahahaha. The Reddit switch was classic! There you are, going to your “camp” and it has the other guys header. Of course, since we ALL now live in the “Abramsverse,” what difference does it make? ;-)

@27. Yep, had. They were pretty fearsome target shooting unarmed worlds, but were easily put down by a fairly small rebel force. In edition to not shielding the exhaust ports, I guess their targeting computers were going to be installed next Tuesday…

The Horta interview deserves stony silence.

All installations of essential equipment for a starship take place on a Tuesday and only Tuesday. Those are the rules!

Thank you for your attention.

J.J. Abrams never asked William Shatner to be in the new Star Trek, let alone Star Wars. Didn’t believe it for a second.


Then I guess Emperor Palpatine and his henchmen can live out their dreams of conquest inside the Nexus.

Oh, and the music of choice for those installing the equipment on Tuesdays is anything by the ’90’s group Til’ Tuesday. :-)

LOL good show everyone! :)

Am I the only one who – despite being fully aware it was just a joke – would actually be quite interested to see that Star Trek / Star Wars cross-over animation, even if it was only a one-off special?

Memory Aurek! *LOL* Hilarious. Can’t forget a Memory Besh for the fiction….

But you know, I’m kind of hoping that there will be some Star Trek references, or better yet, actors, in the new Star Wars movies. Some people have problems with what they percieve as “Star Wars references” in the two Abrams movies, namely the scene with Kirk on the motorcycle staring wistfully, and the scene from the new movie in which the Millenium Falconish passenger ship/car slides through the buildings.

Me, I’ve got no problem with it. I think we should all be past the serious debate between the franchises, and appreciate them both. True, some good natured joking and ribbing is not out of order, but to take offense to those little homages is sort of silly. Star Wars did a lot of things that worked. So did Star Trek. I think a little homage to sci-fi history isn’t a bad thing.

But seriously….what’s holding back a Star Wars/Star Trek miniseries from happening? I mean, I know you’re dealing with two different properties, studios, etc, but how difficult would it be to make a profitable movie, animated movie, live action miniseries? I think it’s closer, because Disney is more about the dollars. But it’d be interesting.

Use a stable wormhole, time/space distortion gimmick. It’d be fun. You don’t even need the big name crews if you do it live, a whole new crew would work just as well.

^ I think the only likely thing at this point is a crossover comic similar to the Star Trek/Doctor Who series.

Anyone think Spock’s first name will ever be released?

I’m thinking Cletus.

(Interesting that the Simpson’s Cletus’s last name is Spuckler.)

@ 40 – revealed

Spock is his first name, IIRC. Family names are the ones that are very difficult to pronounce. For all we know, Sarek and Spock’s last names are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

I think one novel gave the theory that Spock was short for something far longer and more difficult to pronounce for non-Vulcans.

In other words: Hire us for Star Wars!


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