New Star Trek Into Darkness Images – First Look At Keenser

There are a few new pictures from Star Trek Into Darkness that have emerged online. One of the new behind the scenes shots gives us our first look at Deep Roy as Keenser, Scotty’s alien pal. There is also a new shot of Spock and Uhura and a better shot of that new bridge. Check it all out below.


More Into Darkness Images

In December TrekMovie reported that Deep Roy was returning for Star Trek Into Darkness, again playing Scotty’s faithful sidekick. Now we have the first look at Keenser with a scan of a behind the scenes shot from Empire magazine.

Keenser (Deep Roy) and director JJ Abrams

Another new shot from Into Darkness features those lovebirds Spock and Uhura.

Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana) on bridge of USS Enterprise

TrekMovie has already posted a version of this picture (and totally over-analyzed it), but here is a wider and higher resolution scan of JJ on the bridge of the ‘other’ Starship from Star Trek Into Darkness.

JJ Abrams on the bridge of a ship that isn’t the USS Enterprise


Thanks to John for tip, New images source: Empire via TrekBrazilis and Tumblr

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As has already been said elsewhere on the internet, this photo of Spock & Uhura is very reminiscent of several TOS scenes.

aww look at Keenser with his dress uniform :DDDD just so cute!

and Spock/Uhura working on the bridge is reminiscent of some TOS scenes between them

Jesus H. Christ! Why does the guy look like an evil Space Nazi? Hat and all. Just the logo is all wrong!

Nice to see Abrams, as always, carrying his pocketful o’ lens flares. Wish he’d wear a hole in that pocket.

So that crab’s name is Keenser now? I had no idea, it wasn’t ever even mentioned in the first movie.
To me he was just an irritating attempt at comic relief like Jar Jar Binks, I’d honestly hoped he’d be forgotten.


Yeah, gotta love those uniforms.
I guess Abrams expects fans to dress up like Space Nazi’s at future conventions…

I would love it if those uniforms would become the standard-uniforms even on the bridge for the next movie.

more like SPACEBALLS..hahaha……let’s hope JarJar doesn’t make the final cut………… I recall many Spock-Uhura moments in TOS, but since Kirk evidently has no time for love in this movie….I guess we gotta give it up for Spock-Uhura!….

Love that bridge.
Keenser is badass. I don’t care what the naysayers say.
Love the Cage hat.

Great shot of Spock and Uhura, nice TOS vibe going on there. I love the new bridge consoles as well, also very much in the spirit of TOS . The texture of all those buttons and levers and switches is very interesting, visually…not to mention, it makes SO much more sense than all those smooth touch panels with no tactile feedback. Try working that IPad with your eyes closed sometime! lol

8. Kirk had always got the girls, him getting a romance is like the biggest given of ST sometimes
I love that this time Spock is the one having a romance and hopefully it can be more mature and better developed than previous trek romances.
Of course it can’t be the story and it’s fine like that but it’s still a nice touch.
Who knows maybe Carol Marcus will be Kirk’s love interest here too but I think you can have tons of human/human relationships in other stories what’s new or interesting about a normal human couple? In trek at least I do find it way more fitting with the theme to have an interspecies/interracial couple like S/U, it also is more challenging to write.
I mean you have this world in the future where people from different planets meet each other as if they just came from different countries in earth and these people may have relationships beyond their diversities just because some feelings seems somehow universal.. it would be a shame to not use this chance and have just usual human/human relationships only even in trek.

I want to see Keenser get angry and transform into a large-fanged and heavily-clawed vicious beast that rends his opponent limb from limb.

Yeah, I stated elsewhere on the Interwebs that the pic of Spock leaning over Uhura’s console is the best photo yet of this movie. It is such a perfect Trek look, like it was pulled right from TOS. I love it.

For me, THAT should be the movie poster. Only because I’m an obsessed Star Trek geek and like my Star Trek old skool only.

This movie take place a few months after ST09. Why is Keenser in an Ensign’s uniform? I guess if you can become a captain after 3 years in the academy, you could also graduate from the academy in four months.

Hey… Space Nazies? Does this mean Into Darkness is a recreation of “Patterns of Force” ? Oh-ho, man!

Herr Keenser vill not tolerate ze naysayers!
*clicks heels*

I know nussink!
I see nussink!
I hear nussink!

@14. Moputo Jones
Accoding to Star Trek Ongoing #14 (Keenser’s Story), Keenser graduated from the academy several months after the Kelvin was destroyed, so he has actually many years of service. In the comic, he is also referred to as Lieutenant by Scotty when the latter is first assigned to Delta Vega.

However, at that point I get confused, as his dress uniform in the photo above seems to indicate he is an ensign – just like Chekov (i.e. only one rank badge on each epaulette and no sleeve braid). So it seems to me the comic doesn’t quite match up with the movie regarding Keenser.

Starfleet IS more martial in this timeline than in the Prime timeline. They spent 25 years wondering if the Romulans had a fleet of five-mile long killer behemoths massing on the other side of the Neutral Zone. Of course they went a little more military, and these uniforms reflect that.

Keenser is nothing like Jar Jar–the comparison is ridiculous.


I’m going to have to agree. He doesn’t have nearly the screen time that Jar-Jar had plus he was actually funny.

Still don’t care.

Is it me or does the non-Enterprise bridge look at lot like a smaller version of the Unity Bridge in Star Trek Online.

Keenser is awesomely cute. And I love the dress uniform.

@14 We see Keenser in a red shirt and serving on the Enterprise at the end of the first film (not to mention that he had been serving with Scotty on Delta Vega for some time before that). So obviously he graduated from the Acadamy a long time ago.

Urghhhhh…hate Keenser!!!

And is it just me or does Abrams look a lot like him in that first pic?


I dont have anything against Keenser…
this look stupid!

Shouldn’t be in the movie, hasn’t JJ learnt from Lucas’s mistakes… oh hang on…

God I hate the set and costume design for this movie. So much.

I’m glad they are introducing new characters, like Keenser, into the crew.

Keenser looks even smaller than last time somehow. LOL

My only problem with Keenser is why is he the only alien that doesn’t speak English?

The Keenser character does radiate a doglike ‘companion’ quality.

Hopefully, there will be only be a brief moment of Keenser onscreen.


What the….?

Why?! WHY are they bringing back Snarf….I mean Keenser? I hate that garbage…some stupid cartoony character meant for comedy relief. I hated it in the 70s and 80s cartoons and I hate it now.

Keenser sucks.

Forgot to say — the only way I’ll be happy about Keenser being in this movie is if he dies while getting sucked out of the ship vis-a-vis explosive decompression.

I’ll accept that. Nothing else.

Keenest sucks.

That adjustable light is very reminiscent of “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. I think those were supposed to be miniature screens though. Oops! Oh well.

C’mon, Keenser is so small you’ll hardly notice ‘m!
(contrary to Carol Marcus ;-)

31. martin: He did speak English.

Scotty: “Aye, that’s me. You’re in the right place. Unless there’s another hardworking, equally starved Starfleet officer around.”
Keenser: “Yeah. Me!”

I love this bridge. They must’ve tweaked it because it looks different, improved even upon the last one.

pmsl that uniform is ludicrous. Even more so on the midget.


Keenser is already an officer in Trek 2009, so there’s no issue here.


‘Midget’ is considered offensive by most little people. Dwarf or little person is fine, though.

Looking sharp, Keenser.

How can Nu Trek get so much right and so much wrong at the same time? Keenser is such a stupid character. Way too Star Wars. And in this photo he looks like an alien Nazi. Not good.

I don’t understand the complaints about Keenser. If there’s one thing Star Trek should absolutely borrow from Star Wars, it’s the aliens that actually look like aliens. I for one am hoping we’re passed the old paper-plate-stapled-to-an-actor’s-forehead look.

You mean like the Gorn? Oh wait. Or the Melkots? Oh, um. Balok! No…ohhh, you’re thinking of Berman’s trek.

I think the actual complaints are about stupid comic-relief characters who don’t serve the plot in any way. It’s not too far from there to robot testicles.

I like Keenser. I don’t get why people hate him – he is inoffensive at the very least, and cool when you really think about him. He left his planet and his people to join Starfleet (like Spock). He’s clearly talented at what he does, if he got assigned to the Enterprise (like Spock). He does speak and understand English (“me”), he is just stoic and doesn’t bother yammering pointlessly away like all the humans around him (like Spock). He probably climbs on things if he needs to see, not just for fun (like Spock probably would if the situation warranted). And he rocks a dress uniform (like Spock undoubtedly does). It’s just his misfortune he’s not tall and hot and glossy-haired and mysterious with psychic powers (like Spock), otherwise he would be very popular.

I don’t get your complains about little cute Keenser.
thank God we have him, it’s freaking star trek and yet we have a whole crew of humans (saved for Spock who is half human anyway) we need some actually looking alien characters.
I sure hope to see more aliens, what’s the fun of a star trek without aliens?