Possible Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Spoilers Reported Online

There is another report of possible spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness again they are regarding the villain character John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Find out the latest possible plot revelations below, but beware of  potential Spoilers.













Harrison To Reveal Khan Identity?

It is an established fact that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is named John Harrison in the new Star Trek Into Darkness. TrekMovie has confirmed before that this is not a marketing ploy; the character name is used in the film. However, that hasn’t stopped speculation that Harrison has a hidden identity. And a new spoiler report from Shockya.com cites a ‘trusted source’ reporting that Cumberbatch’s John Harrison will reveal his true identity is that of Khan Noonian Singh "during a scene where Harrison is held prisoner on the Enterprise." We have already seen a number of glimpses of Harrison seemingly being captured on the Klingon home world of Qo’noS and held prisoner on the USS Enterprise.  Shockya’s source aslo reports that Into Darkness "alludes to the famous reactor scene" from Star Trek II: The Wrath
of Khan
, but "puts a reverse spin on it."

Rumors and reports that the villain in Into Darkness is Khan have been consistent since before Benedict Cumberbatch was even cast. After a number of sites (including AICN) reported (off the record) sources confirming it was Khan in 2012 TrekMovie was also able to confirm the same information (again with off the record sources). The new report is consistent with TrekMovie sources’ information.

Of course officially anything beyond identifying Benedict Cumberbatch is playing John Harrison is considered a rumor by Paramount and they do not respond to rumors. Some people related to the film have rsponded to the reports. Alice Eve flatly denied Harrison was really Khan. And Simon Pegg called the spoiler of Cumberbatch being Khan a "myth."

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No please no!

Let him be Commodore Matt Decker ….

Avenging the deaths of his crew that happened only because of the Prime Directive

Or even the Gorn.

I DO HOPE BEYOND HOPING HE IS NOT KHAN. That would be such a let-down.


I knew it all along!

He is not Khan but he will “unleash” Khan at the end. Mark my words.

i also said it had to be khan from the very beginning never was convinced by anything else….every clue kept pointing to khan…so all those khan denyiers what say u now? theres a lot of ya too….but it has a pretty big spin on the story….reverse it meaning that kirk dies instead of spock?

Hope it’s not true! And the movie better not be as boring as Skyfall! Been seeing a lot of comments comparing it to that.

And why do people say first when they’re not!? lol!


I just don’t believe that he is Khan. I have much more faith in the creativity of the writers than that.

Is Harrison Khan? I don’t think I really care any more so long as the movie is good. I don’t mind an homage, but I think I’d be disappointed if STID comes across as just a remake of TWOK.

As for the reverse spin – I’m guessing that might mean that Kirk is the one to lay his life on the line for his family (i.e. his crew). I doubt he dies ‘though, as the solicitation for Star Trek Ongoing #22 states: “Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise face a dire new threat rising in the wake of the movie’s momentous events!” It wouldn’t be the first time a soliciation wasn’t quite accurate, but I’m taking it as an indication that Kirk survives STID in the end.

We will not know if it is or isn’t True tell we see the movie.

I just wish this torture was over already! how many days left?

If he is “one of our best agents” then it seems unlikely that he is Khan. The trailers clearly make it apparent that Harrison is a member of Starfleet. It is an impossibility for Khan to be a member of Starfleet.

I still believe Harrison is a “de-aged” Robert April.

Two actresses who denied playing characters that they actually played.

Marion Cotillard denies she was playing Talia Al Ghul in the Dark Knight Rises. Link..


Guess what? She was.

Naomie Harris is the queen of playing characters who have surprising reveals.

In Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End, she was initially the witch Tia. . But in the end she’s Calypso.

She told the press that she was not playing Moneypenny. Link below. Guess what? She’s revealed to be Moneypenny..

I could have sworn that I heard that Karl Urban revealed that Cumberbatch is really playing Gary Mitchell in the movie a while back???


What “famous reactor scene” are they referring to??

I understood the twist as follows : this is Kahn who sacrifices himself in the reactor chamber to save the Enterprise crew.

But then I read that it would be Kirk.

Then I don’t know.

#14. SciFiMetalGirl:

Are you serious?!


I proposed that Khan was integrated into starfleet in this reality as he was found years earlier by another crew.

I bet 4000 quattos that he is Khan.

Who else can challenge kirk and spock both mind and body?

We get a original Khan story, Khan reimagined!

@14. SciFiMetalGirl

The scene in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan where Spock takes a fatal dose of radiation while repairing the Enterpise’s main reactor so the ship can escape the Genesis wave. Kirk makes it down to engineering as Spock is dying and they ‘touch’ hands separated by the transparent barrier before Spock dies. This scene (hands ‘touching’ yet separated) is similar to that which appeared in the Japanese version of the Announcement Trailer, and I think, one of the later trailers as well.

Sorry, I am jet-lagged… but I think I’ve got it figured out now.

It can’t be Khan… I’m sticking with Gary Mitchell. “The man who did it, was one of our top agents”
By the trailer kirk seems to take it personally and go after him…

#20 Then why Kirk would say to him “Who are you ?” in the brig sequence ?

I’ve not visited shockya.com before, how reliable are they generally?

If it proves to be Khan then JJ Abrams has revealed a serious character flaw in his psychological make-up.

Abrams seems determined, on a consistent basis, to prove to the masses that he can take a contrived, generic, one-dimensional notion and put his own “spin” on it, in an attempt to show everyone how damn original and clever he can be………..that is one f*cked up attitude.

Just because Abrams grew up in Hollywood, why does he get all the plum opportunities in show business?

What about all the poor talented slobs out there who don’t enjoy the benefit of nepotism? Don’t they deserve a chance?

It would be so refreshingly different to see something wholly original for a change.

Nah, that makes too much f*cking sense!!!!!

Oh come on guys . . . He’s not Khan . . . He’s V’Ger!

Come April 10 (IIRC), we’ll likely have a much better clue as to who John Harrison is, since that’s the date for Countdown To Darkness, Issue 4, the final issue.

As far as the speculation goes, Khan is too obvious a choice. Plus, in the modern world, if they did want to do Khan, they could easily find an actor of Middle Eastern descent. (Wasn’t as easy in the mid-to-late 60s)

I lean more towards a de-aged April (perhaps related to the TAS episode in some way?) or someone else Starfleet. IMHO, Finnegan is an likelier option. But I think Khan is, as I said, too obvious and would have a shock value of nil.

@1: Maybe. But from a canon perspective, he’s maybe a tad too young.

#22. My thoughts exactly. I’m not convinced this “evidence” is credible. It all seems very vague. I’ve never heard of this site until now. Most of the evidence seems that Harrison is not Khan. I still believe, however, that Harrison could be involved in the Khan story in some way.

This would explain why in the trailer we see Spock touching his hand through the glass. At the end, Khan saves everyone, so that would lead me to believe that he isn’t evil when it comes down to it, and that his motives aren’t one-hundred percent crazy.

I just finished watching the season 2 episode of Enterprise, Regeneration.
made me once again hope to see how Kirk and Crew would handle the Borg.

Would love to see the Borg return for star trek XIII (only calling it XIII till it actually has a title)

I still don’t buy it, why do to the trouble of casting people that look and sound like their 60’s counterparts then cast someone who looks and sounds NOTHING like the character he’s portraying – doesn’t make sense.

I thought the hand through glass scene is pike dying then funeral with missing man formation.

Kirk lost command and reports to pike as being captain.

Isn’t it obvious? The “reverse spin” is Harrison/Khan sacrificing himself for the good guys, with Spock putting his hand on the glass. It’ll be the overused redemption plot, the character with a noble cause, but who’s committed unspeakable sins in the name of that cause. Such a character cannot be allowed to live, it would be unpalatable to the American audience. But as he, like his motives, was good, he dies a hero in the end. Forget Khan. Harrison is Darth Vader. It’s the ultimate JJ Abrams trip.

Harrison is April’s son.

Didn’t someone do a comparison of BC’s hands to the picture of the hand on the glass and prove that it was not his hand in that scene?

Can’t find it now.


And I still think these reports are nothing but a bunch of bollocks.
Augment? – Maybe!
Khaaaaan? – nah!

@34 Lostrod

I believe this is the link you are thinking of:


Skyfall was a boring film?! Were you drunk when you watched it?!! :)

Perhaps John Harrison was indeed a top starfleet intelligence agent with access to a ship etc but he unfortunately came across Khan who removed his face and portions of his DNA to assume Harrisons identity…. and then he wreaks havoc

@36 ObsesiveStarTrekFan:

Thanks! That was it.

Unless they cgi some new hands on him, I don’t think it’s John Harrison touching the glass in the reactor scene.



I’ll believe it when I see it !

You hear me Roberto Orci Jr. ?!

if he is Khan then hollywood will maintain its streak of whitewashing any role involving a character of color it can. if he isn’t Khan then the folks behind the movie will have at least some measure of credibility.

Theaters in Germany report in their synopses of the movie that ‘Kirk has to face an enemy he knows all to well – the perfidious Khan’

@41: oh come on, that whitewahsing nonsense again… Khan is an Indian character who was played by a whte Mexican actor with red make-up in the first place… this argument is really really ridiculous. And the character is named “John Harrison”… he won’t be Khan. A new interpretation of the Khan character perhaps, nothing more.

In the pivotal prisoner scene, Cumbersome will reveal himself to be an energy being, in great Trek tradition, hailing from a new Abramsverse species first introduced in “Trek 09”, the so-called Lensflares, a truly evil race concocted by Master Abrams himself. In a surprise twist, the evil Lensflare formerly known as Cumbersome will then permanently blind Quinto AND the audience and make sure their experience of “Trek 13” will be a lasting one!

…On a more serious note…

Where are the pictures of Mr. Cumberbatch wearing one of those “snug” outfits he was referring to, a few weeks ago?

If Cumberbatch is revealed as Khan, it will confirm that Khan being a character in this movie was one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, ever.

Since the rumor mill really started heating up about this movie a couple of years ago, I’ve held the odds of the vilain at being 1-2. Yes, that’s not a typo. It’s a pretty obvious choice, though not an easy one. If Cumberbatch is Khan, that automatically puts it against the best of the Trek movies – which means this movie has to be really, really good or it’s a failure – in the eyes of every Trekkie going to see the movie.

So if it is Khan, they better pull it off right. Otherwise, we could have another Shinzon on our hands.

Yippee!!! shockHarryBallz.com my new website needs some hits. Hey Antony can you link to my new article?

My close warm personal insider sources confirm that beyond a shadow of a doubt, 100% certainty that BC is playing the shapeshiting sister of Garth of Izar.

There you now have a global exclusive scoop, of doodoo. Also Iron Man gets married to Potts at the end of Iron Man 3. She finds it impossible to iron the wrinkles in his suit. I’m on a roll I say. A roll of toilet tissue. Don;t stop me now (Spoiler tabs be damn)! In Fast & Furious 6 Letty is really undercover and still loves Dominic. Booya!!! scooped again!!

Look ma I can run a website 2!! This by the way is he title of my new screenplay that Paramouth just bought!! Our very own Anthony will be consulting on the project with me. The movie has the working title “April Fools: Fooled You Twice”. It is a sequel, that is a prequel to the first film which we will be working on next. I figured that it would be best to just go straight to the sequel from the get-go!! Am I not brilliant!!

If I was writing a Star Trek film with an ‘undercover’ Khan as the villain, I’d have to maintain that deception by making him significantly different (as it appears from STID’s trailers, interviews etc. so far). But by that point I’d simply think ‘Why not make this a character of my creation?’ ‘This is how I’ll make my mark on Trek lore.’ etc. Otherwise I’d basically be putting ridiculous effort into creating an exciting, brand new character, who at the end reveals himself to be a character someone’s already credited for creating.

So, honestly, he’s not Khan. He is John Harrison, of Starfleet Operations.

And throwing in a pretty much crazy random guess at his motives, with a twist on what you’d expect from Trek: He’s out to stop the Federation initiating war with the Klingons. (Because my guess is as good as anyone’s right now!)

Hey! Why was my post deleted??

“Otherwise, we could have another Shinzon on our hands.”

Wash your mouth out with soap and water!! Nemesis was the 2nd worst Star Trek movie ever (in my opinion). No prizes for guessing the worst.