Giacchino Tweets Into Darkness Music Clips + Soundtrack Available For Pre-order [UPDATED]

Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino continues to tease out bits from his March recording session of the score for Star Trek Into Darkness. Today he sent out a video with actual music from the film. You can watch (and listen) to the below. Plus if you are in Switzerland (or nearby) next week you can see Giacchino perform the score to the 2009 Star Trek move live along with a projection of the movie. Details below. [UPDATE: Now with 4 clips + Soundtrack now available for pre-order]


UPDATE 3: Into Darkness Soundtrack now available for pre-order

Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack for Star Trek Into Darkness is now available for pre-order at Amazon. The soundtrack CD is priced at $17.98 and will be released May 14th by Varese Sarabande. There is no album art or track list available yet.

UPDATE 2 : Giacchino Tweets Star Trek Into Darkness music clips

On Wednesday April 2nd composer Michael Giacchino did some live tweeting from the final day of recording the score for Star Trek Into Darkness. In all he tweeted out four different clips via Telly. TrekMovie has compiled the four clips into a single YouTube video (below).

While the music bears a strong similarity to the end credits for the 2009 Star Trek movie, there are subtle differences and TrekMovie has confirmed this is from Giacchinio’s score for Star Trek Into Darkness It appears that Giacchino is capping off the new movie in much the same way he did the last one, including the touches of Alexander Courage’s original Star Trek theme.

After TrekMovie put up our first article, the composer also went on the record about the clips, via a tweet to @TrekMovie…

Giacchino to perform Star Trek (2009) Live in Switzerland next week

In other Giacchino Star Trek news, the composer is headed to Switzerland next week to perform the "Intergalactic World Premiere" of "Star Trek – Live to Projection" with the 21st Century Symphony & Orchestra at the KKL Luzern Concert Hall.

Giacchino to perform Star Trek "live to projection" in Switzerland next week.

Giacchino will conduct the 21st Century Orchestra and the 21st Century Choir in front of a projection of the 2009 Star Trek movie. According to the 21st Century Orchestra announcement, they have been working together with Paramount and Giacchino for months putting together the event. They say it is a concert not just for Trekkies "but for all lovers of good music and breathtaking adventures."

There are only three peformances of "Star Trek – Live to Projection" – Friday April 12, Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14. Tickets range from 40 to 150 Swiss Francs. You can purchase tickets at the the site.

Poster for "Star Trek – Live To Projection"

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awesum !!!

fking sweet!!!!

sounds like the end music from the arrangement. Sounds Exciting! (2nd?)

I’d go to that concert….

the clip isnt actually new music, its just a new recording of old music! i want to hear some new stuff!!

I’m pretty sure this excerpt is actually from the end credits of Star Trek (2009). Could this be a rehearsal for the Live to Projection?

So… any word yet if Ben Burtt is returning to do sound effects?

I favourited this tweet instantly. Such an awesome thing to share.

Seems it’s been deleted already…

… and now it works!

Sounds like a tweaked version of the 2009 theme

Cannot wait to hear the new score !
I got the chance to see Michael Giacchino conduct in Dallas last May.
Simply amazing, wish I could go to the event in Lucerne.
I pasted a link below from the Dallas concert in May 2012


Sounds good. But it is nothing that we pretty much have not heard before.

Sounds like the end credits for Into Darkness are similar to that for Trek XI.

I doubt we will hear the actual music recorded for this specific film, STID, until we sit in the cinema. This music provides continuity for these Star Trek movie iterations, with, of course, homage given to the very original Alexander Courage music, that was the theme to TOS, the original TV series.

Good music!

Yes. I notice the clips are cut in such a way that Michael does not give us hints of any new themes he’s composing for STID. But it’s good to hear the team is continuing to use both the previous movie’s theme and the Courage theme. Nice!

i got chills

All this, and everyone thought JJ was already over at Disney with SW7.

Of course, the question remains: MG or John Williams?

“Star Trek – Live to Projection” would be a great Fathom Events offering… would happily pay to see it in my local theater!

That first clip definitely had some new stuff in it. Glad to see JJ! But on Telly, all the link got was that jumping dog video. I think he took it down over there.

I’d love to know when we can preorder the Soundtrack; and it will be like the limited edition of the ST09 CD?


How fun and thrilling it must be for JJ Abrams to listen to the live orchestra scoring “his” film.

How cool to see ST with a live orchestra! I am so happy for the Swiss! Could we have several similar events in different regions in the US? That would be delightful!

I like that Giacchino is reiterating themes from ST 2009; there will be certain motifs repeated, such as the one heard here, what I think of as the theme uniting Kirk with the Enterprise. Personally I hope to hear that lovely, rather melancholy, Vulcan theme for Spock.

The repeated themes give great continuity, and I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of new, exciting themes to accompany the new adventures.

I like this Music!!!. It’s Exciting!.

That original theme still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up ….amazing!

The recording studio kind of looks like the bridge of the new enterprise with JJ’s captains chair in the middle and the massive ‘viewscreen’ at the front looking at the orchestra. Pretty cool!

Nothing new… this soundtrack is soooo 2009 XD

> “Star Trek – Live to Projection” would be a great Fathom Events offering…
> would happily pay to see it in my local theater!

Double ditto that!

I’m glad the music is so close to the music in the first one. It always bugs me when the sequel movie sounds little like the original.

So basically, we’re not going to hear the actual Alexander Courage “Star Trek” theme until the end of this movie. Again? Very disappointing.

#32 “So basically, we’re not going to hear the actual Alexander Courage “Star Trek” theme until the end of this movie. Again? Very disappointing.”

How in the world did you come up with that conclusion?? By listening to two clips? Amazing, the conclusions leaped to with, as Spock would say, “insufficient data” to support such claims. How about waiting until you hear the other 120 minutes before you start moping?

OMG Zunft by the chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only the second clip sounds a bit different to me, the other two sound pretty identical to Trek 09’s end score. I was expecting darker, but maybe everything really does end all rosy.

I gotta say, this was a pet peeve pf mine with the TNG movies, they had the same closing scores (each one would incorporate sections of the particular themes from that movie, but they started and ended the same)

There’s something about the way they do the TOS theme that bugs me, others here have described it as lounge-lizardy and cheesy. I don’t know if it’s the tempo or what it is… Am I out to lunch?

Fix the E design so it might rival TMP? No.

Hire a composer that might chase an Oscar for this movie vs. a different one? No.

And God help us if its Khan.

This all feels like its been mailed in. Hopefully I’m wrong.

While grateful to hear these snippets, the pieces all sound virtually identical to ST 2009, aside from temp and orchestration variances. Hoping there is more originality throughout the film. Still yearn for the glory days of Goldsmith and Horner, but hope to similarly experience some goosebump inducing works from Giacchino!

HOW COOL! That’s Tobias Richter’s CG rendering of the Enterprise!!

i remember listening to these 100 times when the soundtrack came out.

@37. Parts of Horner’s scores are starting to sounded “dated” to me. Goldsmith’s Trek music is still great, but unfortunately it it now too tied in my mind to TNG series and movies, so it no longer had much applicability to me outside of hearing his stunning TMP score.

“bk” — so whose sockpuppet are you tonight? LOL

@31 “I’m glad the music is so close to the music in the first one. It always bugs me when the sequel movie sounds little like the original.”

Agreed. Add in a new theme for Harrison, but the keep the rest the same. If it worked great the first time, please don’t fix it.

Guys, one thing to remember is that he may not be able to play the new compositions due to NDA. So he’s just letting us peer into the recording process that features something we had heard before and won’t get him in trouble. (I’m speculating though.)

Posted a fourth video on his twitter with TOS theme sung by choir.

My theory is .. that captain pike is killed and kirk is once again promoted to captain.. Harrison is an alias and some how affiliated with the space seed theory of khan or is khan.. Remember , originally in the 2009 star trek movie the space seed ship was suppose to be seen in that alternate version.. What if.. nero’s ship that wasnt suppose to be in that time line enter at a point where it disrupted its path? what if that distress signal from the u.s.s. kelvin reached starfleet, and what if they did sent the ships to rescue the escape pods. And load and behold when they got there, they find… the s.s. botany bay ship? What if they awake the ”Harrison” alias and found out he was the genetic experiment from the past and programed him to be a rouge agent..? And what if he was promised to “free” the suspended animation pods that starfleet hid from the federation as a secret convert, and didnt? And his revenge on starfleet was a ploy to start war with the klingons while using terrorist acts on federation cities on earth. This attack on pike (upon if he is killed) sends kirk to see it as a personal responsibility to seek ‘Harrison” to justice.. I know is another character and I think it has to do with an alternate space seed twist… If not khan then who else?

#43 – What is NDA?

NDA=non disclosure agreement?
Could just be that he hasn’t registered the score, since he probably was making changes right up to the recording….

#46 Non-Disclosure agreement

The one with the choir is spine-tingling! Love it!

Biggest complaint about MG (and he’s not the only composer guilty of this) is that you can hear elements of “Lost” in ST 2009 and elements of ST 2009 AND “Lost” in “Super 8” (cue up “The Gathering” from the “Lost” soundtrack). There’s a sameness to it. His best work was in “Up” which is a departure from his other scores.

The best Star Trek score is still Jerry Goldsmith’s from “Star Trek: TMP” with TWOK running a close second. “The Enterprise” is one of the best pieces of music ever composed for a film.