Watch Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer In 3D + POLL: Will You See STID In 3D?

Star Trek Into Darkness will be the first Star Trek movie in 3D and to give you an idea of what it is going to be like in the third dimension you can see the trailers at 3D theaters – and now you can see the international trailer in 3D on your computer. Watch it below (but 3D glasses are going to be helpful).


Watch Star Trek International Trailer In 3D

The following video is an unofficial release of the official Russian 3D International Star Trek Into Darkness trailer – available in resolutions up to 1080p (via avidustries13 on Youtube).

NOTE: Click the 3D button to adjust the settings for your preferred method of 3D


POLL: To 3D or not to 3D?

Are you ready to go to the next dimension of Star Trek? Sound off below and in our new poll.



Thanks to Anton for tip

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BFI IMAX just announced they’ll be showing STID in REAL 70mm IMAX 3D – that means the IMAX scenes should fill up the whole screen like TDKR…

2D for me only. After watching a few movies in 3D and being underwhelmed, I will never again pay the extra price for something I don’t like.

Already have a ticket for the 5/15 IMAX showing! Woot!

Absolutely! Star Trek has always lead the way for me to care about new technologies in film (first VHS, first DVD, first Blu-Ray)… now I might have to get a 3D TV!

Also, can I say how impressed I am by this? Even wearing the old style Red/Green glasses, this is genuinely in 3D, albeit quite a flat version of it. Looking forward to the real deal. Just over 1 month to go!

I can’t watch 3D films because of strabism (is that the right word in English?). It will be almost impossible for me to watch the movie in 2D and English because movies are always dubbed here in Germany, and only very few theatres will show the movie in 2D anyway (and even then only once a day at an inconvenient time). :-(

@4. This version is a convert of the 3D version they play in cinemas, best watch it on a big screen!

I have 3D glasses from the movie theaters and they still don’t help with the 3D image. Does the computer monitor have to be 3D enabled as well?

I have never been impressed by 3D movies, and having to wear 3D glasses over prescription glasses doesn’t help. Glasses-free 3D or forget it.

I’ll probably wait to see reviews of how it looked in 3D before springing for it. If it looks as though people are impressed, I’ll go for it. But if I see a lot of complaints about the 3D, I may just stick with 2D.

I just watched the trailer in 3D by crossing my eyes. It looks pretty cool, but by the end I was about ready to puke LOL.

I saw the first 9 minutes in IMAX (in another city for Christmas break), so I’ll definitely see it in 3D (no IMAX here), but I’ll probably see it in 2D first if possible. I did find the IMAX a bit overwhelming, hence my desire to see it in 2D first so I can take it in. I was very impressed with the first 9 minutes, as I usually find 3D too dark and frankly underwhelming.

@7. they won’t work…

The film comes out in the middle of my end of semester exams in college, so me and my friend have agreed to go to the first available showing, and we’re guessing it’s in 3D. But we’ll definitely see it in 2D afterwards though Our preferred choice though is 2D.

I’ll most definitely be seeing this in 3D IMAX. We have an IMAX-lite theater in town so I’ll see it there. But I’m planning on taking a little road trip to the nearest true IMAX to see it there as well.

SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3D, not that I have a real choice. I want to see it on the first day of opening and I bet my local cinema will only show the movie in 3D then. Most of the times 3D movies won’t be shown in 2D at all in my local cinema, even later in their run.

Eyes crossed. And blown away! Pretty damn epic.
3D all day for me.

I’ve been making 3D stereo images for over 15 years. There are strict rules to follow in 3D composition, and like most 3D movies, this ignores every one of them.

It’s also a conversion, so things look like cardboard cutouts, which is unavoidable by its very nature of not being filmed with 2 cameras or a stereo camera to start with.

So it’s 2D for me.

I saw a trailer on German TV on Easter Sunday. The Star Trek premier will be on the 8th May. So they started with the trailers more than a month before it.

Wow! This new sci-fi film CTAPTP3K looks good! And I have never played spot the differences with moving images before!

Yes, the lens flares have the top layer…I assumed as much from the preview with the Hobbit…and they really show it off with the trailer here.

Both. I have IMAX 3D tickets for the 15th and I’ll be seeing it in 2D and/or 3D however many times I can manage (I’m trying to beat my previous record from 2009).

I refuse to pay for 3D converted movies. Don’t mind giving movies that were actually shot in 3D a chance but conversions never look good IMO. All these old movies being converted always look like cardboard cutouts.

All that to say, 2D only for me!

I’m thinking both. My quandry is which first? I’m thinking 3D (no IMAX here, tho )first, for the full-on sensory experience, then a hopefully a return visit or two in 2D to catch any details I may miss the 1st time through.
The only 3D movie I’ve ever seen (outside of Captain E-O, or the Muppets @ DisneyWorld) in theaters was Tron Legacy. Thinking of hitting up Jurassic Park next week to see how a 2D to 3D conversion looks and that may sway my decision a bit too.

Come on May 15th. Can’t get here soon enough. I do not want to see any more trailer’s. I want to see the Whole Movie.

#22. rolltide1017 – April 5, 2013

Just read Roger Eberts review of the converted JURASSIC PARK 3D release and guess what? He liked it. Says the conversion process didn’t detract or get in the way.

May 15th. My wife and I will be seeing Star Trek in IMAX in 3d at 7pm.
Maybe I should do a little Time Traveling.

The problem will be to find a 2D version of the film in Germany. Many 3D blockbusters are shown in 3D exclusively over here. We had no chance to see The Avengers, Thor or GI Joe Retaliation in 2D anywhere near our location, not even in the bigger cities. It’s a nuisance. I don’t oppose 3D completely but I’m not going to see the film more than once or twice in 3D. I saw ST09 fourteen times back then, but that was before 3D took over the market. I hope a 2D version will be available somewhere…

Great. July 11 for us here. I have high hopes for a strong opening in US.

Got my 2 IMAX 3D tickets for 5/15. Then I heard the early screening (our shows) are sold out everywhere. Great for the Star Trek franchise, not great for us, as I know it’s going to be mayhem 1-2 hours before the show starts.

Look, I’m a Trek fan like everyone here, and I like to think of myself as hygienic and sociable like hopefully most of you are here, but damn! At the last line up for Star Trek ’09, we lined up among some of the grossest looking and foul smelling dweebs who looked like they’ve never stepped out of their parents’ basements except to take out the garbage (nod to Shatner on SNL and Galaxy Quest), and barely had the social skills on how to act appropriately in public.

Lining up for the iPhones and iPads, at least we had regular folk among the artists and hipsters, so my wife didn’t mind so much, but the look on her face when we were trying to get in for ST09 was priceless. Not sure I’d ever be able to take her to a ComicCon or Trek convention without administering chloroform first.

I used the old fashion blue and red 3d glasses and it looks awesome! tickets in hand for may 15th!

Just a random curiosity, but is STID done? Like completely finished? Or are they still doing VFX, music, and editing?

The recent conversion on GI Joe was awful. And the image suffers unless they kick up the brightness, which they normally don’t. Nice crisp 2D for me, at least for the first couple of showings. Then ill go 3D.

Why would I pay more to see the exact same movie? While 3D is ok, it’s not worth a cost. I will lose absolutely nothing by seeing this movie in 2D.

IMAX 3D for the first 2 times at least, where I’ll be rocking my Starfleet finery (for the first time)!! After that we’ll see.

I’m skipping the pre-opening hubbub, as I plan to be traveling back in good old Russia. I’ll try to catch it in 3D, as, obviously, it will be in 3D there.

Anton, if you are here, will it be dubbed or sub-titled?

not enough choices in pole

3D if I can find it in Doldby3D (Real 3D is terrible and he most popular)

They forgot to put the option of will you be watching it in theaters at all.

32. NoKhanPlease – April 5, 2013
Why would I pay more to see the exact same movie?

It’s Star Trek baby!!!. I will pay five times as much to see that movie today!!! I have been waiting for 4 years now and praying for the day to come quickly.

@34. Dubbed, although this cinema: sometimes show new films with subtitles…

@25. Disinvited-
I saw the trailer for Jurassic Park 3D before Oz the Great and Powerful. The conversion was impressive.

i said it before and im saying it again…for me the true star trek was in the original 6 movies and the tos of course, as for the next gen yes definetely almost 9/10 !!!but the new movie just dissapointed me…except carl…for the next one i m going to see it hoping to be a better one…

by the way the music in the new movie was awful..much of the magic of the original cast movies was the music..why they dont change this approach for a more trek one…?

this is the proper aproach….

Just watched, instead of true 3D this is cardboard cutouts at various distances on a flat background. I absolutely will not be seeing this in 3D. If this is what JJ meant by 3D Conversion, it totally sucks.

@ 8. Simon Jessey – April 5, 2013

“I have never been impressed by 3D movies, and having to wear 3D glasses over prescription glasses doesn’t help. Glasses-free 3D or forget it.”

Exactly, I watched couple 3D movies & I got headache afterward. Not to mention it is very annoying to wear 3D glasses over my prescription glasses.

Until they come up with a 3D system that doesn’t require glasses, I will watch movies in 2D only.

3D for sure! But not on IMAX. the glasses pull the lenses into my face and that is too annoying. They also pull at the back of my head and dig in and just plain hurt.

@ 40. Aqua – JJ has also said that he is a 3D conversion convert. So, it has his approval.

The new Superman movie is gonna be a full blow remake…..June not much Trek comp..

Reading some of the comments here, I’m surprised that in many European countries, like Germany, Russia, they actually showed movies dubbed !!!

Guess I was lucky when I was living in Egypt, where they only subtitled foreign movies, never dubbed it.


Ponyal. Thanks, Anton.

The format I’d actually LIKE to see the new Trek in is a 2D IMAX version. But I know that’s not going to happen (I’ve asked boborci on this board multiple times if it was possible, but never got a response…) Look, the reason current 3D technology doesn’t work for so many people is just basic BIOLOGY. There is a certain percentage of the population that will always see the flicker in this 3D tech; it’s just the natural byproduct of their visual processing. I worked in the DLP group at Texas Instruments when the whole technology was developed, and all the PhD’s and engineers there knew it to be true.

The other two problems are also well known; the first being that the images always look too dark, and the second being that everything looks smaller (since most of the 3D effect is depth “into” the screen versus “out of” the screen…)

And the problem for a movie lover is that we want to see movies on a BIG screen, and IMAX has taken over the big screen market. So if IMAX-equipped theaters won’t show a 2D version, we’re stuck with small screens. My proposal would be for studios to release a 2D IMAX version, and those theaters could at least pick a few showings a week for it, for the (20%?) of the population who see the flicker in current 3D tech. But I doubt that’s ever going to happen. Meaning we either have to hope that 3D finally dies, or wait the 10+ years it’s going to take to get higher fps rate 3D tech rolled out.

I hate 3D, so no I will not be seeing it in 3D.

I feel that 3D is a gimmick that takes away from movies, and is often used as a way to try and hide the fact that there’s very little depth to a movie, with Avatar being a perfect example. I hate having to wear 3D glasses over my normal glasses, and it winds up giving me a headache before the movie is half over. It’s also just one more way for movie studios to charge people more money for tickets.

#36: Every single person here will see it in the theater, despite their protests to the contrary, so that option is unnecessary.