Kirk’s Phaser Rifle Sells For $231K At Auction

Another piece of Star Trek history has made big money on the auction block. This time it was Kirk’s phaser rifle from the original series Star Trek pilot which sold at auction this weekend for $231,000 – a record for a Star Trek prop. 



Kirk’s rifle sells for close to $1/4 mil

Kirk’s phaser rifle from Star Trek’s second filmed pilot ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") sold at the Julien’s Hollywood Legends auction this weekend for $231,000 (with buyer’s premium). This is the most ever paid for a Star Trek prop at auction. The only memorabilia that has sold for more are original models and some set pieces (such as the original captain’s chair).

Kirk’s phaser rifle sells for $231K

Only one phaser rifle prop was ever made and it was only used in one episode. Star Trek collecting expert Alec Peters (of the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Blog) tells TrekMovie that he considers it the "single most important Star Trek prop." Peters cites its uniqueness and how it was used extensively by William Shatner on screen in only one episode as contributing to its value. Peters also points to how the prop was used in publicity materials for Star Trek as being part of the value of this particular prop.

The prop was sold to a private American collector who has one of the biggest collections of original Star Trek costumes in the world. This prop will join the collection and will likely not end up being displayed at museums.

Rifle came with nice box too

The phaser rifle was created for Gene Roddenberry by toy designer Reuben Klamer.  Here is a video made by Julien’s with Klamer takling about the prop. ‘\

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Would be nice for the buyer to be able to get a current pic of Shatner with the rifle!

and an autograph while you still can and I gotta say it kinda looks like a futuristic calking gun though.

wonder who took care of it as it looks like its straight out of 1965 with little to no wear.

Been trying to rack my brains (l&r) remembering if THE CAGE had any Laser rifles but I think I’m just remembering THE MAN FROM U.N..C.L.E. and LOST IN SPACE. Some of Pike’s hand weapons had long barrels suggestive of a rifle to me but I don’t picture any of them being held as a rifle would be.

3. Don’t think it did, but I’m not certain. It had that giant gun that blasted at the entrance to the Talosians’ pad…

It’s weird, from that side view, i only just realized how much the Voyager Compression Rifle looks very similar.

“The prop was sold to a private American collector who has one of the biggest collections of original Star Trek costumes in the world. ”

God, some Trekkies here must be rich.

yeh like microsofts paul allen who has THE bridge capts chair at the emp museum in seattle among many other cool scifi stuff…

@6. Exverlobter – “God, some Trekkies here must be rich.”

Well, not James Patterson rich, but…

3. Disinvited: Nope, it was only created for and used in WNMHGB. I’m not sure why. I can think of at least a few episodes where it would have been appropriate and looked cool.

The Cage’s “laser” pistols had telescopic barrels. You can see Pike snapping the barrel in and out when it “doesn’t work” and then threatens the lead Talosian. It’s not clear what for (wide setting perhaps?) as they also had selectable barrels. Only the latter was seen when Lt. Tyler tries to blast through the elevator doors with higher power settings to no avail.

It’s kind of a shame that these weren’t used past the first season (it seems, as civilian owned phasers) because I see what they were going for. The rotating and telescoping barrels added interest to an otherwise static and unoriginal looking prop.

I have seen videos of fans making versions of this prop, and adding in real lasers and sound effects. Just about the coolest thing ever!

I am also amazed that a toy version (not an expensive prop replica mind you) of this has never been made available. Even if it was smaller scale…would but it in a hear beat.

Haven’t seen anything on about this Star Trek-related news:

Jim Mees dies at 57; set designer best known for ‘Star Trek’ work

RIP, Jim Mees. Thanks for your important contributions to Star Trek design.

Are there replicas being made?

If not for the publicity photos, this prop would be obscure, not awesome.

#9. Jovius the Romulan – April 8, 2013

Thanks for jogging my memory on the pistols. Weren’t phaser rifles (Not this prop but homages to it I think?)used in other Trek series and movies? has or had a replica of this phaser rifle for sale as I saw it at the Vegas con one year.

I also got a photo with Sally Kellerman at WizardCon in Anaheim in 2010 where I am holding this rifle (or a replica) with her next to me. I was told at the time it was the exact one used in WNMHGB but I would not be able to tell. The rifle was in great shape but fragile so I would never know which one it is but I like to think it was the exact one.

I’m amazed at hgat great shape that prop is in after all these years!

Anyone who spends that kind of money on a prop is an idiot.

I’m amazed! I always thought the prop was lost. Why on earth, or why in the galaxy, did they not use this impressive prop again? With its micro budget, Trek needed all the production values it could get, and this expensive item just collected dust on the shelf for 3 years? Absolutely incredible!