Watch: Star Trek Into Duckness Mashup + Did Google Captions Reveal Villain ID?

Usually after a new trailer is released there follows fun mashups and parodies. However after seeing nothing interesting done for the latest international trailer TrekMovie decided to make our own so today we present the trailer for "Star Trek Into Duckness." Check it out below plus a couple of other fun nuggets related to the int’l trailer.


Star Trek Into Duckness

Check out Capt. Duck and his loyal friend the half-pig Mr. Pork as they take on the evil Marvin the Harrison.

Video was made combining the international Star Trek Into Darkness trailer with footage from the classic 1953 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century" directed by Chuck Jones. And to fill it out some footage from the 1980 "Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2 Century" cartoon was used. But nothing from the "Duck Dodgers" TV series. You can watch a comparison video below.

More Int’t trailer fun: Bomber gets dumped + The Devine Batch?

There are a few other fun bits to share regarding the international Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Firstly did you notice that the photobomber has now been cropped out?  If you remember back in December TrekMovie pointed out that there was one guy in the San Francisco crowd scenes that seemed to be ignoring the directions to look in one direction and instead was giving his best "hey Mom I’m in the Star Trekz" look.


In that article TrekMovie opined "What do you want to guess this guy doesn’t make the final cut of the film?" Well somebody must have seen our article because check out the same shot in the new trailer…


Another fun bit with the international trailer has to do with Google’s latest automatic captioning function. Clearly there are some bugs to work…or is it possible Google has really broken some big spoilers on Benedict Cumberbatch’s character?

John Harrison’s true identity finally revealed by Google auto-captions?

And his plan has something to do with disrupting overnight deliveries?

Watch the whole trailer with the captions on (hit the ‘CC’ button) – it is pretty funny stuff.

Well that’s it for the goofing off for now – at least until the next trailer comes out.

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Will there be another North American trailer? If so when will it be released. Surely they are not going to use the Oz trailer until release… which was aimed at kids and gives no clues as to the plot?

If it is released with Iron Man, isn’t that a little late?

They should have just covered his face with a Darth Vader helmet.

4 weeks and 2 days
Just booked tickets for May 9th
The countdown has begun

Phasers on stun!

Coming May 9th:


“Star Trek Into Darkness!!!”

“Eh-bi-bi-bi big deal.”

So they blew up the shot of e photo bomber in the film as well?

Sad, as it also eliminates the only alien in the shot as well.

Nevertheless this background extra got his :15 of fame …

As to the identity … I would not put it past Abrams to make Harrison the second coming of Jesus. I mean, fountain of youth in Alias, purgatory in Lost … And the first Jesus is supposed to be the antichrist claiming to be Jesus anyway, right?

Love the Duck Dodgers mash up! Thanks Anthony and TrekMovie for injecting a bit of fun and good humor in the run up to May!

Red shirts versus brown uniforms. I knew we were missing something in the trailers!

STIDuckness was fun! I laughed, I cried – 9.5/10

Nice work, Trekmovie

I really don’t know if I’m easily amused or that caption is freaking funny :))

Duck Dodgers! in the 23rd and a half century to the rescue. He will know if it’s Khan of John.

Into Duckness. A classic!

So, John Harrison is Jesus, and a UPS driver?

So, they cropped out the photobomber, but Venom remains? And Venom looks like he lost some weight….

Yes I know he is of the 24th. But hey. This is in the 23rd Century. Lol.

Hahaha! It was Capt. Duck who screamed!

Guard Jesus working for UPS!!!

#6: Abrams had nothing to do with the Purgatory storyline on LOST. He was no longer actively involved with the show long before then.

Harrison is really Jesus? Jesus, why didn’t I think of that?

It needs more lense flares!

I’ve been saying he was Guard Jesus for years now.

Very funny!

Now I get it. Jesus brings Gary Mitchell back from the dead.

Why does Jesus need a starship?

I can understand UPS wanting a starship…but not JC.

I think I know how this happened……………..

JJ Abrams is sitting for his 10,000th interview regarding the new movie:

Reporter: “C’mon, admit it, the villain is Khan, right? If not Khan, than who?”

JJ Abrams: “JESUS!”

Reporter: “WOW! WHAT A SCOOP!”

Oh my goodness – Duck Dodgers! I can still hear “Duuuuuck Dodgerrrrs’ in my brain. That show was a hoot. And your mashup is pretty good too.

As for the closed captions… You see, this is one of the reasons that Starfleet needs communications officers who are also xenolinguistic specialists – The Universal Translators will be a fine theory that, in the heat of the moment, will just suck… That was hilarious, and scary at the same time. Heavens, I’d hate to have to rely on that system for anything important.

You don’t mess with the Jesus!

Yay! The smirky extra is deemed … extraneous. Or at least his smirk is.

He’ll never smirk-work in this town again, as they say; or at least probably not as an extra.

-Porky Pig can deliver a surprisingly good Mr. Spock…

– So, Harrison is Jesus… in Purgatory?? ;-)

– The trailer with the captions left me in stitches! :-D Reminds me a bit of “The backstroke of the west”.

Secretary tension now! XD

It was abvious that the guy would be cropped… they also removed the film roll that was lying around on the ops/conn station in the first trailer of the last film, remember?

oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh…humans make me very very angry.


JJ…Hold on, I didn’t say that.

Reporter: Yes, you did.

JJ: I was frustrated. For all you know the villain could be the next guy who walks through that door! (door opens)

UPS guy: Package for Mr. Abrams..

JJ: (face palms)..jesus….

Reporter: Well, make up your mind!

Where’s the Kaboom? There was no Kaboom, there’s always a Kaboom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Character Lines from the Actual into Darkness fit all the Characters, the lines I have heard from Pike sound like they should come from Pike, the line from Kirk sounds like it should come from kirk, and lines I have heard from Bones and Spock all sound like they should come from them, this sounds better and better all the time.

In b4 MJ says he knew it was Guard Jesus all along.

I’ really hope it is not a story about the antichrist, no matter how good it is i’ would not be able to buy it. I’ know it’s only a $35.00 dollar lost for the company if i wanted it as a 3D Blue Ray disc but it would still be very sad for me, cuz ST & SW are my favorite Sci-fi shows/movies…as a Christian i can’t buy false teachings materials (never), so it must be a joke, I’ hope.

By the way jokes about Jesus are ok with God, He can forgive people about Jesus but not the Holy Spirit, so my friends please be careful…best not to talk about something that some may not know nothing about. God bless you all, in the name of Jesus of Nazaret

#’s 23 and 30.

I think what J.J Abrams really said, in frustration at folks dogging him for the identity of the villain:


William Shatner: Holy prophet, Rockman! I did God in my movie, he’s doing Jesus in his!

J.J Abrams: Yeah, but at least I didn’t mail it in!

UPS Guy (body double for Chris Pine): My package is seen during the threesome between Kirk and the cat-women! So yes, you could say I literally mailed in my performance!

J.J Abrams: Oh, God!

William Shatner: Again, that was my character!

J.J Abrams: I was being sarcastic! JESUS!!

Papparrazo: Okay, multiple confirmations from the same source……the villain’s identity is Jesus!

The closed captioning was definitely off. How could they leave off “All your base are belong to us”?

Jesus, reimagined as an angry UPS driver from the 23rd century…. that would certainly be a different spin on the whole Christ story, wouldn’t it?

Well, Kirk has already taken on a few ‘gods’ in his time, so why not? ;-)

Can’t the damn Web-bot tell us who Cumby’s playing?

@ 31

No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow.

So, if some guy named Michael was a terrorist and blew himself up, would he be referred to as a BOOM MIKE?

“Hey, wait a minute? Why does Jesus need a Starship?”




” “Hey, wait a minute? Why does Jesus need a Starship?” ”

Answer: “Christ, to get A-CROSS the damned galaxy, that’s why!”

What’s with all the guys in glasses? Cameos? Retinax shortage?’

@16. BatlethInTheGroin,
“Abrams had nothing to do with the Purgatory storyline on LOST. He was no longer actively involved with the show long before then.”

If you believe this, you don’t know anything about JJ Abrams.

….i’d rather watch this tbh…..

The trailer with closed caption… crying laughing! LOL The bit where there’s a ton of dialog and the only thing captioned is the word “no,” which no one actually says.



That’s more hilarious than Babelfish on AltaVista way back in the day.

Wait a second…This explains everything. Cumberbatch is playing Jesus who’s come back to the world where the Judeo-Christian religion has been mythologized (per TOS) – and he’s more than a bit miffed!

I’m guessing STID is a mix of Trek and Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This (Youtube: ). I wonder how JJ got Mel Gibson involved without anyone knowing…

harrison introduced guard jesus? Who did he introduce the guard named jesus to? is it pronounced heyzuess…

You’re all pronouncing it wrongly. Jesus isn’t /dzhi: zus/, it’s /he: su:s/, you know, Spanish style, “hey Seuss!”

This proves he’s playing a Hispano-Mexican named Jesús who pretended to be Khan Noonien Singh in the first iteration of TOS.

See? Bob Orci simply wants us to accept that Ricardo Montalbán’s Khan wasn’t really Khan, but a guy pretending to be Khan. So, it makes perfect sense that pasty white Englishman pretends to be a Hispano-Mexican, who was pretending to be an Indian Sikh!

Brilliant work, gang – loved it!