Exclusive: New Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Poster & Trailer Next Week + Hollywood Premiere 5/14 + more

There has been a lot of international marketing for Star Trek Into Darkness in the last week, but the Domestic operation is about to move into high gear. TrekMovie has exclusive details on the next steps for Paramount (and promotional partners). We also have now confirmed the date for the Hollywood premiere. Details below.


New Trailer and Poster next week

 Star Trek Into Darkness opens domestically (US & Canada) on May 17th, which is actually a week after it opens in a number of international markets (including the UK, Germany and Australia). While there have been four trailers released for Into Darkness, technically two of those were international trailers and the other two were considered domestic ‘teasers.’ The full theatrical domestic trailer is still to come and TrekMovie has learned from sources that it arrives next weekend, attached to showings of the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Oblivion – opening Friday April 19th. The new trailer is expected to be different than the full international trailer that was released with GI Joe Retaliation (outside the US). The new domestic trailer is a little longer at 2 minutes 25 seconds. It is expected to be targeted at an audience more familiar with Star Trek than the international audiences.

Also due next week is the final domestic one sheet poster. The poster released on Monday of this week was the official international one sheet. No details yet on the design except that it is said to be different.

2009 "Star Trek" domestic one-sheet poster – the "Into Darkness" domestic poster is due next week – along with a new trailer

TV and outdoor also starting next week – including Mazda cross promo campaign

So far there have been two Star Trek Into Darkness TV spots: the Super Bowl commercial and the sneak peek during the season finale of The Walking Dead. But traditional shorter TV spots are being readied and may start airing as soon as next week. The same is true for the outdoor advertising campaign with billboards and bus shelter ads.

Paramount is also getting an assist in their advertising from some promotional partners. Esurance is already running web advertising featuring Star Trek Into Darkness imagery and linking to their Facebook app. Next week Mazda will begin a co-branded campaign for Star Trek Into Darkness tied to their Mazda 6 cars and highlighting their ‘SkyActiv‘ technology. The Mazda campaign will be comprised of TV spots and some outdoor advertising – including a big billboard in New York City’s Time Square.

Preview of Mazda/Star Trek Into Darkness billboard (click to enlarge)

Hollywood Premiere May 14

Earlier this week we reported exclusive details on the world gala tour JJ Abrams and some of his cast will be embarking on – starting with Australia on April 23. TrekMovie has now confirmed that US premiere for Into Darkness will take place on Tuesday     May 14th at the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood – same location as the Star Trek premiere in 2009. This is just one day before Into Darkness IMAX 3D ‘fan sneaks‘ on Wednesday evening across the US and Canada. The full list of celebrities attending the Hollywood premiere is not yet known but it is expected that some of the British stars of the movie who will appear at the London premiere on May 2nd may not be able to make it
to the LA event.

2009 "Star Trek" premiere at Chinese Theater in Hollywood – Abrams is headed back on May 14 with "Star Trek Into Darkness"

…but wait, there’s more

The above is (of course) not the extent of the US promotional plan. There will be much more including celebrity appearances on talk shows and elsewhere. For example Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto are all presenting at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend so don’t be surprised if there is some kind of Into Darkness promotion during the show. 

Pine at 2009 MTV Movie Awards – presenting again this year along with Quinto and Saldana

And TrekMovie has confirmed there more promotional partners (in addition to Mazda and Esurance). The Star Trek app will also be tying into many of the above promotions, including some with the promotional partners. In addition, the viral campaign which should have some activity following the release of the new trailer.

Soon you should find out if you are the 1701

And of course there are likely more things that TrekMovie hasn’t been able to work out from our sources. So stay tuned for more news on Into Darkness promotions both foreign and domestic. And we will share any new TV spots, trailers, billboards, etc. – along with the usual (over) analysis.


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The best is yet to come!

Wow, am I really FIRST??

Sorry, I couldnt resist. Sounds great! The movie is now less than one month away (counting its May 9th release in various countries) and so its cool to get the final (hopefully with a bit more story) trailer! Sadly with the internet most of us will probably know everything about the film before it premieres in America, but I guess every country always dealt with it depending on release dates.

Anyway, I got to see the first film in Sydney last time (lived there). Now that I’m back in L.A. I might try to sneak off of work that day and make it to Hollywood for the premiere. Also seen four of the films at the Chinese theater so will probably see this one there too. Get me back to my roots! ;)

LOL, eliasj beat me to it by a minute! Oh well!

So there will be one more trailer. That’s good because I thought it strange that the final trailer wasn’t in front of GI Joe 2.

I want to make it to the premiere in LA- do you need tickets or can the public just stand along the red carpet? Also, any word if Benedict Cumberbatch will be there?

Oh, man. That thumbnail on the side. I though it was the poster! Talk about disappointment. Haha! The 2009 poster is just great. Simple and yet stylish. I have it in my room. It’s a gem.


Iam just lucky man…cheers!!

I really wish there were more product tie-ins. Those Burger King glasses were fantastic. I have one set that I use and one set that I never took out of the boxes.

Can’t wait for the new trailer and the film, and hopefully jj won’t say things like “I’m not a Star Trek fan, I’m a Star Wars fan” or any other way to link Star Wars talk to this movie during the movie’s interviews cuz I worry it might ruin this film (the film I’ve waited for so long after the first movie).

Hopefully, promotion of this film would be able to convince audience not to think about Star Wars since jj is gonna direct Episode VII and I would like to see Paramount hire another talented director to direct Star Trek 3 and further sequels (I really want jj to make the 3rd film but he’s too tied to Star Wars that it might affect the production of Star Trek 3).

One more thing, I hope Paramount would release the first trailer of JACK RYAN in front of STID release, seriously can’t wait for that movie.

The Chinese Theater? Cool! I won a trip for 2 to the premiere using the app! I knew the 14th was the date, but not the theater. Too cool!!!

I’m excited this time as I can take the kids! No flashy premiere or even 3D … just a cool movie watched in my little old town.


its a shame the movie doesn’t release till june in the netherlands while right across the channel its may….

stupid arbitrary date changes

I hope the new poster is good. So far, all the international and teaser posters have been lame and non-Star Trek. Since it is stated Para will try to sell this movie to the more knowledgable Trek public, I’m hoping to see some Klingon imagery in the the marketing.

Here’s hoping…. qa’pla

I will watch the movie on the 8th May. Not even a month now. :-)

Hopefully there will be a proper movie website next week then.

Wonder if there will be any tie-ins with Burger King or Kelloggs this time around.

I still own all of that stuff, with the Kelloggs boxes collapsed for storage.

I also won the trip via the app. Should be a fun time!!

*sigh*, I gave up on the app awhile ago because no matter how many times I tried to force stop, log out/in & reinstall, it just wouldn’t capture some pictures. It also kept blurring out on me a lot, plus even with using GPS faking to complete the geolocation missions (which I thought would yield some REALLY exclusive stuff considering how special those missions were to complete) I felt like the unlocked content was pretty lackluster since it pretty much could be found online. About the only “exclusive” content I really noticed was the one extra pic of T’Mar from the upcoming game armed with a weapon. So sorry, that’s one thing I felt like I had to finally bite the bullet for with Star Trek…

Anyway, looking forward to t his new trailer. Of course, I probably would’ve seen Oblivion regardless, but yeah.

Are we going to see any Star Trek Into Darkness on cereal boxes or Burger King like last time?

Ahh. I love the ’09 domestic one-sheet. It makes you *look* and it makes you *think*. It would be cool if something in this advertising campaign were to live up to it.

And I wonder if the premiere sites keep their Star Trek decorations in storage from last time. “Eh, there’ll be another one, save it so we don’t have to make another huge delta shield.” Or that giant inflatable Enterprise from the Tokyo premiere.

Love the promotional toys that pop up, would love an article about that Mr. Tenuto if you are there :)

Look’s like everything is getting into full swing. As Spock said,
Thrusters on full.

Man, that Mazda billboard is a work of art. Must have taken at least two minutes to make it. Add the Esurance, and the $1000 spent on tie-ins will surely communicate ‘Star Trek’ to the world.

In all seriousness, “STID” is doing many things right in the marketing department. These US tie-ins are not one of them.

Is that Anna Farris?

Cast her in a future installment, please.

LOVED the ’09 poster. Talk about a work of art!
NOT crazy about the “Cumby-in-the-delta” one. Derivative. Style’s been done MANY times…
JJ shot the movie flat, correct? 3D converted? Then I shall see it flat.

I’m pretty sure that I entered the contest on the app when it first came out, so I’m guessing that I didn’t win, eh?

Yeah, I pretty much gave up on the app at some point, too. Just couldn’t get past some of the things needed to level up.

Targetted at Trekkies? Whuuuuh?

Per comicbookmovie.com-

“Advance Ticket Sales For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Causes IMAX Website To Crash”

This going to be a big one folks.

Well, as far as the car ad goes, it’s without the science, either. Trek is as much fantasy these days as Star Wars….

Not one to make predictions (I have no idea who John Harrison is), I just wanted to say this:

Chekov is toast. Will Die. Is one dead perogi.

Look. This is a war movie, and the kid always gets it. Wouldn’t be surprised if he writes his mom a e-spacemail just before he explodes (Bones: “I’ll get that letter to yer mom, kid!”) Also, he’s a genius, and the dork must die.

One could argue that it might be poetic revenge for letting Wesley live so long as well.

Any takers?

Awesome job Trekmovie!!!

Thank you!!


If this was a new movie with new characters, he might, but I don’t think they’d risk fan outrage by permanently killing off a main TOS cast member. And if any of the crew does die, they’ll inevitably come back to life to fulfill their three-movie contract.

I still think that the delta shield on Hollywood Blvd was one of the cooling looking movie premieres setup ever.

New “Cinemosaic” Poster released by Paramount.


@32. Nah, I was making that bet six months ago. My money is that Uhura gets it – Spock is already emotionally conflicted in this universe, so killing off his girlfriend is a great way to get him to bond with Kirk. Besides, she’s a red shirt, too. Always expendable.

Dark horse bet in the dead pool – Kirk. Hasn’t exactly come across as the sharpest tool in the box, and the few clips we have seen shows he’s still prone to making stupid mistakes.

Where is the “STAR TREK” in “STAR TREk”…….this is so earth bound and the posters look like a cop movie. What the hell are Orci and Kurtzman doing with the story!!!?!!?!! What is Paramount marketing doing??!?!! What the heck is wrong with these people. This is Earth Trek.

I’m still chuckling at Intel’s Star Trek 2009 VFX promotion featuring work rendered on ILM’s all AMD renderfarm!

Crow for one.

38. It is Earth Trek, because it’s not Wars. And if cop movie means Section 31, so much the better! :D

The current issue of our University’s student magazine has vouchers for a local theater offering a discount on STID 3D tickets if you show your student ID…

When does the soundtrack come out? That’s the only part of this movie I have any interest left in.

How about reopening the forums on the movie website?
They should at least be opened again before the film comes out, otherwise we can discuss it nowhere else but here XD

Good article on the international promotion of Trek. And before anyone gets their undies in a know about abandoning the trekkiness of it all, I suspect what they are referring to is all that technobabble and dork life stuff that makes The Big Bang Theory funny but just sucks in a major motion picture…


Finally a poster with a starship? Or some space?

@37 phil
logical reasoning. I suppose killing either Uhura or McCoy would reestablish a solid troika.

@34 nony
they risked fan outrage by toasting vulcan and tossing amanda of a cliff (literally). seems to me they would easily up the ante.

@ 37 Very unlikely that the only woman on the bridge has to leave the cast – They also would have to establish another “black” character.

I really guess that Chekov has to go…


That’s awesome FCTiger! I hope you get to watch it at the premiere, that would be great. Do you by any chance happen to work in the industry?

Definitely need a fast food promotion.

Who says anyone has to go? People got a death wish or something? Duh

@46. Nah, like it or not, she’s a secondary character. There’s more then one communications officer on a ship anyway, Who’s to say they are not all female and of color…

@32. Forgot about that – John Harrison is a lock to get vaporized as well…and his sidekick, if he has one.