Exclusive: ‘Star Trek Continues’ Fan Series Premieres At PHXCC – Michael Forest Guest Stars [PHOTOS]

The new fan-mad webseries Star Trek Continues is gearing up to show their first episode. TrekMovie has exclusive details on the premiere, the first images from the episode and more – including breaking the news that Michael Forest is reprising his Star Trek role as Apollo. More details below including a chat with Michael Forest.


Star Trek Continues Premiers May 24th With Michael Forest

Star Trek Continues star and executive producer Vic Mignogna is now opening up about the first episode of his new fan series set in the original Star Trek universe. Mignogna has revealed to TrekMovie that the inaugural episode, “Pilgrim of Eternity,” will debut at Phoenix Comicon on May 24th, 2013 (6PM). Following the episode there will also be a panel discussion with Mignogna and most of his cast – including guest star Michael Forest, who is reprising his original role as Apollo from the TOS episode "Who Mourns For Adonais." The inaugural Star Trek Continues episode will also be made available online that same weekend.

FIRST LOOK: Mr. Spock (Todd Haberkorn) and Capt. Kirk (Vic Mignogna) view a monitor displaying archival image of their first encounter with Apollo – from Star Trek Continues “Pilgrim of Eternity"

The new Star Trek webseries was developed by veteran voice actor Vic Mignogna, who stars as Capt. Kirk. He is joined by Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Spock and Star Trek author Larry Nemecek as Dr. McCoy. The cast also includes Chris Doohan (son of the late James Doohan) plays Scotty and Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu. Kim Stinger (Lt. Uhura) and Wyatt Lenhart (Mr. Chekov) round out the ensemble cast.

“Pilgrim of Eternity" will be the first episode of Star Trek Continues – a show that aims continue the story of the original Star Trek series which ended after only three seasons. Mignogna tells TrekMovie "like any fan, I always wanted to see the rest of the five year mission, and that is what ‘Star Trek Continues’ is made to do."

FIRST LOOK: Captains quarters set from Star Trek Continues “Pilgrim of Eternity"

The episode was shot in January of this year, with production taking 10 days. Star Trek Continues is produced by Trek Continues, LLC in association with Farragut Films and it is filmed in Kingsland, GA on what they boast as the "largest free-standing, extensive and accurate Star Trek TOS sets in the world."

The episode is currently in post-production. Mignogna tells TrekMovie that currently they are finishing up the special effects saying "while the show isn’t all about FX, the episode does contain more FX shots than a typical original Star Trek episode." He promised to provide more details on the effects later, but he did provide us a first look at the Enterprise from Star Trek Continues (below) and if you look closely you can see a couple of guys working on the hull.

FIRST LOOK: USS Enterprise in Star Trek Continues “Pilgrim of Eternity"

A chat with Michael Forest

Star Trek Continues also provided TrekMovie access to a chat with guest star Michael Forest. It was a bit of a home-coming for the 83 year-old actor returning to Star Trek. Here is the exchange…

How did it feel to reprise the role of Apollo after 40 plus years?
Michael: The whole experience was surreal!

Describe your experience working on the set of Star Trek Continues?
Michael: I found that working with the people there was different than working on shows in the past. The camera, sound crew, makeup people were all excellent and a pleasure to work with. In fact, everyone involved was a joy! Even though many were volunteers, things were handled and completed extremely well. Their behavior and work ethic was very professional.

How did you become involved with this production?
Michael: I was approached by the Vic, the producer/director and asked if I would do the same character I had done about 45 years ago! It was a rather astounding question, but the concept sounded interesting.

What were some of the highlights or regrets?
Michael: I got a huge charge when they brought me a double whopper from Burger King! [laughs] I would have been happier if I had been a bit younger because I no longer had the agility and stamina so apparent when I filmed the original episode.

Visit with Star Trek Continues at PHXCC

Many of Star Trek Continues cast and crew will be attending Phoenix Comicon 2013 on May 24th, including Michael Forest.
An autograph session will be held after the premiere screening and panel (moderated by yours truly).

What’s next for STC

Mignogna tells TrekMovie that between now and the May 24th premiere there will be more reveals and details on the production of the first episode of Star Trek Continues. And he is already planning his second episode which will begin shooting in October. Mignogna says the goal is to try to get two episodes out each year, and maybe even three, saying "we don’t want fans to have to wait too long between missions."

If you haven’t seen them, there are three fun Star Trek Continues ‘vignettes’ which were shot before production on the first episode. Here is the latest one "Happy Birthday, Scotty."

For more vignettes and details on the show visit startrekcontinues.com.

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