Watch: New Promos For Star Trek: The Next Generation S3 & Best of Both Worlds Blu-rays – Coming April 30th

UPDATED: Today CBS released two new promos for their April 30th releases of the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the two-part episode "Best of Both Worlds" on Blu-ray. Watch those below plus catch up on all the details for both releases and the "Best of Both Worlds" theater event on April 25th.   



New Star Trek TNG Season 3 Promos

Here are the two new short promo commercials for Season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray and "Best of Both Worlds. Both releases coming on April 30th.

You can pre-order TNG S3 at Amazon – discounted to $78 (due April 30th).

You can pre-order The Best of Both Worlds Blu-ray discounted to $15.99 (due April 30th).



Disc details

Disc One:
• Evolution
• The Ensigns of Command
• The Survivors
• Who Watches The Watchers?
• The Bonding
Special Features
• Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year Three (SD)
• Audio Commentary with Ron Moore on “The Bonding” – NEW!
• Episodic Promos
o Promo #1 (SD)
o Promo #2 (SD)
o Promo #3 (SD)
o Promo #4 (SD)
o Promo #5 (SD)

Disc Two:
• Booby Trap
• The Enemy
• The Price
• The Vengeance Factor
• The Defector
Special Features
• Archival Mission Log: Selected Crew Analysis Year Three (SD)
• Episodic Promos
o Promo #1 (SD)
o Promo #2 (SD)
o Promo #3 (SD)
o Promo #4 (SD)
o Promo #5 (SD)

Disc Three:
• The Hunted
• The High Ground
• Deja Q
• A Matter of Perspective
• Yesterday’s Enterprise
Special Features
• Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year Three: Memorable Missions (SD)
• Audio commentary with Ron Moore and Ira Steven Behr on “Yesterday’s Enterprise – NEW!
• Episodic Promos
o Promo #1 (SD)
o Promo #2 (SD)
o Promo #3 (SD)
o Promo #4 (SD)
o Promo #5 (SD)

Disc Four:
• The Offspring
• Sins of the Father
• Allegiance
• Captain’s Holiday
Special Features
• Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year Three: Production (SD)
• Audio Commentary with Rene Echevarria and Jonathan Frakes on “The Offspring” –NEW!
• Audio Commentary with Ron Moore on “Sins of the Father” – NEW!
• Episodic Promos
o Promo #1 (SD)
o Promo #2 (SD)
o Promo #3 (SD)
o Promo #4 (SD)

Disc Five:
• Tin Man
• Hollow Pursuits
• The Most Toys
• Sarek
• Ménage à Troi
Special Features
• Gag Reel (HD) – NEW!
• Episodic Promos
o Promo #1 (SD)
o Promo #2 (SD)
o Promo #3 (SD)
o Promo #4 (SD)
o Promo #5 (SD)

Disc Six:
• Transfigurations
• The Best of Both Worlds, Part I
Special Features
• Star Trek The Next Generation: Inside The Writer’s Room (HD) – NEW!
• Resistance is Futile: Assimilating The Next Generation (HD) – NEW!
• A Tribute to Michael Pillar (HD) – NEW!
• Episodic Promos
o Promo #1 (SD)
o Promo #2 (SD)

Street Date: April 30, 2013
Suggest retail price: $130.00 US / $150.00 CAN
Catalog #: 136584
Runtime: 1,181 minutes
U.S. Rating: Not Rated
CAN Rating: PG

Box art

Star Trek: TNG Season 3 Blu-ray coming April 30th

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-ray trailer


Also due on April 30th is the Blu-ray special edition of the two-part Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds" with new special features and a brand new commentary.

Disc details:

• The Best Of Both Worlds episode
Special Features
• Audio Commentary with Cliff Bole, Mike Okuda & Denise Okuda, and Elizabeth Dennehy – NEW!
• Regeneration: Engaging the Borg – NEW!
• Gag Reel – NEW!

"Best of Both Worlds" Box art

Video demo of folding cover

"Best of Both Worlds" Blu-ray trailer

Reminder: Best of Both Both Worlds event in 2 weeks

And one final reminder that Star Trek: The Next Generation is getting another big screen event on Thursday April 25th with a showing of the two-parter "The Best of Both Worlds" at theaters nationwide (7:00 PM showings). The one-night only event will also include exclusive clips about the making of The Best of Both Worlds and Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3.

"Best of Both Worlds" event trailer

Buy tickets for Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds online at!star-trek-best-of-both-worlds.

Already out on Blu-ray

Available now are the recent releases of the first two seasons of Star Trek TNG and the first season of Star Trek Enterprise on Blu-ray.

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You will be Assimulated. Resistence is Futile.

Never get to see cinema presentation here in the Uk!

I’ll buy it when it hits $60 or so, like I did with the other two seasons.

The TOS-R Menagerie event was also brought to Germany back then… so there’s hope they might extend the BOBW screenings as well ;)

YAY! More Prime Universe Star Trek. After JJ-Trek, I was kind of loosing my excitement for Star Trek. These Blu-rays have brought it back and some! :D

Gosh Darn did I love Best of Both Worlds.

6. You’re not alone. Seeing it in the local movie theater. Pretty excited.

Everytime I see Brent Spiner anymore, I keep picturing him talking about making his action figure masterbate.

@6 boborci — 100% agree. I remember waiting all that summer for the new season premier and “Best of Both Worlds” Part II. I had a couple of friends over and made a party out of it.

But, I know all of us are looking forward to a new, exciting adventure in just over a month’s time and the “party atmosphere” is just as energizing today as it was all those years ago!

Counting down the days!

I’m SOOO getting the BoBW bluray.

I will become one with the Borg…

6 – Bob, that comment can only mean you’ll make a TNG movie!!!!

**cackles to self; loves to cause trouble**

Audio commentary with Ron Moore and Ira Steven Behr on “Yesterday’s Enterprise – NEW!


Re: Bob Orci – the Borg should be rebooted. Imagine a 200 million dollar Borg movie. Return them to how they were in “Q Who?”, and get HR. Giger to redesign them.

This is just horrible timing for this. With everyone saving for IMAX 3D tickets for multiple showings of STID, this is going to get lost in the cracks. They should delay this for a July release. I myself had completely forgotten about this, and now the timing really sucks.

CBS are doing an excellent job with these blu ray sets. Can’t wait for season 3.

I also wish there was a UK screening of BOBW

#14. MJ – April 12, 2013

Indeed. Although it is a mystery to me why theaters haven’t grown to include shops where they could hawk this and other movie tie-in products to movie goers right in the lobby.

the best year of star trek ever…imho

OFF TOPIC – Does anyone know why Doug Drexler’s blog is deleted?

I wish composer Ron Jones had a commentary on the BOBW dvd….

I can remember coming home from spending the night with my best friend and I had asked her to tape (gasp i know. LOL) the season finale. I did not know anything about the episode and I asked mom did she watch it and she gave me a cryptic smile worthy of the Mona Lisa and did not say ANYTHING. I watched and she sat in her recliner just laughing and watching me act like the geek I am. Then came the cliffhanger: “Mr. Worf. Fire.” And then immortal “To be continued…” I jumped up and screamed.LOL That was the LONGEST summer of my life. I can remember reading Starlog and any other magazine to get any info on the season premier and also reading the “rumors” that Patrick Stewart was leaving TNG. Great times.

It was a a classic

I still think its one of the best cliffhangers of all time

ALso I wanted to apologise for my comments in the past, as an aspiring writer I should not be as critical and after rewatching the last movie again I remembered how much fun it was

They should have created a CGI-modified version of The Best of Both Worlds, as an add-on, to realign the Borg, their ship and effects, and Locutus, with the later versions depicted in First Contact and later. Maybe had Alice Krige come in and Patrick Stewart come back to film a new scene or two that would have connected with the flashbacks and content of First Contact, also keeping the original version as upgraded and shown here, intact.

Otherwise looks great

Can’t say enough good things about the TNG Blu-ray’s. The upgrade from the truly awful DVD sets is amazing. It’s like watching the show for the first time…Well done!!!

I agree that the timing is just bad for this. They should pull this release until Summer given that all the focus now is on STID, or suffer the consequences of low sales and not much public interest.

What were they thinking releasing this set just before STID comes out? This is really bad business decision-making on the part of CBS.


You say you love these episodes…..and yet, from a screenwriter’s point of view, there is a HUGE plot loophole with the storyline of Best Of Both Worlds.

After the Borg easily defeat the Enterprise at the beginning of Part 2 and then continue on to Sector 001, that is HORSESH*T. The Borg would have absorbed everyone aboard the Enterprise before continuing on to Earth. But, no, we couldn’t have THAT because then there’s no show.

THAT is really bad writing.

Why are they releasing this just a few weeks before STID?

This is a really bad marketing move. Horrible timing.

#27. K-7 – April 13, 2013

I’d say that if CBS had organized a deal with the theaters screening BOBW (split the profits from merch sales.) to have a dealer’s area to hawk their licensed products (including this DVD box set) to fans in their lobbies, I’d have declared it brilliant marketing.

But as they haven’t, I have to agree with the rest of you poo-pooing their timing.

I’ve heard tales that at some of these screenings they take pre-orders. Anyone have any experience with that?

They should have had the remastered Battle of Wolf 359 footage from DS9/Emissary as a special feature as a promotion for a Deep Space Nine Blu-ray release.

Re: 26 – the Borg’s goal was assimilating Earth. The Enterprise could’ve just warped away and lost them again.

George is correct. Why would they waste time on the Enterprise when Earth was their goal.

26: Star Trek wouldn’t be Star Trek without plot holes, but I agree with 30 and 31. It was a telling sign of the Borg’s power (and of how the Borg thought of themselves) that they didn’t destroy the Enterprise. Why waste the ammunition? Why waste the time? Why think small? On to Earth!

Guys, if you recall, in the episode “Parallels”, they encounter an Enterprise from a Borg-infested galaxy in a parallel universe where the ship was the last remnant of the Federation. And it was badly damaged, with Captain Riker refusing to return.

BoBW featured some last minute quick-thinking solutions on the part of Data and Dr. Crusher.

Also, the comic book mini-series “Worst Of Both Worlds” by DC Comics featured the Federation being conquered by the Borg, not unlike what happened in “Parallels”. I bet the comics are where they got the idea of an overrun and conqured Federation.

So it all came down to some last second heroics, which didn’t seem to occur in at least one other parallel universe.

So, no. There is no plot-hole there. Besides, at the point of the Borg cube heading to Earth, the Enterprise D burned out its warp drive for several hours.

So the Borg decided that they would return and take the ship later anyway once they took over Earth and destroyed its defenses in the process.

As much crap as I dish out on TNG, I am going to be down in LA next Thursday for work, and have bought a ticket to see this Thursday night at a theater. This was a really great Trek episode(s).