Watch New Star Trek Into Darkness Int’l TV Spot + US TV Campaign Starting Soon

Another new TV spot is running for Star Trek Into Darkness internationally. This one is 30 seconds long and has a tiny new bit of footage in it. You can watch the new spot below. TrekMovie also has an update on the US TV campaign for Into Darkness.  



New International TV Spot – ‘Illusion’

Here is the new international Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot (UK version). The spot is also running in Australia and possibly other markets.

The commercial has one brief new shot of Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison.

John Harrison in the Enterprise brig warns Kirk that his world is just an illusion

More commercials – US TV campaign starts this weekend

Four days ago we reported on 3 other international TV spots (in German). The international TV campaign started earlier than the US campaign because the film is opening a week earlier in some markets. It is quite possible that there will be US and Canadian versions of these same exact commercials coming soon.

TrekMovie has learned that some USA promo or TV spot will run during the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday. More US TV spots will follow next week and beyond.

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Nice! Thanks, Anthony.

Incidentally, Cumberbatchweb reports a big spread in an Austrian magazine complete with a new picture of Chris Pine I hadn’t seen before. Alas, my German’s not equal to translating the article, but it is substantial.

I’m tired of waiting. I want to see this movie NOW!

There also looks to be a brief mention in Entertainment Weekly but I couldn’t tell if it was recent or not. I hadn’t seen the scan before at least so I think it was new. It was on Tumblr this evening. Excited for the movie awards promo!

*Sorry, it’s after 2am here and my syntax is snoring. I should clarify the article is substantial, not my German. Cos that’s rubbish. My German, I mean.

Going to bed now. Zzz…

@Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the reminder. It is, as I said, pretty late and my memory went before my syntax did. Night, night.

Man, I’m just waiting for something more than a 24″ x 36″ bland poster in the alcove at my local movie theatre.

Please, please, Paramount – let’s see evidence that y’all want this movie to be really successful.

… brrr, that Cumberbatch looks threatening as all h*ll in his one-on-one scene with Kirk. The way his gaze follows Kirk’s face – BC looks intent and verry badass.


#7 I’ll remember this for next time! I always forget about the email address. ( Sorry if this posts multiple times. I’m underground and my phone abruptly switched to digital roaming while it was loading the page)

Who thinks Leonard Nimoy will make a cameo in this film?

I do …


i hope so.

I hope so too.

Would be really nice, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Unfortunately my email account does not seem to be working properly. I tried to use the tips link before but it did not work. Need to get my 19 year old tech son to sort it…

Anyway, look what I found –

and Pauatahanui – I had to google it


OK, now that’s Star Trek! That’s the image Light House Cinemas in NZ is using (not just at Pauatahanui). The other cinema chains in NZ seem to be using one of the previously published posters. So, is this a new international poster, or did Light House comission someone to make a more ‘trekkie’ poster for their own use?

#16 – I have no idea. I just found it, sort of by accident. I know – super cool poster. Love it.

Happy birthday, Anthony!

I love that image at the Light House site.

@ 15 Keachick–

Pretty cool. It would appear that the featured ship is Harrison’s, the first clear view we’ve gotten as to the design. Quite a find!

@ 19 No, that is just a starship image from Star Trek Online photoshopped into the Harrison pic.



and i don’t need to say that they ruined the poster with this Star Trek Online crap.

Maybe next week we will get a more “Star Trek” like poster:-D

although i think the ones we have now are ok….


Oh, Nimoy’s will be in it all right …

Now one must ask yourselves this … What does knowing Prime Spock will make an appearance do to the identity of Harrison, or inform us about what he’s up to? After all, Prime Spock wouldn’t just show up to tell everybody he’s fine and working to repopulate the Vulcan people.

@ 19, 20–

Okay, if you say so. Not being a gamer I’m unfamiliar with the designs used in STO. But what’s depicted here sure seems to line up with the fleeting glimpses we’ve seen of Harrison’s ship so far.

The ship is also quite reminiscent of the way the Enterprise is depicted in the original poster used by NBC to promote Trek way back in 1966.


not its not its part of a promotional shot from star trek online mixed with the new poster.
Its the excalibur class…

i will bet you $1000000,-

Heh. I though “Illusion” was a brand that sponsored the ad. Haha. Oooh big speech in the brig! Hope it’s funny, scary and badass. Big villain speeches tend to be flat most of the time.

I hope Leonard Nimoy is NOT in ths film…his character had a nice story arc and closure in the last film. The baton has been passed on…let’s face forward now!


But in Germany is not so much promotion. Do you know more? See my previous post:

” I have to say the cinemas in my city in Germany have very little to none posters or banners of Star Trek Into Darkness. Every other movie like fast and furious, the gatsby, iron man, pacific rim, wolverine has its advertisements. Seems nobody here is aware of a new star trek movie. :(So much for the international promotion efforts…


In the Austrian Mag … What I find indeed interesting is … That they don’t wanna to reveal too much otherwise the would got the Wrath of someone :-) for a very long time i didn’t thought it would be khan and i wished it would be an Captain April turned into a badass but now I have this bad feeling that Cumberbatch is Khan … But I am happy that it won’t be a rehash of Space Seed! I come clear that a maybe similar story is told with a plot-twist as long as it is awesome!

@11. CC

I think he’ll do a voice cameo.

For so long there was so little out, and now it’s coming fast and hard. I’ll look at any photos that are released officially, but I don’t want any spoilers. I’m very hopeful for this film.

I have seen two ads on TV in the UK so far and 2 radio adverts.

Less than a month to go !!!!!

Why has the new star trek poster been deleted?

Was it fake?



He will be seen. You heard it here first. ;-)

It might be a scene exactly like Orci said would not likely happen — Prime Spock gives Kirk information about who Harrison is, and warns him of the danger he presents unchecked in the new timeline. After all, PS while not wanting to interfere can’t help but feel some obligation to help fix that which he is directly responsible for causing — and Harrison, April and Marcus are a direct result of Nero’s arrival. And Nimoy would not do it if it was just some sentimental send-off, we already got that.

That thought makes me nervous that he might be Khan after all, then again, Khan was not really that serious of a threat.

Garth is growing on me as a likely candidate. Though he’s not that serious a threat either. It seems like for PS to get involved Harrison would pose some frightening potential if left unchecked which Kirk/Spock team could not otherwise deal with on their own. Off the top of my head I’m not sure who that would be outside of the obvious Mitchell, Charlie X, Trelane characters.

So am I watching a Star Trek film or Mission Impossible?


It’s almost time for:

Star Trek 12: The Wrath of Harrison!


And the sheep go “yeah”…..

No lens fares in the trailer? Did they run out in the 24th century? HAHA

I don’t see many Starship Enterprises in mission impossible, though I can understand you getting mixed up because Leonard Nimoy was in both.

Waiting for more.

BTW, Has anyone seen the Iron-Man trailer.

My advice. DON’T!

Far too many juicy spoilers there. Trek needs to dramatically pick up its pace.

It is a poster that apparently appears in a group of cinemas in the Wellington, NZ area. It is obvious that it is not an official one, but I think it is a good one all the same. It has a Star Trek look/feel while at the same time, advertising the fact that there is this dude seeking vengeance on Starfleet and its home planet, earth. Our magnificent seven need to stop him!

Best “STID poster” so far!

What is cool is it seems to have a prominent place in a cinema of a very small town in coastal NZ – pop. 831.

Paramount/Bad Robot need to step up…

@36. Curious Cadet

I’m not so sure about this. We know Spock Prime has already interferred – to position Kirk & Spock as a team with Kirk in charge – but he was emotionally compromised at the time.

Should Spock Prime be helping to identify and counteract threats in this universe, based on his knowlege/experiences in his own? Or should he be adhering to his own version of the Prime Directive (lest we forget, the Vulcans developed the concept in the first place) and let this universe unfold without further outside interference?

An interesting philosophical conundrum. Time will tell.

#43. ObsessiveStarTrekFan – April 12, 2013

I think the problem you are having is that the civilizations asked to join the Federation didn’t have to match it technology for technology. Thus civilizations advanced enough that qualified for the Federation ignoring the Prime Directive cut a wide swath. Even if a Temporal Prime Directive existed it would not apply for Prime Spock as this is an entirely new universe.

The Federation entered into alliances and treaties with Bajor and allowed them to apply for membership which the Bajorans later withdrew. Clearly Bajoran tech didn’t match that of the NG Federation. I’m not even sure they developed warp tech on their own?

My point is: being 75 years behind Spock Prime’s Federation doesn’t qualify for applying the Prime Directive so he’s cleared to meddle.

Can we get a show of hands of whose tired of these vengeful terrorist stories?

Hand up

To those who live outside of The U.S.
How do you think the marketing of STID has been in your country?

@44. Disinvited

‘My point is: being 75 years behind Spock Prime’s Federation doesn’t qualify for applying the Prime Directive so he’s cleared to meddle.’

My point is should he? I agree the Temporal Prime Directive does not apply in this case as this is a different universe. My concern is from a philosophical rather than a legalistic perspective. Does he have the right to ‘tinker’ with this universe? To what degree? To save a single person; a single planet; the Federation; the galaxy? Every action has (often unforseen) repercussions.

I don’t know the answer.

#47. ObsessiveStarTrekFan – April 12, 2013

Me neither.

But there’s no denying that he’s responsible for this new universe existing and we certainly could understand him being protective and paternal towards it. Hate to ponder what would happen if word got out that he died and suffered through a resurrection. Can’t even fathom what religion might form around altSpock being his second resurrection of a sort?

I wonder if we’d be able to embrace the knowledge that our universe was created in error or the mistake of an entity as frail and flawed as ourselves?

I think Harrison is from the Prime Future, trying to fix things in the past…