TrekInk: IDW July Star Trek Comics Preview

IDW has announced their line-up of comics for the month of July, including the third and final part of the "After Darkness" story arc covering the immediate aftermath of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. See below for more details, plus news on the Countdown To Darkness collection.



Star Trek #23
(Full Color • 32 pages • $3.99)
Written by
Mike Johnson • Art by Erfan Fajar • Cover by Tim Bradstreet (c)


The drumbeats of all-out galactic war grow stronger in this all-new story spinning out of the events of this summer’s blockbuster film STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS! The adventures of Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise continue in this latest chapter overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Will include 2 variant covers (variant Tim Bradstreet sketch cover and Retailer Incentive Photo Cover).

Retail incentive cover for Star Trek #23

You can pre-order the other 2 issues from the "After Darkness" arc at TFAW (Issue #23 was just announced and should be available for pre-order soon).

(May 29)


No preview/
pre-order yet


July also brings the fifth collection of the ongoing Star Trek comic series (comprising issues 17-20).

Star Trek, Vol. 5
(Trade Paperback • Full Color • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-687-2)
Written by
Mike Johnson & Ryan Parrott • Art by Claudia Balboni • Cover by Tim Bradstreet


Find out how Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy found himself on a shuttle to Starfleet Academy with James T. Kirk! Learn new secrets about Uhura’s past and witness her first meeting with Spock! Discover what led young Montgomery Scott to devote himself to engineering. And, witness Sulu’s and Chekov’s first meeting at Starfleet Academy, and learn how their paths intertwined all the way to the bridge of the Enterprise! All overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci.

Cover for Star Trek Vol. 5 collection

Star Trek Volume 5 is available for pre-order at Amazon.

Star Trek Countdown To Darkness TPB Available Now

And the trade paperback compilation for "Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness" has arrived a bit early. You can pick one up now from Amazon for $10.71.

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Spock: Is it just me, or is it hot in here…..

The drumbeats of all-out galactic war grow stronger in this all-new story spinning out of the events of this summer’s blockbuster film STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS! The adventures of Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise continue in this latest chapter overseen by STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Okay, is this a really big hint that STID ends in a cliff-hanger???

2. Phil

Maybe not a cliffhanger, but more along the lines of solving the immediate problem (Adm. Marcus, “CumberKhan” Harrison, Klingons or whoever) but with an all-out conflict unavoidably looming in the future, setting up movie #3 (for a 50th anniversary release, hopefully!). Kind of the way the countdown to darkness comics just did, with April saying that an intergalactic conflict was coming no matter what.


I thought so too, the minute i read about the comics After Darkness..

The galactic conflict that the synopsis is referring to probably has to do with the Klingons like in Errand of Mercy; perhaps it will end with an Organian Peace Treaty?

I wonder what John Harrison starts up in STID…

“perhaps it will end with an Organian Peace Treaty?”

Gosh. I hope so. With all the destruction and carnage apparently predicted, there needs to be a time when Kirk and Spock will be able to get on with essential baby making in order to pass on those heroic genes to a new generation.

There is a problem with the Klingons, recall they took a beating at the hands of Nero back in Trek09. It’s possible that Nero left all the major powers depleted, and if Starfleet takes a beating in this installment the threat could be an external one, which brings the major powers together to overcome in the third installment. Once relative calm is restored to the galaxy, then Kirk and crew are free to roam uncharted space for five years.

Kirk and Spock are making babies? The gay community will be thrilled to know that little problem has been overcome.

@8 Phil — I like that plot! Perhaps we could see this as a “re-founding” of the Federation and it ends with the start iof a 5 year mission to “Go boldly …”

Also, Kirk and Spock making babies? My first thought too!

@8 in Countdown to Darkness, Mudd’s daughter is half Bajoran…. methinks (gasp) Kirka nd crew might need to deal with The Dominion.

and about the gay community thing… yes indeed, thanks to that time that Xyrillian woman knocked up Trip in first season of Star Trek Enterprise LOL

An Organian Peace Treaty would be a cool ending to the three movies …

Or they could really make our heads explode with cross-universe Mirror Universe vs. Federation Universe …

And what about the non-Nero-type Romulans …? Maybe they would join forces with the Federation to combat whatever Giant Threat to the Galaxy is dreamed up for #3 ….

A universe rife with possibilities. Oh yeah, and maybe some exploring new worlds [a Trekker can dream].

I’d sure like to see Spock and Uhura making … er, the *attempt* at a baby. Wink, wink, nudge nudge ;)

Marja, the art critic [easier to criticise than to do, of course]

PS … oh dear, Erfan Fajar drawing #23. Hope he’s improved his Spock. Everybody else looked great in his “Mirror” comic, but Spock … oh dear.

No babies, please- they’re great in fanfic, but they’re buzz-kills in the theater. We want to keep Uhura in the mix, not shuttle her off to godknowswhere.

If it’s baby-drama you want, though, there’s always the rogue-Vulcans-kidnapping Spock to help ‘rebuild the race’ trope. The third film could be ‘The Search for (the son of) Spock.

Or, not. :-)

On a more reasonable note, I would like to see more female characters in the third movie. You’re making notes, right, Bob Orci?

I thought we already established how Sulu and Chekov met at the academy — Grindr!

So will there be an Into Darkness adaptation? I bought the first movie adaptation and really enjoyed it. I’ll be kinda bummed if I get a sequel and a prequel but no actual movie adaptation.

#11. Marja, naughty Marja – April 12, 2013

It is kind of hard to imagine with Spock Prime hovering around that any plot point the writers could imagine to tear the galaxy apart politically wouldn’t be trumped by him playing the Organian card.

He sort of paints the writers into a Superman corner where they have to create kryptonite to make it believable that Supes could actually fail. I fear that if that if they don’t send him home soon they’ll have no choice but to kill him.

#11. Marja, naughty Marja – April 12, 2013

And we haven’t even noted that Spock Prime at this stage of his life is a well-honed diplomat expert at diffusing these situations. Although how he miscalculated the destruction of Romulus is a mystery in and of itself.

Spock Prime’s existence in the Alternate Universe presents an interesting philosophical dilema. Should Spock Prime be helping to identify and counteract threats in this universe, based on his knowlege/experiences in his own? Or should he be adhering to his own version of the Prime Directive (lest we forget, the Vulcans developed the concept in the first place) and let this universe unfold without further outside interference?

We know he has already interferred, but he was emotionally compromised at the time. Will we see any of this philosophical dilema play out in STID, or in these comics?

I also am hoping that the Spock character in this set of comics looks more like Quinto Spock than that depicted in Ongoing #16 & #17.

…and please, A reminder to all involved with artwork in the comics – Vulcans bleed GREEN.

I think that should have been intragalactic, not intergalactic unless we have someone hopping in from Andromeda.

#18. ObsessiveStarTrekFan – April 12, 2013

It does present him with a conundrum as technically speaking he’s this universe’s creator and the temptation to play God in it is almost impossible to resist as he definitely has a sense of when things are going wrong. When I say “play God” I don’t me that in a “worship me” sense but in a sense that he believes he knows how things should go.

I’m fairly certain being merely 75 years behind the Federation wouldn’t qualify for invoking the Prime Directive in his universe. And even if he had a Temporal Prime Directive, it would be difficult to see how it could apply as this new universe’s timeline is disconnected and separate from his own.

…umm, of course I meant Ongoing #15 & #16 – sorry about that…

@1. Phil,
“Spock: Is it just me, or is it hot in here…..”

You’re close. Coinciding with the release of the film, a new music video will be making the rounds — Spock: Its gettin hot in here (Uhura: so hot), So take off all your clothes, I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off……

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