New Uhura Star Trek Into Darkness Poster + Saldana Unsure About Spock/Uhura Future

Paramount released a new domestic Star Trek Into Darkness character poster today – featuring Zoe Saldana as Uhura. You can check that out below plus also find out what Zoe thinks about Spock and Uhura’s long-term future as a couple.   



New Uhura Star Trek Into Darkness Character Poster

Today Apple revealed the first (of four) Star Trek Into Darkness character posters – featuring Zoe Saldana’s Uhura. Check it out.

Uhura domestic character poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge)

The Uhura character poster is the first of a series of four which will be revealed over the next few days. Paramount also did character posters for the 2009 Star Trek movie. The first set of four were done for Comic Con 2008 (Uhura, Spock, Kirk and Nero) with another set of four (Scotty, Sulu, McCoy and Chekov) released at the Las Vegas Star Trek con. In the fall of 2008 they released four teaser theater posters with Uhura, Spock, Kirk and Nero. And then in March of 2009 they released four more with McCoy, Sulu, Scotty and Chekov.

The first four character theater posters for 2009 Star Trek movie

Saldana Talks Uhura/Spock future in EW

Speaking of Saldana, she has a brief interview in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine where she talks about the Uhura/Spock relationship. Saldana teases out the film show’s the pair still as a couple in the ‘middle’ of their relationship but she also hinted that the end may come:

It’s always interesting when you tell the story of how two people come to together and when you tell the story of how they end. But [the story] of how they’re living? That’s not as interesting, I guess, even though the middle part is what really matters. There were a lot of things for us to pick from, and there’s a lot [in the new film] for the to be tested by. Whether or not they stay together throughout this? That remains to be seen.

When pressed for more Saldana revealed she didn’t see a long-term future for the pair,  saying:

The reality is it doesn’t matter what they do when they are young. They’re still going to end up, we know, being like the characters in the [original 1960s] Gene Roddenberry series. If that’s the case, then they’re not going to be together forever, but to establish a history between them is beautiful.

Perhaps Saldana feels that even in a new timeline, fate will tear Spock and Uhura apart. 

Spock and Uhura are still together in "Star Trek Into Darkness" – but Saldana isn’t sure they have a long-term future

 More Into Darkness promos coming Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

There will be three more character posters debuted each morning for the next three days on Apple iTunes. And on Tuesday Apple will also have the first exclusive look at the new domestic Star Trek Into Darkness trailer.

Also tune into the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday to see a new domestic TV promo. Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto will also be presenting. And for even more Trek, the TOS "Arena" Gorn Captain (featured in the recent Shatner promo) will be on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards – promoting Star Trek: The Video Game

Thanks to Carol for EW tip.

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Too much posters!
Just one should be enough.

Yea, and why do we need ANOTHER trailer next week?????

You are gorgeous Zoe! I want the Spock poster.

The more the better- get it out there

That doesn’t sound too hopeful does it? I kinda figured they might break up in this film. If they stay good friends I won’t be too sad. The thought of having a permanent couple on board never felt completely right to me anyways. I’m not a romantic type of gal, so this storyline never did much for me anyways. I also hope Kirk/Marcus doesn’t get too serious either. I want my badass women, but for once I’d kinda like it if they weren’t always someones GF. Just my opinion.

This doesn’t mean anything for sure anyways. They might still be together by the end of this film, but I’m thinking they break up somewhere along the line. Zoe’s dropped hints like this before, but this time she was pretty straight forward about it. We’ll know in a month I guess..

I want another trailer, and more posters!

It will be sad if Spock and Uhura’s relationship ends.

PS I’d like a Bones poster!! You’ve had enough people ask so maybe you should try one yea? Please and thank you :) :)

Why are they pushing Uhura as the tertiary protagonist? Not that I have a problem with Uhura, but in TOS it was always the Kirk/Spock/McCoy trio we focus on. But Bones wasn’t on the cover of ST2009, and it’s Kirk/Spock/Uhura again on the US theatrical poster for Darkness. What gives?

“The reality is it doesn’t matter what they do when they are young. They’re still going to end up, we know, being like the characters in the [original 1960s] Gene Roddenberry series.”

Uh…I love you, Zoe, but I’m not sure you get the point of ‘alternate timeline’.

Awesome! I hope they have the character posters as well as the regular ones at my theater opening week.

I was given a free Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol poster when I (accidently) went the night before opening day. Maybe I’ll get one of these for free! One can dream…

With all marketing you have to think that everything we show here is really something made for promotions inside theaters. Domestically there have been two ‘teasers’ but still no ‘payoff’ or ‘theatrical trailer’…that comes next week.

The reason we have seen four trailers is that online we can see both int’l and domestic marketing – not everyone is viewing sites like this and get exposed to every bit of marketing.

I just….don’t like her that much and I’m a little annoyed that because filmmakers today feel that they need to fill a role of “the girl,” that she’s simply “the girl.” I don’t mean to sound like a nutty fan when I say this, but all of the other actors are doing the best job they can to play a character as true to the originals as possible. The way her character is written and portrayed doesn’t even ATTEMPT to come close, and the amount of time that they seem to spend on her in the last film, which offered NOTHING other than “the girl,” element is just kind of irritating and obvious.

I, for one, will be glad to see the Spock/Uhura romance come to an end.

Much better for both to remain close friends ala TOS.

@I’mPaul- yea I think that’s why they’re suddenly trying to make her seem like a badass now in this film. We’ll just have to wait and see if people buy it.

Meh Uhura poster is boring, and I have little interest in the development of their relationship, I think it was a mistake from the beginning.

The Enterprise falling poster is spectacular, im looking forward to the domestic trailer next week.

It this alternate universe. Kirk, Spock, Uhura are now the big three, with McCoy still being very relevant as well. Whine about it forever if you must, but it is not going away. And this is a much better reflection of a modern culture that the three white male grouping from 50 years ago.

This ain’t changing guys. Make you peace with it, or go to your grave’s bitching out it. It’s your choice, but they aren’t going to change it.

I love that roughly 50% of the votes love the domestic poster and 11% don’t, just goes to show the small percentage of “bitter nancy’s” lol

I am sure the 11% are the people who aren’t fans of the new movies…or any other series other than TOS lol.

CCoyI grew up in the 60s so I know my original Star Trek but. I have loved the others too and found it interesting how they all found ways to refer back to the original series. Now we have those characters back but I really do not see where the altered time line would have chanvged things much except for Jim going ln the Enterprise first instead of the Farragut and Scotty having a pet tribble a head of time or Captain Pike’s destiny tuurning out for the better. I doubt if The Next Generation. or the others future was changed much. Jim might still be alive then like Admiral MCcoy is so there’s always possibilities as Spock prime said. Enjoy.

@5 Ash,
“I also hope Kirk/Marcus doesn’t get too serious either. I want my badass women, but for once I’d kinda like it if they weren’t always someones GF.”

This kind of reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where George gets engaged thinking a Jerry is getting married too. Then Jerry tells him he’s broken up with his girlfriend leaving George holding the bag.

While Zoe may have come off that way in the previous film, my hope is she puts that perception to bed once and for all in this one. And I think there’s less of that likely with Eve’s character.

Isn’t it interesting though, that Spock can be a badass and be somebody’s boyfriend without any negative repercussions?

It seems to me that in a story focused on the male characters, that the only way to introduce women is to drive them in like a wedge in the only slot available, which is as a love interest. So it’s interesting that we get to know Uhura through her increased interaction with Spock, which in turn gives her greater presence and opportunity.

The reality is that Abrams could have made Uhura anything he wanted in this timeline, much as he has with Chekov. She could have jumped to the drilling platform with Kirk, but that’s not how Abrams sees the world. Instead it was three men. Did you see any women even volunteer they had combat experience for the assignment? I would have liked to have seen Uhura established in a ships ops capacity, like Data, who was responsible for more than just communications, or god forbid, tactical and/or security like Worf (who often handled communications as well). Something other than what the original Uhura was limited to in 1966, despite the actual importance of such positions in the military as Roddenberry knew. However, you never saw a man doing that job as I recall.

#2 Because domestically we’ve only had 1 teaser and a short kids teaser. We haven’t had a full length trailer yet. The international market has but we haven’t.

In my opinion, making Spock a “badass” flies in the face of what the character is supposed to be. He’s supposed to be rational, balanced, logical, and (relative to humans) emotionless. He’s the counterweight to Dr. McCoy’s heartfelt passion and exhuberance.

Yeah, I’m fine with making Kirk and Uhura “badasses”, as that kind of makes more sense. Spock, even in light of the near annihilation of his own people, should retain some of his classic characteristics. He was created to be an observer of humanity.

@ 11 Good point, Anthony.

@MJ I was hardly “whining” about it, I’m just curious as to why they chose this route as opposed to sticking with the original three.

Saldana is used more prominently in marketing to both attract guys who like to look at girls and to attract girls who want to know there is something for them in this movie too. It isn’t rocket science guys.

But ST2009 Uhura is not thrust into some more prominent position vs McCoy. In general I think Orci and Kurtzman did a very good job in ST2009 of giving each character unique role in the film. Indications are STID will be the same.

5. Ash

calm down lol


Did I say something that was worked up? All I did was comment on Zoe’s interview and give my opinion on it. Hardly worthy of a “calm down”, especially when we know how hairy things can actually get around here.

5) Ash, you have my full support. I could not agree with you more!

The posters are bad. There is not one real movie poster there! Only a lot of trials!

Well, it’s better than the 2009 character posters.

It’s just advertising, folks. I still disagree that Uhura’s taken McCoy ‘s place. Did Saavik take McCoy’s place in Trek II? The argument seems to focus on Saldana being on posters. News flash: they put attractive women on posters. McCoy was on two main posters for the TOS movies (IV and VI) — one had the rest of the cast too.

They used Nichols and Grace Lee Whitney in promo shots for TOS too.

That’s a very strange glove – what’s its purpose? XD

25 Anthony

Thanks, pal!

@21 “Yeah, I’m fine with making Kirk and Uhura “badasses”, as that kind of makes more sense. Spock, even in light of the near annihilation of his own people, should retain some of his classic characteristics. He was created to be an observer of humanity.”

Agreed. I suspect by the 3rd film he will be more of that Spock. Remember through in TOS (as seen in The Cage) that in Spock’s early years he was more emotional — and these movies reflect that.

OK effort

Btw, I meant I don’t think Uhura took McCoy’s place. She’s just on the posters. I agree with Anthony here… and, apparently, Bob.

well, if what she said is true and everything will be just like TOS I’m done with star trek reboot then. and I’m sorry writers but nothing will convince me that you didn’t cave under fan pressure, I thought you wanted this to be different and you were proud of the changes you have made.
I was wrong it seems.

If I wanted to watch TOS I’d watch TOS.
I don’t see the point of this being AU and keep watching if I already know how it will end.

You are misspelling “Gemini”

@35. I think the Big 3 is now the Big 4. If you, Bob, Anthony and others want to pretend it it still just the Big 3, be my guest. But any objective person can see that we have the Big 4 here now.

ps: of course I was one of those that liked S/U and they’re one of the reasons I still wanted to see the movie. But now I don’t see the point
I was intrigued by this being an AU but it seems it’s not AU and you’re just retconning TOS?
what a waste…
how sad.


You’re gonna stop watching the films if Spock/Uhura break up?? That’s just as pathetic as all those whiners who said they were done with ST when they first got together.

I’ve heard s/u fangirls cry about what would happen if they break up, but I didn’t think they would just quit watching because of that. And IF they do break up, who are you to say that wasn’t JJ and the writers plan to begin with?

38: don’t worry, it will be the big 3 again because everything is supposed to be like TOS eventually.
I guess tho, that McCoy will never make it to the posters since he had never been there in the prime verse either…

i did not know Beyonce did a concert on Ceti Alpha V

#16 I’ll bitch about it a while longer, MJ. Maybe not until i’m brown bread, but definitely a while longer yet. ;)
Besides, from the sounds of it good sense is about to prevail and nUhura is
gona be heading back to the switchboard soon.
if I want crappy love stories between crew members i’ll watch TNG, thanks very much.

40. Mark – April 13, 2013

I don’t think I have the time and energy and deside to explain why breaking them up could be my reason for being “done” with this fandom
especially not in this site, tbh.

“You’re gonna stop watching the films if Spock/Uhura break up?? That’s just as pathetic as all those whiners who said they were done with ST when they first got together. ”

I don’t think it would be “pathetic” for people to decide to stop watching the movies (or not even watch the sequel after reading spoilers they don’t like) if those they don’t fit their expectations. Be it either them wanting the romance or not or killing one of the characters, there could be a ton of reasons why people may get disappointed.

For some reason this Uhura poster is my favorite one yet. I’m not a big Zoe fan but I really like this poster. I saw it on another site with three other new character posters, each with a different ‘signature’ color. Side by side as a banner they looked pretty cool.

I seriously hope they end the Spock/Uhura thing. Felt forced and just thrown in there in the first movie.

@41 – Bones just isnt phat enough to make it on to the posters

forget the Charlies Angles, Khan walking hot coals, Enterprise Down ones – They should make this Uhuru one the MAIN poster around the planet….people should know when they go to see a star trek film they will be seeing a slimmed down Beyonce taking on the bad guys

and really, 40. Mark , you make it seems that people don’t have the right to get disappointed for any reason. Seriously, some people don’t like the romance, others do. Some will get pleased, others don’t. What is to understand.
I’m sure there are people here that wouldn’t feel like watching the movie is one of the actors had said that Kirk and Spock won’t have the friendship they had in tos, eventually no matter what happens in this movie, or that one of the main characters might get killed.
But somehow if it’s about the ones liking the S/U romance (that is already here btw, it’s not about us expecting to see a romance that will never happen and then complain because it doesn’t e.g. slash shippers) this makes us irrelevant and pathetic and it can’t be a reason that makes some people want to watch the movie or not but other things can.


Star Trek was about breaking open doors, and this film features a black, female heroine. So what.

In. A. Very. Real. Way. That. Is. True. To. The. Spirit. Of. The. Show.

One chunk of “fans” loses their minds over Carol Marcus in skivvies, and now this. Stay out of the house for a few extra hours the day you see this film, it might be even more interesting.

i am j/k of course – actually the Uhuru poster is one of the best character posters ive seen for a film and if i was a non trekkie or didnt know what trek was even i think itd get my attention