New Spock Into Darkness Character Poster + Find Out Why Alice Eve Will ‘Never Forgive’ Zachary Quinto

Today the second new character poster for Star Trek Into Darkness was released – this time with Mr. Spock. Check that out below plus find out why Alice Eve will "never forgive" Zachary Quinto after an embarrassing moment on the set. Also a reminder to watch the MTV movie Awards tonight for a new TV spot.   


New Spock Star Trek Into Darkness Character Poster

Today Apple revealed the second (of four) Star Trek Into Darkness character posters – featuring Zachary Quinto’s Spock. Check it out.

Spock domestic character poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge)

The Spock poster is the second of four domestic theater character posters for Star Trek Into Darkness. The Uhura poster we released Saturday following the final domestic one-sheet which was released on Friday. Monday’s poster will be Kirk with a Harrison poster on Tuesday – which is also the day Apple will debut the new domestic trailer.

One-sheet and Uhura character posters released on Friday and Saturday – two more character posters to come

Eve: Quinto laughed loudest during embarrassing Enterprise moment

Speaking of Zachary Quinto, in an interview this week Alice Eve the actress singled out Zachary Quinto when recalling an embarrassing moment for her. She told EOnline ""I ran onto the Enterprise and I fell over on my bum—on my first take!" Eve said that it won’t end up in the film because JJ Abrams "is not that mean," and then followed up saying "Quinto was mean" adding (with a smile) "he laughed the loudest, which I’ll never forgive him for. I have my clumsy moments. I probably do do it on all movie sets.

You can watch Eve talk about her fall and Quinto laughing at EOnline.

Click to see Eve talk about Quinto laughing at her Enterprise fall at

New TV Spot Airing During MTV Movie Awards Tonight

Tune into the MTV Movie Awards tonight (9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific) to see a new domestic Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot. Also make sure to have your official Star Trek app ready to listen and scan the new spot to "receive and exclusive piece of Movie Awards content.

Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto will also be presenting. And for even more Trek, the TOS "Arena" Gorn Captain (featured in the recent Shatner promo) will be on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards – promoting Star Trek: The Video Game

MTV Movie Awards mission in Star Trek app


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This photo reminds me of a photo taken of one of the San Francsico Giant’s baseball teams players during the playoffs win in 2012 in a rain storm.

Joli poster.

This Vulcan man is “on fire”…

Derp. Lovely…. eyes.

Fave character poster so far.

Beautiful! They’re playing with colors without using the uniforms. Hehe.

Socks poster says “Trek” more than any thing I’ve so far. I wonder who’s got his Katra?

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the volcano!

Never found her to be all that gorgeous (I know, I know I’m crazy lol) but she seems like a nice girl and I hope she does well as Marcus.

Also I think Quinto probably is the biggest goof on set. In ST09 bloopers it seemed like he could barely keep it together lol. Looks like a fun guy.

Also, cool poster :)

YAY Spock!!! ;-) :-)

Pon Farr anyone? Looks like Spock’s got it bad. He’s literally erupting … Must be well past the 7 year mark …

Two thumbs up.
I wonder how Siskel and Ebert would have found these posters?

You know when youve been tangoed lol

Invisible blowy.

Love this poster. It’s vibrant and intriguing. Mind you, Quinto’s body language does look like he’s just finished the big number in a Broadway musical. A rousing chorus of ‘Being Alive’, perhaps?

@13 Caesar

You’re cheeky, but I like it :-)

Maan, now I’m gonna have to watch the MTV movie awards! I will suffer for the greater good though. :D

Awesome poster. And Alice is so adorable!

I’m guessing the other two posters will be Kirk running through the red forest and Harrison on the barge (?) from that banner that’s going around.

Coolest character poster so far.


I really dig the volcano suit, it’s very Tholian Web-y.

A Vulcan in a volcano :)
I like the color & the suit looks great too


Iron brew

Wow way better then the first one, I hope the next two exceed this one

Now THAT’S a hot mess!


@1 YES! Except I think in this case it’s the opposite kind of thing going on. Still awesome comparison, though.

Hmm, I quite like that poster. Praise indeed!

The interviewer in that video really has a bad sounding voice…

The new U.S. poster looks great. These character posters look cheap. Ever since the first “X-Men” film, you see all these stupid character posters. The 2009 Trek black & white character posters were even more horrific.

In any case, i look forward to seeing the film many times in theaters!

Spock is demonstrating what happens when you use LOX to light a barbeque.

Of all the scenes you had at your disposal, you had to choose the one you can’t even see him except one half of his face. Really?

well atleast we got our Bill my dog died moment for this group now with eve and quinto lol

tripped onto the enterprise though, what over the model of the ship?

is that’s how the buzzard collector got broken off in the trailer? lol

The banner and Benny’s chararcter poster are also out,wonder why ithey’re not posted here. Saw’em yesterday. That banner is really good!

OMG it’s full of sparks!

Good poster. Spock having a Pon Farr moment…:)

Don’t usually like character posters, but this one is just awesome!

I like this poster. The colour is very dramatic and eye-catching.

@6. Punkspocker – I actually thought about this for a moment, and decided ‘just Spock’. I’m sure Vulcans wouldn’t be going: ‘take care of this for me, please’ every time they stepped out their front door.

@20. Sean – My thoughts exactly: very Tholian. I saw a bit of the Enterprise episode In a Mirror, Darkly last night, so this colour, and the ‘armour’ is very fresh in my memory.

Who is the guy with the creepy voice conducting this interview with Eve? He sounds completely unprofessional, whoever he is.

These character posters are great. I hope the next two are just as awesome.

Hmmm. the other Phil speaks…

#8, Rick, and I absolutely adore his laugh – just out of control :D

Haha #38, OSTF, I love that – “Say, would you ‘remember’ this for me? Thanks, bud.”

I love the colors, the Sparks ;) and Spock’s expression.

I hope I look at least one-tenth that awesome if I ever have a near-death experience.

I dont like any of these posters back in the olden days they were actualy an artwork in there own right. But now while an artist is still involved (i hope) they look like they were produced by a committie on there way to another meeting. There is no real thought or care taken in producing these images they are just generic with a bit of photoshop washed over them. They are not interesting or memorable.

They dont say anything about the charactor or the story. There is nothing in these posters that want me to look closer or think “I wonder what is happening here? I would like to know more about this movie”. These posters do not capture the imagination or make me wonder. The Enterprise in flames falling towards a planet sounds great but as an image its really dull.

Why not use the image of the ring falling into the glass. Its something that does not give much away but it is an image that a lot of people would understand the signifigance of and relate to on an emotional level and if you didnt know what it ment people would ask. But we get a guy in a long coat, people crouching down with guns. Flames and explosions in space.

Its dissapointing that movie poster’s and there potential have devolved to be on the same level as the image on a cereal box.


Maybe he’s a celebrity stalker? There’s a lot of wierdos working in the media these days, it seems.

18. Commodore Adams – April 14, 2013
Coolest character poster so far

Correction, the Hottest character poster so far. Three down with two more to go. By the way the Enterprise character poster came first!!

This continues to look a lot like Trek ’09. “Are you afraid or aren’t you?” “Are you coming with me or not?” Let’s jump out of a space ship. Let’s demote Kirk…

43. Don’t get your heart set on a career in advertising, son.

Kidding. People won’t be standing around these things trying to figure them out. A guy can point to the Uhura one and say to his wife, “look Uhura shoots stuff and doesn’t just stand around in a miniskirt… stuff actualky happens… maybe you won’t totally hate it.”