Watch: Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana & Zachary Quinto Make Dramatic Star Trek Entrance At MTV Movie Awards

In addition to debuting a new TV Spot during the MTV Movie Awards, Paramount sent stars Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto to present an award – and they came to the stage in a very dramatic fashion. We have pictures from the show and videos of them presenting. Plus red carpet photos as well.     


Pine, Quinto and Saldana’s Star Trek Entry To MTV Movie Awards

Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto made a dramatic appearance at The MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. They were introduced through a giant sized version of the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser poster (see photos below). Watch the clip via MTV (sorry USA only).

And here are a couple of photos of the dramatic entry.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana make a dramatic Star Trek entry at MTV Movie Awards

Pine tells the audience "Star Trek Into Darkness is the latest installment in a beloved franchise and we are honored to serve the fans"

And here is the video of the trio presenting the award for Best Fight to The Avengers, again via MTV (again sorry but USA only). 

Zoe, Zach and The Gorn on the Red Carpet

Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto also made appearances on the red carpet (apparently Pine slipped in some other way).


Zachary Quinto

Also on the red carpet was a Gorn – with a couple of pals. He was there to promote the new Star Trek: The Video Game.

The New TV Spot

If you missed it, here is the new Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot which aired during the MTV Movie Awards.

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Chris Pine looks pretty good here ;)

Zach cracked me up with his blue suit lol Also loved the way he said “Logical” when they were presenting!

Zoe looked nice from the top up, wasn’t a fan of the skirt.

Zachary Quinto looks disturbingly like Simon Cowell in that suit if you just glance at a photo really quickly. lol

Not feeling Chris’ highwater pants and lack of socks but he looked great otherwise. The scruff suits him. Zoe’s skirt is horrible but she’s lovely from the waist up. It looks like they had fun so that’s what counts the most. Very fun entrance! The fire was a nice touch.

Definitely like the Gorn on the red carpet. I wonder if he will be this movie’s “Kingon” and just show up randomly at the premiere. It’s a fun way to have a Star Trek-related character in costume on the red carpet and boost sales for the game at the same time.

Ironic the fans of the completely un-Gorn looking new Gorn keep saying they couldn’t have used the design of the old Gorn because it’s too “fake” looking, but they keep using the old school Gorn costume to promote the video game!

Quinto is a great actor. But man, does he need to go on one of those makeover shows concerning his wardrobe and hair. Poor guy!

Chris Pine looks lovely enough to drool over…oops.
Light blue suits for men seem to be in fashion. Chris Pine has modeled a powder blue suit for a US men’s magazine.

I love the colours in the skirt but the slit should have started further down on the skirt. It looks a bit odd the way it is.

Lovely threesome!

@3. Agreed. It’s too bad the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park are not real, or they could sue Orci’s game team for copying their likenesses. LOL

Paging Mr. Herman…

Some questionable fashion choices on the part of the actors. Especially Zachary Quinto, who looks like he’s doing a modern take on Roger Moore’s James Bond.

Seems the two girls and the Gorn were the best dressed at the event.



Yeah, but today’s birds are descendants of the velociraptors, and unless there’s a statute of limitations, I can’t imagine a bald eagle or a chicken not hiring an attorney….

3. BillyBoy

the original Gorn is somewhere in the game.

ups sorry

I quite liked the Star Trek presentation. I liked the tie in with the poster, Zoe Saldana’s LLAP and the actual speeches they all made. Zachary Quinto’s pause before uttering the word ‘logical’ cracked me up.

Also, I’m glad there’s a photo here of the Gorn. I watched (OK, I fast forwarded through) the MTV red carpet and the actual MTV awards as well. I missed seeing the Gorn. Our channel probably went to an ad at that point. Also didn’t see the STID TV Spot, but I was expecting that this time. The Superbowl STID trailer wasn’t shown downunder either.

I must be getting old. Quite a few of the guys I saw were wearing suits I found quite unappealing. Pine’s casual look was quite OK, but I’d have liked longer trouser legs. Yep, I must be getting old…

Oh, oh – I almost forgot – I was pleasantly surprised to see the Aussie flag. I hadn’t realised the MC was an Australian before seeing the show. Yep, I must really be getting old…

Oh, dear. What is CP wearing?!

Loki is such a lame villain. Ugh. Geez. I hope whoever Cumby is playing is way better. Also, no award for Marion Cotillard for “Lamest Death Scene in the History of Film”?

Zoe’s outfit A++

Yay an Australian hosted the awards. Im not to sure what event they have dressed for its looks Zoe and Zachery are qoing to Barbecue wedding reception in someones backyard and Criss pine looks like hes on his way to answer the front door at home. Not being in the US I havent seen the video yet maybe its just the photo.

They are not presenting this as a Star Trek movie. It feels like the incidental Star Trek movie. Out of all the backdrops they could have picked, it is one of destruction. It does not compute. Who is the movie about? Who is the central character? Why should we care? That being said, I saw the preview and I liked it. But I went in knowing who the characters were. When I watch the trailers with non-trekkies, the reaction is always the same – “Who cares”.

So excited get to see the movie a month from today, then the wait begins all over again for the followup to Into Darkness.

For those of you outside the US of A – like your truly – here is a link to dailymotion where you can view the video MTV wont let us watch. Always a way around :)

@7 Jack

…Mr. P.W. Herman. LOL!

Well, at least Zpock’s suit isn’t plaid, or *shudder* ARGYLE!

Zachary Quinto looks as though he’s about to star in a Morrissey-biopic, doesn’t he?

Rhetorical question:

Why Saldana/Uhura in this trio???
Where’s BONES???


@19 KHAAAN, the weasel

You nailed it!

Urban/McCoy will be coming to the Sydney Gala Premiere on 23 April with Pine, Quinto and Abrams.

I guess they can’t have everybody together at everything…

What a special cast!

Anthony, did you see the clip that appeared right before Pine and the rest were announced? It really looked like the Enterprise was crashing into Earth. You stated before that the clip of the starship splashing into the water was not Enterprise, but what was shown last night sure made it look like it.

They look and talk rather awkward, as if they’re unsure of the movie.

“By Grabthar’s hammer…what a savings.” comes to mind.

To serve fans?

It’s a cookbook!

Impressive! Not sure about Zach’s suit though. Maybe he just decided to wear Spock colours?

#6. MJ – April 15, 2013

#9. Red Dead Ryan – April 15, 2013

Well, Spielberg’s animations were designed and drawn by hired artists, and in that regard, the Velociraptors are Steven’s intellectual property, and if digital forensics can substantially verify your contentions, someone’s liable to face a legal drubbing.

26. Disinvited –
Haha I see what you did there. Watched some Twilight Zone last night/

#9. Red Dead Ryan – April 15, 2013

Since we now know feathers to be quite common among dinos and those velociraptors were incorrectly rendered featherless in JP, I doubt their living ancestors would have a feathered leg to stand on in court. ;-)

@17 Thank you very much!

Zoe Saldana looks hot!
Zachary Quinto’s suit looks like something Doctor Who might wear.
The Gorn get all the chicks!

@31. Kapten Kerk

Of course the Gorn gets all the chicks. That spotted leotard is a much better sartorial choice than what most of the guys were wearing ;-)

Zachary Quinto’s blue suit? I could definitely imagine David Tennant in that!


I agree…I read your post with the Alan Rickman delivery pause:

“Star Trek Into Darkness…what a movie”.

Pretty impressive set for their entrance!

I know i’m old when these fasions that – in my day – were the epitomy of dorkiness are now considered hip.

Oh the pain…the pain…

25. Lol.

Are these sorts of things (awkward staged promos in the middle of awards shows) still done? Did the Avengers cast have to do crap like this?

Ah, the classic triad of Kirk, Spock…….. Uhura??

Quinto is wearing a suit… of Sciences Blue. Wow. Funny.

Saldana lives in LA. Urban lives in NZ. So of course Zoe is more available for publicity. Hey, it’s not like Urban didn’t give us that awesome awesome McCoy Surfing NZ Video!

Gorn: There are many races in the Gorn Confederation, including those from the Gorn Hegemony homeworlds. The Raptory Gorn probably look at the Old Luggy Gorn and laugh… prosthetics and silver lenses in the eyes? Why do all races have to look like gornoids? Can’t we have some real aliens, like those pinkskinned ones we saw on Cestus III? They were very tasty with carrots, too.

Chris Pine…check
Zachary Quinto….check

Karl Urban….???

What happened to the Kirk, Spock, McCoy troika?

Chris Pine appears to have gotten caught in a flood on his way to the theater.

Thank God no one was injured and he arrived safely.

Those uniform skirts on the two girls w/ the Gorn aren’t short enough! DISASTER!!!

4. MJ – April 15, 2013

—Quinto is a great actor. But man, does he need to go on one of those makeover shows concerning his wardrobe and hair. Poor guy!—

I’m forced to agree.

We’re sounding like Joan & Melissa Rivers here, which is about as shameful a thing as there is, but these three actors all made some…shall we say… “interesting” choices in their presentations that evening.

This is just wrong…

Zach. Zach. I like his suit, but why is his hair always tragic? Hipster fashions. He looks like the long-lost Conehead son.

Eh, no one really cares what they wear to the MTV movie awards.

I think Zach Quinto is an amazing actor and an amazing person, as well, from what I’ve read in interviews, but that suit is hurting my eyes. The color, yes, is awful, but mostly its the fact that… it doesn’t look like it fits him.

Agreed that Chris looks too casually dressed.

Zoe, however, looks wonderful. I love her outfit.

And wow, what a set design. Kudos to the creative minds who worked to put that together.

Zoe = gorgeous!

Zachary Quinto = ZQ = so cool!

And Chris Pine as soon as he returned from Coachella apparently chose the first outfit his stylists offered to him … something basic, nothing cerebral or analytical ……………………………… ;-)
………………………………. after all this was a show on MTV

Whatever … CP was so gorgeous… they were AWESOME!

;-) :-)

This trio stuff is driving me nuts. It’s promotion, folks.

33, Drapera, I read it out loud a la Rickman and laughed SO HARD! Thank you for that! : )))

48, Jack, It’s about time they DID some promotion though, innit? ; )

OMG the tragically hip!

First, Chris Pine – the ONLY thing wrong with his clothing was the “new length” of trousers – we used to call those “high-waters” … otherwise he looked very nice, if casual. Cool beard!

Zachary, Zachary, Zachary – I adore the man, but my goodness I think he got hit by the dorky hipster truck. The suit doesn’t fit, and the high-waters are just tragic. Do designers now purposely install zippers crooked or something? And why doesn’t the jacket … oh nevermind, now let’s get to the hair … omg no, let’s not . . . . Deeah, can we tawk?

Zoe, as always, looked lovely, incredibly so, although her skirt was a bit … puzzling. It couldn’t decide if it wanted to be floral or lacy.

And guys I’m sure Karl Urban would have been happy to be there but is multi-tasking: filming television in Canada and commuting home to New Zealand.

Zoe looks lovely — A+
Chris… B – leading to a C (the beard suits him)
Zach…that ensemble did nothing for him–but I really like the dude.

The set design…awesome!