Watch: New Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot – Hear Alice Eve For First Time + More Analysis

UPDATED: As TrekMovie first reported earlier this week, a new Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot airs tonight during the MTV Movie Awards. And MTV has put the ad online early so you can watch it now. There are some new bits in it. Check it out below plus some analysis (with spoilers).   



New Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot

You can watch the new Star Trek into Darkness which was shown during the MTV Movie Awards.

Analysis Below (Beware Of Spoilers)









Screencaps & Analysis – Carol Marcus is a Brit?

The big reveal in this commercial is hearing Alice Eve speak for the first time as Dr. Carol Marcus. The actress is using her natural British accent instead of adopting her Americanized accent for the film (to match Bibi Besch who originally played Marcus in Star Trek II). However, we have also heard Peter Weller speaking in a previous trailer and he plays Admiral Marcus (Carol’s father). Admiral Marcus is heard with Weller’s usual American accent. So apparently there is some backstory on why Admiral Marcus’ daughter has the Brit accent – perhaps she went to finishing school in England?

Here are some caps of the new bits from the spot (sorry low resolution is all we can do for now):

Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) on board Stafleet Shuttle says: "You have a reputation Captain Kirk"

Kirk (Chris Pine) boarding a Starfleet shuttle replies: "I have a reputation" (it isn’t clear if the dialog is actually from this shot or being used as voice over)

John Harrison (Bendict Cumberbatch) fights Spock (Zachary Quinto) on floating barge above San Fransico

Spock gets Cumberpunched!

Kirk (apparently to Harrison) asks "are you coming with me or not?"

The TV spot also features a series title cards broken into segments – featuring a new slogan (possibly just for this spot):

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Cool. I’m gonna check it out tonight. I hope that JJ Abrams does something like playing the keyboards during “walking away from explosions” bit he did last MTV awards. That was funny.

Um, does Carol Marcus have a British accent? In this universe, she must be educated in England or something?

I’m getting super anxious to see this film!!

Alice Eve’s pronunciation of “Captain Kirk”!!! Jesus.
Love, love Spock but Harrison’s punch was A++

BTW: That’s the best trailer yet for this movie.

I thought it was the worst trailer yet :P

@2 Maybe Carol Marcus was always British, but when we saw her in the Prime universe in TWOK it was 30+years later, so maybe hanging out with American-accented people in Starfleet for that long caused her to lose the British accent.

you know i hink this particular trek has the best chance out of all the trek films to really tear up the box office(even more so than TMP and ST09 both of which were sort of an unknown gamble at the time anyway)

– the fact its the sequel to the successful reboot that everyone has seen by now (TDK to its Batman Begins)…the director doing Star Wars VII next publicity….it looks like a pretty cool earth bound SF action film like Fifth Element/Total Recall/Blade Runner…the cast more known this time….the blonde in space underwear etc

i think 500m ww (300m US/200m+ forgien) is more than possible (which for trek would be like a billion $) but maybe even more? (could it even double ST09s 385m?)

Trailer blew green alien balls compared to others

In the future you can take a pill that changes your accent. This is what Picard did in 2314 ;p

@1 Am I the only one who got second-hand embarrassment from that video because of JJ? Haha! But yeah, keyboard skills, I give him that!

8: How well this does depends on the reviews. If the reviews are so-so then imo it will struggle to get to $300m perhaps it will hit $280 million if the box-office is kind… but if it gets the same reviews as the last one then all bets are off!

Iron Man was very well received and well reviewed in 2008 and everyone anticipated huge numbers for a sequel because of this yet IM2 made less than IM1 because it was nowhere near as good a movie. I have watched IM2 (once) but I cannot remember any full scenes from it and tbh I have forgotten how it ended and everything. Only things I remember from that movie are Mickey Rourke and his whips and a bit of something at a car race, whereas I can recall all of IM1.

@13 – IM2 still outgroosed IM1 ww (623m to IM1s 585m)…anyway IM2 was rushed out. theyve taken their time with STID (too long actually!)

if STID is deemed a good as ST09 then as u say – all bets are off (imagine a ST film making 600m!)

@12 — Who listens to reviews anyway? If people want to see it, they are going to go see it.

And then there are all of us, watching the Countdown Clock who will see it *multiple* times.


Awful trailer. I know they have to be short but it was a disjointed mess. Also the sound effects on the punches were terrible. Sounded like to girls fighting.

I noticed they used a different take on Cumberbatch speaking in the last released the trailer. Instead of that ridiculous slow delivery of You dont know what you have done (with a pause between each word). Its been redone to sound more normal and he says what YOUVE done. So did they get him to redo it? or do they have umpteen takes they can use with him sounding different in each!

I hope he hasnt been asked to speak that slowly for the whole film. Its not easy on the ear. He’s a brilliant actor so if he’s talking THAT slowly he’s been asked to do it.

Sounds as if Alice is using a scottish accent

Cant help but think JJ has taken the foot off the peddle. Probably distracted on future projects. I dont get a feeling of a tight pr strategy.

That shot of Alice Eve in her underwear just thrown into that TV spot was so awkward. If people want to look at scantily clad women, there is always the internet, one need not see a movie for that. No need to blatantly throw it in the ads.

I’m gonna try to use “Cumberpunched” in daily conversations. LOL

The text on the teaser sounds very confident. I hope the movie delivers. IMO, it’s looking good so far (perhaps great).

Now all I have to do is get my adrenaline level back to normal. ;)

So Dr. Marcus and Cumbervillain have ridiculously posh British accents. I love it!

Since she’s now a weapons researcher instead of a biologist, she probably got her education somewhere else. Could easily be another country.

This brings up a question. How many main characters had English accents in the original movies ?

a cause for slight concern is the following wkend you have F&F 6 and Hangover 3….the wkend after is After Earth then the wkend after that is the big one – Man of Steel

but gud really as no other major movie on Treks wkend release and i dont think After Earth will be much of a problem for Trek (looks like Oblivian which i doubt wll set the BO alight, and M Night is more a figure of fun now LOL) and Man of Steel is 3 weeks later but FF6/HO3 could eat up some of Treks BO – then again what you expect – its the summer!…and if anything Trek is a big deal now that is a cause for concern for other movies :)

2009 was far more of a concern for Trek – Wolverine the wkend b4 (the last one had been the biggest of all X films and this was a sole Wolverine film answering all the big origin questions at last – but then again it got leaked early and had bad reviews), Angel/Demons the wkend after (Da Vinci Code was huge 750m ww so A/D couldve been just as big – but then again no one really liked TDVC and no one seemed that bothered about a sequel that didnt deal with controversial Jesus stuff) then Terminator4 the wkend after that (which was the much anticipated future war and had Batman in it so couldve been much bigger than it turned out – but then again no Arnie, was PG13, and was directed by McG LOL)…so actually those other 3 big films although they looked pretty intimidating to Trek before, it turned out Trek kicked all their asses easy at the US box office…and overseas/ww for Terminator & Wolverine ( was only beat WW by Hanks)

25: David Warners character in TFF and TUC :)

26: For both Trek 09 and this one I believe the better release date is Christmas or the week before Christmas. Instead all the studios release their tentpoles one after another in the summer and take business from each other.

nice undies

Does anyone else think Alice Eve’s pronunciation of ‘Captain Kirk’ sounds like Barbara Anderson’s in Conscience of the King? I half expected her to call Pine ‘Caesar of the Stars…’

What, Nobody talking about Kirk asking Cumby if “he’s coming with him or not”??

Foreshadows the climax me thinks…/

Coming with him for a space walk…. ?

@32, I suspect the second jumper out of the airlock is Cumberbatch going after Admirl Marcus’ ship in orbit around the moon. Cumberbatch takes over Marcus’ ship, and betrays Kirk. That’s my guess.

#32 My mind went to incredibly dirty places with your comment. I’m blaming it on the fact that I’m at the end of the work day. LOL

Back on topic, I can’t wait to watch this when I get home! My phone screen just isn’t quite the same and I have a bad signal in the building anyway. :(

@29 – tell that to theNemesis team LOL (opened between LOTR and Bond and did to TNG what Bane in that film tried to do to earf :)

@28 – awesome AP, i like those box office threads. looking foward to STID breaking ST box office records like its 1986 (i think ST09 is the current big daddy – obviously unadjustd, but also when they all adjusted to todays $s? out grossing TMP and TVH?)

This is not a trailer people. It’s a TV spot (and a fun one). The trailer is out on Tuesday.

MTV Movie Awards…. Quinto, Pine, Saldana

Are people still going to attempt to argue how Bones hasn’t been replaced because of Uhura and how it’s a big 4 now?

Well, where is he then if they bothered with bringing Saldana?

I actually think when Harrison says “your leaders have comitted a crime I cannot forgive” that he is referring to Starfleet abandoning the planet April was living on to the Klingons. Thoughts?

ST09 bests TVH and TMP in todays money however some people say TMP earned more $$ than is stated officially..

That awkward underwear shot is awkward.

Must be an important plot point though.

#19 – Well, I am seeing this scantily clad lady on the internet. In fact, it was on youtube because I cannot see MTV in my country.

Stop obsessing about that scene. Yes, it does seem awkward when watching it with everything else that is going on, but perhaps, that may the point… watch the movie to find out.

Thank you, Anthony, for posting the youtube version for those of us who cannot see MTV, Hulu and others.

Carol sounds like Alice Eve.

Basicly I can sum up that ad like this:

Lets go to the beach and see Alice Eve in her underwear!!!!! Star Trek into Darkness, May 17th.

Alice Eve can do a very good American accent, so why didn’t she use it?

When I saw Alice Eve wearing her black underwear, I thought ; ” CLASSIC! Nice choice SISTA !!! “.

@ The management.

Feel free to delete this post of mine , I’m clearly looking for trouble ; as a woman I should have been horrified by the “infamous” shot.

I wasn’t.


@42, 44. You guys know that JJ doesn’t cut the trailers together right? That is handled by people in marketing, not directly connected with the production. Check the dvd commentary on ST09 JJ didnt even know what scenes were used for trailers, so it is unfair to blame him for a decision he did not make.

#17 – Sounded Scottish to me too.

47: I understand JJA is not involved. I just think this TV Spot is the worst one yet thats all.

U.S. only so far (MTV does this, not this site). I haven’t found it on YouTube yet…

#39. Flake – April 14, 2013

That’s because there’s essentially no “official” other than Imdb and they own BoxOfficeMojo which I believe never has cited it’s sources for TMP’s figures, but for whatever reason (maybe because it was the first web site to start trying to keep track of BO in general?) Mojo is trusted.

The studio could clear it up, but really has no motivation to go digging for old figures that could potentially knock it’s current fare off as king of the hill. Besides clearly (mis)perception is everything to the studios anyway or how else does one explain their refusals for decades to release the data as number of tickets sold as opposed to gross dollars taken in? I mean impressive BIG and BIGGER numbers are better for marketing.

FWIW in the Google newspaper archives, newsprint in the 1980s report the total worldwide take for TMP in the range of $150M to $170M.