Harrison Character Poster + Pine & Quinto Talk ‘Cruel’ Challenges Of Star Trek Into Darkness

The third character poster has been revealed officially today and it is of Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison. We also have a look at tomorrow’s poster of Kirk. Plus Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto talk about the ‘cruel’ challenges in Star Trek Into Darkness. All that plus a new pic too below.   


New Harrison Star Trek Into Darkness Character Poster

Today Apple revealed the third (of four) Star Trek Into Darkness character posters – featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison. Check it out.

Harrison domestic character poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge)

The Harrison poster is the third of four domestic theater character posters for Star Trek Into Darkness. The Uhura poster we released by Apple on Saturday, the Spock Poster on Sunday. These followed the final domestic one-sheet which was released on Friday. 

One-sheet, Uhura and Spock character posters released on Friday and Saturday – two more character posters to come

The final poster in the series (featuring Kirk) will be released in hi-res by Apple tomorrow, however Paramount was showing it off at the Cinemacon trade show which kicked off today.

(Photo: Michael Armendariz)

Paramount was also showing off a theater "standee" that comprised the four character posters together.

(Photo: Michael Armendariz)

Pine and Quinto talk about ‘cruel’ test in Into Darkness

On the subject of Chris Pine, he is quoted in the new Summer Movie issue of Entertainment Weekly, talking about the challenges the crew face in Star Trek Into Darkness, saying:

Pine: The are tested, and the test are cruel ones. The first film was the story of [Kirk] getting the captain’s seat–this one is the story of him earning it.

Zachary Quinto is also quoted, responding to how the crew face these new challenges, saying:

Quinto: Friendship is the key. They grow closer as things get worse.

The new EW also has a new image of Kirk and Bones (Karl Urban) running through the Nibiru jungle (See a scan from the magazine below).

Chris Pine (Kirk) and Karl Urban (McCoy) in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

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This is the first time I’m truly excited to see the new movie!

Spock poster is the best.

I like the strong use of color in these. There’s a sort of rhythm to them. Red, Blue, Red, Blue. Interesting.

It’s “Harrison” domestic character poster for Star Trek Into Darkness :)

Why does everyone need a scar on their left cheek? ;)

I like this one. Bendersnatch looks like quite the menace. NOT a phantom menace, though.

What I’m interested in is if they keep Cumberbatch around as the franchise’s Vader.

Wheres a poster with the new ship? I WANT A DAMNED CLOSEUP OF THAT NEW SHIP!!!

All these poster’s are Awesome!!!!.
Come on May 1th.

Oops. I meant May 15th. Lol.
I wish it was May 1st.

I want that one that “standee” of all four, dammit. Hmm…Amazon?

Horrible quality.

Great comment section9.

I wonder the same. He is a “big deal” now and wonder if he would even do another Trek. But he would be fantastic as a villain turned ally that plays a role with the crew battling an even bigger threat (Khan?) in ST2016. A problem maybe HE created that he sees to redeem himself from.

I am 90% sure that shot of hands on glass is Spock giving Harrison a redemptive sign of respect and thanks for saving the crew and maybe earth by sacrificing himself. It would be an awesome twist considering all the lead up to this makes Harrison the “enigmatic villain”.

I wish my app would work correctly, I tried to scan to photos but it wouldn’t recognize them and now the app won’t even load up

Does this poster strike anyone that Harrison is whipping up a storm around him, using perhaps psycho-kinetic powers of some sort? That’s the impression I get.

12: Lets not forget Cumberbatches character is a murderer and should be treated as such regardless of what hes fighting for. If he is not dead or missing at the end of STID he should be in prison.

Vader looking all happy and jolly as a force ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi seems a bit strange considering the guy promoted mass murder beyond the likes of Hitler and Stalin put together !

#13: Try deleting the data for the ST app and then re-logging in. It worked for me a few days ago. Also, some of the Image Scan missions just don’t work. I tried the EW cover (Harrison & Kirk), Uhura disruptor and the ST 2009 disc missions on both my phone and tablet. They wouldn’t work on either.


Khan is the phantom menace.

14.Yeah, I don’t see that.

15. “Vader looking all happy and jolly as a force ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi…”

Not to get into religion, but I remember being in Sunday school around then and this came up (the Sunday School teacher was a geek) as an example of forgiveness, and I didn’t get it. I mean, I understood what she was saying, but I was like “it’s still not cool to be happy, ever, after you’ve done all that crap.” That said, who can resist smiling with all those cuddly Ewoks dancing around you. Hitler would have totally smiled.

@18 Jack,

Fair enough. Looks like a scene out of X-Men with Magneto to me though …

He’s just trying to get JJA’s hairstyle!

#17 ed


My favorites posters, Spock and Uhura!

Everything looks so blurred. Bad poster

My excitement is firing up, rewatching the last one help remind me that there is a lot of good stuff in Abrams film.

I like how there is so much motion in these. They’re dynamic images that are full of energy instead of just stationary shots. Pretty eye catching. I like the Spock and Kirk posters the best because the bright colors really stand out.


Disappointed in Kirk’s poster, even though it looks cool. I was hoping it would be a shot of him in his Starfleet uniform, because *somebody* needs to be wearing one, right?

I guess these are all supposed to be “action sequence” posters, but a poster of Pine standing confident as Captain of the Enterprise would be nice, wouldn’t it?

I guess that’s something that bugs me about all the promos, is most of the shots of our heroes feature them in civilian clothes or those dress uniforms or whatever they are. I get the feeling there won’t be much of the gold, blue, and red in the movie. Hopefully I’m wrong. Probably I am, but still…

…guess it’s part of the Darkness Into which we are Star Trekking.

Upon immediate review of his own post:

“Excuse me, but could you use the word ‘guess’ a few more times in your post?”

I guess so.

I like how Harrison is showing off his chest, great posters!

The colour schemes look nice together in a row like that. And I’m glad they look like stills of the action rather than being Photoshopped to hell until they don’t resemble anything vaguely lifelike anymore, like a lot of marketing seems to do nowadays.

Would still like individual posters with the other characters, too, though, especially Bones. I wonder if they’re going to bother with that. No hero images for the rest of the crew?

I love the Kirk poster. The pose is just so…Kirk, with the communicator and all. These blow the 2009 headshot posters out of the water.

Do people think it is a bad thing for Star Trek posters to resemble other successful tentpole movie posters. That is kindof the point.


I agree. Though I’m a bit disappointed in his attire, the post is just right. That communicator pose has “Trek” written all over it.


I’m not really saying anything about it with regards to movie posters in general… I just think there should be at least one thing that stands out as Trek. The communicator is nice… I just felt it should be a nice gold-colored uniform.

I’m not that tore up about it though. I’m not here for the posters. I’m here for the movie! Come on May 17!

@31: lol – Creating film posters is quite an easy ‘copy & paste’ job, right?

Kirk is holding a OS communicator. What’s better than that?


…or a cell phone. I mean, just because you can’t see the Samsung logo, doesn’t mean it’s not there.


Wow, y’all really hate the unfamiliar. We already know the movie will be full of the duty uniforms. Why would you put a familiar image that could be from the previous Trek movie on a poster? Look, a pretty shot of the Enterprise in space, just sitting. Look, it’s Kirk, Spock and McCoy smiling at the camera. it’s a movie — stuff happens. The posters tease at it and reel in people.

A couple’s standing in line and discover that Iron Man’s sold out, they look at the options and see STID… than they look at the poster of Kirk in his gold uniform smiling and she says, “meh, we saw that last time, years ago.”

I understand that it’s personal taste. But it just sounds like the function of a movie poster is being (purposely?) overlooked by some of us.

I think these are neat — and they’re all about motion (even the Uhura one). Can’t wait to see ’em in theaters. Any idea when they’re out?

And, yep — they fit the current style — but so did the floating head Trek posters of the 80s. Trek didn’t invent those.

These posters do show the difference between marketing old Trek and today. And that’s good. They’re certainly not cheesy.

The previous style of Trek was in competition with “great films” — mostly epics. For example, you would not see a Trek film in the style of “Kramer vs. Kramer.” But also, Trek was never in competition with “action” films. So, as a result, they were in competition with “Ghandi” not Rambo. Also, as exciting and great as science fiction was then, the science fiction audience was not considered legitimate unto itself. It still is that way.

But no one makes epics anymore. Even films like Argo, Lincoln, and Django – which are all Hollywood are marketed for their indie sensibility. While they are good films, they certainly harken to the audience as throwbacks. And even pure action films are throwbacks (any late Stallone film), or filled with lots of practical and special effects (FaF).

What are the “great” films of this era? One could stake a claim that the only exciting films of this current time period are the superhero films, and other films that really use film technology to create excitement. Like Pirates and the new Lone Ranger.

These new Trek posters eschew that, building characters as branding, and hopefully with some great audience results.

Face it, what new or old “Characters” do you see on movie posters these days? Few.

Should have been a McCoy poster. The triad of the original series is officially dead.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear that they’re correcting the first movie in terms of how Kirk became the Enterprise Captain. Also in this alternate universe, Kirk, Spock, and Uhura are likely the new triangle instead of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy from the Prime Universe.

Have you seen the tweets with the gigantic STID screen in Berlin? With the old poster, Harrison’s back and London? Fantastic!

40. Bob Tompkins

we have 2013 not 1966.

today’s people want to see hot girls on posters:-)

@40: They clearly took the most beautiful people from the movie for the posters.

I really like the four character posters together. I totally am geeking out how Kirk is holding a communicator! That rocks!

I’m digging the character posters greatly.


It’s not the unfamiliar we’re talking about. It’s the familiar. In “street clothes”, you can’t tell Uhura or Kirk from any other action movie character. Especially Uhura, but that’s beside the point (and yes, Kirk is wearing the robe from Nibiru. Work with me here.)

The idea here (at least the one I’m suggesting) is that Trek characters should look like Trek characters. Would it be fitting for an Iron Man 3 poster for it to be a dramatic shot of Tony Stark in t-shirt and jeans?

And for the record, I never said the posters were bad. In fact, Spock’s is pretty cool, even if it’s a “hot shot” (ha! I kill me).

It’s not “fear”, it’s disagreement.

Kind of lame. He looks like Frankenstein a bit. Couldn’t they have come up with a better shot of him for the poster than this?

So far, of the five posters, I love the Enterprise plummeting on, love the Spock one, and am not all that thrilled with the Uhura and Harrison ones.

….just noticed the Kirk one. Yea, I like that one! So three good one and two duds.

Has anybody else noticed this? It just occurred to me that the EW pic of Bones and Kirk looks like a 3D shot, like the guys are “detached” from the background. Sort of. I’m not describing it very well. But still… looks like it’s supposed to represent 3D. To me, anyways.

Is that a big scar on the left side of his face? Also, it looks like he has an afro hairstyle in this shot?