Pine & Quinto Happy No Longer Having To ‘Lie’ About Into Darkness + Kirk Character Poster In HD

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were interviewed at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards and the pair talked about how they are relieved that Star Trek Into Darkness is almost here and they wont have to "lie" anymore about the movie. Watch the interview below plus check out the Kirk character poster in HD.   


Pine and Quinto happy to to have to lie about Into Darkness anymore

Speaking to MTV at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, Chris Pine said  “the good news is we’re about two weeks away from being able to actually talk about [Star Trek Into Darkness]” Quinto added.

“It’ll be nice not to have to lie anymore.”

Watch the video

Kirk Character poster released

Also released today at Apple was the fourth and final Star Trek Into Darkness character posters – featuring Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk. We showed it off yesterday from CinemaCon but it is now available as a high resolution

Kirk domestic character poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge)

The Kirk poster completes the four character poster set for Star Trek Into Darkness. The Uhura poster we released by Apple on Saturday, the Spock Poster on Sunday and the Harrison poster on Monday. These followed the final domestic one-sheet which was released on Friday. 

Posters released Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

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Only Urban, Pegg and Eve lied. Quinto was just vague.

I think I like the one with the crashing Enterprise best–second?

El Spocko has the best one, I am using the top half as my computer desktop.

Just so long as they weren’t lying about Cumberbatch NOT being Khan i dont care.

Did anyone catch the operative word “LIE”? Told ya all along, didn’t I.

It sounds like Pine was being cheeky when he said
” At least we won’t have to lie anymore. ”
It just sounded playful to me not alike they were actually lying this whole time.

1. Do you have money riding on the Khan thing?

Still entirely possible. But I hope it’s a bit more interesting than just Harrison being Khan, or a Khan follower. Maybe he was ‘enhanced’ in a program based on the discovered B.Bay survivors, or on preserved samples from that era… secret super soldiers on a secret super ship makes sense. So what’s B.C.’s motivation? If he’s going rogue from Marcus’s program, then why? Is he on his own, or is still being backed? Is he pro-Klingon? Anti-federation imperialism? Anti-all-government? What’s going on?

– If there’s not a cardboard-Trek-stand in my local theatre, well, I’ll only go see it 11 times there — no more!

The presence of the super-ship just blew Khan out of the water. There’s no room for Khan now. Too convoluted.

I don’t remember what Quinto and Pine said in terms of the rumors. Did either of them ever specifically say it wasn’t khan? On the other hand, just saying that Cumberbatch just plays a guy named John Harrison is also a lie.

So I think they are saying more than anything, it will be good to be able to talk about what they know. Leaving out information is also a lie of omission.

I still want to know why Cumby dyed his hair black to play John Harrison?

If it’s just another section 31 character, why the black hair? If it’s just another caucasian character that goes nuts, why the black hair? Certainly, in those two scenarios, Cumby couldve kept his natural color.

There is a reason his colored his hair black, folks.

A good poster for Kirk. I like it that, if Kirk was carrying a phaser pistol, it has been hidden. Good one!

@9 To create contrast with Pine’s Kirk, who has light sandy colored hair. D’oh. Protagonist v. antagonist.

Its going to be a box office megga hit!!! I keep talking to people and they say there definately going to see it.

11. Keep telling yourself that, sparky. ;)

9. Because only Khan has dark hair? He also had darker skin in Space Seed.

@14 Jack

Yeah, but apparently we’re not supposed to talk about that little fact.

Or Khan’s huge ego, which was what bested him at every turn in both of his encounters and defines his character. So if you take that way it’s not really Khan even if they call him Khan at some point.

Seriously guys. It’s not Khan. The black hair is there for the same reason he’s wearing all black. He’s the antagonist, and it puts him in stark visual contrast to the colors of Kirk and company. The hair in particular is to make him look like distinct from Kirk/Pine.

It’s neat how they did these posters. It looks as if Kirk is chasing Harrison. Kirk is on a red ground [emotion, passion] vice Harrison’s blue ground [cold, calculating?]

In the center Uhura is taking action but looking “back” at Spock, in his [most probably] near-death experience. Both are portrayed on yellow [warm, or heated] backgrounds with Uhura on a part-yellow, part-dark bluish background, her warmth [“toward” Spock] in one direction and her duty [indicated by the direction of her pointing weapon] on the cool side of the color spectrum.

Probably a product of my Human pattern-seeking brain, but a neat “co-ink-y-dink” all the same :)

I have to say, I would have enjoyed seeing the still – cropped – of Kirk with McCoy behind him, running toward the on Nibiru, as a poster instead of Kirk alone, but the direction of the running doesn’t fit the standee display card sequence. :(

I can’t imagine why nobody wants to comment on this.

I hate JJ Abrams. The lying about Khan was just stupid! And yes, he, Pine, Pegg, and others all lied about it. Stupid really. This is in no way a “twist” that will surprise anyone because now it’s all over the place directly from their mouths.

I probably won’t see this one anyway. The first was ridiculous.