Watch: Final Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness

The new domestic theatrical trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has been released only at Apple trailers. This is the fifth and final trailer for the movie and you can watch it now below.



Watch the final trailer – Darkness Is Coming

This is it – the domestic theatrical trailer for Into Darkness has finally arrived – exclusively at Apple Trailers.

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You can watch HD version at Apple Trailers

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Check back for TrekMovie’s usual shot-by-shot analysis.

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……best Trek movie ever made!

Well, it’s up at Youtube courtesy of JoBlo

That ship is huge and is definitely the one crashing into SF bay.

See, that’s the trouble with younger “fans” who don’t appreciate the significance and history of the original Star Trek and its values.

You’re all just too easily impressed by something being absolutely awesome. LOL


Can’t wait!!!

Outstanding! This is what we’ve been waiting for. Cannot wait to see this film!

So good, wonder what Harrisons ship is? Wonder if the end has it commandeered by starfleet and renamed the Enterprise-A?

That ship is also not what is crashing into the bay. The ship crashing into the bay does not have a gigantic hole in the saucer.

So if the Enterprise is about 700 metres long, how long is that other ship? o.O

I think Harrison’s ship is the small ship racing toward the enterprise being fired upon by the dreadnaught.

OMG! Goosebumps Goosebumps Goosebumps!!!!!! AARGGHH, wanna see the whole thing now ;-) Can`t wait…..I love you STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap….

initial thoughts once again is… “holy shit”

@7. Beeline,

Yes, way to hit the nail on the head for anyone in the audience who has not yet figured out this is going to be a dark movie.


That is all…..


OH MY GOD, Yes. Good trailer, but I will leave judgement till I see the film on May 9th.


@12. martin,
“I think Harrison’s ship is the small ship racing toward the enterprise being fired upon by the dreadnaught.”

It may or may not be Harrison’s ship, but I think it might be April’s Enterprise. And it appears to me, it is firing on Kirk’s Enterprise.

Where did the term Dreadnought come from anyway?

Is it possible this is a Klingon ship built after studying the Narada for 25 years, or one secretly built in collaboration with them to counter the Romulan threat of possessing the last remaining red matter?

The presence of this ship changes things considerably. Definitely no Khan.

Wow… that got the old blood pumping! This is not just another action- popcorn flick. Actions have consequences here. Awesome!

ok, thoughts…

0:50 mark – John Harrison seen at a scene of an explosion, presumably being looked at during the meeting. This would seem to strongly indicate that the “agent” is, indeed, John Harrison

1:17 – what the hell is that? Look starfleet, but HUGE. Obviously is the ship with the blue impulse drive blowing up in one of the previous trailers. But…what is it? Some starfleet intelligence ship Harrison has hijacked?

It looks like the ship that Kirk jumps too (based on the shot at 2:13) but I’m not sure it’s the ship that crashes into San Francisco.

1:54 – “the ships dead, sir!”

2:08 – Scotty and Kirk…somewhere. White walls like like Enterprise, but I don’t recognize the area

Speaking of 2:13…what is that ball thing? Whatever it is, it looks like it slams into the Enterprise’s nacell


(Comic Book Guy voice) “Worst. Star Trek. EVER!”

Just kidding. Looks amazing. Can’t wait!

Re: the term Dreadnought …

As someone previously speculated on another thread, after seeing this trailer, I’m inclined to believe the plot may be very similar to the Diane Carey book “Dreadnought!”.

Good call … No Khan.

Wow, i literally had tears in my eyes by the end — that was so intense!! i’m really pumped for this now :)
hope they don’t muck it up somehow lol

That big ship seems like from the future.

“no ship should go down without her captain” – gave me goosepumps. Dont care who Cumberbatch is playing, because from all i ve seen i think that he might give an iconic performance

Hmm… starting to see Harrison as a red herring, not the ‘real’ baddie. The more we see of him the more ambiguity surrounds him and his motivations. Must avoid threads from now on, I’ll end up reading something I regret :-)

wow. OK. I will see this movie. I’m sold. You did it Abrams, you got me.

When Kirk turns to face his crew and apologizes……wow. Although I can never imagine Shatner-Kirk do that, I think could imagine a younger, less experienced Kirk that is learning humility to do that. But, also as a leader, to acknowledge mistakes without losing an ounce of respect or intergrity is hard to do.

OK. I need to see this effin movie NOW!

I cannot wait for the frame-by-frame. I’m not convinced Harrison is the ‘big bad’ we’re being led to expect, necessarily…

@22. Josh C.,
“2:08 – Scotty and Kirk…somewhere. White walls like like Enterprise, but I don’t recognize the area”

I think that might actually be an Engineering set! Look at the consoles in the back, reminiscent of the old Engineering section, and the triangular railing around an open below a la TMP engineering (albeit without the intermix tube). Kirk and Scotty were last seen together as the ship was falling down in Engineering presumably trying to save the ship. This would be a nice gift from Abrams if so …

27 – my guess is that it’s a prototype or very new ship loaded with stuff they learned from the Narada

32 – I had wondered if it was engineering. the scene we see with Sulu looks like the beer cans are still there, but perhaps this is above that or in a different area

“You are a poem Kirk”

Is that definitely Cumberbatch saying that? Sounds a very different voice to the one he uses normally. Also sounds very Khan’esque!


So looking forward to this now.

No damn it, i won’t download Quicktime to watch this! Why are the download links on Apple’s website always not working lately?

Wow. Can’t wait.


Maybe he said “you are a pawn Kirk”?

Oh, I guess it could be “pawn” rather than “poem”.

@35, 39 – I thought he said poem at first too, but it didn’t really make sense with the next line about about not being able to protect the safety of his own crew. Him sawing pawn (which is plausible) makes more sense

For everyone complaining about the lack of space action in the previous trailers, your wish has come true, I think!

I like a good trailer. Nice job.



Yes, I agree. I believe he’s saying “You are a pawn, Kirk.”

Alright, after that trailer I’m done badmouthing any aspect of this movie. See you on May 15 at 8:00 pm.

@34 Josh C.,

Sulu or Chekov?

Engineering is most definitely the same Bud brewing plant. However, I think the point was always made that the set we saw represented the bowels of the ship — the works. The engineering section we have come to expect is a control room, and presumably the “pipes” were always there. Indeed the Enterprise series attempted to show us something like that in the episode In A Mirror Darkly.

So with the evidence available, I’m gonna assume this is the control/monitoring room that we know as Engineering and is very likely one adjoining wall away from vats of brewing beer, er antimatter …


He said “You are a pawn,” not “poem.”

Khan’t wait!

This is what I’m talking about! Definitely the one of the best trailers made for STID. Benedict’s voice….!