Acer Launches Star Trek Into Darkness Co-Marketing Campaign w/ TV, Outdoor, Website + more

Paramount and Acer Computers have announced a co-marketing partnership for Star Trek Into Darkness. The new "explore beyond limits" campaign includes TV commercials, print and outdoor advertising, a special website and more. See below for more info and to watch 2 TV commercials.      


Acer launches ‘massive’ Into Darkness co-marketing campaign

Acer Computers is now the third major co-marketing partner with Paramount for Star Trek Into Darkness – following Mazda and esurance. Acer describes their campaign as "massive" and it will be seen in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Peru. The campaign will incorporate broadcast and online video, digital and print advertising, outdoor media, retail merchandising, social marketing, web and promotions. The campaign cross-promote “Star Trek Into Darkness” along with several of Acer’s touch-optimized mobile products.

Acer/Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot "Epic"

In a statement Acer America senior director of marketing Hugues Gontier said:

“Acer aspires to help consumers explore beyond limits with products that are progressive and futuristic, and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is the perfect embodiment of those brand values,” . “We were inspired to embark on a major feature film campaign based on Star Trek’s rich and thoughtful storytelling, visual effects and exploration theme. ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ provides us with an outstanding platform to communicate messages about Acer’s touch-optimized mobile product line, while also promoting the release of this highly anticipated movie.”

Acer/Star Trek Into Darkness TV Spot "Liftoff"

And Paramount executive executive vice president for worldwide marketing partnerships LeeAnne Stables stated:

“We see synergy between Acer’s curious and progressive approach to product design with the film’s unparalleled exploration of new possibilities and unknown worlds. This fully integrated marketing campaign is an excellent opportunity to build excitement for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ while showcasing Acer’s unique mobile products.”

Part of the campaign is Acer’s new website which includes some wallpaper downloads along with images and the TV commercials (and of course information about Acer products).

New "Explore Beyond Limits" site

TrekMovie will report on any additional new promotions and media from the camapign.

Outdoor advertising for Acer/Star Trek Into Darkness campaign – San Jose, CA (Photo: Michael Faries)


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Not a bad promo. I’m ALL in!

It’s really cool that they’re integrating music from the first films/trailers in their ads. I love seeing Trek impact businesses!

That’s cool.

I had thought they were tied to Apple but obviously not.

Love ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is the perfect embodiment of those brand values,”

Hmm…tenuous – but cool nonetheless!

is part of the music from the first advert new Giacchino?

Not much of Ben in the site so not happy, but gud campaigning…

Bah. My bad connection ate my comment. The short version is, “Yay Acer! But it would be nice to have collectible tie-ins like last time.”

Okay, lets think about this. Images of a computer, with things crashing and exploding all around. Computer. Crash. Not so good, on further examination. Hopefully Scotty isn’t pounding on the computer in frustration prior to telling Kirk the ship is dead….

Cool wallpapers, but I don’t believe the render of the Enterprise is ILMs. A few inaccuracies.

I am only hoping they are not product placing acer gadgets in the movie! It was already annoying in the 09 movie wieh nokia!

I think Spock needs to lay off of the Pon Farr BBQ.

@8 – only because Scotty is having problems with the new Windows OS…

I see what they did there!

*referring to the laptop folded into the shape of the delta symbol on the billboard*

I want those wallpapers!

Too bad the Acer laptops are abysmal quality

I was just going to say the opposite. My son has had an Acer laptop for the last 18 months and has had no problems at all. He takes it here, there, everywhere. He even told me he could use it out in the middle of nowhere, where there was no access to electricity or internet (wireless). The batteries would run down and need recharging, but that would take a while.

Very good advertising. If nokia can survive into the 23rd century, why not Acer?

@14. LizardGirl

Then download them:-)

These Wallpaper are awesome!:-D

“Explore beyond limits” – pity this film won’t be doing that.

Star Trek To The Bank

Clearly, he is Khan.


> “All I can say is John Harrison is a very, very intelligent, brilliant guy,” said the screenwriter on the red carpet at CinemaCon on Tuesday, where the sequel was previewed for exhibitors. “He knows how Starfleet works, because he comes from inside Starfleet.”

Nothing says the future like a failing netbook company, with a dismal strategy to offer hybrid laptop/tablet computers running Windows 8, the lack of interest in which reportedly may be causing the death of the PC market. Especially when the movie you’re patterning up with uses nothing like what you’re selling, and everything like what your competition is selling instead.

At least they went with Acer and not Asus.

So . . . Acer computers spectacularly blow apart and go down in flames?


Love the new Trek, but whoever picked that imagery for a laptop marketing campaign should probably be fired.

I hope that we won’t see an Acer product somehow placed into the movie… We don’t need to see a Windows 8 tablet being used by people in the 23rd century thank you.

Digital Spy has an article about how the movie actors did the voices for the new Star Trek game coming Tues 10-23.

Pointless advertising hype… might as well have given away a Big Mac voucher with every purchase…

I’m purposely not going to buy these products using ST for promotional purposes. these commercials are poorly done. terribly directed. All they are are random ass clips of what footage has been released online via trailers and digital renderings of sleek products that don’t make sense in correlation to star trek

I’m not against advertising and product connections. They help pay for the film and keep studios from losing money on the endeavor in the first place…

But seriously… You juxtapose your “awesome” computer hardware with images of the Enterprise going down in flames?

Em… How about more up-beat marketing like “Browse the net at warp-speeds” or “Unlock your imagination in the final frontier of cyberspace.” or “Run Acer and Prosper.” Ya know? Yeah, a bit cheesy, but this was 30 seconds of thinking. Using some of the imagery from the movie that dealt with victory and not of defeat would have been better.

And you know what? I’d love a free Burger with Into Darkness. I’d buy a happy meal again for the first time in a decade to get my hands on a little Star Trek toy. Or better yet, give me a Dreadnought Sized Whopper with space bacon. Oh yeah.

Do other movies still do this stuff? What does Star Trek have to do with Acer or Mazda? I can see this being done in movies where products appear — watches, cars, ray-bans etc…

There’s no WAY anyone can avoid knowing about this movie! lol

OOooh! A Dreadnaught Whopper. Brilliant, Steve! I’d love that with some phaser fries.
I also don’t see much point in a tie-in to a movie set in the distant future, unless you have something truly inspired by the fiction to sell me. This would be like cross promoting an 8-track tape deck using footage from The Motion Picture.

#30 – The Starship Enterprise is a mode of transportation run largely by computers.


Budweieser was the official sponsor of “Star Trek” ’09, and had a Budweiser sign in the bar, as well as their brewery being used as engineering.

I suspect that computer consoles with the name Acer will be shown in the movie, and a few Mazda cars as well.

It’s called product placement, and we’ll be seeing more and more of it in future Trek shows and movies. Not saying it’s right, though, just that its an easy cash grab by the studios.

Oh, you bet – there were a few points in the Transformers movies that just turned into commercials for GM.

@28 I trust you quit drinking Heineken after Skyfall hit the big screen…the Bond flicks have been pretty shameless with product placement in recent years….


The Bond franchise INVENTED product placement, starting with Red Stripe lager in Dr. No. And they never looked back.

I’d hate to imagine if Acer designed Starfleet computers. They’d have ships dead in space left and right.

Yeah, I understand product placement — it’s been around for years — but some of these tie-ins seem to have nothing at all to do with the movie. Like esurance. It just seems random.


Movies are increasingly becoming vehicles to sell products. As long as we keep going to the theatres, studios will keep placing products into their movies. Whether or not they have anything to do with the movie is irrelevant. All that is relevant is the cash that studios get for plugging products.

We’ll probably end up seeing in future Trek movies and shows shuttlecrafts with Ford or Mazda logos on them, a tube of Crest toothpaste in Kirk’s quarters, a Heineken sign in the mess hall, the Nike swoosh on the right side of the uniform tops, a Burger King wrapper on the ground, etc.

Instead of having the design sense and esthetic of Sir Jonny Ive, they have the design sense and esthetic of Acer and Windows. This explains so much why the Star Trek reboot is so bad.


Stop trolling.

For a long time, what was being advertised generally had nothing to do with what was being shown in a movie or on a television programme. It was certainly the case in NZ television.

I shall share a *secret*- while my husband’s late partner was sitting up in bed with the puke bowl beside her, watching television, she noticed that advertisements never tied up with what the TV programmes were about. She suffered from chronic myeloid leukemia and had been undergoing chemotherapy, hence the bowl. She and her partner wrote to TVNZ suggesting that some commercials could be tied into some of the TV programmes…this occurred in the mid 1980s, eg products that relieved muscle aches could be advertised alongside sports programmes etc.

She died on 5 November 1989. She was 33. IQ was 172. Steve Hawking resat the same test after his head injury and got 168. The fact that we have our own family home is, in large part, because of this woman. RIP Deborah.

Given what is believed to be a very Kirk thing, surely not only a tube of Crest toothpaste should be shown, but also a packet of Crest condoms. Safe sex and all that. Just saying…

That does bring up the topic of Kirk’s chosen method of planned parenthood. altKirk seems to be adequately covered. However, Prime Kirk given how rapidly his amnesiac self got his wife with child in THE PARADISE SYNDROME, and that in TWOK, David, seemed particularly unplanned (at least by him), one has to wonder what’s with medical science and the male side of the equation in the future featured in previous Treks?

@36. Phil,
“I trust you quit drinking Heineken after Skyfall hit the big screen…the Bond flicks have been pretty shameless with product placement in recent years…”

At least the Bond films make some effort to tie the product placement in with their product, both in terms of quality and practicality. in other words some thought goes into it on the part of the producers and the studio. I actually have less of an issue with this. Both on the part of the filmmakers and the advertisers.

But seriously, what do Acer and Esurance have to do with Star Trek? Nokia seemed to be an equally bad fit (though in their defense, who knew the iPhone was going to put them out of business in a few years when that deal was made). Mazda could go either way, I don’t mind seeing a Mazda logo on the car Clarke and Contractor drive to the hospital, Ford will still probably be around in 200 years (I can see Mazda being a nice comfortable government vehicle choice). And Budweiser is OK, just not necessarily what I think of when I think of Star Trek — but hey, why not. It was shown being drunk by meathead cadets who were probably going to play a game of quarters with it, so in context it worked just fine.

@46. Disinvited,
“one has to wonder what’s with medical science and the male side of the equation in the future featured in previous Treks?”

Not really. While it’s fun to debate, the reality is Star Trek mirrors modern society and must be relatable. In order to broach certain topical issues, they have to still be problematic in the world of Star Trek whether they would be realistically or not. I have no problem believing that the male “pill” will be 100% effective 250 years from now, with no side effects as will the female “pill”. Nano technology may even be the key, to that and sexually transmitted diseases — likely a thing of the past. But in telling a dramatic story to contemporary audiences, such “realities” only get in the way.

Nah, nature will always find a way! If who we call humans become that powerful, then we as humans may well be doomed. Nature and Spirit need to be our masters, at least some of the time, in order to temper the hubris…


Do your homework. Crest doesn’t make condoms, only toothepaste. Plus I don’t need anything poornographic in my Star Trek….Just sayin’.