Paramount International Releases ‘Message From John Harrison’ Video Facebook App

Star Trek Into Darkness baddie John Harrison has a message for Kirk – in the form of a new viral promotional video. Unfortunately for English speaking Trekkies the promotional video only comes in various international languages–likely due to the movie opening in some places before USA. You can watch the special message (and get the translation) below.  [UPDATE: English version available in Australia and NZ only]    


UPDATE: English version available in Australia & New Zealand Only

There is an English-language (voiced by Cumberbatch) version of this new video, but unfortunately it is country-locked and only viewable in Australia and New Zealand (at Yahoo Australia and Yahoo New Zealand). TrekMovie expects the video to be available tomorrow after Yahoo has their one day exclusive.


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A Message From John Harrison (in Spanish, French, German, etc)

The official Latin America Star Trek Facebook Page has added a new "Star Trek –  Disruption Illegales" (Illegal Star Trek Disruption) app which takes you to a page with the message (translated):

They believe that their world is safe, it is an illusion. Enjoy these last moments of peace. These transmissions are the key to his destruction.

Harrison has returned to take revenge. He is examining the most important people in Starfleet. Shall we begin?

The app contains a video with previously seen clips interspersed with a distorted image of Cumberbatch’s Harrison. The Facebook app (and the videos) are also available in other languages (but not English) so this is part of the international marketing campaign. Unwilling to wait to see if an English version emerges, here is the first video (in Spanish).

[Other versions: German | French | Portuguese | Russian]

Here is the English Translation of the message from John Harrison (sent over by Alejandro of Star Trek Argentina)

"James Tiberius Kirk, the heart of the Enterprise. The overly-confident leader fueled by bravado. Life for him is one big adventure…but he is alone. Born in  battle, heir to a legend. What does a man do with such a curse? He fears making a mistake that will get his entire crew killed. And I … I’ll make sure he does."

This message seems to be something like a psychological profile of Kirk. Much of the talk about John Harrison is that he is a "master manipulator" who uses "psychological warfare." It also has a tinge of an intelligence briefing perhaps? In one of the trailers, Admiral Marcus is heard describing (presumably) Harrison as "one of our top agents" and JJ Abrams has described Harrison as someone from "within" Starfleet.

The app promises future messages for Spock and Uhura as well, so we will have to wait and see what Harrison has to say about them. We will update info on this campaign as it becomes available.

Great Marketing Departments Think Alike – A message from Zod

This new video bears a striking resemblance to one released just a few days ago by Warner Brothers for Man of Steel called "You Are Not Alone." In that viral video the villain from the upcoming movie–General Zod–has a message for Earth. Watch it below.

Work on the Paramount "Message From John Harrison" campaign started before Warner Brothers released their video so it just seems to be just a weird coincidence. Warner Brothers and Paramount also both released their theatrical trailers for Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness (respectively) on Tuesday. Man of Steel hits theaters on July  14th – four weeks after Star Trek Into Darkness opens.

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Let me be the FIRST to say that John Harrison is NOT Kahn.

Are we sure that the ‘one of our own…’ is Harrison. I am going to speculate it’s actually Noel Clarke who sets off the bombs in London right after the ‘drop the ring in the drink’ bit and Peter Weller is our real bad guy.

I second that motion #1.

I really feel for the people who will be seeing this dubbed in other languages. There’s no voice like Cumberbatch’s.

@2 – I think the last trailer, which had them looking at video of John Harrison at the briefing would seem to confirm that the “agent” is indeed Harrison (at least to me)

Ah relief! It’s not Spain’s Spanish… still worried about the dubb here…

If John Harrison isn’t Khan Noonien Singh, then I’ll say he’s one of Khan’s genetically-engineered superhuman men who survived the Eugenics Wars.

Actually, it’s now clear.

John Harrison is Zod.

Zod indeed lol kneel Kirk, KNEEEL!!!

Dee - lvs moon surface

Keep dreaming, Harrison!

………… You will not get it!

……WE BELIEVE IN JIM!!!! ;-) :-)

by the way, the Argentinean actor failed to convince me! lol

“…and JJ Abrams has described Harrison as someone from ‘within’ Starfleet.”


And, a few days ago, Damon Lindelof said the following :

“All I can say is John Harrison is a very, very intelligent, brilliant guy. He knows how Starfleet works, because he comes from inside Starfleet. But I’m not really at liberty to divulge anymore or else J.J. will appear out of thin air and strangle me.”

So…DamOn, to some extent, it looks like your world is not so safe, either…I empathize with you, man…


Harrison is Harrison khan is khan and Mitchell is Mitchell.

10: The actor is mexican

Any truth to the rumor that this dark Dreadnought is going to fire a Warp-based weapon at Earth <— from Q'uonos??!!

Kirk will stop them.

hmmm, isn’t that 8 weeks for MOS after STID, not 4? :)

Anthony, isn’t the Man of Steel release date June 14th?

Translation of German version: “James Tiberius Kirk. Heart of the Enterprise. The overconfident leader, driven by recklessness. To him, life is a big adventure. But he is alone… Born in battle, as heir to a legend. How does a man live with such a burden? He is afraid of making a mistake that could cost his crew their lives. And I… shall see to this.”

Damon Lindelof said, “All I can say is John Harrison is a very, very intelligent, brilliant guy…”

So no need to worry about the quality of the writing, then.

Dee - lvs moon surface

#13. Luther Sloan

All right then…

again: btw, the Mexican actor failed to convince me! ;-) :-)

“Harrison has returned to take revenge. He checks Starfleet’s elite for weaknesses. Shall we begin?”

So Kirk’s weakness is that he’s alone and afraid of mistakes…

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link to poll below:

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– Star Trek Into Darkness.
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-Pacific Rim.
-300: Rise of an Empire.

He is alone….so Carol Marcus dies, too…

Oh, and wouldn’t anyone in Starfleet know how it works?

17: Where I can see the german version?

“Oh, and wouldn’t anyone in Starfleet know how it works?”

Apparently, some guys know how it works better than others.

Some guys are better at everything… while others are…considered to be “pawns”…

Interesting. This confirms what has been shown of Kirk in the trailers so far or have we been only shown Kirk from Harrison’s perspective? Overall film time for the trailers would only amount to two minutes at most out of movie’s running time of approx. 120 minutes (allowing the last nine minutes for credits). Everything we have seen of Kirk has been either neutral or tending towards what could be considered negative. The only time we hear anything hopeful about Kirk occurs after Pike has told Kirk off, let rip into him, for whatever he is supposed to have done at that point in the movie. Pike then tells Kirk, “… I believe in you, Jim.”

The bad guy preying on the foolish, but well meaning…

If my conclusion is correct, it seems that this John Harrison has targeted the young, the less experienced and therefore the most vulnerable, in a lot of ways, ie Captain James Kirk, in order to expedite his own nefarious plans. What does that say about Harrison? I doubt that the TNG Klingon would regard him as being a very good Klingon.

Interesting, so Harrison is angry that Kirk got promoted so quickly and shouldn’t be Captain. Perhaps seeking revenge over some rookie mistake Kirk made without even realizing it.

So he IS Janice Lester!

No but seriously … Doesn’t really sound like Khan to me …

Director Sloan! Here you are:
There is also a drop-down menu for the different versions.

#21 – DONE!

Curious that is a mirror of the audience’s reaction to it from the last film actually.

and yeah he didnt learn any humility from that incident on his previous ship he served on when it was attacked in this side universe, just promoted to captain right from the get go

forget its name though as it was mentioned in one of the old TOS episodes

so I guess in this one he’s going to learn it by loosing the enterprise and everyone under its command, dont mind loosing the overdone with blue glow and sponsored by apple enterprise but the crew, that’s different.

also Despicable Me 2 looks fun, the rest save maybe for trek depending on how the reviews go BAH!

Another, familiar, Harrison image. I don’t believe it’s been here yet…

Seems less like something Khan would say….

Then again, who knows?

Honestly, I’m content to wait until the movie comes out before I speculate anymore. The fact is none of us is going to know exactly who he is until the movie comes out as I highly doubt they’re going to throw us anymore bones before the premiere.


Not that it matters but I speak American Spanish and the Spanish used on the clip is from the mother land (Spain), so to me it takes away from the movie just a little, will be seeing it in English and if it has Spanish subtitles, that’s ok

Just in case I’ve been very critical of star trek movies in general because I really, really miss space exploration but I’ understand the need for action.,
we need a series on TV like the academy years. the powers that be please (porfavor) una serie de TV, porfavor…

#26 – Is your post in reference to what I wrote above? Not sure.

I doubt that John Harrison is angry that Kirk got promoted so quickly, although it may have pissed him off a bit. I think Harrison’s angst goes way beyond that and has nothing to do with Kirk’s career at all. He just sees that someone so young and lacking in the way of much experience can make for an easier target than someone else might be, eg Pike, if he were still in command of the Enterprise.

My impression is that Kirk and Carol Marcus first meet because of the John Harrison threat and she is very much alive. She has been called in to help combat the big threat that John Harrison is a part of because she is a weapons specialist. There is no suggestion or otherwise as to whether Carol Marcus lives or dies or just how any initial mutual 20-20sec response from her and Kirk, as in “I/my body would like to ‘do’ you” actually gets played out in any fashion, if at all.

#35 Sorry but the others are right: that actor is Mexican.

I know because I’m also speak “Mexican Spanish” ;-)

Harrison has profiles for Spock and Uhura as well! This is getting good!

Also, that last shot of Cumberbatch in the vid is all kinds of creepy. Is this a horror movie or what?! Haha.

I just notice the Yahoo New Zealand link…duh

The wording is the same as the English translation sent by Star Trek Argentina.

Words like “burden” is replaced with the word “curse” etc.

I am fortunate to hear the Cumberbatch do the voice-over…oh yes.

I’ agree with you: People that can understand English should not miss the voice of Cumberbatch, so to all Spanish speaking Americans, listen you must see it in the original English, plus it help us learn English always a plus, just saying.
Like wise Americans that check out movies from Spain once in a while should see them in Spanish, same for German, French, ect.

I thank the translators above, that it exactly what he said.

I stand corrected…

John Harrison is Captain Marko Ramius.

Maybe not angry but it is kind of stupid and wreckless to put an unseasoned commander in command of a brand new ship. even if it looks more like a science vessel than a proper heavy cruiser with its exterior and interior. and the reason why I say that is it has way too much white gloss and glowy crap on it for it to be considered a decendant or hybrid the old tos enterprise or the TMP enterprise which were proper heavy cruser battle cruisers that didnt have overdone blue glow and gloss on everything the engines only lit up at warp on the TMP one after all, which makes sense after all why do you have the warp engines running 24/7 in the TNG era doing unneeded wear on them at all time. sorry after that last trailer I’m just trying to figure out why can I accept all of the other ships and versions of the enterprise but not that one, and I’ve come to the conclusion its the details, it just doesnt look like a military ship anymore. its not the enterprise its a faux enterprise that misses the point, it looks like a ship that’s going to really date quickly after the apple fad bites the dust in a few years. not the timeless enterprises we all know and love, all the more jarring considering I like the films and the actors, really wish they would have stuck with the original concept colors instead of… Read more »

The beauty in this – Harrison is going to be formidable via Cimberbatch. So much that you’ll sit though this movie and think “…this guy is so much better than Khan.” Smarter. Stronger. More hellbent. You’re now convinced no one could be more badass, until…here comes an even smarter, stronger, more hellbent, JJverse Khan. It’s going to be awesome.

Paramount marketing just loves to rip-off things, don’t they?

@33. Mantastic,
“The fact is none of us is going to know exactly who he is until the movie comes out as I highly doubt they’re going to throw us anymore bones before the premiere.”

Yup. I had high hopes that Orci’s involvement was going to give us a fighting chance, but it looks like Abrams and Lindeloff opted for their Lost approach, where the audience had it figured out from day one, but the producers just lied all the way to the bank. Left just about everyone who followed that show and played along fairly with a disatisfied feeling.

Now I can’t be sure that’s what they are doing here, but unless they do what I hope they do and come up with a canon character twist that is on nobody’s radar, then I fear there are going to be a lot of disappointed Star Trek fans come next Tuesday when the spoilers start leaking out … well, at the least the ones who tried to play along. Because it means we’ve guessed it already and we were lied to and/or the clues just won’t add up in hind site.

@ 43–

I dislike the current design for all kinds of reasons, but don’t see how you come to the conclusion that it is more or less “military” than any of the others. Which was never supposed to be the point, anyway.

#43 – The TOS Enterprise was not a military ship. It was a vessel of exploration with military capabilities (purportedly defensive). The only truly military ship from the prime universe were ships like the Defiant (ST:DS9), built specifically for military purposes. Why should the alternative universe Enterprise be significantly different from its prime counterpart? I, very much, hope that it is not that different.

Today, we have cruisers and cruise ships. Both kinds are big ships.

Kal-El walks among you, I will have him. You are not alone…. Oh wait, wrong movie.

DAD We’re trying to rescue you!

Curious Cadet – Good grief…so some of you may have guessed correctly. So what?

Nobody lied about anything, except perhaps Orci telling a white lie here – something about the villain coming from canon or whatever?

It is the film maker’s prerogative and indeed right to reveal as much or as little as they like about a film project they are in the process of working on. Bottom line, they don’t have to tell anybody anything.

Since what they are working is FICTION, some of which could have been changed even in the last few weeks, then anything they might have previously said may or may not have been misleading. It is quite possible that once the principle photography was done and they started putting it all together, that JJ and co might have decided to delete some scenes, rewrite others and even write new ones…
did you not hear Alice Eve say that she/they worked on the movie for six months? Principle photography (ie involving actors) took place between January and May 2012 – four months. What two other months does she mean? I have already given the most likely answer.

This really is the most pathetic whining.

#18: Given that all evidence indicates the film is very well-written, I’d say you’re right–there’s no need whatsoever for the vocal minority slamming the film to worry about it.

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