Cumbervoiced Version of ‘Message From Harrison’ Online + New Harrison Image + HD Enterprise Bridge

Yesterday TrekMovie reported on the new International "Message From John Harrison" viral video. The English version (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) is now available. You can watch that below and also check out a new Star Trek Into Darkness image of Harrison and tour hi-res images of the bridge of the USS Enterprise. [UPDATED: Country-lock free version of ‘Message’ video]


Harrison’s message about Kirk now in English

Yahoo Australia had the English version of the first "Message From John Harrison" video as an exclusive (and country locked) but Paramount Int’l have now released the Australian version to the rest of us.

Harrison also has messages about Spock and Uhura coming up soon.

New Harrison Image

A new image of John Harrison has been released by Paramount. (partially seen before from a scan from Entertainment Weekly).

John Harrison riding a floating barge in Star Trek Into Darkness

 HD images from Enterprise bridge

While not directly linked to Into Darkness, io9 has some high resolution images of the bridge of the USS Enterprise took during produciton of the 2009 Star Trek movie. They are part of io9’s Star Trek app mission. Check out the high res shots to tour the bridge.

Check out the bridge at io9




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So this makes it seem like Harrison knows who Kirk is, and it’s not just the explosion in London which makes their paths cross.

Gabriel Bell

Anthony… get some rest, man! You are on fire! Four weeks to go!

Nope. Still can’t watch this in the UK.

Oh well. I can take solace in the fact that i’ll see it on May 9th – before the US.


p.s. It’s Not Khan.

Jamie (Scotland)

In English, by an English actor but not available in Britain! I hate these restrictions!

Gary Seven

Star Trek: Into Dumbness.
And Darkness.
Star Trek was once about intelligence and human enlightenment. It has become both dark and dumb. Something wonderful and special has been lost.



The Professor

Can’t wait. #7 that is pretty good for me.

Classy M

Excellent! I’m loving all the new stuff coming out now.

BTW, Benedict will be on the Graham Norton show on May 3rd. For the uninitiated, GN is the UK’s Johnny Carson and his show is hugely popular. The show will be recorded on the morning of the 2nd and aired the next day. As you know, the UK premiere of STiD will be on the 2nd as well so it’ll be a busy day for The Batch.

Classy M

Forgot to mention Kim Cattrall will be on the Graham Norton the same time as Benedict so there will undoubtedly be a lot of Trek conversation.

Pickards monkey

I hate with passion the JJ bridge. It’s like some kids toy.


Nice bridge. Where’s the blackjack table?


Could John Harrison be from the future? How does he know that Kirk will be a hero and a legend?


Yeah, restrictions are stupid: Tell us Germans about it.

Jamie (Scotland)

Becoming addicted to Benedict…. Benedicted!!! Sure there is a CumberPATCH! for that!!



With my last breath I spit at thee, new Star Trek!


Note to self, do not read Into Darkness threads on or after May 9th.


#8: No offense, but there was only one Johnny Carson, and there are no “other” versions of him that could possibly come close to the real deal.

The art of the talk show died with him…

sorry working on region free version…stand by for new upload in a few minutes

@ #3

`same here, mate!

Bo*****s! The Trekker`s who are actually in the country of the brilliant actor who portrays the villain in the new “Star Trek” Movi,e can`t watch his character`s “message”!

-> Darn!


I have watched this too many times yesterday and by now it just appears that Harrison is doing a b*tchy video-blog about the main characters. Along the lines of…

“Dear Diary, Kirk sucks. He is so dumb. Yellow is not his color. Also, he has a pointy-eared bastard for a friend. Pathetic.”

But it’s fun! And I am really looking forward to the Spock and Uhura vids.

Classy M

@17 – No offense at all. I was trying to put GN into context for Americans who may not know him, not make a qualitative comparison.

As a European, I actually prefer Norton, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognise the quality of Carson. To each his own.


Something I thought of while listening to him refer to Kirk as “heir to legend”, is he referring to his father (who was not a “legend” until maybe when he sacrificed himself to save many of his crew) or the “Captain Kirk Legend”?

If its the Captain Kirk Legend, does he have knowledge of who Kirk was to become in the future?


@ 22

so you think Cumberbatch knows all about the prime universe?

I’d go with Kirk’s father. In times of despair, people need heroes.



Don’t worry.
I say people here do everything they can to delete real spoilers.

Gary 8.5

6. That may be, but, THERE ARE ONLY FOUR LIGHTS!:)


That bridge still looks like a hair salon…




that photo is irritatingly not color-graded yet or something. looks cheap.

Steve Johnson

I’d wager Harrison, being an undercover operative or some high ranking super agent guy probably had access to the star fleet tactical database, among other high level deposits of intelligence. So it’s no doubt in my head he could have information about who Kirk is “meant” to be via the Nero incident/destruction of Vulcan/Spock’s testimony.


I love Graham Norton, he’s on BBC America. Someone had better post that interview immediately! As I understand, the Batch hasn’t ever been on his show! This is shocking. I really hope GN is a tease, I’m curious about BC’s sense of humor.

Curious Cadet

@23. Sherlock,
“so you think Cumberbatch knows all about the prime universe?”

That’s actually a really interesting idea.

We know Nero had a database with this information on it. We know the Klingons had his ship for 25 years. We know Harrison has something to do with the Klingons.

Prime Spock (Nimoy) will be in this movie, and what better reason than to impart some of this information to Kirk. Who better to tell Kirk how badly he’s screwing up. And perhaps be overheard by Harrison.

Son of Jello

The console controles look like they are made out of candy. :)


It’s definitely ‘heir to legend,’ and IMO that’s a reference to Kirk’s father.

@14 It’s ‘Benaddicted.” Or, for variety, “Cumberbatched.” ;)


“Heir to a legend”

Maybe he’s referring to Captain Robert April? Would explain the comics. April and Harrison must have some connection. Right?


@5. Gary Seven 

“Star Trek was once about intelligence and human enlightenment. It has become both dark and dumb. Something wonderful and special has been lost”

You are an ignorant person, not a Star Trek Fan. go away!

@15. Sherlock 

“With my last breath I spit at thee, new Star Trek!”

Try it! Star Trek is so big and better than ever now, your spit won’t even reach it.

@10. Pickards monkey 
“I hate with passion the JJ bridge. It’s like some kids toy.”

@11. CmdrR 
“Nice bridge. Where’s the blackjack table?”

@26. Morn 
“That bridge still looks like a hair salon…”

This is the first bridge that actually looks like a bridge and not just a Set!
JJ and his team did a fantastic job redesigning the enterprise bridge. It looks very realistic and better than all the other from previous movies or series.

To the people that build those sets….You guys are Awesome!!:-)

ps: i love these HD Images ! Thank you


“born into battle, an heir to legend” sounds like he’s referring to the Nero Incursion and George Kirk’s heroics on the Kelvin. I actually re-watched Wrath of Kahn last night and a thought crossed my mind… David turns to Kirk and says “you never faced death” and Kirk says “No. Not like this. I haven’t faced death. I’ve cheated death. I’ve tricked my way out of death and patted myself on the back for my ingenuity. I know nothing.” It’s a defining moment for him, probably more profound than loosing Gary Mitchell; you get the feeling that the only difference between this Kirk and prime Kirk is experience. He looks back at his crew and apologizes like he’s realized as Khan did, as Ahab did, my hunt for vengeance has killed me and my crew, my family. It makes sense that Pike dies and that’s Kirk’s trigger that sets him on the path for vengeance. The only other thing I feel that Harrison might be talking about with family is he finds out Carol is pregnant with David and so has Carol at the point of a phaser and tells Kirk “this woman is carrying you child… Is there anything you would not do for your family?”


As Jeremy Brett [Sherlock Holmes] said to Edward Hardwicke [Dr Watson]

“Patience, Watson! All will be revealed!”

May … 15th … must … not … watch … spoilers


I wish we had someone like Graham doing a chat show in the states. I think only Craig Ferguson comes close, and of course he’s from Scotland. People cut loose on GN in a way they never do on American late night shows.

Brett L.

“…the enterprise bridge. It looks very realistic and better than all the other from previous movies or series.”

Sorry, have to agree with the others here. “Realism” is in the eye of the beholder, and about more than just design. So much depends on lighting. If the J.J. bridge wasn’t lit like an operating room or an Apple Store, I might find it more “realistic.” For example, the Kelvin bridge worked better in this regard. The Enterprise-D bridge loooked more realistic with its subdued Generations lighting scheme. Compare how the original refit bridge is lit early in TWOK vs. TSFS. Big difference. The way it’s dimly lit in TWOK arguably gave it a more realistic naval feel. Toning down the white paint and installing a dimmer switch might help J.J.’s bridge.


13. Moriarty – April 19, 2013
Yeah, restrictions are stupid: Tell us Germans about it.

Tell everyone about it ;). It applies to most of the world — if it’s a different country, content is likely to be restricted.


Graham Norton’s great, by the way.


Whilst I liked a lot about Trek 09… well, the actors and the music… I despair of the overly fussy production design. Both the exterior of the Enterprise and particularly the bridge, in my view, are horrible.
The bridge is way to busy – too many stations… to much crap in the way basically. And as for the spotlights shining in people’s faces (and straight into the camera!!), those are insane.


YouTube. Search for it.


#42 – Abrams (and his crew) is always focused on what “looks cool” instead of what makes sense. Sadly, most of the moviegoing audience agrees: they gobble up the cool-looking but empty-headed, and folks like Abrams serve up more.

The bridge is the prime example. The TOS bridge was so logically thought out and designed that US military folks were intrigued by it. It wasn’t just meant to “look cool,” though that was definitely part of the design aesthetic: It was meant to be a believable extension of modern technology into the future. The Rand Corporation and others helped to guide the designs and plans for TOS.

Meanwhile, nuTrek is designed for NOTHING but looking cool. The bridge is ludicrous, the lighting designs beyond insane, and the entire interior of Enterprise a HORRIBLE working and living environment. What logic is there behind having all those lights shining in the bridge crew’s eyes? None, but it gives a reason for those “cool-looking” flares that Abrams cherishes.

I love Trek’09–the ONLY blu-ray I own, and the only movie I’ve seen multiple times in a theater since I was a kid–but I loathe the interiors of nuEnterprise. Not a single good thing to say about them.

Old Trek was science fiction. NuTrek is pure science fantasy, which is why Abrams will be AMAZING with Star Wars 7.


Loving all these different ways of using “Cumberbatch” in so many different ways! I’m laughing my ass off here at “Cumbervoiced”!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Bryan with pointy nacelles and a large disk

Gary Seven you are sooooooooooooooo right. Star Trek has become bubble gum fare. Lots of pop but falling tasteless all too quickly.

Dr. Image

Not to mention, the crew in their classicly-inspired uniforms look out of place on that horribly designed, nonsensical bridge.
Was Chambliss so arrogant that he never even looked at the brilliant work of Probert, the Okudas, and the many others that provided decades of brilliant design to Trek?? Apparently NOT.


what Harrison may say to Uhura makes me more curious than the message for Kirk. I mean, in the trailers and all the Harrison vs Kirk theme has been already introduced so it’s nothing new.


@30 Go on YouTube and watch some of BC’s interviews you can get a good sense of his humor (e.g. Jonathan Ross etc)


Love those bridge pics. It’s really the first good look at the consoles that I’ve seen…JJ’s camera moves way too fast lol. It’s gorgeous, almost a work of art.
Many things I like about it…I love how the colors pop like TOS. I love how the console inlays are curved, just like the ones in TOS. I love the ABSENCE of those silly touch screens and te presence of all kinds of nifty buttons, switches and levers. Besides giving the actors some good looking business to do onscreen, the controls also offer a more realistic tactile functionality…Uhura doesn’t have to look at her console to operate it…try typing on your iPad with your eyes closed sometime lol. All that’s missing is a cool sensor scanner for Spock to look into that throws blue light on his face.
And it really is bright, I really don’t think each each station needs a little bendy work light lol. I just wish they would get a little more artistic with the lighting and dim things a bit and create more shadows so the lit controls and graphics would stand out more. I realize the bright lighting is more realistic, I just don’t like it visually.

All in all, a gorgeous bridge and a great futuristic upgrade of TOS. The best since the one from trek 5, IMO…I hope there are a few more lingering close ups to show it off this time around.