Star Trek Into Darkness Opening Weekend Tix Availabe Now + Esurance Giving Away 30k Tix

Earlier this week TrekMovie reported on Star Trek Into Darkness ticket sales for the evening of Thursday May 16th in North America. Now tickets for the official opening weekend are also available. In addition there is a new contest giving away 30,000 tickets. Get the details below.     


Opening Weekend Tickets Available Now

Paramount’s official website has been updated this morning to add a link for tickets for opening day for IMAX and 3D screenings.

Tickets are also available at Fandango for the opening weekend for IMAX, 3D and 2D tickets in some limited areas (notably with many Cinemark, Regal and Century theaters). Enter your zip code for local listings, but note that the theater list appears to be updating daily so if you don’t find your local theater check back in a day or two.

Note TrekMovie has also received reports that some theaters are selling tickets locally that may not be listed on the official Star Trek site or even Fandango, so it could be worth looking on your own for your favorite theaters.

Esurance giving away 30,000 Tickets.

You can also sign up for a brand new giveaway from co-marketing partner esurance. They are giving away 30,000 tickets with daily giveaways starting today of 500 pairs of tickets each day. You sign up using the Facebook Star Trek App (available to USA residents only).

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I just realized that your May 15 (also my son’s 20th birthday) is probably our May 16 which is when the movie in ordinary 2D/3D is released here. If I can work it right, I still may be able to see STID before you guys do on your May 15…here’s hoping. Now if my son is able to able to get time off from his course to coincide, I would be able to take him to see the movie as a birthday present…I’m pretty sure he’s keen to see it. Oh well, even if he isn’t, Mum’s the word come May 16. He will be informed in due course…:)

Of course, my Chris, friend of 32 years, may join us in our expedition into the Star Trek darkness and beyond…

Just reading twitter @boborci – we can also be hawt!

I gather the ticket giveaway is USA only?

Hot, cool- Trek fans are always fun. I’m looking forward to standing in line with friends and fans again. It’s been a long four years.

very large change from 2009 movie promos…vs 2013..guess they learned what sells…

Just got 2, perfect center tickets, to Star Trek Into Darkness Fan Sneaks Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 11:00 pm AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Looking at twitter again – there appears to be no fast food tie-in this time. This is probably a good thing if you think about it. After all, the various fast food chains have not been associated with encouraging good, healthy eating habits among children or adults.

Besides, the food is not that nice and I have been told by people coming and going from overseas that the food served at NZ McDonalds, Burger King and others is slightly better tasting and better nutritionally than what is served in other countries, which is not saying much. For me personally, Burger King tastes weird, ick, compared with McDonalds.

JUST GOT 2 Star Trek Into Darkness Fan Sneaks Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 11:00 pm AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium — AWESOME!

Rod (Dunedin, New Zealand)

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ opens on Thursday, 9th May here in New Zealand. There have even been ads on TV for it. I’m sure that my mate Karl will be awesome as McCoy once again.

I’ll be sure to give you all a complete breakdown of the movie as soon as I get back from the theatre.

I have tickets for the 8th May. Less than 20 days to wait now. :-)

Gah! I want to buy tickets to Franklin Institute for Saturday May 18th because they are showing the movie on their giant IMAX dome but their tickets aren’t on sale yet. For anyone in the Philly area who wants to go to FI to see the movie, FI doesn’t sell through Fandango- you have to buy from the actual museum. They are definitely showing the movie though.

I saw the 2009 film in IMAX dome there and it is TOTALLY worth the higher ticket price. It was the best movie going experience I have EVER had. Everyone who walked out of that theater was just raving about how awesome it was. I recommend seeing the film in this format if you can find an IMAX dome that is showing the film.

Just bought my two tickets today for the North American official release date: Star Trek Into Darkness Imax 3D May 17th!!!!

Sweet Just won my tickets! Hey to those who chose the Fan Seeks option, is this just an early showing for fans or are we getting something special?

I bought my ticket for 3D.


2009 was totally awesome in IMAX, even after I’d already seen the regular version, [blush] eight times.

What a revelation of sound, dialogue and music. So much more to hear – and the look of the film … aahhhhh.

So I can’t wait for my downtown IMAX – though I will have to. Seeing it in “LieMax” will be nothing like, I’m sure, but at least I’ll see it!!! happy happy joy joy!

#15 (Marja)- Regular IMAX is fantastic (saw the film in IMAX too) but you’ve gotta see it in IMAX dome if you can! It’s like a million times more awesome than a regular IMAX screen. The IMAX dome at the Franklin Institute near me is over 70 feet across, 4.5 stories high, and the dome is tilted at 30 degrees. The sound system has like 20,000 watts of amplifier power. The image stretches a full 180 degrees across the dome.

When the Enterprise crossed the horizon at one point in the 2009 movie we had to turn our heads completely from right to left to follow it across! (the downside to the huge screen is that some of the lens flares physically hurt my eyes because they were so bright. I had to close my eyes a couple of times.)

I’m pretty sure the institute makes a killing on showing feature films in the dome because every time I’ve been (went for the last Harry Potter film and it was great), it’s completely sold out and with good reason. I wish they’d put their tickets on sale already! :(

The tickets are a bit pricey at like $16 for adult tickets but it is SO worth it.

i tried to enter this morning but it wouldn’t let me. wonder if there is a certain time you can enter to win.

Once again, NO 2D tickets?! BOO! I thought JJ was a supporter of 2D. Then why is it that the only tickets which have been made available in advance are 3D tickets???


What is ‘Enders Game’? And why should I care?

I just won two tickets from the sweepstakes and it is only my second day entering. I am stoked.

@20 Ender’s Game is an exceptionally good classic Science Fiction story. The movie adaption cast includes Harrison Ford, and our own Bob Orci is part of the crew making the film.

KevinA Melbourne Australia

Just got 2 tickets to IMAX Melbourne Australia’s Double Show.
Worlds 3rd Largest IMAX screen…so they say!

May 8
Star Trek 2009 – 9.30pm then
Midnight – Into Darkness 3D.


They finally got it right! Roll on May!

I just won two tickets from the sweepstakes and it only took me 3 days entering. I am stoked.

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