Watch: New Star Trek Into Darkness Commercial ‘Go’ + Analysis Of New Shots/Dialog

A new domestic Star Trek Into Darkness television commercial is now avaialble. You can watch that below plus see analysis of the new bits images and dialog from the commercial.      



New Star Trek Into Darkness US Commercial ‘Go’

Here is the brand new commercial for Star Trek Into Darkness. This is an early online version – it isn’t clear if it is airing yet. We only have SD version but there are new bits of the movie so check it out.

Analysis  (SPOILERS)


scroll down


The trailer contains a few new elements, here is a breakdown of what’s new.

USS Enterprise streaks away from Nibiru Volcano

TOS Homage?
This long-distance shot of the USS Enteprise in the clouds is reminscent of a shot from the original Star Trek series episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday." Here is the remastered version of that shot

Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) tells Kirk (Chris Pine)


Marcus: You are much cleverer than your reputation suggests.
Kirk: I have a reputation?

Kirk (R) and Harrison (L) prepare to jump from Enterprise to ‘Dreadnought class’ ship

Dialog (voice over)

Kirk: I don’t know what a great captain would do. I only know what I can do.


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Cool. So either alternate take of last quote or he says something like I dont’t know what I’m supposed to do, I don’t know what a great captain would do. I only know what I can do.

awrsome cant wait for movie

That shot of the E is reminiscent of “Tomorrow is Yesterday.”


Are we sure it is Harrison that is jumping with kirk?


looks like tomorrow is yesterday, totally agree WOW

So Carol Marcus IS English ( for some reason ).

Ooooh. More Alice Eve for the US market because… blonde and beautiful! *Uhura eye-roll*

Anyway, that space jump looks absolutely wicked!

Harrison, why would he jump to that ship? I thought he was commanding that ship, okay now that changes things abit.

Loving what I’m seeing. The shot of the Enterprise zooming away from the volcano had me on my feet and yes JB it’s very “Tomorrow is Yesterday” like. I still have to pinch myself that it’s my beloved Star Trek that is having this much love, attention and money thrown at it. Can’t wait for the 9th here in the UK. Bob Orci if you’re out there…….THANKS, for your role in taking Star Trek to the next level.

Whoa. Harrison … hmmmm. Intriguing.

Get a grip Aix. What posters has Alice Eve been on? None. All that whining from people about women not getting enough attention in ST is cool as long as its not a white, blond woman? They are both beautiful and Uhura is getting plenty of face time and material. Eve has had barely anything in comparison. She is also an important character. Comments like that are just as annoying as the ones posted about Uhura. If you’re so bothered stop crying and go look at Uhuras character poster again.

Do you have a problem with TWO strong female characters? Is she a threat to Uhura somehow? *Carol eye roll*

Alice Eve is SMOKING hot. Uhh yea I’d like to see more of that please ;) That body is ridiculous, hope she can act too lol

do I hear it right that Greenwood’s voice has chainged? the part about not agreeing to rules? Believe it to be spoken calmly last time, now he’s clearly emotional.

Oh, 13 and 14! I actually have no issue about Alice Eve and the marketing strategy at all! I think it is really clever and come on, WE HAVE ANOTHER FEMALE CHARACTER! A scientist! And she’s not giving Kirk the time of the day! How great is that?! Chill.

#9: What a ridiculous comment.

Tomorrow is Yesterday is my favorite TOS episode.

#10 My assumption is that he tricked Kirk into inadvertently helping him commandeer the dreadnaught ship. He’s seen punching the crap out of the crew of the ship (presumably) so I don’t think it’s originally his. Then we see him sitting in the command chair of the ship (presumably), so he somehow got control of it. I think he used Kirk to help him get on the ship and then double-crossed Kirk.

Just a wild guess though. I’m probably wrong.

It looks so small in the atmosphere.

@9 agreee that it’s eye rollingly predictable to use more of Eve in US marketing (also, acer stuff) she’s a hot woman there is no denying that and who doesn’t want that in a movie? it’s great. marketing should just be taken at face value and first impressions anyway we all know she’s not in the movie just to look hot.

ps i see no uhura-marcus catfight

Alice Eve talking in her native Brit accent makes perfect sense as the opening of the film is set in London…THIS TIME LINE IS OPEN TO it!

Harrison is a Jason Bourne and is a product of the Genetic manipulation and like Khan, can trace his origin back to the Eugenics wars..makes me think parts of the Federation are the baddies here.


“makes me think parts of the Federation are the baddies here”

Of course. You don’t cast Peter Weller to be just a random admiral hosting a briefing… This whole Cumberbatch-hype is just to distract us from the real villain. Surely, Harrison will be an important character, but the main baddie’s performance is yet to be a surprise to us. In the trailers the voiceover has been cut and mixed, taken out of the actual context, paired with visuals that are to make us believe we already know this movie’s antagonist. My bets are on Marcus.

yes, and she does leave a contrail (cirrus aviaticus), which is something new for ST ships/craft operating within an atmosphere (we never saw shuttles or even ships -> NX-01, doing so…)

Because he is helping Kirk. Just like Khan …


>10. Kev – April 19, 2013
Harrison, why would he jump to that ship? I thought he was commanding that ship, okay now that changes things abit.

@17-Ok. Sry it sounded at first like you were annoyed just because Eve was blond and in trailers and taking attention away from Zoe, which isn’t true obviously. I agree, it’s great we have two smart females in the film :)

Heh, I like the Trekmovie logo in the corner. Cute.


Agreed. I think Marcus is Section 31, and the dreadnaught is his ship, not Harrison’s.

I’m still undecided about Harrison’s identity. I was leaning toward April, but after reading the prequel comics, that seems too obvious (despite a couple of references we’ve seen to “April’s Gun”). I don’t think he’s Kahn, but he could still be an augment of some sort, perhaps even someone other than Kahn from the Botany Bay.


Glad to read someone else thinking same terms ;)

In this timeline the ENT events are still very much canon, so the augment story arch may be used without referencing the original TOS BB at all – augments may come from CS12 or be the ones salvaged by Klingons from the BoP wreckage / later used in Divergence/Affliction.

I still think he is Joaquim, just rewritten as John Harrison since the other guys turned the roles down. I think having a villian you don’t know is more interesting than someone whose flaws you already know unless they turn things on their heads.

Well, in truth what made the “Tomorrow is Yesterday” shot so unique and memorable was the novelty of seeing the Enterprise–always assumed to be a creature of deep space–backlit against that sky backdrop. This version, built in an Iowa cornfield, that can even submerge like a submarine and takeoff at a moment’s notice? Not so much.

Joaquim could be interesting, if written right. But in TWOK, he never really struck me as a “genetic superman.” He was written as a “yes man” to Kahn, and so never really seemed menacing in his own right.

32 – I hear you but it still looks cool.

@29. Kodos,
“(despite a couple of references we’ve seen to “April’s Gun”)”

It’s ONE unsubstantiated reference, and it’s NOT “April’s Gun”. From the only hard evidence we’ve seen, it’s allegedly the “April Giant Gun”. No one has ever confirmed the report of “April’s Gatling Gun”. Meaning, a gun named after April, not one he is personally using. That minor distinction takes a lot of wind out of those April sails …


What if he’s not Khan, but really John Harrison, a genetic superman from the UK?

What if he has nothing to do with Kahn? Whatever will we do? Oh my!

I still say John Harrison is Marko Ramius.

I forget. How did we decide you’re supposed to know a Starfleet lady’s rank? Wondering if there are a few ensigns sitting in the big swivel chair giving orders.

They just finished putting up the Giant Into Darkness 1 sheet banner with the Ship crashing to earth, on the front of Hollywood and Highland Center this evening, looks freaking amazing.

Exactly and Weller did say his character had his own ship.

@39. CmdrR,
“I forget. How did we decide you’re supposed to know a Starfleet lady’s rank?”

You have to cut them open and count the rings.

John Harrison is from Section 31. He’s definitely not Khan.

He’s Khan.

Omg the shot with the enterprise leaving the nibiru planet looks so damn good!

I can’t wait any longer:-D

This Movie will simply not disappoint!

I love Uhura’s eyeroll right after Kirk’s “I have a reputation?” Great editing :)
So, wait, #9 Aix was wanky but not #15 Rick?

Glad to see Aix is “forgiven” now

#15, Rick, dude, must you really objectify Eve like that? If I made a similar comment about Quinto, or Keachick about Pine, all the guys would jump all over our objectifying men.

What’s that about?

Just sayin.

Anthony, YES! The second I saw the shot of Enterprise in the clouded sky I thought of “Tommorrow is Yesterday” … great homage, Abrams & All!

@Marja- I didn’t “forgive” Aix because there was nothing to forgive. It was a misunderstanding. In fact I APOLOGIZED to Aix because of the miscommunication. Where you got that idea I have no clue.

Also Rick saying Alice was hot isn’t anything new, as many guys have been saying the same thing. It wasn’t offensive. She is hot. Big deal.They put that underwear shot in the trailer so guys would have that exact reaction. I (wrongly) thought Aix was complaining about Alice Eve in the trailer because she is pretty blonde and a threat to Uhura’s presence. Again, a misunderstanding. And no one would jump all over you for saying Quinto and Pine are smoking hot with killer bodies! You can, and they are.

Surprise, surprise. Marja is looking for a fight again…

You think MEN would jump all over you for saying Quinto or Pine were hot? LOL really? Let’s get real here, we really don’t care. They don’t hire these actors because they are ugly..

Yea, Alice Eve is hot. Yes, I want to see more of her in trailers and the movie, if I get to see her in her underwear as well so be it. Still wanna know about her character and get to see her have some great scientist scenes as well. Why don’t you wait until a guy ACTUALLY says something that is crude or offensive before you unleash the scolding and lectures you are so fond of giving :)

Oh, dear me, looking for a fight. Just pointing out uneven perceptions is all.

Well, let me pour oil on troubled waters. If it’s okay for you guys to “comment” on the women, then I’ll go right ahead and comment on the men of Star Trek. One word: