Watch: Star Trek: TNG S3 Blu-ray Feature ‘Inside The Writers Room’ Clip + TNG S1 & S2 Discounted 60% This Week

One of the cool special features on the Season 3 Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray (out next week) is an "Inside The Writers Room" chat with Ron Moore, Brannon Braga, Naren Shankar and Rene Echevarria – moderated by Family Guy creator (and huge Trek fan) Seth MacFarlane.     


TNG S3 Special Features Clip

Take a peek inside the "Inside The Writers Room with Seth McFarlane" special feature from the Season 3 Star Trek The Next Generation Blu-rays. (via IGN)

TNG Season 3 hits stores next Tuesday. TrekMovie’s review of both will be posted by this weekend.

You can pre-order TNG S3 at Amazon – discounted to $78 and The Best of Both Worlds Blu-ray discounted to $15.99.

Deal of the Week: TNG S1 & S2 Discounted 60%

This week Amazon is selling the first two seasons of TNG on Blu-ray for 60% off to just $52.49.

Reminder: Best of Both Both Worlds Theater event on Thursday

Also remember that Star Trek: The Next Generation is getting another big screen event on Thursday April 25th with a showing of the two-parter "The Best of Both Worlds" at theaters nationwide (7:00 PM showings). The one-night only event will also include exclusive clips about the making of The Best of Both Worlds and Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3.

Buy tickets for Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds online at!star-trek-best-of-both-worlds.

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60% off. Nice.

I hate getting screwed for purchasing stuff early on-release.

I usually wait a month or so and they’re on for significantly cheaper than release day.

Just an FYI, as far as new DVDs go. I just saw Star Trek the Motion Picture along with Trek 5 for sale, individually, on bluray at my local Best Buy. Keep in mind these two films have never been sold outside of the box set. The Motion Picture is the theatrical cut. Stocking up in preparation for the new movie no doubt.

Too bad it’s not shown in german theaters.

2nd that!!

Goin to BOBW this Thursday night. Goin to Trek convention in Boston, June 9. Completely psyched.

#6 zSame here totally stoked!

Where is DanielCraigisMyWookieBitchNow? This is exactly as I predicted.

#1 — They ALWAYS cut the prices on these sets. That’s exactly why I didn’t rush out to get it. I’m more likely to buy them now at this price.

I knew they’d do this.

$52? That’s a good base price for a season set. I’m sure the other 60% is somewhat justified by the restoration and being bluray, but sheesh. If you can buy a show at $130 a season, it might be cheaper to just buy the distribution rights.

I can accept paying a bit more if I want it on release day, but it makes me really grumpy that there are exclusive bonus features on the BOBW discs. If I’m buying all the high-priced season sets, they should have all the fancy bonus features included. Grump grump grump.

@9 “#1 — They ALWAYS cut the prices on these sets. That’s exactly why I didn’t rush out to get it. I’m more likely to buy them now at this price. I knew they’d do this.”

Yep. Just like by waiting a couple of years, I was able to get the entire three seasons of TOS on Blu-Ray in January for $80.

It would be different if you already didn’t have these in another format — then, I can see not wanting to wait. But if you already have then, and you are not like on your death bed or something, just wait a bit and don’t be the sucker that pays the over-inflated opening prices on these sets.

I’m still unbelievably gutted that BOBW theatre event isn’t screening in the UK at all.

@ #14 I am too.

But on a better note we are getting to see Into Darkness a week ealier

All this reminds me that Star Trek belongs on TV. Just watched a clip from “All Good Things…” There’s no way that kind of story would be told in today’s cinema. Anthony is correct about Star Trek’s storytelling is best suited for TV so more complex tales can be told.

And bravo to Seth McFarlane. He brought Trek to the masses with his funny Oscar sketch. BAck to The Best of Both Worlds, it was the pinnacle of TNG.

@16. I am actually thinking the movie route, with huge tentpole films like this, is a better future for Star Trek now. We have finally got Trek to A-list status in movies, and need another decade of this before I think Trek should look at TV again.

And with 727 episodes under our belt, plus the bad taste of Voyager and Enterprise, I think it would be best to wait another 10 years, and start a really fresh approach to Trek TV.

Starting too soon back to TV on Trek would also risk the Berman folks getting involved. It would be better to wait until they are all too old and retired, just to make sure that they would have no influence whatsoever on this process.


I actually agree with BB here. But I think they should go the HBO or AMC route and air ten episode seasons with epic episodes made on bigger budgets. See “Game Of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, etc.

And I agree that neither Berman nor Braga should be involved in any way whatsoever. But I would welcome Ron Moore.

#17. DiscoSpock – April 23, 2013

Lord knows, I’m as frustrated and irritated with the BB gun as you are but I have to ponder in forum about a film where a young man was wasting his talent but later redeems himself: Is there no path to redemption for them?