Exclusive: Hi-res Image Of The Other Starship From Star Trek Into Darkness + It Gets A Name

In the latest Star Trek Into Darkness trailer we finally got a look at the new Starship in the movie. Today the official Star Trek app revealed a new image of the ship and gave it a name. And TrekMovie has an exclusive high resolution image of the ship. Check it out below.     


The USS Vengeance

Today the official Star Trek app has a mission to scan an image from the official Star Trek Facebook page, which reveals the new USS Vengeance ship. This is the same ship that is also described as a "Dreadnought-class" in Star Trek Into Darkness. And here it is (in high res).

The USS Vengeance from "Star Trek Into Darkness" (click to bigify)

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A look inside the USS Vengeance

The USS Vengeance is the ship that TrekMovie has been spotting in the various trailers and commercials and publicity photos. There has actually been quite a lot of imagery release from the interior of this ship.


Star Trek Into Darkness could have been ‘Star Trek Vengeance’ (and is in Russia)

This is not the first time the term "Vengeance" has come up in relation to the movie. Of course we have heard Benedict Cumberbatch’s dialog as John Harrison say "I have returned to have my vengeance." But if you recall back in December TrekMovie reported that one of the titles that was considered (and tested) for the new movie was "Star Trek: Vengeance." And in fact "Star Trek Vengeance" is the English translation of the title being used in Russia (even though all other foreign markets chose variations on the "Into Darkness" title.

"Star Trek: Vengeance" (Russia’s title for "Into Darkness")

Real Vengeances and non-canon Trek Vengeances

The United States Navy has had two ships with the name Vengeance. One was a former merchant ship that served under the command of John Paul Jones in the Revolutionary War. and the other was used as a "bomb ketch" against the Barbary pirates in the early 19th century. The Royal Navy has had eight ships bearing the name HMS Vengeance dating back to the 18th century. The latest is a Vanguard-class nuclear submarine launched in 1998 and still in service.

A Constitution-class refit (same as TOS movie era USS Enterprise) USS Vengeance was used in the "Klingon Academy" game released in 2000. Also the FASA Star Trek: The Role Playing game featured a Miranda-class (same as USS Reliant from Star Trek II) ship named USS Vengeance.     


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Weigh in on the new ship…

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Nice mix of styles for the ship.

I will have MY Vengeance ?

It’s Harrison’s ship ?

I want the model of that thing!!!!!!!

It looks like a Michael Bay version of a Deceptacon. I mean that in a bad way.

Please, next time do not put the name of the ship in the headline! It was absolutely impossible to avoid the spoiler. Maybe i should avoid this site for the next 3 weeks.

I had liked the way the Trek 2009 Enterprsie and Kelvin got back to the clean lines and look of the TOS enterprise and TOS movie Trek ships. However, now it looks like they are “going Berman” on us with the US-Steel/military industrial look like we saw in Voyager and Enterprise. I hate this look for Star Trek ships. It’s tired, and will not stand the test of time.

Looks like a Borg-ified Enterprise-E.

also, it was detachable laser balls. lulz.

Enterprise-D saucer section!?!? :)

Nothing screams like spoiling something like naming the super-duper secret ship IN THE BYLINE OF THE ARTICLE. Seriously, so much for TrekMovie’s ‘No Spoiler’ policy. Not everyone (ie, outside the US) uses the STID app, and I was quite content to not knowing the name of this ship till I sat my ass in the cinema on May 9th.

TrekMovie, I bid you adieu till May 10th.

Looks like a LEGO ship.

Also, USS Vengeance?

Gene must be proud…

Check out the hole in the middle of the saucer.
See the stars?

This makes the JJprise look beautiful!

@2 — That’s the first thing that popped into my mind as well!

So it does have voids in the primary hull.


Yeah, I just noticed that. Plus, I don’t think I’ll be the only one in thinking that the name for the ship is kinda lame and the saucer design is bizarre. Maybe it’s not something that translates well in a still image, maybe it has to be seen in motion on a screen to be appreciated more.

I find it odd that Starfleet would name a ship “Vengeance.”

@16 hi five !!


Looks like something I made out of Legos when I was 8. And the name…isn’t that a bit on the nose? It’d be like if a Captain were out to prove himself and did so at the helm of the USS Validation.

Also, I did some lightening of this image to bring out the details incase anyone wants a good look at it.



I’ve been with this franchise for the long haul and do not share your view. Don’t presume to speak for anyone but yourself.

I must say I haven’t had much issue with the new version of Trek, but this ship is ugly….

@12 it does look like Lego – I couldn’t place what it reminded me of, but that is it exactly.

Tis sucks – two yours of non-stop bitching that there are no details out there about the movie, and now that there are some out there, it’s non-stop bitching that there are details about the movie.

Can’t say I blame JJ for heading over to Disney…..

I have looked at the photos and the trailer of the Vengeance. And well, it’s one scary looking ship. I’m trying to figure out why. Because I was less afraid of the Narada than this thing. Maybe because she’s huge. Angular build. Dark in color. I wonder why she’s named Vengeance. Not very Starfleet is it? Perhaps that’s the controversy.

@21 if I was in command of the USS Validation I’d show you!

@19. A core planet of the Federation was destroyed. Why wouldn’t their military force be seeking vengeance?

Re: the spoiler nature..

It’s out there… I saw it on my FB page before I saw it here.

After seeing the name of this ship and reading a spoiler review (which I will not spoil on here) my hopes for this movie are fading fast.

The trailers made this movie seem like an improvement in every way over the 2009 JJTrek. I mean they had four years to come up with this story…four years! If what I read today is true, they didn’t use that time wisely. Why the obsession with Wrath of Khan? Why not boldly go into new stories and new thematic elements?

I will see the film all the same, but boy the news coming out today ain’t good.

@ Why was my post deleted, but other posts, that actually give spoilers, still exist?

Is this site really that far up the backside of Bad Robot?

Vengeance is a perfectly appropriate name for a vessel.

In fact, the Vengeance was one of the renamed vessels that Benjamin Franklin and John Paul Jones coaxed out of wealthy French industrialists’ wives to establish the Revolutionary Navy. It’s a very Kirk/Harrison-like chapter of American history. Franklin brought JPJ along on a trip to France, where they seduced wealthy women at court, who controlled several of the merchant marine fortunes that could spare a handful of ships. Sex and cannabis cigarettes were quite likely involved. JPJ then used these ships to -quite literally- terrorize the British coast–the first time such an attack on the British coast in more than a century. This relatively secret story of the founding of the US Navy is taught at Annapolis, where a client of mine graduated, in far greater detail than I can recall or find online.

Orci, if you knew all this, you’re a f genius.

Maybe the USS Vengeance has future technology. Thats not a typical 23rd century design. Saucer section like Enterprise-D, nacelles like Enterprise-E

@31…I can see that…I read the same stuff. It wasn’t disappointing. One part of it seemed done to death in TOS. Looks like it will make for a good film. Original? Maybe not, but then again nothing really is. Even the Dark Knight trilogy was made up of portions of comics books literally ripped from the pages and put on screen. Not original, but fun to watch.

Folks are obsessed with Wrath of Khan because it defines Star Trek films. Not the TV show, but the film franchise. It was the best of the best and even non fans know that film.

Gotta say that’s an f*ugly ship. Agree with a previous post – looks like a Transformer.

Phil, take a chill pill. I was simply commenting on one ship model in this movie that I didn’t like. What is your issue with that? The topic of this story is the photo of this ship; aren’t we suppose to be discussing that here???

I must say I don’t mind the name at all, and btw #22 thanks for the adjusted image.

@23 Sean,

Before going on a rampage to tell someone the obvious, that what they say is there opinion, please make sure you’re quoting the right person. Because all the person said that you were responding to is that the ship has a hole in the saucer section.

Well, the name IS a little on the nose. It would be like a band of terrorists calling their ship “Suicide Bomber” or something. Star fleet may want to get back at their enemies, though I think “justice” would be the more fitting name. Justice, Retribution. Throw in a Hornblower reference and go with the Indefatigable, maybe. Remember, nobody see’s themselves as the “bad guy.” They’re not going to do overtly silly and villianous type things, like name their ships according to the honesty of their intentions.

As far as the look of her. I can see why Star fleet would build a very large, heavily armed, super-heavy cruiser/dreadnought. It’s a weapons platform, probably with the capacity to take a fleet of ships on by itself. Designed to take a pounding form engagements with ships, like the one that destroyed the Vulcan rescue mission in the 2009 movie. I have no issue with it’s design.

Though one element that is curious, it almost looks like the central hole in the saucer acts as a guide rail for that large cannon.

Wicked looking ship. Vengeance reminds me of the Vengix virus from Power Rangers RPM. I keep calling it the USS Vengix. That’s kind of a better name, actually… When Harrison says that he has returned to have his vengeance, wouldn’t it be hilarious if he meant that he came to get his ship back?

That is one BADASS Starship, Battleship, Dreadnought, Whatever you want to call it!

The name isn’t particularly original or in keeping with what Starfleet is about but its becoming more and more obvious that this is the work of a clandestine fringe group within the Federation.

The design strikes me as an attempt to blend Star Trek’s classic design cues (primary hull, secondary hull, nacelles) with a more Star Wars sensibility (darker colors, more surface detail, openings in the ship). In fact, change the ship’s color and it starts to be a bit reminiscent of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the aborted Planet of the Titans and Phase II projects. I don’t mind it as a one-off that gets destroyed by the Enterprise but I’d hate for it to be the direction for future designs.

I’m a bit concerned about the dark paint scheme; against the dark backdrop of space (and the extra darkening of the tinted 3D glasses) I just hope we won’t all be squinting to make this thing out on the big screen.

@39 that scary moment when a Power Rangers plotline would double as a good plotline for a future Star Trek film LOL

I see space balls.
Actual space balls.

USS Vengeance? This is really cliche :(


I was responding to a comment that Anthony has since deleted, not the current #17.

It will make the Enterprise look beautiful in comparison, which is probably the goal ;)
Notice the twin balls? I bet those are the Xindi-probe-like devices we saw in the last trailer!
The saucer doesn’t look like the D at all, more like the E or Voyager.

I was very unhappy about some of today’s spoilers, but I like this ship.
It looks appropriate for its purpose.

Anyone else remember that the original title for STAR TREK II was “THE VENGEANCE OF KHAN”?

“Meyer took all of these drafts and ideas and combined them into a script which he called Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country — but Paramount execs rejected that name because they didn’t get it, says Tenuto. So they went with Vengeance of Khan — except that Lucasfilm requested they change that title because it was too similar to their upcoming Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi. Hence the “Wrath” title, which Meyer thought sounded weird.”

Wow, great ship!

STAR TREK the game is out today I just remembered!!!!

#47 – And what did Lucas end up doing…? He changed the title from Revenge to Return of the Jedi. Thus Meyer might have been able to use The Vengeance of Khan after all. -Maybe-