Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Clip #2 + New Int’l Character Posers [UPDATED]

The second clip from Star Trek Into Darkness has been released. This time Paramount is showing off a fast-paced action chase scene featuring Kirk, Spock, Uhura. See below to watch the new clip. But beware of some spoilers (nothing major). UPDATE: We also have new international character posters.      


Star Trek Into Darkness Clip 2

UPDATE: Here is the second clip from Into Darkness (now from TrekMovie YouTube). This time it is a chase with Kirk, Spock and Uhura in a civilian ship being chased by Klingons, and if you look closely you will see Cupcake too


UPDATE: New International Character Posters

Paramount International has added Marcus, Bones and Sulu to their list of character posters, here they are (click to enlarge).


These are in addition to the four previously released posters.

Star Trek Into Darkness Clip #1

If you missed it, here is the clip from yesterday.


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Wow, cant wait

Definitely has sort of a Han Solo, Millennium Falcon feel to it, which I’m sure will only serve to tee off a lot of the so called “old school Trekkies”, but I think it’s awesome Trek is finally getting sequences like this one on a grand scale.

I really don’t see how this movie could stink at this point.

I think it’s better than the 1st clip!… feels like Trek to me!


Dreadnought is called USS Vengance.

The giant “Dreadnaught” ship is the U.S.S. Vengeance. #Picardfacepalm

I’m not even gonna mention where that clip took my mind…

But, I did like it. :)

Was it just me or was Cupcake in this clip?

The U.S.S. Vengeance? Really? I guess it sounds cool, but isn’t that kind of like beating a cold corpse with a stick?

Bird of Prey now powered by Twin Ion Engines? Sure sounds like it.

Loving how the bird of preys ‘wings’ turned to slow it down. Loved the sound effects too. Liking the Klingon ‘theme’ also. FFS, liking everything!

Still…I want to see it. Anyone else able to access the “first look” of the Vengeance on your app? I update it and there’s nothing new on there.

Seems like some just want to find something to complain about. Seriously, the name as already pointed out by #10 has been used in Trek before. What what do you want it called the USS Lollipop?

Love it! The BoP sound FX come of pretty Warslike…

USS Vengeance…hm…makes sense. Totally. Now we know why the film’s called Vengeance in Russia.

@15 It was used in a video game.

The score with the choir parts is also neat…though it doesn’t off Klingon…

Did anyone else watch thus clip and think Blade Runner?

The civilian ship that Kirk is piloting bears a remarkable similarity to the Flying Sub from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea…

I hope nobody says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” or ‘Don’t get cocky, kid!” or “Never tell me the odds!”

#9 sure looked like him ….

@17 For all the whining I’m reading about this on Facebook and Twitter, I haven’t seen anyone offer up a better name (It’s not like it matters though, it is what it is).

It’s obviously a warship, the Defiant of the 23rd century if you will. I’m sure that if they picked a name from a ship like Excelsior, Reliant or Saratoga, we’d be hearing about the aneurysms certain fans would be having over changing the design and purpose of an established and beloved ship.

Yup. Site just confirmed it …. (Just above the clip)

#11: A lot of people still won’t/don’t accept it.

You know, Matt Jefferies suggested that vehilces for space flight would have smooth hull surfaces, much like aircraft would.

The new bird of prey is overly complicated, and does not resemble intelligent ship design. Does it look cool, yes. Does it follow any kind of logic? Doesn’t look like it.

If the vessel was for atmospheric flight only, it would have smooth skin to reduce drag.

Well at least the new star trek movie looks like it will be a fun ride, just will never actually be Star Trek. Hopefully we get a better rendition of the Enterprise and all the other ships during the next Star Trek reboot. Perhaps the next producer will use their brain, and think about the fact that it has been trekkies that have kept Star Trek relevant. We’re the ones that keep poring money into the franchise, so when are they going to make something just for us? It’s not like we can’t pay for it.

Zoe’s reactions are great in this clip. Great preview overall.

@26: I’ve built a fair number of Bird of Prey models and the old school one was about as overly complicated as you can get for a TOS movie ship. It did not feature a smooth hull. It had pipes and all sorts of crazy stuff aligned on the hull.

Besides, nothing about any of the ships from Trek are realistic or intelligent. You want realistic and intelligent space ships, look no farther then the Earth Alliance vessels in Babylon 5.

Intelligence was not shown in the design of the warp engine pylons of any TOS era ship, with the exception of the Excelsior. The odd angles are not very realistic.

And stop it for once with the “it will never sound like Star Trek” act. That’s old, folks are tired of hearing about it. You sound like one of those whiney star wars fans who claimed Lucas “had his way with” their childhood.

It was old. Now it’s just pathetic. You don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you think you can do better, write a script and try and get it picked up.

@26 All of Star Trek until the 2009 movie has been for trekkies, or have you forgotten already? >.> And even these movies have MANY elements that serve the fans only. But the fans alone cannot pay for something with this kind of budget. Honestly, if all trekkies wanted more of the same, all this money you speak of would be poured into fan retreads like New Voyages/Phase II, ST: Continues, and other fan productions. Don’t get me wrong, I like this stuff and look forward to it, but it’s obvious that the money isn’t going towards them. And why not? Certainly fans know what fans want, right?

Folks are going to find a million and one things to whine and cry about with this new movie.

I just wonder how long it will take for those same folks to understand that OLD Trek is dead and gone. You will never see it again. Star Trek may come back on TV, but it won’t be like it used to be. It will be more or less what you see now, which is not a big deal. I’ve been a fan for 32 years..yes, there are some things I laugh about with the last film, but for the most part it was solid. I’ve not watched a Trek film in theaters that much since The Undiscovered Country.

Star Trek could use alittle bit of the excitment that Star Wars has. I’m glad it’s been put in.

On a side note…I have no issues with USS Vengeance. Sounds like a ship built on the sly by a corrupt Admiral who thinks the Federation should ignore the Prime Directive and strike first against those who would wanna cause it harm, ala Nero. The Sword of Vengeance in a way.

Would you rather it named something like USS Duck Tales. USS Snotrag. USS Cleveland, USS Surprise…USS It’s not my Trek, waaaaaa!

@29…the money does not go towards doing what we Trek fans want because

A. They did that. We got Insurrection, Nemesis, Generations, Voyager, Enterprise. Suck.

B. That’s not how the BUSINESS of Motion Pictures work. You have to market for NON FANS.

C. New Trek will always be this way. Even if it comes back to TV it will be “Trek Lite”..kinda like Fringe was called “X-Files Lite)

Star Trek fans have a repuation for being nitpicky. I’m starting to see why. You can’t win.

Imagine if the Enterprise in this new film was the Original. Those same “it’s not my trek” fans would be up in arms if they showed the Original getting beat from one end of the universe to the next. This film could be almost identical in nature to Spocks brain and if the Enterprise was getting trashed on screen they’d cry and whine with the million other reasons to cry and whine. It’s sad and embarrassing at times.

The people that complain about the complainers are usually pretty lame. Not everyone is going to love the movie, fanboys. Especially if all we have now is a couple clips and a couple trailers. I thought the first one was ok, mistakes and all…though, they prolly shouldn’t have tried to fit it in “continuity” as the second one seems to screw that up a bit- if the comic IS supposed to be canon that is….The only thing I can really say about the clips, personally, is that I wish they put in some old school TOS ships and tech, and I wish we could get away from “terrorism/villain” stories and focus more on the psychedelic weirdness of space and beyond.

@ 28 & 30 Robman007

Dead on my friend. The whinning IS getting old.

This is the absolute BEST Trek has ever looked! Epic visuals, fantastic pacing! Hats off to JJ and the “supreme court”…this film looks fantastic and who knows? It may end up being the best feature film Trek yet!!

Wow. Nice clip of Star Wars: Episode 7…oh…wait…what?

Sounds like the controls are your standard Klingon sounds?

I think that some of the people hating on the new action-filled Trek would like to see all that money spent on another ST:TMP-styled movie. Looooong sloooow pans across miles and miles of ships and looooong sloooow conversations on the bridge.

This is Trek for the ADD kids. Sure, it’s a bit frenietic for me, but we all wanted more action back in the old movie days and now we have it. Let’s be glad people like it.

Oh….one more thing. These marketing and ad people really screwed up this generation that is active on the internet. Making excuses as to how YOU are not the target audience is a sad thing. This is one of the reasons American cinema in general isn’t as respected as it used to be, it panders to idiots. Don’t listen and repeat this garbage the industry tries to implant into your brains or you may just become the “target audience”.

Aw man, this looks fantastic! And YAY FOR CUPCAKE! I was hoping he was somewhere in this. I just inexplicably like the guy.

Very… very… “Star Wars”-like … but well, if it makes for a gripping action sequence, why not…

I might just have to see this movie. :)

They just released a picture of the dreadnought on Facebook. And its name. You can get it through the app.

What happened to my post point out that Wrath Of Khan was originally going to be called “Vengeance Of Khan”?

Vengence for what or who….Nero?

I think this is going to be the best Trek movie yet!’s not an excuse. It’s the truth. Sad, yes, but still the truth.

They used to make movies for Trek fans. They bombed. Each film had a lower budget then the last. Trek fans alone cannot support the product. IF you want to see it on TV, then you have to hope this film can make some money. It can only make money if it is marketed for the masses. A sad truth, yes. The idiots do outnumber the smart individuals. Sad, but true.

Here is how I look at new Trek. Watching Fringe (another Orci/Kurtzman/Abrams show)..clued me in on how this “alternate reality” deal works….and it make sense.

In Fringe you had Dr Walter Bishop and Dr William Bell. They played around with gate ways and portal’s to alternate realities. Dr Bishop even crossed over, which caused a bad chain reaction in the “alternate reality”..a reality which was technologically more advanced then our own at that same time (they had smart phones in 1985..)..

So, what I like to think happened with this is that the Red Matter created what is essentially a large “Walter” portal, in which Spock and the Narada went into. They crossed over into an Alternate reality that was already technologically and stylistically different (as per the two realities in Fringe)…the change made was when George Kirk was killed. That screwed up the future of the Alternate reality much like Walter did when he took Peter. That also eliminates the idea of just “sling shot around the sun” to go back and save George Kirk…all that will do is fix this much different, alternate reality’s future.

It works.

quote “Intelligence was not shown in the design of the warp engine pylons of any TOS era ship, with the exception of the Excelsior. The odd angles are not very realistic.”

Actually if you put some thought into it, the TOS enterprise is the only ship with pylons that make sense. We know that the warp engines use plasma(ionized gas) to drive the warp coils. Ionized gas is actually a rather decent conductor and if it is arranged in coils, the warp engines are being used to produce enormously powerful magnetic fields. It is reasonable to assume that a human being wouldn’t want to be in close proximity to it.

Structurally, even the small size of the pylons isn’t a big deal if they are engineered and preloaded correctly. Think along the lines of the cabling that supports a suspension bridge, pulled taut internally(structural integrity field) this would preload the components, reducing movement.

Smooth hullplates, wouldn’t be much different than a top load on a Tesla coil, giving an area that allows the discharge to be equal across all surfaces(deflector shields).

I surmise that Cochrane built warp drive off of Tesla coils, with staged primary coils to compress space and time.

First couple of reviews of the movie are online. You can google it. So far people saying it’s pretty good. Cool cool.


I wholeheartedly agree they need to get away from the terrorist themes for the next one.

@47..the angles. No way would you have an engine that is that large and that powerful attached to the hull with pylons that thin and at that angle. That’s a b**tch of an angle. I’d more think they would look like the Enterprise C or Excelsior..or part of aft portion of the hull like Defiant.

The angles of the original, refit and Abrams always just seem a bit unrealistic…then again, we are talking about a fictional universe, so whatever works :-)