Alice Eve Talks Into Darkness, Bibi Besch, William Shatner, Gene Roddenberry & More

Star Trek Into Darkness re-introduces the character Dr. Carol Marcus, and in a new interview actress Alice Eve talks about how the original Marcus (Bibi Besch) influenced her performance. Eve also shows off her Star Trek knowledge talking about Shatner, Roddenberry’s vision and how the show had good advice for young men. All that and more from Eve below.     


Eve Talks Bibi Besch and Wrath of Khan

Star Trek Into Darkness actress Alice Eve spoke to SFX Magazine about taking on the role of Carol Marcus. The specifically talked to her about what she thought of the performances in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which she reviewed before starting on Into Darkness..

So you’ve seen the future of your character, Carol Marcus. Does that inform the way you play her or do you have to blank all that out?
Oh, it’s information you have to carry, definitely. It doesn’t shape it, but it will maybe inform certain choices. You can’t ignore the universe that exists.

What did you think that Bibi Besch brought to the role?
She had great composure. The thing about Dr Marcus is her intellectual capability. She was a little older and had a full-grown child so she had a maturity about her. She was authoritative, especially with Kirk – in fact she seemed to be the only person who could really tell Kirk what for, and that came from her superior intelligence. She’s cleverer than Kirk, in The Wrath Of Khan, at least. So I didn’t forget that! (laughs)

There was a melancholy to her as well…
That was age. That was lost dreams, and lost relationships and lost loves. I wasn’t at that stage. Too early. I’m at the beginning of my journey, in that way, in the grown-up world. And I actually think that in this movie you see Carol Marcus go from girl to woman – I think you do with Kirk, too; not from boy but from young adult to adult.

Were there any cues that you took from Bibi Besch?
The composure, that has to be tempered to allow for a little more youth. I’m not young, but I have more youth than she had in that movie. So her composure and her conviction and her thoughts, her belief in her intellect.

Eve: performance as Marcus "informed" but not "shaped" by Bibi Besch

There is more from Eve on Into Darkness at SFX Magazine.

Eve Talks Up Roddenberry Vision & Charlie X lessons for teen boys

When she was young Alice Eve would watch the original Star Trek with her grandfather who is a big fan. At a press conference at the Tribeca Film Festival (reported by  promoting her new indie movie Some Velvet Morning, Eve talked about what she liked in Star Trek:

"I liked Shatner, of course. But there’s such an approachability to Gene Roddenberry’s genius. He hardly gets any credit, but he invented everything we use now. The communicators from The Original Series are basically just cell phones. Samsung won the lawsuit Apple filed against them [claiming Samsung’s tablets infringed on the iPad’s copyright] by showing that Star Trek had featured tablet computers years and years before the iPad. To say that you’re not a fan of Star Trek, is to say that you’re not a fan of everything that services you in our society. Which you may not be, but in that case, good luck to you."

Eve also noted that "Charlie X" is one of her favorite episodes, noting how it has important life lessons…

"I love Charlie [played by Robert Walker, Jr.] and the way he’s a little kid in a teenager’s body, acting out tantrums. And that moment when Shatner leans in to give Charlie some advice, because Charlie’s in love with Yeoman Rand and he thinks he’s never going to get her, it’s so great. Shatner says, ‘Be gentle and go slow.’ Have there ever been better words of advice given to a young man in love?"

 Eve – Star Trek Was ‘Overwhelming’

Pop Sugar also spoke to eve at the Tribecca event and have a brief video interview with Alice Eve where she mostly talks about other projects but also speaks a bit about Star Trek Into Darkness and how even though she was prepared for the role it was still "mentally and physically overwhelming."

Eve at Tribeca Film Festival

Here are a few snaps of Eve from the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st in NYC.



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Nice interview. She’s going to be great in Trek.

“To say that you’re not a fan of Star Trek, is to say that you’re not a fan of everything that services you in our society. Which you may not be, but in that case, good luck to you.” Love it!

I thought those tablets were to be found in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m in love. It’s official. Her discussion of Charlie X is great, like how she said it can be used as advice for a young man in love.

Alice Eve is like Yeoman Rand to my Charlie Evans.

Charlie Evans. Now there would have been a good villain to re-imagine for a film.

I dig her comments, and the depth of her respect for the franchise.

I am so impressed by her knowledge in Star Trek and I even never thought of any stars in current and past Star Trek who mentioned Charlie X.

BTW, I may not be able to watch the new movie on May 17th because I will have to look after my very ill father. The family comes first before Star Trek.

7: Good choice, but I hope he gets well soon so you guys can go see it together!

Hmmm, didn’t care about her much until now, but that might change. I really like her attitude towards Trek, plus she she seems to have a real grip on the character she’s playing; she’s not just blabbing about how geat Bibi Besch was and how much she loved the character of Carol Marcus etc. etc.
She doesn’t come across as someone who’s content with just providing the “fanservice” part of a movie and that’s great! Looking forward to seeing her in the movie.

Look’s Like the Ever so Hot Alice Eve is a Trek Geek. Makes her even more Beautiful.

She comes over really well in interviews, and interested in her role too.

Alice Eve adds a great presence to the Star Trek franchise.

What a beautiful and intelligent young woman

In Tos Tablet’s of a sort were also used. Mostly Pad’s. But not to far off.
Tos had a lot of things we use and take for granted. Plasma Flat Screen T.V personal Computer’s. Flip Cell Phones and the list goes on.

The complete interview is great… can’t wait to see her version of Carol Marcus!

Very good interview. She not only knows her Star Trek facts, but she understands the meaning behind them. Nice addition to the Trek family.

Justin Bieber will be playing David in the next movie. You heard that here first.

I love that she is a true fan and so knowledgable about Trek history. I hope they give her some good scenes to show how smart Carol really is. She’s stunning, hottest thing since Gaila with Kirk in ST09 ;)

Alice Eve: The new Jeri Ryan.

The more I see and hear from her, the more I really like her as a person.

Has anyone asked about the accent discrepancy? I’d love to hear an answer about that.

Bob Orci

we know you’re married and everything, Bob, but we gotta know, just how gorgeous is Alice Eve in person?

(I know that seems like a loaded question, but I’m sure you can give us something)

Hey Harry. Alice Eve as the next Lois Lane. What do you think.

She purty.

I loved hearing her talk about acting, and her approach to Carol Marcus, and that she knows enough about Trek to speak knowledgeably about Charlie Evans!

And really enjoyed her remark about Samsung winning the case against Apple and how the “Padd” existed long before Apple even thought of a tablet :)
Not that I hate Apple or anything like that, no, no.

Alice Eve is the Goddess of Wisdom and Beauty. She has Green right eye and Blue left eye. Oxford graduate, amazing personality.

As much as I love the idea of Samsung referencing Star Trek in the Apple lawsuit, I think it was in fact “2001: A Space Odyssey” that was referenced. Trek did come first though so they should have referenced that!

@4,26: Yes, the primary example Samsung gave was 1968’s release of 2001, that had tablet-style handhelds… but in commentary around 2011, many folks were also pointing out that TOS had handhelds (the things Kirk was always being handed to sign with a stylus) in 1966. So, although Alice might be off slightly, if she read articles like this:
she can be forgiven!
Goodness, I’d forgive her about anything. Sure hoping Carol Marcus lives on at the end of this movie! She should be roped in for the threequel.

Oh my! I’m liking me some Alice Eve (and her poster is awesome too). Actually, at first, I thought she was playing Elizabeth Dehner and that’s when we were all speculating if Gary Mitchell was in the film — seems like ages ago.

But, she’ll be wonderful as Carol Marcus — I’m interested to see what’s behind that “torpedo loading” scene we’ve seen a still shot of and her connection to it and the rest of the story.

Trek really did see the future in so many ways, and we didn’t have to wait until the 23rd or 24th centuries. Now if we can just get Zefram Cochrane to work on that warp ship!

Goodness, she really is drop dead gorgeous isn’t she? She’s gonna make some fanboys very happy in this film I think ;)

She seems like a class act. I love how much she knows about Trek, a real fan like Karl and Simon. They way she answers her interview questions is very impressive.

Smart and Pretty

Tablets appeared in Star Trek (Original Series) before they appeared in 2001…

#6 – they did just that, a couple of years ago in the Of Gods and Men movie. Bill Wellman Jr. played the part of an older Charlie Evans and nailed it. And two days after I viewed the movie he showed up at my workstation – talk about serendipity – or something.

I hope to see her in her undies soon!

No. Seriously. Looks like Alice is quite the Star Trek the original Series fan. And no mention of the other cast members or ST09?

Rabid TOS fan. We would get along very well, Alice.
I’ll even bring my footie pajamas, too!

32. Jerry Modene – April 25, 2013

,,,just read up on that, looks good. I will check that out, thanks.

You people can thank me later:

Alice Eve is a hottie (and I’m a sucker for blondes too). Loved the pic in an earlier article when she was wearing, umm, less. I do hope JJ resisted the lens flares in that scene. That is one scene that needs to be left untouched :)

35. Moputo

Thanks, but I got stuck on the Upton pics there.

Don’t blame me. I gotta’ look at Kate while she still has a couple years left.

#37: I don’t blame you at all, although I have the opposite reaction. I have stopped looking at all pictures of Kate Upton. The last thing I need is someone at work or my wife finding me in a trance with drool coming out of the corner of my mouth.

Nice, Moputo.

She’s must not be hotter than Kate, but hotter than Alice.

I get it. ; )

You’re a luck guy!

The first sentence of this article was a spoiler, I wish I hadn’t read it!

The great thing about Alice Eve is that she researched Star Trek for the role. Like Harve Bennett, she watched all the TOS episodes. Here’s an idea. We all want Star Trek back on TV. How about a TV show with her as the main protagonist?


“gentle and slow” Now whether there are any young men capable of taking that advice is another story.

Will Kirk have a baby boy in the future?? Lets see what happens in this timeline….. I do wish that the Tricorder would change..

No, Kirk will have two children in this timeline – a boy to Carol Marcus and a girl to a menosian female. He will be known to both children as their father and the Enterprise will be the meeting place for the two children (along with their mothers).

Now – Bad Robot – do it!

Blended families are also topical.

#44. Keachick

What no Miramanee papoose?

No, not in this timeline. Miramanee marries the intended one and has lots of lovely papooses…:)

Menosians are more interesting and they are more truly humanoid alien, unlike Miramanee’s people.

Oh and, unlike other alien/human offspring, Kirk’s child to the menosian woman required no (obvious) external assistance, ie conception in petri dishes etc. Oh well, I can like it even if no one else does…:/

So Keachick wants Kirk to a be a philanderer/polygymist now.

Good lord, when will fantasy ever end?

Well, according to so many people, the TOS Kirk was already a philanderer, so what’s the problem?

Besides, in the non-fantasy, real 21st century western world, if you look at the numbers of “blended families” and the serial marriages and relationships, bigamy, polygamy and polyandry(to a lesser extent?) are hardly out of fashion. It is just that the law does not allow for formalization of such arrangements, if/when desired by the parties involved.

Fiction/fantasy is what this site is about – Star Trek!

No, wrong again. Kirk was a single guy, in the service of Starfleet, representing the United Federation of Planets. For most of us how Kirk conducted his personal affairs was secondary, and that information consisted of his immediate family, and that a committed relationship had eluded him. You, on the other hand, seem to want to explore his inner Zap Brannigan, and in rather explicated detail, which is something most of us would rather not. Has it ever occurred to you why Galaxy Quest is popular with Trek fans – it is parody that reveals the truth of these characters…

Anyone who has been here for a while knows that Menosians and Keachick are one in the same. This is your Mary Sue universe, even though you are loathe to admit that publically…..