John Harrison Has A Video Message For Mr. Spock + Scotty Int’l Poster + UK Premiere Contest

This morning brings a couple new new updates from the international marketing of Star Trek Into Darkness. The second ‘message from John Harrison’ viral video has been released in the UK – this time JH analyzes Mr. Spock. Also Scotty now has an international poster (in German). Check those out below. There is also a UK contest to win glamorous trip the the London red carpet premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness.     



Message From John Harrison – Spock

Paramount International has released a new message to Mr. Spock (in various languages). Here is the one from the UK, featuring the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch (via Yahoo UK).  Note there are a couple of shots in this viral video that haven’t been released in other trailers or clips so beware of spoilers.

If you missed it, here is the Kirk ‘Message from John Harrison.’ The third and final message (for Uhura) will be released next week.

New Scotty Poster

The eighth international character poster has been revealed on the German Facebook page – this time for Scotty.

This is in addition to the previous posters (so far it seems Chekov is the only one left out).

UK Contest – Last Chance to get glammed up for the Premiere

Charles Worthington is offering a contest to "Live like a star for the day" with a trip the to May 2nd London premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, where they will "pamper you and a friend with a personal hair stylist, a designer dress from WishWantWear and a luxury London meal" (along with passes to see the movie and walk the red carpet). Enter at the Charles Worthington Facebook Page.

Thanks to Cory and Stuart for tips



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“The third and final message (for Uhura)”

… great take on the character in this new reality, but really would wish for Mccoy to get more attention (especially with how brilliantly Urban depicts the character). Hope he does get enough screentime in the movie though. ;)

Chekov in a red shirt in trailers + no poster so far = not looking good for the “Russian Whiz Kid”. No ideas if that’s intentional, but it does seem like he’s been left out a lot…

I agree… “Bones” doesn’t seem to be getting his due. The “final” Harrison message ought to have gone his way.

@ 1. topas

He doesn’t.

Was that a ‘Tribble’ i just saw with Uhura?

Not a tribble, that was the top of Kirk’s head

Seems likely that they’re setting up a sacrifice/break-up that will lead to the classic triumvirate that includes McCoy. So strange, because Urban’s McCoy is the most interesting adaptation of them all.

#6 LOL

@ no.2 aqua77002

Great ! – Bloody hate him. This version of Chekov was so annoying in the last film. The Russian accent was a total joke. It was verry OTT and why such a strong accent when English will be spoken in the next 300 years?.

I absolutely can’t wait to see this movie!!!!

Yes it’s sad that Karl Urban gives the best portrayal of his character yet he is playing second fiddle to Uhura.

Interesting shot where Spock is clearly upset… Seems he is looking down, realizing a tragedy, screams… All through a piece of glass separating him from whom?

A mirror scene to Spocks death in TWoK?

Is it me, or does it look like a different communicator that Scotty is holding in that new poster? I hope, but I doubt it.

@9. So what you can’t handle a real native Russian speaker? The kid used his own real accent, just added one touch from Koenig’s fake accent, that being the W instead of V thing.

You are complaining about Yelchin’s real life accent, and say its out of place 300 years in the future (though in actuality the 23rd century is only 200 years away), yet have no complaints about Scotty’s gaelic accent, Picard’s British accent, or any of the dozens of different accents that have been heard on various Trek episodes and films, even General Chang had a bit of an accent.

You just come off as another JJ hater who can’t even come up with a legitimate complaint, so go ahead and skip watching STID, none of us will miss you.

The ending will be a reversed version of TWOK. Been there, done that. Guessing that Spock is yelling “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” in the clip.

Does anyone remember when we were explorers?

the picture looks like spock got a cat hair in his nose

15 A double dumb ass on you.


Two Additional New Posters

Chekov at Navigation and Scotty Running.

Meh, kinda cool, but in a cheesey retro kinda way.

@7Jefferies Tuber- I don’t think a break up is gonna happen…in this film. The third and final one however? Hmmm

And sadly no, I’ve heard Bones is very much pushed to the back in this film. Looks like the fans hope of a big FOUR was just wishful thinking. Everyone was asking for more Bones this time around, instead we get the opposite.

Giving a message to Kirk and Spock makes sense, but one for Uhura seems a bit forced. To make her character seem important. I’m pretty sure she and the villan barely interact. Can’t see why he would care at all about her or anyone else. A message for Bones would be odd too. It’s all about Kirk an Spock.

Actually, while I’ve always loved Bones, and certainly his new incarnation by Urban, I think it’s a very good idea to focus a tad more on Uhura this time round. On TOS and the TOS movies, she was hardly more than a gadget…Yeah, having a black woman on the bridge in the first place might have been a leap forward back in the 60s, but it’s 2013 now and the only female main character definitely deserves to be a lot more pivotal than just opening hailing frequencies by pushing a few buttons…

As for Chekov being largely ignored. I guess, he will have a VERY important role towards the end of the movie and will sadly have to die. It’s only reasonable to assume there is a reason for him wearing the red shirt and we know what that reason is. This is the part that’s supposed to make us cry…

If true, it’s not a bad idea at all. First of all, it widens the scope of danger if a main character may actually die. And it also opens some space for new, probably female characters to appear in the third one. One woman on the bridge isn’t enough and since the Soviet Union does no longer exist and Russia isn’t a real threat anymore, Chekov’s character is slightly outdated as a symbol of peace… I guess there will be an Arab character in the next one, probably a woman, who stands for peace with the Muslim world and female emancipation in this part of the world. It would be much more topical than having a relic of the Cold War hanging around…

Yes, I will not put any spoilers because we’re not allowed to, but Ash is completely right.

Bones has been removed from the list of main characters completely, in return Uhura is artificially forced onto the viewers all the time. There will be even more drama with her clinging to Spock in this movie than in the first one.
Bones has the presence of Scotty’s towels/sandwich line.That’s it, that’s all.

Btw – the message is there for PR sake, it has nothing to do with the movie or Cumberblah’s movie character.

@9: “It was verry OTT and why such a strong accent when English will be spoken in the next 300 years?.”

Wishful thinking to say the least. I guess our grandchildren will all learn Chinese at school. For the last 300 years, the world was dominated by English-speaking powers…first Britain and then the US for the last 100 years. It’s more than just an educated guess that this is subject to change. In 30 years from now, China and other nations will dominate world economy and politics and the mouth goes where the money is. ‘Twas true for Latin, French and English and it will happen with Chinese and probably Spanish and Portuese to some degree if South America has a saying in that.

Hmmm, I wonder what has upset Spock so much, and who is he looking at through that glass partition? ;)

Spoiler Alert.
The Enterprise Fly’s in a Planet’s Atmosphere.

I like these messages. There is a palpable sense of foreboding about them, and I love Cumberbatche’s parting glance at the end. As for Zoe/Uhura – good for her. I’m glad to see this beautiful character finally get her do. I wish it could have happened for Nichelle Nicholes.

It seems like the whole thing with Uhura having a message from Harrison is to force that Spock must make a terrible choice between his devotion to those he loves and his devotion to his duty. We know what Nimoy’s Spock chose but as Nero said “that was a different life…” These characters are on their own path to discover who they are as Spock said in Wrath of Khan “as with all living things – each according to his gifts” meaning that they all have the raw potential to be the characters we know and love but circumstances have changed the path these must take to get there, if indeed they will get there…

Ok. James Cawley posted on facebook that he has friend’s Down Under who told him about John Harrison. He did not post it on the main page. But in the Comment Section. I now know.
But I am still even now more Stoked aboout Star Trek Into Darkness.

What in God’s name is Spock yelling at?

Anthony your comment in 6 made me laugh out loud a bit.

I love the message for Spock, it’s more poignant than the one for Kirk. Maybe it’s because they have new clips.

anyway I dare you, dear haters, to tell me that a kiss is out of character and unvulcan for Spock while the bad horror scream that he’s performing here is in character LOOOL
With all the fuss about a tiny kiss you’d think that a scene like this one would piss some people off. Mommy’s boy here didn’t react like that not even after Amanda died (**yet, his reaction was very emotional to me because I understood all his pain without subtitles and felt incredibly sorry for him just looking at his face**).
Mine is silly rhetoric, obviously.

seconded xD

#32 – Jemini

Why are you expecting them to acknowledge their obvious bias? It’s just another excuse to dislike Nu!Uhura and wax nostalgic about the good ol’ days when TOS!Uhura was in the background with one line. At this point, it’s all starting to sound like noise.

32. Jemini

” I dare you, dear haters, to tell me that a kiss is out of character and unvulcan for Spock while the bad horror scream that he’s performing here is in character ”

LOL! I suspect that may be one of the many silly fan pandering moments that some reporters have talked about inundating the film.

Wow I just noticed the mega-jump Spock does while chasing Harrison. Is it just coz he is an awesome Vulcan?

They better not kill Chekov, the son I never had! He is great. Or Pike, my fantasy husband (don’t tell Mr Spockchick)


“Fan Pandering”

Sounds like a term devised by movie critics and haters.

If Fan Pandering means giving a tip of the cap to all the people who has paid the salaries for all these Directors, Producers, Actors, Screenwriters, Special effects, Music people for over 40 years then YES I am all for it!

“I will make him decide”

Well-done: creepy.

I liked seeing the new shots of Spock but it has got my mind going in a thousand directions o_O

I really do not want to see an end to Spock/Uhura. They have been a stable center for the family of Star Trek.

Not for anything, but this art of Harrison to get into the brain of other characters is a lot like Ricardo Montalban’s Khan did with McGivers in Space Seed. Objectively speaking, don’t you agree?

See Space Seed clip:

@36 — I think it’s a Force-enhanced jump.

None of the principal 7 crew are going to die in THIS movie remember all of them signed 3 picture deals

44- unless there is some sort of ‘gun on the wall’ in act 1- then someone can die and come miraculously back…
For those who don’t understand ‘gun on the wall’ it simply means if the gun on the wall is pointed out in act 1, it had damned well better be used in act 3— which unless very well disguised ends up being hack writing.
Also known as ‘deus ex machina’.

And as we all know, Bob, Star Trek has never (cough cough) resorted to such plot devices in the past…

#11 sad? Its a bloody outrage!
And playing 2nd fiddle to Uhura, just to add insult to injury. Oii, these writers don’t have a clue.

#14 I hate what JJ has done- but I liked Anton’s Chekov. Pick your way through that one. :-p

#36 I think the shock would be if they don’t kill Pike. Remember, this is Orci and Kurtzman we are talking about here.
Why work at it when you can just do the obvious?

When you all hate JJ Abrams so much and piss on this movie so hard – what are you doing here? It’s a fan site, not a hate site.

#41 – “I really do not want to see an end to Spock/Uhura. They have been a stable center for the family of Star Trek.”

Um…since when? They’ve been a couple for the length of ONE movie, and they were never the ‘stable center’ before that, so what are you talking about?

Methinks someone is overdoing their fan worship a wee bit.