Watch: New Japanese Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer + Shot-By-Shot Analysis + New Warp Effect

A new Japanese trailer has been released for Star Trek Into Darkness – where the films opens in August. The new trailer is different than the other international promos and contains a number of new shots. Watch it below along with TrekMovie’s patented shot-by-shot analysis – but beware of spoilers.      



New Japan Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer & Poster

The new trailer from Japan differs from the other international trailers and contains a few things not seen elsewhere.

While we are talking about Japan, here is their new poster. It uses the standard international poster but adds new tagline copy, which translates as "Humanity’s greatest weak point is love."

Japan Trailer Analysis  (SPOILERS)


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The trailer contains a few new elements, here is a breakdown of what’s new.

Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) addresses meeting at Starfleet HQ attended by Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto)


Marcus: By now all of you heard what happened in London…

Marcus: And inthe name of those we lost, you will this bastard down

New warp effect

Star Trek 2009 Warp effect
Here is a comparison from the last movie

Kirk prepares to fire on Harrisons jumpship during attack on Starfleet HQ

Harrison talks to Kirk in USS Enterprise sick bay


Harrison: You cannot even guarantee the safety of your own crew.

Harrison looks down to Spock on floating barge in San Francisco

Uhura walks towards some Klingons on Qo’noS

USS Vengeance heads towards USS Enterprise above Earth

USS Enterprise falls to Earth without any apparent power

crowd reacts to crashing ship in San Francisco

Saucer of ship crashing into San Francisco


Evolution of Warp

This ships don’t change, but it seems that they change the warp effect with every movie. Here is a breakdown of warp from the previous 11 Star Trek movies (thanks to aureaxxi)    .

More Trailers and Analysis

Check out TrekMovie’s other analyses:

Thanks to Ateban  for tip



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Sorry, Anthony, this video is coming up with the words ‘ This video is private’ when I try to play it. I’m in Australia…

ummm…no can see. Video is private.

Same here in the US

Video is private?

New warp ftw!!

Seeing the light streaks in TMP was one of the coolest movie moments in my childhood. Such a trippy concept. Now, the children of a new generation can have that same experience (if they hve not already been completely desensitised to effects by Transformers, etc).

Ok… well maybe the kids won’t appreciate it anymore.

But we can ;)

“private,” eh? Is that what I hope it is?

Alice Eve, Kirk, an uncorked bottle of Saurian Brandy, and a shaky cell phone?

The new Warp FX are quite TMPesque…Good!

anthony, message on video says “this video is private” and doen’t play….

Yep, I got the “video is private” too here in the US. Thought it was just my computer.

great video….thanks for fixing!

Working now.
“Star T-uh-rek. Ieentew Dahkness.”

Love it.

Thank you, Anthony, for all your efforts.

Now that I’ve watched the trailer, and taking into account all that I’ve seen or read on this site and others over the past few months: I’ve decided that the more I see, the less I know…

Works for me. US. Texas!

Very cool. I love how Peter Weller delivers that line, “You will run this bastard down.” (As a Robocop fan, I keep half expecting him to say, “Dead or alive, you are coming with me at some point.” Too much to hope for though.)

I think the Enterprise E in later movies has the worst warp effect. What is that even? I don’t remember it being quite that sad but my mind automatically jumps to the Enterprise D warp effects when I think of TNG so maybe that’s why.

I really liked the 2009 effect because that loud, sudden snap and bang really just makes the whole effect. Hope it’s not too different from that but I do like seeing the stretching starlight effect again.

Oh my god…….look at this awesome warp effect!!!

I can’t wait to see this in 3D!

“You will run this bastard down.” -Marcus

“You can’t even guarantee the safety of your own crew” -Harrison

Perfectly delivered lines!

and the new Klingons are badass. much better than the ridiculously prime klingons.

Well I did something stupid. I read the spoilers.

I’m glad I did. At least now I won’t be rolling my eyes as much throughout the movie. On paper, this movie sounds horrendous.

One can hope….

Kinda cool in Japanese….

AyanEva – yeah also some of the production crew for trek in the old days were evidently fans of Weller too. As the moto for the excelsior was where ever you go there you are

a quote from one of his films, Buckaro Banzi I believe, the film the latest doctor who knicked his style from it looks like too lol and they had him guest star on DS9 at one point.

so it only makes sense that he’s in the latest trek film.’

Just to warn folks, “Star Trek Into Darkness” reviews are starting to pop up on the web from Australia and elsewhere, some of them with full plot spoilers so beware if you go Googling for reviews. It may be that some of the plot spoilers are bogus, but likely many are real.

Excited, can’t wait to see, yadda. Love the modified warp effect (guess it’s different depending on the angle you see it from… yeah, that’s it).

Do wish they’d kept the “stars sailing by the window” from TOS and the modified streaky rainbow stars in TNG. The “bright swirling wormhole”-thingy from the reboot is a little too Star Wars for my taste. Kinda negates the reason for having a big viewscreen/window on the bridge if you’re just gonna be assaulted by a blinding light.

Though the irony is that the blinding white light makes a lot of sense for an FTL engine. THe idea would be that you’re warping the fabric of space, and light would thusly push towards the front of the ship whereas at the back you’d have darkness.

Major spoilers right in the headlines of google searches so yeah don’t even look for reviews if you don’t want to know

But now that I do know I can’t imagine some of the spoilers remaining a secret until the North American premier.

The Japanese trailer is cool!

Well it looks like its the Vengeance that crashes in to the city. The bottom of the hull matches and so does the shape of the ship (the necell pylons that were mentioned to be different then the E)

I feel bad for Japanese fans. I wouldn’t be able to watch an entire movie subtitled with that ridiculous font.

That’s because you’re not Japanese. Wow, I hope your comment was a joke.

I always loved the warp effect used in the original movie era (ST:TMP -> ST:VI)

This new effect looks better than the one used previously in ST09 however…

Now all I want to see is the transporter effect as used in ST:II and ST:III – the one with the blue/purple effects – always looked good to me!

I’m actually loving those Klingon helmets. They give the Klingons an air of menace they’ve never had before.

Love the new warp effect. Whew. Thank goodness, finally something positive to grab onto about the recent clips… Mind you, I did like all the trailers except the superbowl one..

Perhaps the movie will actually make some sense in Japanese?

Like the new warp effect. Wish they’d add the warp flash back, but this still looks better than the effect in the last movie.

About messing with history, who really cares at this point as long as somebody is bringing me, not Kirk, Urura or Spock but Enterprise, I’m in love again and it’s wonderful….

Wow. I really didn’t expected the TMP loke Warp Effects!

I still cringe when I see the E warping in TFF, the effects are dreadful the ship doesn’t even set off straight! Cannot wait for Into Darkness though!

#3 Totally agree, never liked the way the Enterprise warped in TNG or it’s movies, for me the best is TMP or the first WoK warp, the big E storming off should be a thing to gawp at and a major event in any Trek movie, in the later TNG movies it looks like the E leaves smoke behind it, WTF? Shame as the 1701-E is my joint fave alongside the 1701 refit and ‘A’

Yeah, beware of plot spoilers. I was on Tumblr yesterday and someone posted something like ‘so I saw these spoilers recently’. I know I shouldn’t have, but I thought it wasn’t going to be a major spoiler. Thankfully, though, it’s reassuring to know that some may be bogus. With all these posts being tossed around about Harrison’s identity, I hope that is true.

To avoid spoilers and still see what reviews are like just go to Rotten Tomato and keep an eye on the reviews coming in…at least it’ll give you an impression of what critics thing without ruining the plot

And with a good home theater grade subwoofer, the 2009 warp effect will rattle your teeth and everything else in the room.

@41 I’ve read the IGN review. It’s spoiler-free, nothing revealed. Just overall impression. Not on RT though.

The Klingons look like ‘Predator’-rejects…


Thank you Calastir, for that fascinating and comforting message. Give the film a chance perhaps?

(with that said, I would like to see their faces…)

#3 Totally agree, never liked the way the Enterprise warped in TNG or it’s movies, for me the best is TMP or the first WoK warp, the big E storming off should be a thing to gawp at and a major event in any Trek movie, in the later TNG movies it looks like the E leaves smoke behind it, WTF? Shame as the 1701-E is my joint fave alongside the 1701 refit and ‘A’

Doh! meant that to be #16!

Is it me or does the video cutoff abruptly?

Peter Weller obviously got to use the one swearword that they’ll be allowed for the film rating.

Maybe I’m easily impressed, but YES, those Klingons look BADASS!
Still with every new bit of the movie that I see, my hopes for something more … cerebral than Trek ’09 dwindle… Don’t get me wrong: I’m not asking for two hours of self-referential t(r)echnobabble, neither do I hope for “TMP 2013”, but my main grudge against Trek ’09 was that it did fall flat on some of the aspects which made Star Trek (mainly the TV shows) more than just “shiny action adventure … IN SPACE!”
The whole “strange new worlds”-thing seems to be getting less and less important, which means that the high concept (which made TOS and TNG so interesting), of people dealing with the unknown is starting to fall flat.

The ship crashing seems in part an homage to Star Trek Generations. Rather more dramatic hitting a city though.

It’s amazing the ability of out of control ships in Star Trek to nonetheless home in on a city to crash into (see Star Trek IV) rather than the rest of the planet’s surface. : )